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As a kid, I have always disliked any subject that involves calculation and that mean math in particular. I can still remember the first and the last time I attended an additional mathematic class and the teacher used the whole board to solve just a question! I developed instant headache and walked out of the class without a second thought or a backward glance.Fortunately, it was not a compulsory subject but ordinary mathematics was compulsory and you have to pass it before you can successfully graduate from a high or secondary school. Funny enough, I have never failed any of these subjects because deep inside me, I knew if I don’t pass them, I’m not going anywhere and my effort paid off. I still don’t like them though!

            The word “Finance “ scared the average woman which is why it is normally a “man’s thing”.Well,it was scary to me too and still is because it represents everything I dislike and more until I realize I have to make it a friendly word and an house-hold one if I want to get to where I’m going(financial freedom). Of course investment can be scary too because when it comes to issues of money, people are so scared of losing that they would rather keep the money safe in the bank than to invest and multiply it but they have forgotten that life,itself,is a risk!

Have you forgotten that when you keep your money in the bank, you can never get the full value or amount back because the bank is in business too, ironic, isn’t it? Assuming you now took the leap and decided to research and find out facts about what you want to invest in, sorts through the opinions and draw your own conclusions to make your decision. Based upon that decision, you take action.  Will all your decisions be correct? No, but at least you have taken action and by taking action, you are in the game and increasing your learning and knowledge but what do most people do? They become overwhelmed with all the data they have gathered and they freeze. They make no decisions and take no action.Ah! Are you familiar with that?

Investment does not have to be complex and complicated like most women think and it can be real fun too when you know what you are doing. So how do you know what to invest in? There is no perfect answer to that but what you invest in should be somewhat personal (but not emotional) to you. Please keep your emotions out of your day-to-day business activities because there will be highs and lows and you shouldn’t let them affect you. What types of investment interest you? What subjects interest you?

The first thing you should invest in is your education and knowledge. Knowledge is power and information is wealth. We are in the information age and you need to get informed if you don’t want to be left behind.Moreover, when all things are taken from you and you have lost all you have ever achieved, nobody can take away your knowledge and you can use it to build another wealth or assets. Choose to be  literate financially and otherwise.

I have a sister that has a natural flair for anything fashion from your hair to your toes and whenever she drew a style for her clothe and get the fashion-designer to do it the way she wants (or at times she gets on the machine and did her own sewing!),people often stare whenever  she walks by in her unique clothing styles and hair –do!Well,everybody love to look good and I would rather invest in her because I know what she would be worth by the time  she gets out there professionally! So you could buy shares in all sorts of clothing companies or invest in an up-and –coming fashion designer. It all depends on YOU and no one else!

Almost all women love jewelries with a few exceptions, even some men do too and every human will gravitate towards whatever gives them joy. Now, this metals are valuable and increase in value almost everytime.Personally,I never care for gold (I mean real gold) and silver accessories for sentimental reason  and because whenever any of my female cousins or uncle’s wife lost or misplaced their gold accessories, they went crazy and I mean that literarily because of the value and cost of the jewelry! I have a cousin that loved gold jewelries insanely but she never kept them for long because each time, it increase in value, she would sell it off (at times at double the amount she bought it and that is after using it for a particular period of time), add money to the sales and get herself a more expensive one which she would later sell again. That is a form of investment!

Gold and silver are one of the few assets I know because they rarely depreciate. Other metals like diamond too are asset but only few people can afford that anyway!

Investing in paper asset such as stocks, mutual fund and the rest is another form of investment and the income from this is called portfolio income but you have to be careful when going into this kind of investment because it takes time to study and research (provided you know what to research) and you have no control over the companies whose stock you purchase. When you are going into this type of investment, make sure you work with a stockbroker who researches the company he recommends and does not act on a hot tip and who in many cases, invests in the companies he recommends, not one that recommends because of he wants to make a quick commission.

The last but not the least is Real Estate and that has always been my first love and passion. I have no business with the technical aspect of real estate (why should I when I can pay people to do the job) but I love the kind of money you can make with real estate. Everybody does but the first question that comes to people’s mind is that “where do I get the kind of money to invest in real estate?”Well, that question has been on my mind since the time I learned about the investment in real estates and properties and it has kept fueling my dream, pushing me on until a few weeks back when I met someone (my financial mentor) who introduce me to network marketing. I have always known about network marketing and the fact that it is another source of passive income (which everybody needs) but I have never shown much interest in it until I realize that my dream could actually come true by joining this particular network marketing company. I have the opportunity to own properties fractionally or fully and I am on my way to my dreamland!

Sound good, Right! If you want to know “how”, you can visit this site,  

If you need help on how to be one of the best network marketers ever known, go and get the book called “Magnetic Sponsoring”. It said it all and  you can learn about it through this link,

In conclusion, there is a lot of information out there but it does not have to be overwhelming and does not have to deliver the perfect answers. What is important is that you decide which investment best suits you, which type most, interest you and focus on one specific opportunity. Be clear on your goals and outcome. It is been said that confused people don’t make decisions and since decisions move you toward your action, you need to sort through the information you have gathered and eliminate the confusion. Do your homework, form your own opinions and the most important step of all, TAKE ACTION!

You may even have fun in the process. To the Rich woman in you!


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  1. Matthew Abolurin

    July 11, 2011 at 3:42 am

    The difference between the rich and and the poor is their thinking pattern. Think investment today, act on your thinking and build a fortune tomorrow.

    This is real nice Bolaji, well done.



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