09 May

twist_of_fate“Becky, how are you preparing for your wedding?” Roseline asked cheerfully from the other end. “Uh?” Becky mumbled as she rubbed her eyes wearily. She had had a sleepless night! “Yours and Ramsey’s wedding. I thought that was why you have been so preoccupied lately.” Roseline said in a puzzled voice. “Come off it, Rose. Would I be preparing for my wedding without telling you?” She sounded relief, even to her own ear. “You are not sounding too eager. What is the problem, Becky?” Roseline asked quietly and she chewed her bottom lips thoughtfully as she replayed the scene at the car park in her mind again. She sighed as she closed her eyes and pressed two fingers to her eyes. “Are you alright, Becky?” Roseline asked in concern. “I’m in trouble, Rose.” She said quietly. “What is the problem? Talk to me, girlfriend.” “Can you imagine being engaged to one man and responding to another man’s kiss?” She gave a little self-reproaching laugh and Roseline was silent for a while. “Who is the other man?” She asked cautiously. “Joseph Coker. Please keep your I –told-you –so remark to yourself. “She retorted acidly and Rose tucked her tongue in her cheek. “I was just about to say so. Is that not Lizzy’s big crush?” Roseline asked with a frown and she sighed again. “He is the same man. I intend to stay away from him and it will never happen again. “She vowed silently. “Love is not reasonable and it happen either you want it to or not. Suit yourself, sensible Becky but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. “She chuckled to herself at the other end and put an end to the call. Becky stared at the phone in disbelieve and laughed lightly before getting out of bed.

“Hi Dad. Lizzy said you want to see me.” Becky sauntered into her father’s study room. “I want you to get Joe for me for urgent issue. I’ve been trying his number but it was switched off. Today’s his off-day but I need to see him.” He said as he removed his reading glasses and glanced at his daughter. “How are you so sure he will be available at home when it was his day off?” She asked with a frown as she sat in a cushion sofa across from him. “It is just a gamble. He is just the man to handle this idiot I’m dealing with. Would you be a good girl and run along now?” He said hopefully. “You should have send Lizzy, Dad plus I don’t even know his house.” She lied glibly, pouting her lips and wishing desperately that her father would change his mind. “I will give you the address now. I don’t trust Lizzy around any man, certainly not one as attractive as Joseph.” He said as he wrote on a post-it and gave it to her in addition to the car key. Oh Dad! You are protecting the wrong girl, she thought helplessly as she got to her feet and stormed out of the house.

Joseph’s house was deserted as she had expected and everywhere was quiet. Becky doubted if anybody was at home but she pulled up anyway and got out of the car. She locked up and walked over to their room. She knocked but there was no answer and she tried the door. It gave way beneath her hand and she stepped in. “Joseph!” She called loudly and there was a grunted sound from the bedroom. She hesitated briefly before entering the room and saw him on the bed. He was clad in shorts, lying on his stomach and stretched to his full length. His feet dangled at the end of the bed and she couldn’t help grinning to herself. She moved to the bedside and tapped him gently on the back. “Joe, wake up. Dad wants to see you.” She said gently and he rolled unto his back. “Becky?” He called as he gazed up at her through half-closed eyelid. “Do you always sleep this late on your off-days?” She teased as she rocked on her feet. “I was up for the better part of the night, watching season one of “24 hours”. What are you doing here?” He stretched lazily and she kept her gaze on his face. “I’m not a film freak .Give me a good romance thriller and I am your girl.” She said with a smile. “That means you must have a houseful of novels. That is my mum’s fort. I used to borrow novels from my girlfriends when I was in school and bring it home for her.” He said with a reminiscent smile as he looked at her. “That is wonderful. I could bring her a bagful of it over the weekend. “She said with a grin. “She would love it. Thank you” He sat up on the narrow bed and let his gaze travelled down the length of her body lazily. She felt suddenly exposed in the yellow shorts and button down blouse she wore. “Have your seat while I dressed up.” He invited as he patted the spot beside him and she hesitated briefly. “Are you scared of sitting beside me alone in the room?” He asked softly as his eyes twinkled with amusement. “You flatter yourself. Why would I be scared of you?” She retorted as she sat down on the edge of the bed. “Thank God for that.” He grinned as he took her arm and pulled her till she was nestled against his chest. “Joe, stop that. Dad wants to see you urgently. “She said as she struggled to free herself and try not to sound panicky.

“I know dad wants to see me. Don’t you want to see me?” He rolled her over beneath him and looked into her eyes. “Stop flattering yourself, I don’t want to see you.” She said stubbornly as she pushed at his chest. “Look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me.” He said quietly as he traced his finger over her bottom lip very lightly and followed the path with his tongue. It trembled in response and she turned her face away. “I don’t know why I am attracted to the one that is unavailable.” He said to himself, even as he lifted himself away and got to his feet.  “Are you attracted to me?” She asked as she stood up too and faced him. “Yes, I am. You are a beautiful woman.” He said with simple boldness and the statement pleased her more than she cared to admit. “Lizzy is a beautiful woman too.” She said with feigned casual shrug. “She is beautiful but she is bored out of her mind and looking for a man that will help her pass her time. I am not that man.” He gave her a cool stare. “You are certainly right about that.” She said with an apologetic smile. “I am attracted to you too.” She mumbled under her breath as she stared down at the cement floor and his eyes narrowed at her bent head. “Becky, look at me and repeat what you just said.” He said with quiet demand and she looked up with naked longing in her eyes. “I like you a lot and I don’t know what to do about it.” She said quietly. “Becky, this is a wrong place to tell me this.” He closed the gap between them in one step and engulfed her in a tight hug. She laughed shakenly as her arms went round him to hold him. “I think we should get this out of the way first.” He whispered against her mouth and she took a deep breath. She raised her hand to his cheek that was roughened with early morning stubbles and kissed him. He groaned deep in his throat and deepened the kiss. The kiss was long, slow and deep and they both came up breathless. “You are driving me crazy, Becky.” Joseph groaned against her mouth as he trailed a finger down her throat and had her buttons undone one after the other. The cup of the lacy confinement she wore barely covered her nipples and it was held up by two thin straps. He swept her off the floor and placed her gently on the narrow bed. He pulled the cup down with his teeth and took the dark nipple in his mouth while he caressed the other nipple with his thumb through the lacy cover. She moaned feverishly as pleasure ribbon connected from her breast to her loin and her thighs whispered apart to accommodate him. He moved to the other nipple to lavish attention on it while his other hand caressed and kneaded the exposed breast until she was practically writhing beneath him. “I want you so much, Becky.” He told her in a husky voice as he came up to kiss her again and rolled unto his back so that she was on top of him. “I want you too. Kiss me please. “She shrugged away her blouse and kissed him with the passion that was bubbling in her.

The sitting room door opened and closed in the distance and he broke the kiss with a jerk. She rolled off him and got to her feet on rubbery legs. “I’m so sorry, Becky. I shouldn’t have started this.” He reached for his t-shirt and pulled it on. “Why are you sorry?” She asked in a calm voice as she dressed up again with her back turned to him and he came to stand in front of her. “It is okay. I was a willing partner too.” She said with a shrug. “You are in my house and I have no right to behave the way I did.” He took her hands in his and looked at her imploringly.  “It is okay really.” She reached up to give him a playful peck on the cheek. “Thanks. Go and wait for me in the sitting room. I will join you shortly.” He said casually and she walked out.

“Joe, are you a graduate?” Becky looked up from the stack of books she was going through in a corner of the room and he frowned at her. “Yes. I have a degree in mechanic engineering.” He said with a shrug and she felt her jaw dropped in surprise. “What was your result like?” She asked after a moment as she picked up the car key and he paused as he slipped his feet into leather sandals. “I graduated with distinctions.” He followed her out of the room and locked up the door. “Are you serious? What are you doing with this job? Why aren’t you working with your result?” She asked in a puzzled voice. “I guess you have spent too much time outside the country to know how poor our state of the economy is. There is no decent job in this country for poor folks like us either you graduated with first class or third class.” He said with a rueful smile as he caught up with her with a few long strides. “I can put in a few words for you with my……….”She stopped abruptly when he raised his palm up. “Stop it. Please don’t go there. I don’t need your help.” He said in a voice that brooked no argument and she swallowed hard. “I’m sorry for that. “She said quietly and he gave a shrug as they moved towards the car. “By the way, why haven’t you started working by now?” He asked curiously as he turned to look at her. “Dad wants me to get married before I start working.” She said with her own shrug and he stared at her incredulously. “Why should he do that? Are you naïve enough to believe that?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “What do you mean?” She asked in a puzzled voice. “Don’t worry about my opinion. It is none of my business.” He said with a non-chalant shrug and she threw the car key at him. It hit him hard on the chest and he clutched at his chest in pain.

“What did you do that for, Becky?” He asked angrily. She came round to his side of the car and jammed her finger into his chest. “You are so mean. Why are you keeping your opinion to yourself when we were just having a decent conversation between us?” She said angrily. “Is that the reason for that mean action of yours?” He rubbed at his chest as he glared down at her and she wriggled her body provocatively against him. “Slap me, beat me. Please do your worst.” She said challengingly as she stared up at him and he burst into laughter. “Joe, I really don’t want to intrude into your life but where is your dad?” She asked quietly as she looked up into his face in earnest. “I don’t know. Don’t ask any more questions that I can’t answer.” He said with another shrug and she wound her arms around his neck. “Thanks for telling me that much. I appreciate it. “She said with a smile. “You are welcome.” He grinned as he moved away to the driver’s side and she joined him through the other side.

”Where are you coming from, Joe? I thought today was your day-off.” Naomi said as she glanced at the wall clock and watched her son stroll into the sitting room. It was 9pm in the night. “I’m coming from work. My boss sent for me.” He removed his shoes and flopped unto the sofa. “Sent for you? Why can’t he call your mobile phone?” She asked in a puzzled voice as she leaned against the door post separating the two rooms in her cotton night gown which had seen better days. “I switched off my phone when I went to bed this morning after you left for market but I wasn’t so lucky because Becky came to knock on my door few hours later. My hope for a sound and long dreamless sleep was tarnished abruptly.” He said with a rueful smile as he closed his eyes and his mother studied him worriedly. “So it is Becky in the room with you?” She asked after a moment and his eyes snapped open. “What do you mean?” He asked cautiously. “I came in this afternoon to get my contribution money. I forgot it when I was leaving for the market this morning and your phone was switched off like you said.” She paused with a shrug and waited for her son to explain but he said nothing which said a lot to her! “Are you in love with her, Joe?” She asked quietly and saw him winced slightly. “No.” He denied abruptly. “Good. She is another man’s property, a rich man’s property and I don’t want trouble.” She warned sternly. “You don’t have to remind me.” He muttered under his breath. “I will remind you, baby because whatever concerns you concerns me. If you impregnate a rich man’s daughter without his consent, one who is also engaged to another rich man, it won’t be a palatable experience for both of us. I’ve been there, baby.  Playing with their kind is like stepping on a cobra’s tail. Is that clear?” She asked ominously. “Yes ma.” He answered reluctantly. “I need to live my life in peace. Your food is on the table beside you. Good night.” She turned on her heels and went into the bedroom.

Becky was getting ready for bed a few nights later when her door opened and she saw Ramsey came in from her view in the dressing table mirror. “Why have you been avoiding me, baby? Is it because I haven’t had enough time for you? I’m sorry. I have been so busy.” He came towards her with an open smile but she did not return his smile. “I don’t want your apology.” she said quietly as she raised her arms to put a hair net over her newly done hair. “But you will have it anyway.” He hugged her from the back and kissed her throat. “I’m not done with you yet.” She got to her feet and he tried to draw her into his embrace. “I will make it up for you one of this days, I promise.” He tugged at the sash in her robe and the robe parted, exposing her baby pink teddy. Her phone rang abruptly and she saw the faint line of irritation on his face before she moved away to answer the phone. “Lock my door when you leave. Mummy wants to see me.” She said as she walked out of the room to receive her call, leaving him behind and breathed a visible sigh of relieve when she was alone.

Lizzy paid her an early morning visit the next morning in her bedroom and was attracted to the box of trinket on her bedside table. She opened it and closed it abruptly. “Who gave you this?” She waved the box of trinket at her sister, rousing her from the remnant of sleep. “Ramsey left it on my dressing table last night.” She said quietly as she sat back against the bed post. “He is buying you gift with your father’s money, right?” She said with heavy sarcasm. “What is that supposed to mean, Lizzy?” she asked angrily. “His father maybe a high-profile Justice and a well-known one for that matter but he is not rich.” Lizzy snapped at her as she flung the trinket box on the bed. “Are you here to criticize my fiancée or you want to see me for something else?” She raised an eyebrow at her. “Becky, do you truly love this guy? Can’t you see he is not good enough for you? What kind of man will work beneath his in-laws when he can make it on his own?” She sat on the bed beside her sister and took her hands in hers. “Baby, get into my wardrobe and get whatever you want for school or you get the hell out of my room.” Becky told her sister in a voice filled with humor. “How do you know I need anything from you?” Lizzy pouted her lips at her elder sister. “You always want things from me because you are never satisfied with yours. Will you take what you want now before I change my mind?” She gave her a push and Lizzy catapulted off the bed.



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4 responses to “TWIST OF FATE : #3

  1. buktoy410

    May 10, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    I’m loving this piece…next pls


    • mobolaji

      May 11, 2017 at 9:30 am

      Thanks for reading. The next episode will be in next week.


  2. Oluwatobi

    September 22, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    am in love with this, ride on ma


    • mobolaji

      September 22, 2017 at 12:10 pm

      Thank you for reading. I will always appreciate your feedback.



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