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love wins“Adenike, what is wrong with you? Are you alright? “My mother spoke for the first time since my father came in as she got to her feet and approached my sister with a puzzled frown on her face.  “Stay out of this, mother. It doesn’t concern you. “She rounded on my mother with blazing eyes and my mom shrank back in fear.  “Olawunmi, it seems we got more than we bargained for. Yinka, can you please get a pastor if you know one? “Dad said in a low voice as he moved me towards where my mother stood transfixed in a spot but i couldn’t get my eyes off Adenike’s face. She turned back to me. “Jumoke, he is waiting for you, please go back and leave my man for me. This one belongs to me” Her voice mellowed as she stared straight into my eyes. “He is not yours. Have you forgotten the rules? “My voice seemed to come from a distance as I faced her. “It is the one who took your virginity that belongs to you. You have completed your mission. Please go back to where you come from.” I said with a small smile and cold air swirled around the room as she glared at me. “I am superior to you in rank and i will take you back. “She flung her hand out at me even as Yinka tried to grab her and i felt pain vibrated through my body in waves. My body jerked and went limp. I heard the panic and fear in Yinka and my Dad’s voices as I floated away until silence echoed around me.

I found myself sitting on the white sand and the soft breeze from the body of water surrounding me blew the white skirt and floaty top on my body. I frowned as I realized I was bare footed and looked around the little island with curiosity. “You are welcome, my daughter. How was your journey on earth? “A soft feminine voice spoke to me and my head snapped up in surprise. A fair beautiful woman stood a few feet away from me, clad in the traditional Yoruba attire of white Iro, buba and gele. Exquisite multi-colored beads in different shapes and sizes adorned her braided suku, her wrists and ankles. She was bare-footed too and two young women flanked her on both side, dressed in a similar attire to mine. The ladies were staring at me with a solemn expression on their faces and they looked terribly familiar.  I had a feeling we have met before now and I frowned as I got to my feet. “Is this another dream? Am i dead again? “I mumbled under my breath and the woman smiled at me.”No, you are not dead. You are just back in your world. I asked you to go and give joy to a wanting couple but they didn’t even appreciate my gift. She didn’t treat you well and they didn’t keep their promises to me.”Her face tightened with displeasure. “No, she didn’t treat me well but I love her .Her husband love me very much and he treated me like his little angel. I don’t know the circumstances of their separation but I want the chance to go back and find out and bring them back together again if possible. They are both miserable. Please give me the chance to go back again and make amends, mother. “I held out my hand to her pleadingly.” I am sorry, my daughter but your time is up. Your fiancee is waiting for you and your wedding date has been fixed long time ago. “She said with a sad smile as she pointed and i looked towards the direction she pointed to see him, smiling and waiting. He was so beautiful and my heart wavered. “Welcome, onitemi. I am so happy to see you. “He strolled towards me with long confident steps and i couldn’t help admiring him. Yinka seemed so far away until his voice seemed to penetrate the void around us and vibrated in my world. “I love you, olajumoke. Please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you. “I turned round in a circle, distracted and searching for him and he appeared briefly on the edge of my vision before disappearing again. “Why did you allow this to happen, mother? I should have let him die when he was far away from her.” He turned to mother, anger turning his beautiful face into a snarl. “Adeyi, His love for her kept him alive and protected him against your wrath. I am afraid you are fighting a lost battle. He took her virginity with love and lost his heart to her. If she doesn’t marry him, he won’t know peace in his life. “Mother said sadly as she watched me with indulging eyes.  “You have always been strong willed, Adeni and you are fond of breaking rules. That is why you were so eager to go to the earth. You were not supposed to sleep with any man at all. “She said reprovingly and i bowed my head in shame. “I am sorry, mother.” I mumbled under my breath. “She was able to break all rules because her earth mother didn’t keep her promise and carried out no sacrifice for her. That is why there is no strong tie between them. Forgive her, mother. “The taller of the girls on her right side said and winked at me. I hide a smile and shuffled my feet. “What am I going to do, mother? I have waited so long for her to come back. They are expecting us in my kingdom. “Adeyi looked at mother with a despairing look and mother sighed tiredly. “She still cannot go back …. “Mother’s voice trailed off as Yinka’s voice penetrated the void again and this time around he appeared in a wavering form a few feet away from us.

“Mother, don’t let her go back. She has a duty to fulfill here. “Adenike appeared beside Adeyi, clad in the same attire like the rest of us but pure red gleaming beads adorned her hair.  “Adeyi, what are you still waiting for? Take her and go away. She doesn’t even know who she is. “She glared at me. “Stop being selfish, Tito. You sent her back before mother was ready to take her because you want to have her man. If he doesn’t have her, he won’t have you. Why are you bothering yourself? “The tall slim lady came to my rescue once again. “I can make him have me either he wants to or not. This is none of your business, Aweni.” She said coldly. “That is deliberately breaking the rules and you know mother’s wrath for that. You will be yank back so fast you will wonder what hit you.” Aweni said with a smirk and the other ladies snickered behind their palms as their eyes twinkled in merriment. “I want him and I will have him. She has always taken everything that belongs to me even before she was sent to earth. Can’t you remember I met Adeyi the day we went to the stream and brought him home? He saw her and dump me very fast. This is my pay-back time. I want revenge.” Adenike pointed at Aweni and fire sparkled from her finger. “She doesn’t even love him.” I murmured under my breath, staring at the anguish on yinka’s wavering face. “I am sorry for hurting you, Tito. I didn’t realize you wanted me that way and maybe you got your revenge after all. She is in love with someone else.” Adeyi said with a miserable look, staring at me.  I glanced at him and sighed. It was a messy triangle. Adenike ignored all of us and focused her attention on Aweni. “Stop showing off, Tito. Just because you have the highest rank doesn’t mean you should intimidate us with your power. Mother will make the final decision. “Aweni said saucily as she waved her hand casually in the direction of Adenike and the fire on the tip of her finger died abruptly.  “Stop quibbling, children.” Mother said mildly and silence reign, even as Adenike’eyes shoot dagger at Aweni for being on my side. “This boy will not let us rest as long as we keep adeni here and you won’t enjoy her either.” She turned to Adeyi and he moaned with despair.  “I know his mother and she was a favourite member before i let her go. I will take pity on the poor boy and send Adeni back to earth but not without a replacement. “A small mean smile danced on her lips and she flicked her finger at me. Pain erupted in my stomach and I screamed loudly as I was flung into the air.

“She is breathing again.” Yinka screamed loudly in excitement as I jacked upright in the hospital bed, destabilizing all the tubes that were attached to my body and the nurses rushed in. “My baby!  I am losing her!” I continued screaming, clutching my stomach as pain radiated through my body and blood flowed down my thigh.  “Calm down baby. You will be fine. “He said, holding my hand as i was rushed into the theatre and he was banned from the operating room.

I lost the baby and was in a coma for several days. It was midnight when i opened my eyes to see my parent who were on my left side and yinka on my right, all of them were fast asleep. “Take it easy, Adeni.” A soft feminine voice chuckled beside me and I froze as I looked up sharply to see a nurse beside me. She was smiling.Then it struck me why she looked so familiar. She was part of the team who did my first D and C years ago in Ibadan. “Am i hallucinating? Aweni? We have met before in Ibadan. “I was whispering as I stared at her.  “That is right. That abortion was your punishment for sleeping with him but my misson was to make sure you didn’t die then and now. We have always look out for you. Congratulations. You are free to live your life on earth but watch out for Tito. She doesn’t forgive easily and she never forget a grudge. “She told me as she effectively carried out her duties of detaching tubes and replacing drips. “What happened to Adeyi? “I whispered curiously.  “He will be fine. He is handsome and wealth. There are many willing beautiful females waiting to take your place in his life. You have a rare one here, take care of him. His love saves you. “She gave Yinka a fond smile, picked up her tray and walked out of the ward.

‘”Who are you taking to?”  Yinka opened his eyes and took my hand. “I was talking to the nurse. How are you, baby? “I asked with a smile and he grinned tiredly at me. “I should be asking you that question. I am fine. I am sorry about the baby. “He said solemnly. “It is alright. She replaced my life. It was painful though, losing another baby before they have a chance to live. “I said sadly and he frowned as he sat on the bed beside me. “Have you been pregnant before now?” He asked curiously. “I discovered i was pregnant after you left and have to get rid of it because I couldn’t think of any other option.” I said quietly as I stared at him. “Oh my baby!  I am so sorry. “He hugged me and i held on to him. “ Hope you are not tired of all the dramas in my family?” I said in a teasing voice. “All families have their own drama, either spiritual or otherwise and we all have skeletons in our cupboards. I don’t know what I will have done if you have stopped breathing totally and I don’t want to take any more chance. Please marry me as soon as possible. I can’t afford to lose you. “He said pleadingly and i searched his face for moment. “ Is that a proposal? “I teased. “Well, I don’t have a ring here but we can always get one later. Will you marry me? Please complete my life. “He said solemnly. “Thank you for not giving up on us. I love you and I will marry you. “Contentment and happiness flow through me as I hugged him. “Thank God. “He buried his head in my neck and tears filled my eyes. “Congratulations my baby. “My dad said with a smile and stood up to hug me too. “ Congratulations dear. “My mother echoed with a smile and i smiled back.

A frigid wind blew through the room and on the wall was written: The battle line has just being drawn. Watch out!” I sighed loudly. “That is Adenike. Where is she? ’I looked at my parent and they exchanged looks. “We can’t say at the moment. Both of you went limp and stopped breathing. We got an ambulance and brought you here. It was my turn to stay with her that night. I went to the loo and came back to find her gone. I panicked and called the nurse on duty. She just smiled at me and said she is alright. I don’t even know why we believe her but we do.” My dad said solemnly. “Aweni.” I murmured to myself. “She is fine and will be back .Don’t worry yourself too much. We have a wedding to prepare for.” I grinned at them and they laughed with relieve.

Is the wedding going to hold? Where did Yinka and Jumoke’s father meet in the past? What causes the rift between her mother and father?

These are the questions that will be answered in DIARY OF OLAJUMOKE DAVIES (SERIES II). Thank you for reading and God bless you.

Kindly drop your comments.

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