This is for the single women out there!

A friend of mine just came back from vacation and I went to visit her over the weekend to learn about her latest escapades because she was the fun-loving type but I was surprised to find her in a sad mood. The reason for her mood was revealed shortly after I arrived and I really shared her concern. She would be thirty-one this year, single and still very much searching and had attended a cousin’s wedding during her vacation. The cousin was actually younger than she was and as expected, the family wanted to know when her own wedding would be coming up. She had been in a series of relationship that wasn’t going No-where and there was this particular guy that she kept going back to in an on-and-off relationship for the past four years.

According to her, the guy was still single and they had feelings for each other. The first time they met, the guy was in a relationship and they broke up after a few months. By the time they came back again, the guy was in another relationship and was not ready to leave the woman for her.Yet,he kept in contact with her, remembered her birthdays, sent her text messages and did all sorts except get committed to her. The pathetic thing was that she couldn’t let go and moved on with her life.

It was a difficult and trying situation and I knew there are many women out there passing through the same phase or even worse but being single doesn’t have to be a trial period except you made it to be one. You don’t have to cling to what is meant for you because even when you let go, it will stick around.

Waiting period is not a wasted period. As singles, it is a time to know who you are and prepare for marriage. Many couples prepare for the wedding day but not for the marriage. Everybody needs somebody but God is the vital somebody anyone needs most in life. Please do not be pressured or allow pressure push you into something you are not ready for or something you might later regret doing. Don’t be someone’s downtime, sparetime, part-time or sometime simply because you are tired or scared of being lonely. If they can’t be there for you all the time, then they are not even worth your time.

Waiting time is the time to love who you are because it is when you do that people will respect and love the person you are. Cultivate confidence in yourself and learn to be proud of the real you! No one can take what is truly yours, so if they took it, it wasn’t yours. Something better is on its way!

Please check yourself to know if you are truly ready to settle down because it is important to be the right person before marriage. Your spouse is alive and breathing and has been created by God!

Prepare yourself so that two rights can come together to make a better combo! Enjoy your single state, discover yourself, who you are in God, learn to pray, fast, meditate on God’s words, truly and sincerely seek God’s righteousness and remember to catch fun while you are at it. Wisdom is profitable to all-seek wisdom and all other things shall follow. I know it is difficult at times but please do not be tired, God is taking you through a process and you will surely come out of it with a grateful heart!

Please enjoy your single state while it last because you will crave it at some point even after you are married (from a positive marriage angle though).

There is this site I just came across on face book and I am recommending to the single women out there :

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Mlm, otherwise known as Network marketing is a people business and people join people, not the company you are representing. You can take charge of your future only when you take control of your income source and one of the best ways to do this is by owning your own business. Building good rapport with potential prospects goes a long way in ensuring your success in network marketing which in turn ensures a regular source of income.

“Rapport is the ability to enter someone else’s world, to make him feel that you understand him, that you have a strong common bond.”
– Motivational speaker Tony Robbins

Have you ever known someone who has a knack for connecting with people? I have a friend who just draws people to himself the way ants are attracted to sugary substances, no matter the gender, colour or tribe and I always tell him he is not making the best use of the gift he had. No matter who he meets, he manages to create a sense of trust and understanding within a matter of minutes.

It is very easy to believe that this is a natural gift and it is but it can also be developed. Developing rapport is a skill that anyone can learn and then use and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Knowing how to build rapport can bring you countless opportunities, leads, prospects and invariably business partners. After all, when you have rapport with someone, that person wants to help you succeed and vice-versa!

So what is rapport? And how you can learn the skills needed to build it? We’ll examine all of this, and more, in this article.

The Oxford English dictionary defines rapport as “a harmonious understanding or relationship”

Put simply, you have rapport with someone when there is mutual liking and trust. Once you’ve established rapport with a person, he or she is far more likely to be open with you and share information, buy your product, recommend you to others, or support your ideas. And when someone has established rapport with you, you’re likely to do the same.

Why Build Rapport?

Building honest rapport is a skill that you can use anywhere. You can use rapport to create a positive connection with new or existing team members,build good relationship with your down lines or uplines,break the ice with your new team members and get support for your ideas and proposals. In short, establishing rapport with people can open doors, create opportunities, and lead to excellent relationships.

Please note that rapport is similar to trust, and you can often  build trust and rapport simultaneously. However, building rapport focuses more on establishing a bond or connection.

Building Honest Rapport

Clearly, you can build rapport honestly, or you can use it cynically.Good team working, for example, depends on good relationships. Honest rapport-building is great for developing these, and it benefits everyone.

However, if you’re building rapport to sell someone something that they wouldn’t otherwise want, or that will do them harm, then this is cynical and manipulative. Watch out for this type of rapport-building – you may encounter it often!

How to Build Rapport

Let’s now look at strategies and techniques that you can use to build rapport with others.

1. Find Common Ground

When you meet someone new, do your best to find something you have in common. Use open-ended questions to discover some personal information about the person: perhaps you attended the same school or university, have the same favorite vacation spot, grew up in the same city, know the same people, or root for the same sports team.

Remember, any common ground can help establish rapport – it can even help to have an interest in someone’s life or hobbies, or to share similar beliefs and values.
Please note that it’s important to be sincere here; don’t make up an interest in something just to create rapport. Not only can this seem desperate; it can dent your credibility!

2. Focus on Your Appearance

How you dress is a key component of making a great first impression and establishing rapport with someone. Your appearance should help you connect with people; not create a barrier.

For instance, imagine you’re meeting a factory worker for an appointment and you’re dressed in a well-tailored, expensive suit. Meanwhile, the supervisor has been working out on the floor all day; he’s dressed in jeans, a worn t- shirt, and work boots. The difference in your appearance is likely to make him feel uncomfortable and perhaps even slightly resentful.

A good rule of thumb is to dress just a little bit “better” than the people you’re about to meet. Whenever possible, find out about this in advance. If you arrive and see that you’re overdressed, you can quickly dress down by excusing yourself and do some necessary adjustment.hkj

3. Be Empathic

Empathy is about understanding other people by seeing things from their perspective, and by recognizing their emotions. Once you achieve this, it’s easier to get “on their level.”

To be more empathic, develop your emotional intelligence so that you can understand others better and also try to see things from other people’s perspectives.

4. Don’t forget About the Basics

In developing rapport with others, you should also use the tried-and-true basics of good communication such as shaking hands firmly, Loking people in the eye, smiling, holding your head up and maintaining good posture, Asking open-ended questions, Being sincere, and facing the person you are talking to instead of looking at your computer screen or mobile phones.

These basic principles form the foundation of great communication, and it’s hard to establish good rapport without them.
Please note that although there will be times when you will need to build rapport with someone quickly, it’s best done as part of a longer-term relationship .It’s important to use your best judgment when applying all these  principles as  using them incorrectly or dishonestly can actually stop you building rapport with people.

Reestablishing Rapport

Once rapport has been lost, rebuilding it takes time.

First, you need to confront why you lost the rapport in the first place. Be humbleand explain honestly and simply what happened. If you need to apologize, do so.

The next thing is to focus on ways to repair the broken trust. Make an extra effort to put in extra work if you need to, and keep your word. Transparency and showing a genuine concern for the other person’s needs will go a long way in rebuilding trust and reestablishing rapport.

Building good rapport with people creates understanding and trust and help you get into the other person’s world and naturally, they will be willing to join your team.

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Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad said and I quote “The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant. Great opportunities are seen with your mind and not your eyes. It is what you know that is your greatest wealth and what you don’t that is your greatest risk.”

The first time I read the book titled Rich Dad Poor Dad a few years back during my undergraduate years and he wrote about how the government got paid first on every employee’s income before the employee even saw his income, how the tax system work and the law in general. I thought it applies to only to only his own country and forgot all about the book. I graduated from school and started looking for job like most graduates usually do and are still doing. I got one and strived to work harder everyday to increase my income through promotion. Then something happened that changed my mind totally about working harder for more money!

At the beginning of every financial year in my company, each employee would be appraised and promoted based on your appraisal or your performance throughout the previous year. I was promoted quite alright but then the tax wiped out every single penny that was added to my salary! Was I mad? I was so mad but I was mad at the wrong people because I should be mad enough at myself to think of ways to convert my earned income into passive ones. I was mad at my company, at my manager and everything that was related to that company and I stayed mad for a very long time. I was depressed at work which made the job difficult than it really was and I got angry and tired easily and all I could think of was getting another better job.

Well, I wasn’t alone in that. Some of my colleagues actually resigned while others kept searching for better job and I wasn’t left out for a while until I realized that getting another job is not the answer! I did get another job but I realized the higher my income, the higher the tax that would be deducted, the harder and longer I have to work and I won’t even have anytime to do anything just for myself!

I have always wanted to be rich,(I guess that is everybody’s dream, right?),I want to own nice cars, buy houses and be free to do whatever I like and I have always thought I would start making plans to be rich when I grow older. I am still too young to make such plans, I thought to myself but I came across this book again during my last vacation. A guy that was seated beside me on the plane just came across “Rich Dad Poor Dad” for the first time and I guessed he was eager and excited to share what he had just read. We started discussing the book in details and everything I have read in it came back like a flash. I bought the book again immediately I landed in Lagos and went home to read it…….Again!

That man was like a God-sent to me because I realized I have been searching for the answer to my problem in the wrong place. The moment to start planning for my future is NOW and the moment my thought changed, so did my life. I need to start making plans to build my wealth, the kind of wealth that would not require me to work harder but smarter, the kind that would not attracts huge taxes as it increases and the kind that would continue to increase, even when I am on vacation or when I eventually decided to stop working physically!

In other words, you are what you put in your mind and a reflection of your thoughts. It takes a dream, lots of determination, a willingness to learn quickly and keep learning, the ability to use your God-given talents properly and a reason bigger than reality to succeed.

Robert Kiyosaki said the difference between the Rich and the poor is the way they think and once you can think like the rich, you have taken your first step towards financial freedom. You need to trained your mind to be financially literate, you must know the difference between assets and liability and accumulate assets, not liabilities! The rich buy assets, the poor only have expenses and middle class buys liability.

Learn to fill your mind with positive things, start small but think big. Money is a form of power but what is more powerful is financial education. Money comes and goes but if you have the education about how money works, you gain power over it and can start building wealth.

Definition of wealth according to Robert is “The number of days you can survive without physically working or anyone else in your household physically working and still maintain your standard of living”. Education is the foundation of success, Robert said, just as scholastic skills are vitally important, so are financial and communication skills

Financial literacy is the ability to read and understand financial statements and that is accounting. Investing is science of money making money. Financial intelligence is simply having more than one options, it is how creative you are in solving financial problems.

Our mind is our greatest asset and when you learn to use it the right way, you shall attain your dreams faster than you expect.

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Healthy Lifestyle-Learn to Keep your Weight Down Now!

An average African woman is on a “Diet in quote”. Whenever I am in the midst of my women friends in an occasion and a fanta or coke was been served, virtually all of them would reject it because it has too “much sugar” and insist on taking drinks like Schweppes or bitter lemon drinks.Well, I was actually guilty of that too until the day I read about the number of cubes of sugar contained in the so-called “bitter lemon” drinks (it was almost 2x of what we have in the fanta and coke) and I almost fainted!

I may not remember the number of cube sugar exactly but believe me, I take note of anything that has to do with weight loss and money-making strategies and I read a lot about them all, so I have decided to start taking water instead! Rome was not built in a day, you did not add all those weight in a day and you should not expect to lose them in a day either! The average slim woman does not want to add weight and those on the plump sides wants to become slim, yet we all keep adding every day, ironic isn’t it?

It is an insane person that will keep doing things the same way over and over again and expect a different result. This means something is wrong with our lifestyle and day- to- day habit. We consumed different type of herbal tea as long as it advertise “weight loss”, went on marathon jogging or registered in a gym only for us to stop a few weeks later when you get bored or got tired doing the same thing.

Well, you can keep your weight down, stay healthy and even have fun doing it with a few, simple changes to our daily habits. Here are a few tips or pointers to help you along:

  • Learn to accept who you are: Don’t try to be someone else. You are beautiful and strong and smart just the way you are and perfect too! Don’t underestimate yourself just because you are thinner, fatter, taller or shorter than most of your friends or peer group. Depression only makes you gain weight faster than you think and it makes you lose your self-confidence which in turn reduces your beauty. Always remember someone out there envy the way you look and wants to be like you!
  • Walk when you have the opportunity:  We are all addicted to our comfort zone! I know women in my office that would rather drive or take bikes to the bank that is a walking distance from the office building only to come back and sit down again at their desk, yet we complained of adding weight constantly! Walking is a good exercise that burns fat from all over your body slowly without you getting tired easily and it would be nice break from sitting at your desk all day long!
  • Take your fruits on empty stomach: Fruits should be an appetizer and not a dessert! Taking fruits after a meal leads to blotted stomach and constipation because it mixes with your food and get it spoilt. Take fruits on empty stomach and it aids your digestion quickly.Moreover, fruits has no fat and is mostly water, so it will fill you up while leaving less room in your stomach for food intake! Some researchers also said going on a fruit-fast for three days can aids healthy weight-loss.
  • Avoid Over-eating: Don’t skip meals because when you do, you have the tendency to over-eat! Take a healthy balanced breakfast and lunch and very light dinner if you have to take one. Anything you eat after 5pm in the evening should be light to avoid indigestion and bulging stomach!
  • Take a lot of water: Take a glass or two of water first thing in the morning .Apart from the fact that it flushes your system and makes it easy for you to go to the toilet, it also reduce the amount of food you consumed at any point in time.
  • Take your meals in small plates or bowls: When you put your food in a small bowls, it looks more and helps you not to over-eat but if it is in a large plate, it looks small and you tend to go for second and third helpings before you know what is happening and you know what will happen when you make an habit of this!
  • Don’t eat unless you are truly hungry: Some women eat when they are depressed or miserable and other eat when they feel “like putting something in their mouth”. Whatever reasons you want to come up with, discipline yourself and eat only when you are truly hungry and don’t eat in-between meals!
  • Indulge your Cravings once in a while: You don’t have to deprive yourself of everything you love just because you are on a diet! This will make you get tired of it easily and go back to your old habit faster than you think. Take your ice-cream and cokes and fantas and rich pizzas once in a while but don’t make a habit of it and don’t get addicted to them either!

All in all, cultivate the kind of habit and lifestyle you will be able to maintain for a long time and that will do you lots of good in the long-term. Be contented with your person, have confidence in yourself and believe you can do whatever you want to do, no matter what you look like. Inferiority complex can do a very big damage to your person if you allow it, I have been there and it wasn’t a good experience but the god news is that nobody can make you feel inferior WITHOUT your consent!

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As a kid, I have always disliked any subject that involves calculation and that mean math in particular. I can still remember the first and the last time I attended an additional mathematic class and the teacher used the whole board to solve just a question! I developed instant headache and walked out of the class without a second thought or a backward glance.Fortunately, it was not a compulsory subject but ordinary mathematics was compulsory and you have to pass it before you can successfully graduate from a high or secondary school. Funny enough, I have never failed any of these subjects because deep inside me, I knew if I don’t pass them, I’m not going anywhere and my effort paid off. I still don’t like them though!

            The word “Finance “ scared the average woman which is why it is normally a “man’s thing”.Well,it was scary to me too and still is because it represents everything I dislike and more until I realize I have to make it a friendly word and an house-hold one if I want to get to where I’m going(financial freedom). Of course investment can be scary too because when it comes to issues of money, people are so scared of losing that they would rather keep the money safe in the bank than to invest and multiply it but they have forgotten that life,itself,is a risk!

Have you forgotten that when you keep your money in the bank, you can never get the full value or amount back because the bank is in business too, ironic, isn’t it? Assuming you now took the leap and decided to research and find out facts about what you want to invest in, sorts through the opinions and draw your own conclusions to make your decision. Based upon that decision, you take action.  Will all your decisions be correct? No, but at least you have taken action and by taking action, you are in the game and increasing your learning and knowledge but what do most people do? They become overwhelmed with all the data they have gathered and they freeze. They make no decisions and take no action.Ah! Are you familiar with that?

Investment does not have to be complex and complicated like most women think and it can be real fun too when you know what you are doing. So how do you know what to invest in? There is no perfect answer to that but what you invest in should be somewhat personal (but not emotional) to you. Please keep your emotions out of your day-to-day business activities because there will be highs and lows and you shouldn’t let them affect you. What types of investment interest you? What subjects interest you?

The first thing you should invest in is your education and knowledge. Knowledge is power and information is wealth. We are in the information age and you need to get informed if you don’t want to be left behind.Moreover, when all things are taken from you and you have lost all you have ever achieved, nobody can take away your knowledge and you can use it to build another wealth or assets. Choose to be  literate financially and otherwise.

I have a sister that has a natural flair for anything fashion from your hair to your toes and whenever she drew a style for her clothe and get the fashion-designer to do it the way she wants (or at times she gets on the machine and did her own sewing!),people often stare whenever  she walks by in her unique clothing styles and hair –do!Well,everybody love to look good and I would rather invest in her because I know what she would be worth by the time  she gets out there professionally! So you could buy shares in all sorts of clothing companies or invest in an up-and –coming fashion designer. It all depends on YOU and no one else!

Almost all women love jewelries with a few exceptions, even some men do too and every human will gravitate towards whatever gives them joy. Now, this metals are valuable and increase in value almost everytime.Personally,I never care for gold (I mean real gold) and silver accessories for sentimental reason  and because whenever any of my female cousins or uncle’s wife lost or misplaced their gold accessories, they went crazy and I mean that literarily because of the value and cost of the jewelry! I have a cousin that loved gold jewelries insanely but she never kept them for long because each time, it increase in value, she would sell it off (at times at double the amount she bought it and that is after using it for a particular period of time), add money to the sales and get herself a more expensive one which she would later sell again. That is a form of investment!

Gold and silver are one of the few assets I know because they rarely depreciate. Other metals like diamond too are asset but only few people can afford that anyway!

Investing in paper asset such as stocks, mutual fund and the rest is another form of investment and the income from this is called portfolio income but you have to be careful when going into this kind of investment because it takes time to study and research (provided you know what to research) and you have no control over the companies whose stock you purchase. When you are going into this type of investment, make sure you work with a stockbroker who researches the company he recommends and does not act on a hot tip and who in many cases, invests in the companies he recommends, not one that recommends because of he wants to make a quick commission.

The last but not the least is Real Estate and that has always been my first love and passion. I have no business with the technical aspect of real estate (why should I when I can pay people to do the job) but I love the kind of money you can make with real estate. Everybody does but the first question that comes to people’s mind is that “where do I get the kind of money to invest in real estate?”Well, that question has been on my mind since the time I learned about the investment in real estates and properties and it has kept fueling my dream, pushing me on until a few weeks back when I met someone (my financial mentor) who introduce me to network marketing. I have always known about network marketing and the fact that it is another source of passive income (which everybody needs) but I have never shown much interest in it until I realize that my dream could actually come true by joining this particular network marketing company. I have the opportunity to own properties fractionally or fully and I am on my way to my dreamland!

Sound good, Right! If you want to know “how”, you can visit this site,  

If you need help on how to be one of the best network marketers ever known, go and get the book called “Magnetic Sponsoring”. It said it all and  you can learn about it through this link,

In conclusion, there is a lot of information out there but it does not have to be overwhelming and does not have to deliver the perfect answers. What is important is that you decide which investment best suits you, which type most, interest you and focus on one specific opportunity. Be clear on your goals and outcome. It is been said that confused people don’t make decisions and since decisions move you toward your action, you need to sort through the information you have gathered and eliminate the confusion. Do your homework, form your own opinions and the most important step of all, TAKE ACTION!

You may even have fun in the process. To the Rich woman in you!


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Just Don’t Ask: The 10 Questions No Mom Wants to Hear

 Did they seriously just ask me that? While being bombarded daily with small-talk questions about children and parenting may be an inescapable fact of motherhood, there are certain questions that no mom wants to hear. Circle of Moms members say these are 10 of the worst questions you can put to another mom. Ask them at your own peril!

1. Are you sick?

Unless a mom has a horrible hacking cough, best bite your tongue on asking about her health. The obvious implication of “Are you sick?” is “You look ill.” Mother-of-two Corrine T. vents: “I…hate: ‘Are you sick?’ No, I look like a sack of pounded poop because my son thinks it’s a scream to wake me up at 5 a.m. asking for breakfast!” Bottom line: No woman wants to be told she looks bad. Ever.

2. Why don’t you want more children?

Often asked by someone who thinks you should want more, this question is worse than the more neutral “Do you want another child?” Deciding how many children to have is a personal decision that moms shouldn’t have to justify or explain to anyone. As Lacye says in the Debating Mums community: “I’m not you and I just don’t want anymore!”

3. Is she a good baby?

This question is especially irksome after a challenging day. “Umm, what do you (want) me to say?” responds Laura H. “No? No she’s not a ‘good’ baby. She’s challenging, complicated, intense, frustrating, sensitive, loud, demanding, etc.! Thanks for forcing me to admit she isn’t good.”

4. Is he your brother?

Young moms are particularly irritated by questions that reveal strangers’ assumptions about their age. Laura H. recalls: “I’ve gotten asked, ‘Is he your brother?’ and at an OB visit the lady at the front desk asked me, ‘Where are your parents?’ Argh so annoying!” Equally maddening for older moms are questions that assume they’re Grandma.

5. Is he yours?

Questions related to the nationalities or ethnicities of the baby and parents are also liable to cause offense. As Kristina T. explains: “I am Caucasian and my husband is Chinese. Our 8-month-old son looks exactly like his father. I get the ‘Is he yours?’ or ‘Is his dad Asian?’ all the time. Like it matters, first of all…but seriously, I don’t go around asking mothers if their babies are theirs or wanting to know the nationality of their father. It’s just rude, and doesn’t matter at all.”

6. Did you have IVF?

Chatting with a mom of twins? Steer clear of this one. As Kathy S. shares, moms of multiples are seriously peeved by questions about fertility treatments: “My daughter told me this one — when she was pregnant with her twins, EVERYONE asked “Did you have IVF?” She hated, hated, hated it! She said she was always so angry she couldn’t think of a smart reply.”

7. Is it a boy or a girl?

He’s dressed in blue, she’s dressed in pink…isn’t it obvious? Melanie S. shares: “The whole ‘Is it a boy or girl’ question has made me laugh since the first time I took my oldest to church. Dressed all in blue, sitting in a blue carrier with a pacifier that said ‘I’m a boy!’ people still had to ask … really? really!”

8. Did you give birth “naturally”?

Jaime S. “I have to say the most annoying/invasive question I get asked all the time is ‘Did you give birth naturally? Or was it c-section?’ Um, I don’t know you!” Amy G. agrees: “I still don’t know how to respond. Whose business is that??”

9. When are you going to try for a boy?

Questions that imply a mom should want a child of a certain gender are also bound to ruffle mama bird’s feathers. Holly, a mother of three girls, shares her frustration: “What bugs me the most is [that] they always say WHEN, as if we NEED to have a boy or there’s something wrong.”

10. Don’t you know what causes that?

Posed to moms with large families, this rude question is one of many that imply you shouldn’t be having more than 2.1 kids. We love Heather H.’s suggestion for a tongue-in-cheek response: “If you met my husband you would understand.”

What’s the most irritating question you’ve been asked as a mom?

 Culled from “CIRCLE OF MOMS”

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It was raining and I was in the lecture room but my mind was outside because I was wondering how I would get home in this cold, wet weather. A friend of mine who sat beside me said “I pity those who do not have a car in this horrible weather because it won’t be easy getting home in the drizzling rain. Even if I am in the traffic, at least I will still be warm and cozy inside my car and be able to get home without getting wet “He smiled and I shrugged without answering him. “I think you should get your own car one of these days, bola.”He added after a moment. “Getting a car is not my problem but having a business that will pay for the liabilities of that car is my problem. How can I afford it?”I wondered aloud and he stared at me, obviously confused. “You can’t afford it, simple.What has getting a business has to do with getting a car, bola?”He asked with a frown and I grinned at him.

It  is true that my present income cannot afford the liabilities and expenses associated with owning a car but I know I will be able to if I can get additional source of income that will pay for it and that is the mindset. I mean the MINDSET.

 We all live in what I call the “Rat Race” and we are busy minding other people’s business and not our own. What is a “Rat Race”? An average lagosian is on the road latest by 6am on a daily basis on their way to work and majority are still on the road by 10 to 11pm in the night everyday for five days in a week or even six for some people with just a day or two off in a week and four weeks which made a month. Salary comes in and you spend it on Transportation, pay bills, take care of either your nuclear or extended family (you know what I mean?)and at the same time wants to be a “Big Boy “or “Big Girl”. This continues for a whole year and every day, we hoped for a promotion or a better job that will bring in more income. As our income increases, so does our taste grew more expensive and our expenses increase as well or even surpasses the income if we are not careful. This continues for the next 30 to 40 years of our life and then retirement comes in. What next? This is what I call the “Rat Race”. You can never get out the rat race without minding our own business first.

 Admittedly, most men often went out of their way for additional source of income apart from their day job because they believe they had more responsibilities, what is the essence of an Assistance manager if he cannot perform the work of a manager when the manager is not around, at least temporarily? What is the essence of a woman who cannot take care of the home in every way possible when her man is not home? The most important way a woman can take care of her home and family is to be able to manage her finance. Every man wants a woman that would take care of his home when he is not there and how would you do that if you can’t even buy maggi or salt without calling him first?

 When my parent first got married, my mother used to be a full house- wife but because she had been working before she got married, she become bored in no time and decided to do something about it on her own. Instead of using the excess money from her weekly income from her husband to buy shoes and clothes she did not need, she would buy household things whenever she went to the market and announced to her neighbors that she is selling this and that. On one public holiday, my father was at home and someone came to knock on the door, saying he wanted to buy a packet of sugar. My Dad was about to tell him he was at the wrong flat  when my mum came out with a packet of sugar and collected her money from the customer. He was suitably surprised and impressed and told her he had been wondering why she had not been asking for money for every little thing in the house.Well, thank God she took that initiative years ago and built her business, where would I have been today when matrimonial crisis hit our home like it always do to every home? That is minding your business!

 I know a car is a liability but I can turn it into an asset by finding a good person to drive it as a cab or rentals and it will bring in income for me. Of course, you must master the act of managing people well if you want to build a business, especially one that will generate income when you are not there. As a full house-wife, you need to curb your excesses, you don’t have to do or buy everything that your friends are doing simply because you want to belong! Divert your savings into investment that you can manage and will generate income for you .You can never have too much money, can you? All those kitchen utensils like pots, warmers and coolers that you keep piling up for the day your children will graduate from University and that was occupying more than half of the house can be turn into rentals and it will generate income for you.Afterall, you can always get new ones if you have to when the kids finally leave the school.Think! Think! And mind your business!

 As a career woman that is making more than a million per annum,it is obvious that the more salary you made ,your employer is probably making times 10 or times hundred of it and you are busy working your ass off for them, making them richer. Everything I want and all the luxury I want to be able to afford can only be achieved if I can think of a way to generate more income without my presence while I hold on to my day time job! The moment I realized that I want and need a car, I have been thinking of ways I would be able to afford it. I did not let the fact that I can’t afford it presently to depress me or filled me up with self –pity. I let the fact that I need to get one filled my brain and get it working 24/7 to find ways to be able to mind my own personal business. If I need it badly enough, I would have to think faster and smarter!

 What comes natural to you? How can you turn your ideas and your God-given talents into money – generating machine? It takes gut, hard work and persistence but you can do whatever you set your mind to. Robert Kiyosaki said in “Guides to investing” and I quote “It does not take a great idea to become rich but it takes a great person behind the ideas to become rich. You must be of strong spirit and strong in your convictions to turn your ideas into fortunes”. If you spend half of the time you spend on your employer’s business on your own business, you will get there sooner than you expect.

 Be a rich woman and mind your own business!!!

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