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twist_of_fate“Are you Joseph’s mother, Naomi Abraham?’ The doctor looked at the file and back at her. “That is right. How is he?” Naomi approached her. “He has pneumonia and it is at the final stage but he has been stabilized. Has he been taken other drugs before you brought him in?” The disapproval in the doctor’s voice was subtle but obvious and Naomi heard it. She lifted her chin. “Yes. He has been complaining about it for a while but we barely have enough to survive on a daily basis so we have been paying the nurse down the street a visit whenever it comes up. Is he going to be fine?” Her voice ended in a teary whisper and the doctor studied her for a moment. “He will be fine. He has problem breathing right now and is on a ventilator. You can stay with him if you want to.” The doctor smiled at her in assurance. “Thank you, Doctor. I will stay.” Naomi smiled back and began her vigil beside her son’s bed.
“What is wrong, Salmon?” Naomi asked quietly. He returned to the hospital the following morning and had been in a pensive mood since he got in. “I am fine. Do you think we should try and get him out of the country if he is not responding to treatment?” He asked soberly as he stared down at the young man who was struggling with his life. “I don’t think that will be necessary.” She said pensively and he looked at her. “I really hope he finds the will to live again. He was so heartbroken and I guess he caught the chill on the wedding eve.” She murmured to herself as she stroked the back of his hand. “Who is she?” He asked curiously. “Becky Badmus. She was in our house on her wedding eve but he turned her away because he wanted to take care of me before he settled down.” Tears filled her eyes again and she swallowed hard. He stared at her in disbelieve. “Are you serious? No wonder, she was the saddest looking bride I have ever come across and she kept looking into the crowd as if she was searching for someone. She was looking for him.” He said with quiet wonder. “It is as if history was repeating itself. It is destiny.” She said quietly. “He could have been my son, you know.” He said with an air of accusation and she closed her eyes wearily. “Salmon, don’t go down that lane again. That issue is in the past and it should stay there. All I want is for my son to be fine so I can move on with my life.” She said wearily and he took a deep breath. “I am sorry, Naomi. I supposed I am blaming you for my marital issues. I should never have gotten married, instead of marrying the next available woman just to spite you.” He said tiredly as he dropped onto the plastic seat beside the bed. “I am sorry to hear about that. How is your wife? How are your kids?” Naomi sat beside him and he sighed heavily. “My youngest daughter is pregnant for one idiot and the older two are just plain wayward. They can sleep with anything in trouser. I don’t know exactly where I went wrong.” He said with a weary sigh and proceeded to tell her so many issues going on in his home. “I see. I think what they lack is discipline. What does your wife do?” She asked curiously. “She is a senior banking officer. She doesn’t even have the time for the kids.” He complained bitterly and she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. “Everything would be fine, Salmon. It is the job of the two parent to take care of the kids but it is not too late.” She said with a smile. “That is what Joseph told me a few weeks ago and once again, I wish he is my son. I mean that in a good way.” He said with a small smile. “It takes discipline and God’s Grace to bring up a child. Try and be a good father to your children, it is not too late to be one.” She said calmly. “Thank you. I will start by being one to your son. That is a pledge. Let’s go and see the doctor.” He took her hand and led her out of the room.
“Kayode, my dad wants to see you and your family.” Aliyah told her boyfriend in a small voice. She was sitting on the single sofa in his room and clutching the throw pillow nervously to her chest. “Is it because of the pregnancy?” He asked in a gruff voice as he cupped his hand over the lighter and flicked it on to light the cigar dangling from his lips. “Yes.” She mumbled, trying not to give him a disapproving look when he blew smoke into the air and cigar smoke filled the room. “That is a serious matter. I have told you to let’s get rid of it and enjoy ourselves. Are you ready to be a wife and mother now?” He asked solemnly as he leaned against the door and watched her closely. He was still asking himself why he hadn’t gotten rid of her when she told him she was pregnant. She wasn’t the first woman to try that trick on him, especially once they realized how influential and wealthy his father was and he had learned to discard them as quickly as they come into his life. He met Aliyah at a club party along with her two alluring older sisters but he was attracted to her fresh and innocent look. He wasn’t surprised to meet her a virgin when he took her to bed on their second date. “Well, my dad doesn’t want to hear that. He said he will kill me if I try to abort it. Don’t you love me?” She asked sulkily as she peeked at him from beneath her veiled eyelashes. “Baby, I love you.” He grinned at her and his dimple winked to life as he came towards her, flicking the cigar in a nearby ashtray. “I love you too. Please come and see my Dad before he sends me out of his house.” Her lower lips jutted out, trembling as she looked at up at him. “Oh, my baby!” He bent down in front of her and caught her lower lips gently with his teeth. He slipped his hands into her tissue top and captured her full juggling boobs in his palms. “Oh Kayode, I am not here for this.” She moaned as she pushed weakly at his hands. “Baby, I am in love with your boobs but please try and be wearing your bras. I don’t want one idiot seeing it and snatching you from me.” He said gruffly as he kneaded her flesh possessively and ran his thumbs lightly over the rigid nipples. Her breath rushed out in a half laugh, half moan as pleasure snake through her. She tried to continue their discussion but gave up when he reached under her micro-mini jeans skirt and yanked away from her her thong. “Let’s get this out of the way and we will talk later.” He grinned wickedly as he pushed her back until she was on her back and parted her legs. “You are so wet, baby. I know you can’t wait to have me.” He crooned softly as he slipped his finger into her. Her lips parted in a helpless moan and her hips jerked in anticipation as he slipped in the second finger and sent pleasure thrills to her brain. She lifted her top and shrugged it off in reckless abandon. She knew where this would end as usual and wondered if this insatiable urge for this man would end one day or if it would always be the answer to all their problems. All thought flew out of her brain when he rubbed the tip of his manhood over her wet entrance and it generated a languid feeling in her thighs. “Yes, baby.” He groaned as she wriggled and squirmed until he was completely covered by her warm tight wetness. He released another groan as he started thrusting slowly, watching her face and gradually building the tempo until they were drowning in the tide of lust.
The phone rang noisily and Ifeoma jerked awake in bed. She glanced at her husband who was fast asleep beside her and picked up her phone from the bedside shelf. She groaned quietly when she realized who the caller was and tip-toed out of the room.
“What do you want again, idiot?” She hissed angrily into the phone and he laughed, a soft beautiful sound that had deceived her years ago. How could I be so blind? She thought in agony. “What took you so long before you answer my call?” He said quietly. “Well, normal people are in bed and fast asleep by now. What do you want?” She repeated coldly. “You are indirectly telling me I am abnormal, right? That is a compliment, thank you.” He laughed again and she gritted her teeth. She knew he would make his point when he was good and ready and she had no choice than to wait. “Why are you calling me at this time of the day? Don’t you have a life?” She spat into the phone, trying to lower her voice before she woke up her husband. “I don’t have one without you. I still have those beautiful pictures of you in the throes of passion, baby and I look at it every day. I can’t forget what it feels to taste those succulent boobs.” He murmured in a low voice and she closed her eyes in agony. “I know you won’t allow me to forget that one night of reckless passion and I have given you enough money all through the years whenever you are broke which is like all the time. What else do you want, Kingsley?” She said in a tired voice as she glanced furtively into her bedroom to make sure her husband was still fast asleep. “I want us to meet and it has to be very soon.” He said firmly. “No way. Are you crazy? Do you even know how crazy that is?” She blurted out instantly and could have bit her tongue. “Well, there is no problem if you don’t want to see me. How is the voting for the Acting vice president going on in your office? I am sure you are leading the vote by now.” He said in a friendly voice. Dread settled in the bottom of her belly like lead and she felt the acidic taste of fear at the back of her throat. “How do you know about the voting going on in my office?” She asked in a trembling voice and he laughed again. “I know everything about you, my love. How will you feel when your colleagues got to work one morning and saw the picture of their senior manager in her glorious nudity, her legs wide spread for all to see?” He painted such a vivid picture in her mind that she nearly threw up on the cold tiles. “Where do you want to meet? When?” She was trembling so much the phone nearly fell out of her hand. “That is my girl. I know you will cooperate.” He laughed out loud and it sounded like a raging volcano in her ear.
“What is the problem, Naomi? Is Joseph alright?” Salmon asked anxiously as he walked into the private ward and noticed her eyes were red and swollen with tears. “The doctors said he is not responding to treatment. He is barely breathing, Salmon. He just lay there, so still and lifeless. What am I going to do if he stops breathing?” Naomi voiced out her deepest fear as tears welled up in her eyes again and spilled uncheck down her cheeks. “Where is your faith, Naomi? He is not going to die.” Salmon’s heart squeezed in anguish as he drew her into his arms. “I am scared.” She whispered as she dropped her head on his chest and her body shook as she sobbed silently, wretchedly. “Do you have an international passport? Does he have one?” Salmon asked after a moment. “He has a passport but I don’t. What do you have in mind?” She raised tear-stained face to him. “Let’s get him out of this environment. I would have talked to Becky to at least come and see him but she is out of the country on a honeymoon with her husband. The earlier he gets used to the fact that she is married and no longer available, the better. We will get you a passport without much delay.” He said briskly. “Thank you. God bless you for me.” She whispered brokenly as she raised her clasped hands to his. “You deserve the best. Sit down, I will get someone to start arranging the visa for us.” He sat down and brought out his phone.
“You are missing him already, Andrew” Salmon observed the sober look on Joseph’s friend’s face as Joseph and his mother were assisted through check-in at the airport. “Yes, I am. He is strong and I am sure he will be fine. Thank you very much for your kindness.” Andrew smiled at him. “You are welcome. I will check up on them as soon as I am a bit free from work. What do you do?” Salmon asked curiously as they turned to leave the airport departure terminal. “I work as an Assistant Supervisor in Lubicon Servicing Firm.” Andrew said casually as he turned to look at Bella whose gaze never left his face since they left Ilorin. She blushed and looked away. She had insisted on following her father when he was leaving home this afternoon and Salmon figured it would get her out of trouble for the day at least. “I take it you study engineering too?” Salmon smiled at him as they approached the taxi park. “Yes, sir. We were in the same class all through primary, secondary and university days.” He smiled back as he brought his attention back to the elderly man. “That is good. Bella, sit in the front while I will occupy the backseat with Andrew. I need to discuss some things with him.” Salmon instructed as the cab driver opened the car doors for them. “Yes, Daddy. We are going to the hotel now, right?” Bella tried to hide a yawn as she glanced at her father but her glance flitted to Andrew’s face again. “Yes. Take us to the Lagos Airport Hotel.” Salmon told the cab-man as they entered into the cab through the different doors. “Yes, sir.” The cabman responded as he got behind the wheel and kicked the engine to life.

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2 responses to “TWIST OF FATE : #6

  1. Lysa

    June 2, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Can’t wait to read the next part. I want Salmon and Naomi to get married.


    • mobolaji

      June 2, 2017 at 3:27 pm

      You know Salmon is already married and he is not Joseph’s father? What if his father turn up in her life once again? Thank you for reading, Lysa.



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