22 May

twist_of_fate“Becky, please wait.” Joseph ran after her but she did not stop until he caught up with her when she was about to open her car door. “What do you want again? You have told me your feelings on this issue and I completely understand.” Tears filled her eyes and she tried to turn away but he won’t let her. “You can’t just go like this, Becky. We can’t part this way.” He said quietly as he grazed her lower lips with his thumb. “We are still friends, I promise you. I really have to go now, it’s getting late. Good night.” She tried to move out of his embrace but he put his hands on her waist and moved her against the car. “Becky, I’m finding it difficult to let you go. Kiss me just this once and I will let you go forever “He whispered with an unsteady voice and she raised tear stained face to him. “I love you, baby. Don’t ever forget that, I just wish things are different.” He swallowed hard and placed his forehead against hers.

There was a full moon and they could see each other clearly as they stared into each other’s eyes. His eyes darkened with desire as he bent his head to taste her lips: he brushed his over hers in light feather kisses and she shivered involuntarily. Her arms rose to link behind his neck to draw him close and he deepened the kiss. The kiss was long, slow and deep and he was nowhere getting satisfied. He pulled her closer and his fingers brushed the sides of her breast through the cotton material. “Joe.” Becky broke the kiss with enormous effort. “What is it?” He murmured huskily as he took a calming breath and touched his forehead to hers. “We are in the open and anyone could be watching. “She said as she held him close. He pulled her into the curve of his arm and opened the back door of the black jeep. He pushed her in and sat down beside her. “Joe, don’t you think it is getting late?” She began but he put a finger against her lips and she watched as he traced it down her throat. He kissed her again as he pushed her unto her back and pinned her with his weight. His tongue probed and demanded for response which she readily gave. She felt him against her belly, hard and throbbing and her heart raced with desire. She shivered involuntarily and blood roared in her vein, making her deaf to every other thing except the man on top of her. His fingers ran down her smooth throat over lace-covered nipples that hardened beneath his touch and his mouth followed the fiery path he had created. She moaned out loud and writhe beneath him in pleasurable agony. He groaned each time her body came in contact with his lower body. Her fingers clutched at his shoulder and swept down the already open shirt. His skin was cool and sleek with sweat beneath her touch and she heard him dragged in a breath before he flicked his tongue over her taut nipple. She passed her hand over his bare back to the waist band of his jean and slipped her finger into his briefs. “Becky!” He groaned out and raised his mouth to hers again. She kissed him with every feeling she had in her and with the desperation that this would be the last time they would ever be together again. He rose over her body like a God, his fingers trailing lightly over her smooth thighs and he rolled her panties and jeans along as he bent his head over her pulsing womanhood. Becky jerked and stifled a loud moan when his tongue flickered out to taste. She covered her mouth and her hips jerked as his finger joined his mouth to sentence her to heaven. “Oh Joe!” Her body seemed to empty out as she reached an orgasm so fast it took both of them in surprise. “That feels so good.” She panted with a shy smile and he came up to rub his lips over hers. “Yes, it is. That is my parting gift to you.” He smiled into her eyes and she firmed her trembling lips. “I won’t spoil it by crying again.” She hugged him fiercely and his heart ached in a way he never knew was possible.

Naomi was preparing to leave for the market later than usual but she was still reluctant to step out of the house because her son had not come back into the house since he left last night and she was getting real worried. His phone was switched off and his friend’s number wasn’t available either. She glanced at the wall clock and sighed heavily as she paced back and forth. Someone knocked heavily on the door and she rushed to open it. No one could tell who was more shocked between the elderly woman dressed in native Ankara skirt and blouse that had seen better days and the tall man in expensive fully attired lace with a cap. “I’m looking for joseph Coker. He was supposed to take the bride to the church this morning.” His voice trailed off as he stared at her.  “He is not in.” She answered curtly even as her heart froze over at the sight of him on her doorstep. “I will deliver your message when he come.” She flashed him a smile and made to close the door but he put his foot against it. “Naomi, you can’t tell me you have forgotten me” Salmon said in surprise as he glanced at his wrist –watch.  “We knew each other a long time ago and I think you should get going right now. Are you not in a hurry?” She smiled briefly and watched him glance at his watch again. “Damn it! I’m in a hurry. I have to give the bride away since her father is no more but I will be right back .That is a promise and you should know I will keep it.” He pointed a finger at her, even as he backed away and she closed the door to his face with a long hiss. “Birds of a feather!” She murmured to herself and packed her things to start going to the market.

“Mum, are you home?” Andrew mumbled as he pushed the door open. He dragged Joseph in and Naomi rushed out of the bedroom. “What is wrong with him?” She asked in concern as she supported her son at the other side and they both guided him into the bedroom. He fell with a groan and curled up into the middle of the bed. “He has been drinking for the past two days and I think he is terribly sick now.” Andrew said as he rolled his shoulders to ease the tension there. “Where did you see him? He is running high temperature already.” She touched his forehead and removed her hand with a worried frown. “He turned up in my house two nights ago, I guessed he trekked because he got to my house late in the night .He was half-drunk by then and I couldn’t get anything out of him except that Becky is getting married.” He said in concern and she sighed heavily. “Becky turned up here on her wedding eve .I don’t know what happened between them except that he left with her. He didn’t come back in until now.” She went to take a bowl of water and wiped his brow. He groaned again and curled up tighter still.  “I left him in the morning and didn’t come back till this evening .My phone was bad and I couldn’t reach him.  I couldn’t leave my working place either because my supervisor wasn’t around. I’m sorry, mum. I should have find a way to reach you and let you he was in my house. You must have been very worried.” He said anxiously.  “Yes, you should have found a way to reach me.” She nodded as she touched her son’s cheek. “What have you done to yourself, baby?” She said with quiet anguish and watched him open red-rimmed eyes. “She is gone forever.” He said in a barely audible voice but she heard him and tears filled Naomi’s eyes. “I know, baby. I know how it hurts to lose someone you love. I have been there.” She murmured to him. His teeth gritted together as he started shivering and she exchanged glances with Andrew. “I think he has caught a fever. We need to get him to the hospital right away.” Andrew said practically and made to lift him up again. “Wait, Andrew. Do you have any money on you? I just paid my debtors tonight and I don’t have a penny on me until I get to the market tomorrow.” She asked worried.

“Good evening.” Someone cleared his throat from the doorway and they both looked up to see Salmon standing on the doorway. “How did you get in?” She asked coldly as she got to her feet. “The door was opened and I knocked but nobody answered. I came in when I hear voices from the bedroom. I’m sorry I barged in without permission. What is wrong with joseph?” He asked smoothly as he moved forward and looked down at him. “Please stay out of this. It is none of your business.” She told him frostily and he stared at her for a while. “Is he your son?’ He asked quietly. “I think he is getting worse. Can we go to the hospital now please?’ Andrew said impatiently as he tried to lift Joseph up and Salmon joined him to hoist the young man up.

Two hours later, Joseph was put on admission at the hospital and Naomi waited impatiently for the result of the test to come out. She released Andrew because he was on duty that night at work and Salmon had to leave in a hurry when he received a call from his wife.  “Don’t worry about the hospital bill, Naomi. I have dropped a deposit with the hospital. It seemed there is an emergency at home and I need to leave now but I will be back soon.” He promised as he got to his feet. “Thank you for your assistance. It is highly appreciated.” She said as she drew her chair closer to the hospital bed. He put his hand briefly on her shoulder, rubbed briskly and left the ward without another word.

“Aliyah is pregnant.” Ifeoma Awodele blurted out immediately her husband walked in. He nearly missed a step as he turned and looked at his youngest daughter, Aliyah. She was sitting in the middle of a three-sofa settee, staring down at her beautifully painted toe nails. Her two older sisters flagged her on both sides and he could nearly touch the solidarity among them. Unity in crime! My blessings and my curse, He thought with a heavy heart as he stared at his three beautiful daughters. “Is that right?” He asked quietly as he moved to sit directly opposite them. “Dad, that idiot raped her. We actually went to the hospital afterward but we don’t really know what happened.” His first daughter, Bella jumped to her sister’s rescue, her firm young breasts juggling in the see-through top she wore. Salmon sighed heavily. “I am talking to you, Aliyah. Where were you when the so-called rape took place?” He asked quietly. Aliyah looked from one sister to another and Salmon raised his hand before any of them could talk. “I am sure you were not this silent when you were being raped, right? Where did it happen?” He asked quietly. “He invited me to a party in his house.” Aliyah said in a small voice, wriggling her hands. Ifeoma moaned in distress as she stared at her daughter. “That was not what you told me a few hours ago.” She glared at her daughter. “It is too late for that. This is what happens when others take over your responsibilities and brought up your children in your absence while you climbed the corporate ladder.” Salmon told his wife coldly and he was surprised she didn’t respond for the first time in their marital lives. “That means the rape took place in his house, his room and on his bed to be specific. Am I right?” He turned to his daughter with a cold smile and she nodded as tears filled her eyes. “So your mentors at home didn’t teach you to use protection from you have sex with a man, right?” He turned to his two older daughters and they looked away. “He said he doesn’t like it.” Aliyah said in a teary whisper. “I see. That means you are getting married and you are going to have that baby in his house.” He said in a final voice as he got to his feet. “Dad!” His daughters screamed as they stared at him in horror and glanced at their mother for support.  “I am with your father this time around. You girls really disappoint me.” Ifeoma said sadly. “I need to see that young man here before this weekend runs out. Get out of my sight!” He barked at them and they scrambled out of the room.

“Don’t you think she is too young to get married? She is just eighteen, dear!” Ifeoma told her husband cautiously as she crossed over to sit beside him. “She is not too young to have unprotected sex or to have a boyfriend, right?” He asked coldly. “I am not saying that. I just think maybe we should get rid of the pregnancy and give her a final warning.” She said with a shrug. “In addition to being an irresponsible mother, you are also a murderer. I won’t be part of that plan. Like mother like daughters” He hissed as he got to his feet and walked out of the living room. Ifeoma sighed heavily.

Do you think Salmon is Joseph’s father? Kindly drop your thoughts. Thank you!


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2 responses to “TWIST OF FATES: #5

  1. Lysa

    May 22, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    I think Salmon is Joseph’s father but I can’t wait till next week. Well done ma… Very interesting.


    • mobolaji

      May 23, 2017 at 12:04 pm

      Thank you for reading. Let’s keep our fingers crossed..



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