15 Apr

sister discordDid something happened between you guys to make him change his mind about your engagement?” I asked for lack of something to say as I sat up in bed. “I went to visit him and he just sat me down and said we need to talk .Then he told me that I am a good girl and deserves the best but he was sorry to tell me that he is not the man for me as his heart belongs to someone else and he has met the woman again. He was so apologetic and gentle about it and never said a word throughout the time I was abusing and cursing him.” She paused and took a shuddering breath. Damn you, Yinka! I cursed under my breath. “Sister Jummy, you used to know him right?” She asked after a moment. “Don’t even go there, Nike. Yes, I used to know him but we parted a bad term and I am not in the position to talk to him on your behalf. Please give that job to mum and I am sure she will do it well, after all they have met.” I interrupted her before the thought could finish forming on her mind. “I need you to do this for me, sister Jummy. He is my life and I can’t live without him.” Her voice caught in a hitch and I closed my eyes in despair. “Adenike, we need to see urgently to talk about this issue on ground.” I said in a firm voice. “I will come around when you are available but can you please go and talk to him first? I will send him your house address.” She said pleadingly and I realized I have forgotten how adamant she could be when she wanted something desperately. “Please don’t expect any miracle here but I will try my best.” I felt as if she had just put me between the devil and the deep blue sea. “Thank you Sister Jummy. God bless you. “She said brightly. “You are welcome. My regards to mum.” I said in a dull voice and flopped back on my pillow. I tried to go back to sleep but it refused to come and I finally got out of bed.

A wave of dizziness hit me and I sat back on the bed abruptly. I stood up very slowly and made my way to the bathroom like someone walking on eggshells. Immediately I finished brushing my teeth, I felt bile rose up in me and I threw up into basin so vigorously that it left my body weak and trembling. I dragged myself back into the bedroom and put a call through to Ruth immediately. “Babe, where are you?” I asked in a tired voice as I lay down in bed. “I am in the shopping hall to get my toiletries. What is wrong with you?’ She asked and I could hear the concern in her voice. “I have been very sick. Can you please come over when you are through?” I asked as I closed my eyes against another nausea. “I am coming right away. Hold on, I will be right there.” She said quietly. “Please get a home pregnancy test kit when you are coming.” I said frankly and she burst into hearty laughter as I put an end to the call. I fell asleep and woke up to her consistent knocking on the door. I went to open the door on rubbery feet and promptly sank down unto the rug.

“How are you feeling now? Have you taken any breakfast?” She asked in concern as she knelt down beside me and put her palm on my forehead. “You are not running temperature. What could be wrong?” She asked in a puzzled voice. “Did you come with the home pregnancy test kit?” I sat up and she smiled in amusement as she brought it out. “Are you seriously thinking of taking that test?” She grinned at me and followed me into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, we sat opposite each other, dumb-founded! I tested positive.

“That is Femi’s baby right? This is very scary, Jummy.’ Ruth was practically whispering. “Yes, it is. That is part one of my scary story. Part two is here.” I said with a sigh and told her about Yinka. “Are you still in love with him after all these years?” She asked with a frown and I was silent for some time. “Jummy, answer my question. Is that why you have been subconsciously moving from one relationship to another?” She asked quietly. “That is not the point, Ruth. He just dumped my sister because he wants to be with me. How am I going to sort that?” I asked instead, tactfully avoiding her question but I should have known I couldn’t fool her for long. “His relationship with your sister is none of your business if you don’t have feelings for him. What do you feel for him Jummy?” She asked quietly, looking at me directly and I sighed heavily. “It has been long and I really can’t say but if I have the chance, I won’t mind finding out what we can offer to each other again.” I said sadly and it was her turn to sigh. “Now we have an issue on ground. You and your sister are in love with the same man and he obviously want you. I still think you need to talk to your sister first before anything else. “She said quietly as she picked up a cup of ice cream and gave it to me. “Do you think she will believe me if I told her we were lovers and I still have feelings for him? “I asked doubtfully as I picked up a spoon and scrapped ice cream into my mouth.  “I can’t answer that question, Jummy. You guys are sisters but I don’t think you are that close. It takes trust to believe someone. Does she trust you enough to believe you? “She asked bluntly. “I honestly don’t know. My mother never give us the chance to be sisters. She is always coming between us and it was as if she is always protecting her from me. I was always the bad girl, even when I am innocent. “I said bitterly.  “I love you the way you are, girlie.”Ruth smiled as she reached out and tweaked my nose playfully. “Thank you. I think I should go and talk to Yinka first and maybe if I tell him I am carrying another man’s baby, he will back off. What do you think? “I looked at her hopefully and she shrugged. “If he is as determined as I think he is, I don’t think it will make much difference but you can give it a trial and that brought us back to square one. What are we going to do about that baby? “She asked worriedly. “I don’t know and I refuse to think about it at the moment but I won’t go through another abortion. “I said firmly. “Okay.  Is there any channel featuring an action movie right now?” She got up and picked up the remote control. “They have used action movie swear for you seriously.” I said in an amused voice. “I don’t want to watch any romantic film that will remind me of the lack of love in my life. It will also raise my adrenaline and makes me lose weight. “She grinned at me and we burst into laughter.

Adenike sent me Yinka’s home address through a text and I paid him an early morning visit at home on Sunday. He was just coming out of the bathroom and his towel was riding low on his waist when he opened the door. “What an amazing surprise!  Good morning my precious One. “He grinned at me as he pulled me in and wrapped his arms around me in a warm hug.  “Cut it out, Yinka. I am not here for that and please stop calling me all these pet names. I don’t want it. “I said testily as I pushed him away and went to sit as far away as I could from him.  “Baby, when did you become so cynical? Anyway, what can I offer you? Give me a minute please. I will be right back. “He went inside and came back with a tray of warm toast and beverages. I noticed he had changed into a knee length shorts and was relieved. “Can we eat?  “He pulled up two stools beside me and sat down on one while he placed the tray on another. The scent of the fresh toast filled my nostrils and my mouth salivated. We ate breakfast in companionable silence and an air of contentment swept over me. I stood up to carry the tray to the kitchen and he collected it from me. “Have your seat, Jummy, I will take care of this. You look pale. “He pushed me down on the sofa. “I didn’t sleep well. “I mumbled defensively. “I know. “He nodded with a smile and I stuck my tongue after his retreating back in a petty but satisfying gesture.

“You are here because of Adenike, right?” He said when he got back and sat down beside me. I tried to shift away but he put his arm around my shoulder in a friendly gesture and I tried not to fidget. “Yes, that was so unfair of you. How can you just dumb her like that? Is that how you have been doing to other women? “I rounded on him fiercely.  “No, there was no one after you. I had affairs with other women on mutual agreement but I have not had any other relationships until Adenike and now I know the reason I dated her. It was because she looks like you. I thought I can love her the way I love you and I am glad I tried because she led me to you. I will forever be grateful and indebted to her for that but it will be unfair to both of us if I go ahead with that engagement. We will end up hating each other at the end of the day after wasting each other’s time. “He said simply and I swallowed hard. “She is in love with you, Yinka, don’t you get that? “I said expressively as I turned to stare at him. “ I know she is at the moment and I am sorry for hurting her but I need my happiness too. She will get over it with time. Jummy, look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love me or still have feelings for me. “He said quietly, looking into my eyes.  “Don’t be ridiculous. We are not talking about me. Moreover, I am carrying another man’s baby, so there is no space for you in my life.” I said with a triumphant smile. “I don’t expect you to be without a man all these years unless all men have turned blind. Why are you not married to him? “He asked quietly. “It is complicated and it is none of your business.” I snapped at him. “I am not bothered with the baby. Tell me you have no feelings for me and I will know if you are lying. “He said softly as he raised my jaw and grazed his thumb over my lower lips. I swallowed hard and tried to move away. He simply picked me up and sat down on the sofa with me on his laps. “What are you doing? I am not here for this. “I said weakly even as my heart picked up speed and I knew deep in my heart that I wanted his hands on me.  “I love you, Jummy and I want you. Please give me a space in your heart again. “He murmured against my lips and flicked his tongue over my lips. I trembled and he slipped his tongue in as he gathered me close. I hummed in contentment as I snuggled closer and he shifted both of us until I was lying beneath him on the sofa. The kiss went on and on and I lost track of time until the sound of the door opening in the distance penetrated through the fog in my mind and Adenike’s voice followed.

“I can’t believe this. What the hell is going on here? “She screamed at the top of her voice and I felt as if the floor should open and swallowed me up. Yinka broke the kiss and I hide my face in his chest. “Sister Jummy, Is this the same man you told me you parted on a bad term? So you can bring yourself so low as to be sleeping with my fiancée?  You are such a cheap whore. “She said coldly and Yinka rolled to his feet abruptly.  “If you ever talk to your sister like that again, I am going to slap you.” He said angrily and she looked shocked. “Are you defending her? Are you choosing her over me? “She asked in shock.  “That is right. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will advise you to stop being a spoilt brat if you want to get your own man. “He said frankly. “I still find it difficult to believe this. “She murmured to herself and turned to me. I stood up to my full height before she could utter a word. “You can call me whatever you want, I honestly don’t care. I was trying to tell you this over the phone. Yinka was my first man and it seemed the feelings between us is still very much alive. I am sorry you have to witness this and for the fact that my past is obviously causing you so much heartache. I sincerely hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.” I said quietly. “I hate you and if I don’t see you again for the rest of my life, I will be so happy.” She spat at me and stormed out again.

I sat down very slowly like an old woman and lean my head against the sofa and close my eyes with a sigh. “It is going to be okay, Jummy.”He sat beside me and took my limp hand in his. “I wish I can blame you for the lack of closeness between me and Adenike but that will be petty and deceitful of me.” I said with a weak smile and opened my eyes. “I thought the relationship between you guys should have improved by now. I remember you told me about it when we were in school. “He said with a frown.  “I drifted away from home at the first opportunity and the gap between us widened with time. I have vowed to be the best mum I could be to my children. “I said quietly and he simply hugged me.  “I am sorry for what you have to go through.” He murmured against my throat and I swallowed hard as my throat hurt with unshed tears. My phone rang and it was my mum. Has Adenike gotten home so fast? I thought in wonder as I looked at Yinka who was giving me a questioning look and picked the call.

“Hello mum. How are you? “I asked solemnly. “I am not fine. I just came back from Ile-Ife. Jumoke, your nightmare issue is a matter of life and death. A life has to be exchanged for yours, if not, I am going to lose you soon. “Her voice ended in a sob and I felt as if my life had just come to an end.

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