06 Jul

It was raining and I was in the lecture room but my mind was outside because I was wondering how I would get home in this cold, wet weather. A friend of mine who sat beside me said “I pity those who do not have a car in this horrible weather because it won’t be easy getting home in the drizzling rain. Even if I am in the traffic, at least I will still be warm and cozy inside my car and be able to get home without getting wet “He smiled and I shrugged without answering him. “I think you should get your own car one of these days, bola.”He added after a moment. “Getting a car is not my problem but having a business that will pay for the liabilities of that car is my problem. How can I afford it?”I wondered aloud and he stared at me, obviously confused. “You can’t afford it, simple.What has getting a business has to do with getting a car, bola?”He asked with a frown and I grinned at him.

It  is true that my present income cannot afford the liabilities and expenses associated with owning a car but I know I will be able to if I can get additional source of income that will pay for it and that is the mindset. I mean the MINDSET.

 We all live in what I call the “Rat Race” and we are busy minding other people’s business and not our own. What is a “Rat Race”? An average lagosian is on the road latest by 6am on a daily basis on their way to work and majority are still on the road by 10 to 11pm in the night everyday for five days in a week or even six for some people with just a day or two off in a week and four weeks which made a month. Salary comes in and you spend it on Transportation, pay bills, take care of either your nuclear or extended family (you know what I mean?)and at the same time wants to be a “Big Boy “or “Big Girl”. This continues for a whole year and every day, we hoped for a promotion or a better job that will bring in more income. As our income increases, so does our taste grew more expensive and our expenses increase as well or even surpasses the income if we are not careful. This continues for the next 30 to 40 years of our life and then retirement comes in. What next? This is what I call the “Rat Race”. You can never get out the rat race without minding our own business first.

 Admittedly, most men often went out of their way for additional source of income apart from their day job because they believe they had more responsibilities, what is the essence of an Assistance manager if he cannot perform the work of a manager when the manager is not around, at least temporarily? What is the essence of a woman who cannot take care of the home in every way possible when her man is not home? The most important way a woman can take care of her home and family is to be able to manage her finance. Every man wants a woman that would take care of his home when he is not there and how would you do that if you can’t even buy maggi or salt without calling him first?

 When my parent first got married, my mother used to be a full house- wife but because she had been working before she got married, she become bored in no time and decided to do something about it on her own. Instead of using the excess money from her weekly income from her husband to buy shoes and clothes she did not need, she would buy household things whenever she went to the market and announced to her neighbors that she is selling this and that. On one public holiday, my father was at home and someone came to knock on the door, saying he wanted to buy a packet of sugar. My Dad was about to tell him he was at the wrong flat  when my mum came out with a packet of sugar and collected her money from the customer. He was suitably surprised and impressed and told her he had been wondering why she had not been asking for money for every little thing in the house.Well, thank God she took that initiative years ago and built her business, where would I have been today when matrimonial crisis hit our home like it always do to every home? That is minding your business!

 I know a car is a liability but I can turn it into an asset by finding a good person to drive it as a cab or rentals and it will bring in income for me. Of course, you must master the act of managing people well if you want to build a business, especially one that will generate income when you are not there. As a full house-wife, you need to curb your excesses, you don’t have to do or buy everything that your friends are doing simply because you want to belong! Divert your savings into investment that you can manage and will generate income for you .You can never have too much money, can you? All those kitchen utensils like pots, warmers and coolers that you keep piling up for the day your children will graduate from University and that was occupying more than half of the house can be turn into rentals and it will generate income for you.Afterall, you can always get new ones if you have to when the kids finally leave the school.Think! Think! And mind your business!

 As a career woman that is making more than a million per annum,it is obvious that the more salary you made ,your employer is probably making times 10 or times hundred of it and you are busy working your ass off for them, making them richer. Everything I want and all the luxury I want to be able to afford can only be achieved if I can think of a way to generate more income without my presence while I hold on to my day time job! The moment I realized that I want and need a car, I have been thinking of ways I would be able to afford it. I did not let the fact that I can’t afford it presently to depress me or filled me up with self –pity. I let the fact that I need to get one filled my brain and get it working 24/7 to find ways to be able to mind my own personal business. If I need it badly enough, I would have to think faster and smarter!

 What comes natural to you? How can you turn your ideas and your God-given talents into money – generating machine? It takes gut, hard work and persistence but you can do whatever you set your mind to. Robert Kiyosaki said in “Guides to investing” and I quote “It does not take a great idea to become rich but it takes a great person behind the ideas to become rich. You must be of strong spirit and strong in your convictions to turn your ideas into fortunes”. If you spend half of the time you spend on your employer’s business on your own business, you will get there sooner than you expect.

 Be a rich woman and mind your own business!!!

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  1. Matthew Abolurin

    July 11, 2011 at 3:11 am

    Mobolaji, I am very proud of you. Don’t quit and gradually build you business in A2W. God bless you


  2. obolaji2002

    July 11, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Thanks again!



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