13 Feb

I visited the Adebayo’s home the following morning to check on the kids, especially the last baby who was having cold and catarrh before her mother’s admission into the hospital. When I opened the door to the sitting room, my jaw dropped in shock. It was a complete disaster ground. Clothes and toys and something that resembled food was strewn everywhere. The center table had been pushed to a side and television was still on, cartoon music blaring from the speaker loudly. Is this the same house I visited yesterday afternoon that was clean and tidy like a pin? , I wondered in complete amazement as I stepped in gingerly on a tip-toe and looked around. Caroline’s husband was sprawled on the longest sofa seat, his legs dangling at the end and he was still clad in his boxers’ shorts. He was fast asleep and the youngest child was also asleep on a smaller sofa, her pyjamas wet and cold with urine. Obviously, the older kids were in school. I sputtered with cough to cover the urge to laugh and covered my mouth but I must have made a sound because Caroline’s husband stirred and turned his face towards my direction.

“Good morning sir. I came in to check on you and the kids. “I said with a smile as I pulled off the little girl’s wet trouser. “Good morning Jummy. Thanks for everything and my apologies for the chaos in here.”He said with an embarrassed smile as he looked around. “Why didn’t you go to work?” I asked as I concentrated on the tiny button in front of Tope’s pyjama top. “How can I go to work in the middle of all these chaos? I thought I was going to run insane between yesterday evening and this morning. My little angels suddenly turned into monsters over-night and rejected everything I do for them. It was a big relieve to get them off to school this morning.” He said with a heavy sigh as he sat up in the sofa and suddenly realized he was clad in only his boxers. “I will get dressed.” He mumbled and walked towards their bedroom, taking the other side of the room. I covered the little girl with the nearest clothe I could lay my hand on and gave in to the urge to laugh. I laughed till tears ran down my face before scooping the little girl up and headed to the bathroom. I volunteered to take care of Tope for the day and her father was more than relieved to be free of the kids for a few hours until the older ones returned from school, then they all joined their father at home.

I went to visit Caroline in the evening and branched at Doctor Femi’s office. “Hot Jummy! How are you today?” He said with a smile as I came in and his eyes did a thorough job of moving from my head, lingering on the elevated points and down to my toes which was clad in a casual sandals. “I am good. You had a tiring day, right?” I said with a smile, noting the tiring look on his handsome face and went to plant a smacking kiss on his cheek, leaving a smudge with my tomato red lipsticks. “Yes, I have been in the operating room since morning and just completed the last surgery for the day.” He tried to draw me to his lap. “Well done, Doc.Please don’t let your nurses come and pour acid on my skin. It is one of my most cherished asset.” I danced out of his reach and sat down on the edge on table. His eyes followed the movement of my short skirt and lingered on my thigh before he leaned back with a smile. “There is no rival here. I don’t mix business with pleasure. Give me your green light and I will take you to paradise on earth.” He said with a husky voice and I laughed softly. “Doctors are chronic womanizer. How is Caroline doing, doc?”I asked as I balanced well on the table and crossed my legs. “There is nothing wrong with your friend and you know it. She just need to rest. Why are you putting the poor man through mental and physical stress?”Doc Femi said with a scowl. “We both know your client has turned his wife into a slave and doesn’t appreciate her any longer. Let him be in her shoes for a few more days and we will see how it goes.” I said with a casual shrug. “He was practically begging me to discharge his wife this morning and that he would get a house-maid to do the house chores while she recuperates.”Doc Femi said in sympathy and I cocked my head to the side. “Well, let him get the maid first.” I stood up, picked up the bag of goodies I brought with me and marched to the door. “Jummy, I have kept my part of the bargain. When are you going to keep yours? ”He asked when I got to the door. “Give me a call, doc.”I sashayed out of his office and heard him chuckled to himself.

Caroline was looking more rested, relaxed and freshened up. “You spoil me, Jummy. Thank you.” She looked into the bag and grinned at me.Her dimples winked. “You are welcome. I can’t believe you are this beautiful. ”I said with in amazement. “I can’t remember the last time I have slept this soundly. I felt wonderful and beautiful indeed. You are the second person to tell me I look beautiful today.” She smiled and I raised an eye-brow. “Yours truly. He looked so harassed and stressed out when he came in this morning that I really felt sorry for him.” She crossed her legs and sighed. “And I can’t remember the last time he told me I am beautiful either. All he does these days is complain and criticize everything I do.” She said sadly. “You should have seen your house this morning. I am sure you won’t recognize it in your dream.” She was practically rolling on the bed and howling with laughter by the time I finished describing it to her. “You are such a darling, Jummy. How did I live without you all these years?” She said as she gave me a tight hug. “I am just an angel. Check those bags and bring out those sinful negligee I got for you. Your first night back home must put your honeymoon to shame. When was the last time you guys really looked at each other and made love the way you used to before the kids come along?” I watched her brought out the sinfully sexy night wears and watched the dreamy look entered her eyes. “It has been too long. After taking care of the kids and keeping the house in order all day ,I used the little energy left to manage to take my bath and just crawled into bed with every muscle in my body protesting. That is when he will turn round on the bed and want to dance skelewu. Infact the kind of tongue-lashing I usually give him, he won’t forget it in a long time and I feel ashamed of myself, remembering it now. He usually hurt me by telling me what the hell have I been doing all day, after all he is the one doing the job that provides all our needs. I must tell you I was starting to hate anything that relates to sex.You won’t believe he is promising to get a housemaid if I can come home to recuperate.” She said with a flash of mischief in her twinkling eyes. “Please let him get one first and think of what you want to do to occupy your time as well so you won’t start resenting him when you are bored.” I sat back with a smile. “Thank you, Jummy. I have a savings and intended to start a business. How come you are still single when you seems to know so much about men and relationship?” She asked with interest.

“Well, I am yet to meet the one that is worth settling down with.” I said with a casual smile. “I think doc Femi likes you and he is still single.” Caroline said with a smile. “He looks like a nice man and one that would be great in bed but we will see how eligible he is.”I said with a shrug. “Great in bed indeed! Is that all you consider in men?” She gave me a searching look. “Is that not all they think about when they meet a woman? How to raise her skirt and put it in? What is wrong with a woman if she thinks the same way?” I said a bit defensively and realized I was getting angry. She got down from the hospital bed, pulled me up and hugged me warmly. Tears filled my eyes and I held her tight. “I don’t know why but I know you are hurting. You have to stop thinking that way, if not, those are the kind of men you will continue attracting. You are a beautiful woman and can have the best of men.” She said as she pulled back and kissed me on both cheek.

Few days later, Caroline was about to be discharged and her husband came in with the children and a young girl holding her last child by the hand. I was helping her packed her stuffs when they entered and we exchanged glances, smiling secretly. “Aunt Jummy, good afternoon.” The kids came over to shower me with hugs and kisses and even the last one scrambled down to join the chorus. I feel honored. “How are you, my darlings? “I doled out kisses and hugs generously. “Good afternoon jummy. Caroline, meet out new house help. I put lots of pressure on mum to get her for us before you are discharged from the hospital. Her name is Elizabeth “Her husband said with a  cheeky smile as he pushed the young girl forward and the girl knelt in front of her. “Good afternoon ma. She said quietly. “How are you, dear?” Caroline pulled her up and turned to her husband. “Thank you, baby. You are the best.” She went up to her husband, put her arm around his neck and kissed him deeply on the mouth. He held her tight and deepened the kiss. I coughed loudly and the kids burst into laughter. “Please, Mr and Mrs. Adebayo, kindly take the show home. I don’t want to watch a free show.” I said, tongue in cheek and they broke apart with a smile. “Thanks Jummy.i owe you a lot.” Her husband said with a sober look. “Trust me, I will hold you to it.”I said with a smile and wink at Caroline.

I went on a dinner date with Doc femi at a prestigious restaurant and we were enjoying a great meal with little conversation when his phone rang. He excused himself and left the table to receive the call. Another call came in on his tab which was actually on the table beside my plate and screen lit up. My heart slammed in my chest because the dancing screensaver on the tab was showing pictures of a little girl whose face was the exact replica of Doc femi. I dropped my cutleries and sat back with a thoughtful frown. Is doc femi truly single and eligible?


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