31 May

This is for the single women out there!

A friend of mine just came back from vacation and I went to visit her over the weekend to learn about her latest escapades because she was the fun-loving type but I was surprised to find her in a sad mood. The reason for her mood was revealed shortly after I arrived and I really shared her concern. She would be thirty-one this year, single and still very much searching and had attended a cousin’s wedding during her vacation. The cousin was actually younger than she was and as expected, the family wanted to know when her own wedding would be coming up. She had been in a series of relationship that wasn’t going No-where and there was this particular guy that she kept going back to in an on-and-off relationship for the past four years.

According to her, the guy was still single and they had feelings for each other. The first time they met, the guy was in a relationship and they broke up after a few months. By the time they came back again, the guy was in another relationship and was not ready to leave the woman for her.Yet,he kept in contact with her, remembered her birthdays, sent her text messages and did all sorts except get committed to her. The pathetic thing was that she couldn’t let go and moved on with her life.

It was a difficult and trying situation and I knew there are many women out there passing through the same phase or even worse but being single doesn’t have to be a trial period except you made it to be one. You don’t have to cling to what is meant for you because even when you let go, it will stick around.

Waiting period is not a wasted period. As singles, it is a time to know who you are and prepare for marriage. Many couples prepare for the wedding day but not for the marriage. Everybody needs somebody but God is the vital somebody anyone needs most in life. Please do not be pressured or allow pressure push you into something you are not ready for or something you might later regret doing. Don’t be someone’s downtime, sparetime, part-time or sometime simply because you are tired or scared of being lonely. If they can’t be there for you all the time, then they are not even worth your time.

Waiting time is the time to love who you are because it is when you do that people will respect and love the person you are. Cultivate confidence in yourself and learn to be proud of the real you! No one can take what is truly yours, so if they took it, it wasn’t yours. Something better is on its way!

Please check yourself to know if you are truly ready to settle down because it is important to be the right person before marriage. Your spouse is alive and breathing and has been created by God!

Prepare yourself so that two rights can come together to make a better combo! Enjoy your single state, discover yourself, who you are in God, learn to pray, fast, meditate on God’s words, truly and sincerely seek God’s righteousness and remember to catch fun while you are at it. Wisdom is profitable to all-seek wisdom and all other things shall follow. I know it is difficult at times but please do not be tired, God is taking you through a process and you will surely come out of it with a grateful heart!

Please enjoy your single state while it last because you will crave it at some point even after you are married (from a positive marriage angle though).

There is this site I just came across on face book and I am recommending to the single women out there :

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