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PAY BACK IMAGEI was discharged that same afternoon and we parked my things in comfortable silence. The sun was fierce and weather was quite hot when we stepped out of the hospital premises. Fortunately, we were able to get a cab on time and by the time we got to my place, I was very tired and my body was jittery. I went straight to bed and stumbled into the cool comfortable darkness of my room.

It was pitch-dark by the time I opened my eyes and staggered into the sitting room on rubbery feet. Ruth was sprawled on the sofa, watching an action movie. She had changed into shorts and a very light sleeveless chiffon blouse. She smiled at me and rolled into a sitting position as I sat down beside her.

“Dying is a tiring business.” I mumbled under my breath and she burst into hearty laughter. “I can imagine. Please don’t try that shit again. It’s very scary. Are you ready for dinner?” She got to her feet. “Honestly, you are an angel. Please bring it, even if it is stone and sand, I will eat.” I teased with a smile as my tummy took that time to rumble angrily. “Lair. I will soon be back. Your mum called by the way and I told her you have been discharged.” Ruth said on her way to the kitchen and I didn’t bother answering her.

She served us piping hot semo from inside the cooler and rich edika-ikong soup and I ate every morsel with relish. “Please don’t go to your house again, Ruth, You are such an excellent cook.” I begged as I licked my plate, only half-joking. “I am cooking for you because you just came back from the land of the dead. If I am staying here, you will learn to enter the kitchen too” She gave me a mock glare.  “Ouch! You are a sadist. Anyway, I will learn from the best and wow my future husband with my cooking skills.” I grinned at her. “You are not a bad cook too but you can learn to prepare more varieties of soup and food. Yoruba tribe doesn’t have varieties when it comes to soup please.” She said with a smile as she sat back and patted her tummy. “Well, you are quite right about that. Have you been doing these cooking for Adewale too?” I asked casually and she gave me a sharp look.

“That was low, Jummy and I don’t care for it.”She said coldly. “Well, I am not going to apologize for it, Ruth. Why did you allow that bastard to hit you? How can you take such shit from a man for crying out loud?” I asked angrily and she was silent for a while. “I am not stupid, Jummy and I know it is wrong but I am getting desperate. Don’t you understand?” She got to her feet and paced away. “I will be thirty-five years of age this year and even my younger brother has gotten married last year. Attending family functions is becoming a thing of shame as all they will be asking you is when am I going to introduce my fiancée to them” She paused and massaged her forehead. “My pastor said I have spiritual problems and I have gone for deliverance. What else can I do?” She spread out her palms as she came to stood before me and I sighed loudly. “And do you think marrying an abuser will solve the problem?” I asked quietly as I looked up at her. “He hasn’t even proposed to me and I thought if I satisfied him in every way possible, he will settle with me. How stupid of me!” She gave a bitter laugh and I vaulted to my feet. “You are not stupid, girlie, you just misjudged his character.” I gave her a tight warm hug and pulled her down on the sofa beside me. “The first time he hit me, I thought it was a mistake and he apologized almost immediately. He had this volatile temper and I always apologize for every mistake either it was my fault or not. It was as if he knew I am desperate for this relationship to hold and he kept stepping all over me.” She said with a shake of her head. “Don’t worry. I am back fully and he will pay for laying his hand on my best babe.” I said solemnly. “I trust you. I have really miss you, girl.” She grinned wickedly.

I resumed back at work and was a celebrity for full one week. The story of my kidnap had gotten to my colleagues and the miraculous way I escaped from captives. Different version of the event was circulating round my office and everyone wanted to confirm the true story from me. Even those that were not close to me on a regular day suddenly become my friend and came to lunch just when I was at the break-out. It was exciting and tiring and I joined every bit of special attention showered on me.

Adewale fabowale visited our office one sunny afternoon and we met on the stair-case on my way out for lunch. He was looking great in a pair of jeans and fitted t-shirt and a pair of expensive sun-shade adorned his face. “Wow! Is this not Jumoke Davies? You are looking great indeed.” He removed his shade and gave me a thorough once-over from the top of my braided hair that was knotted stylishly on top of my head, to my white silk fitted shirt that showed a hint of cleavage down to my black pencil skirt that molded my hips perfectly to my long smooth legs which ended in a pair of nude color high-heel sandals. “You aren’t look bad too, Mr Wale. How are you today?” I asked coyly, even as I was seething inside. “I learnt you were involved in an accident or something. How are you doing now?” He asked with obvious concern. “Thank you for your concern, Mr Wale. I am very much better now as you can see.” I flashed my gaped-teeth smile at him. “I can obviously see that. You are truly looking beautiful this afternoon. How about I take you for lunch?” He asked as he moved subtly to block my way. “I thought you are here for a purpose?” I raised an eye-brow. “Oh yes, that is true. How about dinner then? Please call me Wale.” His eyes strayed to my cleavage and back to my face. The two-timing idiot, I fumed inwardly. “Can we make it tomorrow evening, Wale? Tomorrow is Friday and we will have enough time to spend together, instead of rushing home to prepare for the following day’s work.” I shifted my body subtly. “Tomorrow is fine. I can pick you up at work around 6pm. Thank you for accepting my invite, Jummy. You just made my day.” He took my hand and placed a kiss on the back of my palm. “You are welcome, wale. See you tomorrow.” I moved past him down the stairs with subtle sway of my hips and I knew he was staring after my back.

 “The bastard actually asked you out?” Ruth asked incredulously, her eyes filled with hurt as I told her when we met in the rest-room the following morning and I nodded as I applied liquid foundation to my face. “Ruth, please forget that idiot. He is not meant for you and he is definitely not husband material. He knew we are friends and he didn’t even ask after you.” I said quietly as I turned to face her and she swallowed hard. “He thought you still did not know we are dating because I told him that I am afraid to tell you and he said we should keep it between us for now till we know where we are heading. I agreed.” She raised her gaze to me and her eyes shone with unshed tears. “Ruth, are you in love with this guy?” I asked worriedly. “I don’t know but if I am, I will get over it. The two-timing bastard think he can stab me at the back. He’s seriously mistaken.” She said coldly and I heaved a sigh of relieve. “So you are game for tonight?” I asked tentatively. “Yes, we are. What are you wearing for the dinner date?” She said with a determined smile. “Just trust me on this. I will do a great job.” I grinned at her. We finished making up and went back to our duty desk.

The official closing hour in my office was 5pm but because it was Friday, most of our colleagues were still in the office at past 6 and I went to the restroom outside the office to change out of my work clothe immediately I received Wale’s call. I stepped out with my evening bag and stunned stares and long whistles followed me downstairs from my colleagues who were gisting outside and some staffs in the other companies within the same building. I didn’t even smile neither did I look at my admirers until I got to the waiting car. Wale jumped out to open the door for me and gave a whistle, long and low. “You are the bomb, Jummy!” He nodded to himself and smiled. The black long-sleeve dinner-wear clung to every curve in my body, it was high-neck at the front with a slit at the side that ended mid-thigh and the entire back was a crisscross of straps that stopped on top of my waist.  “Thank you. Can we leave now before traffic stops completely?” I smiled at him and slid into the car as soon as he opened the door. He joined me at the driver’s seat and moved out. “You are truly beautiful, Jummy. “He squeezed my palm as he joined the moving traffic and I put his hand back on the steering wheel. “Please concentrate on your driving as I still have plans for this planet earth.” I said seriously and he laughed out loud. “You are the one diverting my attention but I promise to behave myself for now.” He smiled at me. “That is good to know.” I nodded as I selected a CD among the collections on his car and slot it into the player. Music filled the interior of the car and I settled back to enjoy the ride. We went to an exclusive restaurant for dinner before going to the club and had a great time, even as I put off his advances. Each time I went to the restroom, I updated Ruth about our whereabouts. We left the club at eleven pm and he took a totally unfamiliar route.

“Where are you going?” I asked in a puzzled voice. “I am taking you to my house.” He said with absolute confidence. Ruth’s voice rang in my head. “Trust me, he will want to take you straight to his home as he will assume you have enjoyed his company enough to want to sleep with him. I mistook his arrogance for self-confidence…” “You are taking me to your house without my permission?” I feigned anger as I was glad I had listen to Ruth. “Come off it, Jummy. If you don’t like me, you wouldn’t have hanged out with me after all this time I have been chasing you. Let me top the icing for you and give you a great time.” He grinned as me as he ran a finger up my exposed thigh and I slapped it away. “Even if I want to spend the night with you, curtsey demands that you ask me first.” I said coolly as he pressed down on the accelerator. “Don’t be angry, Jummy. I promise it will be worth your time.” He smiled and I gave a non-committal shrug. He lived in a big duplex in Magodo and the security guard opened the gate immediately he pressed the horn twice. He drove in and pulled up abruptly in front of the house.

“Nice building here.”I smiled as I unfastened my seatbelt. “Thank you. It is all yours for tonight.” He practically leered at me as he did the same and yanked me into his arms. “What the hell are you doing?” He kissed me before I could finish the question and I realized I needed to play smart before I ended up being raped. I pinched him hard in the rib and he released me abruptly. “Why did you do that? Haven’t you been expecting that all night?” He asked angrily as he rubbed his rib. “We are in your house and I believe you have a bedroom. Come and help me out of this tight outfit please.” I said in a sultry voice and slid out of the car. “That is my baby.” His countenance changed as he locked up the car and we went into the house. He held me by the waist and held my hips to his groin as we moved through the sitting-room area towards his bedroom. I could actually felt his bulging manhood through the thin barrier between us and I rolled my eyes skyward, trying not to look round the luxuriously furnished apartment. I turned into his arms immediately we walked into his bedroom and pressed my boobs to his chest as I linked my arms behind his neck.

“Baby, I have an idea. Go and take your bath now to wash off all the sweats from the dancing floor. I will be waiting for you.” I rubbed my lips against his and he squeezed my bum tightly. “Oh sweet, you are killing me. I will be right back” He groaned as he moved away and I hit him playfully on his bum. Immediately I heard the water running in the bathroom, I opened the door and almost collided with Ruth who was coming in. “What took you so long?” She hissed at me but her eyes were laughing as she threw my bag at me. “The idiot want to press boobs and bum.” I grinned as she helped me out of my dinner gown and I hurriedly put on a jeans trouser and t-shirt. I put my gown and shoes into my back-pack and changed into a comfortable flat sandals. “Are we ready?” She was shaking with excitement. “Let’s go.” I grinned back and we moved towards the bathroom door.

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