09 Mar

THE KIDNAPI drifted in and out of consciousness. It seemed the cab was moving at a very high speed on the express road one moment and the next moment, the road was rough and bumpy. The journey finally came to an end without having an idea of what my assailants looked like or where we were and I was carried like a sack of potatoes from the car through a gate that was well-hidden among the bush in a state of semi-consciousness.

My whole body seemed numb and I couldn’t move any part of my physical body including my mouth. They really had so much confidence in the jazz they used as they didn’t bother with tying either my legs or arms but my mind was working and I become aware of my environment. There was a full moon and I tried to look round my surrounding as I was carted towards a lone building in the middle of the big compound whose windows were barred and probably sound-proofed. The man gave the door one short rap and pushed it open. I guessed that was a code or something and looked up to see the second assailant leading a man who was walking like a zombie into the compound. I wasn’t sure if we were in the same cab or he was brought in a different cab but we were probably in the same state of semi-consciousness, jazzed to the core and I wondered if I was going to come out of this alive.

The man stepped into the inner room and my blood went cold at what I saw there. It was a long, wide hall covered with red and black curtain from one corner to the other, making it difficult to know if there were other rooms in the building. There were other captives in the room, hurdled in groups in a sitting position and staring into space. Towards the front of the room was a four-corner rectangle slab, the top and side was dark with what looked like blood. On top of the slab was a young woman, stark naked and her arms and legs were tied to the four corner of the slab, thereby exposing her nudity to anyone that cared to look. Her head was shaven clean and there was an incision that ran from the front of her forehead to the back of her fair scalp. I wasn’t sure if she was alive or not as she was staring blankly at the ceiling but a young man, dressed in nothing except a red cloth tied round his waist climbed on top of the slab ,shifted the clothe to one side and inserted his dick into the exposed vagina of the comatose woman.

Revulsion filled my throat and my mind rejected the obscene scene as I was dropped in a corner to join some other fresh captives like myself. I continued to watch the young man, having sex with the immobile woman until he was through and he wiped the surface of her vagina with a white handkerchief. The piece of cloth came away with a mixture of blood and what seemed to be his semen and I wondered with a heart ache if the woman was a virgin. He clutched the clothe in his hand and hurried out through another exit. My gaze wondered away to another corner and I saw what seemed to look like different part of the human anatomy. I quickly looked away and started praying in my mind. It was obvious this was a ritualist‘s den.Some groups of captives were fed from a wooden calabash containing some mixture and given water from another wooden calabash but despite the movement going on in the building, no words were spoken. After a while, I become aware of a consistent chanting renting the air, it was so soft and subtle that I nearly thought it was my imagination going into over-drive.

I sank against the wall and closed my eyes in utter depression and hopelessness. Why me, dear God? What have I done to deserve this? After losing another hopeful relationship, I have to have the bad luck to walk into a kidnapper’s den, I thought desolately. Someone nudged me on my toes and I opened to my eyes to see a tall hairy man looking down at me. He was holding a similar wooden bowl, holding whatever concoction they were giving to their captives and held it out to me. I reached forward without a thought and smashed the bowl away. It shattered on the floor with a crack and everything seemed to stand still. All movements seized and every eye turned towards my direction. The man stared at me with something close to horror and looked down at the broken bowl.

“What the hell is going on here? Everything is in disarray in the inner chamber” An authoritative voice boomed as a man strode out of another room that must have been hidden somewhere in the building and came towards us. He was tall, dark and thin with a long white mustache and was clad in a flowing black robe with a red belt, cinching his small waist. It was difficult to guess his age but his face was cold and his eyes were expressionless. He stopped in front of me and glared down at me. “She rejected the offering, Elder.” The man said with a tremble in his voice. “That is not possible. “He said firmly as he proceeded to pull me up with my arm and reeled back like someone who just touched fire. “This woman is possessed and very pregnant. Who brought her here?” He bellowed at the top of his voice and my assailants came running out of their hide-outs. “Boss, she is not pregnant. I tested her with that ring you gave us and she tested negative.” My assailant said with complete confidence.

Pregnant? How possible is that? A part of my mind wondered in panic while the other part was filled with confidence and was looking at them with a kind of amusement. I remembered the circumstances that surrounded the birth of Femi’s daughter as narrated by him and now I knew that was why he was almost fanatical about using protection whenever we made love. I was on a regular pills too as I wasn’t sure where the relationship was going and wasn’t ready to be saddled with a child outside wedlock, so we have always been on protection except yesterday evening just before Shade’s visit. It seemed like years ago but the memory came flooding back and I glanced down at my rumbled dress.

The football game Femi was watching had ended and he came into the kitchen just as I was washing the dirty dishes in the sink while my soup shimmered on the cooker. “This kitchen smells heavenly. You are a great cook, Jummy. ”He said with deep appreciation as he removed the lid on the pot of stew and sniffed appreciatively. “Stop it, Femi. That is not nice.” I chided him with a smile and he turned to me. “You are not looking bad yourself.” He seemed to take note of my short, sleeveless knit shirt-gown that stopped just above my knees for the first time and came up behind me to wrap his arms around my waist. “Thank you sir.” I grinned as he nuzzled my neck with his lips and molded my breasts with his palms. “Get away from me, Femi. I am busy here.”I tried to push him back with my elbows but he just smiled as he unbuttoned the tiny buttons in the front of the gown and unclipped my bra at the front. “I always love your boobs. They are just the perfect sizes and these dark, hard nipples just drives me crazy.” He murmured huskily as he palmed my bare, full, rounded breasts and rubbed the nipples gently with his thumbs. I moaned helplessly as my soapy hands went lax by my side and my head fell on his shoulder as he kneaded my soft flesh and gently tugged at the rigid nipples. Ribbons of fire connected from my breasts to my loins and I clenched my legs together. He reached out to turn off the cooker and gently turned me around to face him. “Oh my God! What are you doing to me?” I shivered when he buried his face between my boobs and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking deeply while he ran his hand up my bare thigh and pulled the edge of lacy panties to the side. I automatically shifted my laps apart and he slipped a finger into me. My mouth dropped open in a scream but he swallowed it by claiming my mouth in a deep kiss and I clung to him. He slipped another finger in and I came very fast. He just turned me round over the kitchen sink, lifted my gown to pull at my waist and tore off the lacy scrap of pants. He pulled down the boxers’ shorts he wore in, nudged my legs apart and just slipped into me. It was the fastest and sweetest sex we ever had!

Sounds of gun-shots renting the air brought me back to my present predicament and the ritualists looked at one another in puzzlement and fear. “What the hell is that?” The elder asked, obviously trying to be calm. “I think it is a gun-shot.” My assailant answered with fear evident in his voice. “She is the cause. She is the one that brought bad luck to this place. Get rid of her and go into hiding.” The man flung over his shoulder as he ran towards his chamber but the door flung open before he got there and a group of men and few women came out in a hurry. The men had red wrappers around their waist like the young man who had sex with the young lady on the altar and the few women had the same red wrapper tied over their chest. “Elder, the candlelight has gone off. We hope there is no problem” One of the men said, apparently looking for assurance. Before the elder could respond, another round of shots went off in the air, followed by an authoritative voice on a loudspeaker, “You are surrounded by the police.  Please come out one after the other with your hands on your head.” “Yepa! I am finished. My political career is at an end.” One elderly man wailed in a loud voice, ignoring the fuming look from the other members of the cult and they shuffled their feet in confusion, obviously at a loss of what to do. My assailant picked me up to probably carry out his boss’s order ,even if it would be the last thing he would do on earth and proceeded towards an inner room but an object whipped towards us and hit me on the chest. Everything went blank and the next time I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital bed!

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