16 Mar

HEALING IMAGEI dreamt. I was walking in hurrying steps towards the end of a tunnel and was so focused on the door through which sunlight seemed to be streaming in that I didn’t notice my serene environment. I felt as if a burden has been raised off my mind and joy bubbled inside me without any reason that I could place my finger on. I was about to step out into the soft grass when a body blocked my view and I looked up with irritation, visible on my face.

“Where do you think you are going?” It was shade, dressed in a long flowing gown of a very soft cream material and her hair was braided backward. She was smiling at me. “What do you want? Get out of my way! After all, I have left your man for you.” I glared at her with a cold anger. “I am grateful for that. You achieved in a few minutes what I couldn’t achieve in years and I will forever be indebted to you.” She said quietly, looking at me with a gratitude that was unnerving. “That is strange. How come you can’t make him love you when you have all these power?” I asked curiously. “We are not meant to use our power that way. We can use it to protect and fight for our love ones. Jummy, you need to go back and very fast.” She said urgently as she took my arms and something occurred to me. “Am I pregnant? Am I really carrying Femi’s baby?” I asked urgently and she sighed heavily. “I don’t know. Those people are very powerful and I have to call on the help of your mates to get you out of that horrible place. It was that idiot that allowed a stray bullet entered you and they won’t go unpunished.” Shade said coldly. “Who are my mates? What do you mean by that?” I asked in a puzzled tone. “Don’t worry your mind about that. Now turn round and go back the way you came here.” She said firmly. “Why? This place is beautiful. Can’t we stay here together?” I asked as I tried to peep over her shoulder. “No!!We can’t stay here. Go away. ”She screamed at me as she gave me a hard push and I went rolling down the tunnel at a very fast pace whose control was beyond me.

“She is alive! Her pulse rate has picked up.” The doctor said, trying to keep the excitement out of his voice and relieve coursed through him. This patient had been brought in, almost dead and her chances of survival had been very slim. It was almost miraculously that her pulse rate was now beating normally and very strong when it had been thready a few minutes ago. She had been taken straight to the ICU unit, curtsey of a Doctor colleague, Doc Femi. Miracle still happens, he thought with absolute wonder. I opened my eyes and blinked at him. My mouth felt as if cotton bud had been stuck in it and my throat was very dry. Different tubes were attached to my arms and chest. I opened my mouth to ask for water but nothing came out and I gestured frantically with my hand. “Please tell Doctor Femi to come in. He is a nervous wreck already and let her mother come too.” He instructed the matron who hurried out afterwards and turned back to me. “How are you, Jummy? “He smiled at me and I grimaced at him. The door opened and Femi came in, closely followed by my mother and Ruth. I tried to glare towards his direction and he fell on his knees by my bed. “Thank you, God! Thank you for bringing her back.” He said fervently with eyes raised skyward. I was raised up gently and Ruth put a cup of water to my lips. I gulped it greedily and sat back, spent. “Olajumoke, oko mi (my husband), kilo sele (what happened?) How come you were found in the middle of nowhere, half-dead? ”My mother asked with a frown as she sat on the chair beside the hospital bed and I closed my eyes tiredly. “Mummy, please let her be for now. She needs to rest.” Ruth said quietly, watching me closely and I could have kissed her. “Jummy, I will be right back to check on you. “Femi ran the back of his hand over my cheeks and I shield away from the touch. He left the room with the rest of the medical personnel after a last check was conducted by the doctor in charge. I fell into a deep sleep shortly afterwards and when I woke up, I have been moved to the normal private world without the tubes. I breathed a sigh of relieve and promptly fell asleep again.

Ruth was sitting beside me, looking quite pensive and there was a plaster on her forehead that was not there a few days ago. I frowned as I open my eyes and stared at her. “How are you?” I winced when my voice came out in a croak. She looked startled as she raised her face and smiled at me. “You are finally awake. I am sure you must be famished by now?” She seemed nervous at my unblinking stare and I sat up in bed. “I hate hospitals. What is there to eat please?” I asked with a smile and she served my favorite dish of jollof rice with spicy fried meat and coleslaw. My mouth salivated as she was dishing it and I devoured the entire plate of food that was served to me. “This is really good. Are you the one who prepared it because I know my mum is not such a good cook?” I asked with a mouthful and she laughed heartily as she put a chilled bottle of malt on my tray. “You are a bad babe, Jummy. Yes, I prepared it. Do you want more?” She asked with a smile. “I will take the second helping much later stomach is full to bursting. Thank you. How come you were able to leave work and stay with me?” I asked curiously as I nursed my bottle of malt. “I took some few days off as my mind won’t be there anyway and my manager was quite understanding.” She pulled the plastic chair closer to my bed and sat down. “Tunde called me the night you were kidnapped and we both went to the police station to report. The baffling thing was that he knew where to take the police and the exact route the kidnappers took. I started wondering if he was involved somehow but I have a feeling you knew about this or at least part of it. I was the one who called your mum after you were found.” She gave me a direct stare and I started wondering how much I should tell her. “Don’t even bother filtering the story for me, Jummy, give it out straight the way it is. I have a right to know.” She said firmly and I laughed heartily. “I miss you truly and we have not been spending enough time together since I got involved with Femi.” I said soberly. “I have not been idled here.”She mumbled beneath her voice but I ignored it for now and narrated the whole ordeal from the moment Shade contacted me. She was silent throughout the narration and her attention was totally focused on me.I sipped the malt in-between to wet my dried throat and took a deep breath afterwards. She sighed heavily.

“Who are my mates, Ruth? I still don’t understand what she meant by that.” I asked quietly. “Jummy, we are Africans, Nigeria to be precise and supernatural things happened that is beyond human comprehension. I think your mother is in the best position to answer that.” She said quietly and it was my turn to sigh. “Am I really pregnant? How possible is that to know you are pregnant a few days after having sex?”I asked with apparent frustration. “Time will tell but I won’t wish to be pregnant for a man whose fiancée have a supernatural power please.” She said with a shudder. “Hmmm. That woman scares me and even if I am really pregnant and I decide not to let him know, I am sure she will eventually know about it.”I said slowly as I stared at my friend. “Scary again!” She mouthed in a whisper and we both laughed till tears came out of our eyes. “I will miss him though. That guy is sweet and the last sex we had was the sweetest I ever experienced.” I said with a smile, even as I felt a deep ache round my heart. “You will be fine, dear. This circumstances is totally beyond us but that doesn’t mean we can’t bitch over him and wish him all sort of evil.” Ruth stood up to hug me as a single tear rolled down my face and I dashed it away determinedly.

“What happened to your face?” I asked after I got my voice under control and she sighed again. “I have a confession to make. Can you remember Adewale fabowale? ”She asked quietly, not quite meeting my eyes and I shifted through my mental files with a frown. He was a good friend to one of our managers and was a regular visitor in our office but he was also a natural flirt. I attributed that to the fact that he was a tall handsome young man in his late thirties and he was rich. He approached me for a relationship and he pursued me with a single-mindedness that nearly changed my mind if not for the fact that I was already in a relationship with Femi then. He eventually gave up and moved on. “What about him? Are you dating him?” I asked with a raised eye-brow. “Yes. I am sorry, Jummy. It was when he approached me to help him convince you to give him a chance that we started getting close and I didn’t know how to tell you. Please forgive me.” She said remorsefully and I sat back, trying to process the whole stuff in my mind. I felt indifferent. “Okay. Apologies accepted but you have not answer my question.” I gave her a bland stare and she squirmed under my direct gaze. “He hit me yesterday when I got to his place because I was late for our appointment.” She mumbled under her breath. “What the hell? What did you just said? He hit you? “I yelled as I sat upright. The door opened and the doctor came in, followed closely by a nurse. Ruth heaved a sigh of relieve and I gave her a glare.

“Olajumoke Davies, I can see you are much better and ready to go home but it will do you good to keep your voice down. There are other patients in the hospital.” The elderly doctor said in a chiding voice, even though he was smiling. “Yes Doctor. Thank you.” I said, trying to hide my impatience. He gave me a thorough check and asked a few questions. “I am discharging you this afternoon. Your bills have been settled by Doctor Femi. Enjoy yourself and stay out of trouble.” He said with a smile and walked out with the accompanying nurse. Complete silence greeted their exit.

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