14 Jun

twist_of_fateCongratulations Mrs. Williams! How are you today?” Roseline enthused over the phone. “I am pretty cool. How are you too, babe? How is work?” Rebecca yawned loudly as she struggled to sit up in bed. “I guess I woke you up. I am sorry about that. How is your baby? I longed to see him.” The smile radiated through her voice but Rebecca was quiet for sometimes. “Becky, are you there? What is wrong?” She frowned. “The baby is his carbon copy, even at birth. I can’t just believe it.” Rebecca whispered into the phone. It was Roseline’s turn to be unusually quiet. “I take it you are not talking about your husband. Could that be Joseph?” She hesitated briefly. “Yes.” Rebecca’s voice was barely audible. “Precious God of mercy! When did that happen? When did you sleep with him?” She asked in complete amazement. “I was in his house on the wedding eve and we made love inside my car. It was the best night of my life.” Rebecca giggled as she covered her mouth. The sound warms Roseline’s heart and made it ache at the same time. What kind of Twisted Fate is this? She thought sadly. “The conservative Becky making love in the back of a car? I guess Lizzy’s spirit entered you that night? Gist me, babe. I am all ears” She laughed. Rebecca gave a blow by blow details of how she lost her virginity to the man she was suspecting would be her only love in life. “I can’t count the number of times I came that night. It was an incredible feeling.” Becky was grinning from ear to ear and Roseline sighed with envy. “Welcome to the land of the living. I am almost wet here. I thought you will be coming over to deliver your baby. Why did you change your mind?” She asked with a smile. “After renewing my Visa, he refused to let me come over. He said it is a waste of money and that we can make use of hospitals in Nigeria. All pleas fell on deaf ear. You won’t believe he has moved mum and Lizzy out of our former house into one of Dad’s smaller houses. His excuse was that they do not need to stay alone in such a big house.” Rebecca’s voice was sad and tired. “Your mum agreed to that? Was he using black magic?” She sounded incredulous. “I think he worked on her emotion when she was still mourning my Dad’s death but the reality of what he did was just seeping into her conscience. I was furious and took him up on it but he was just indifferent.” Rebecca shrugged. “Get a lawyer and sue his sorry ass. Sorry, I have forgotten he is your husband.” She mumbled angrily. “I spoke to the family lawyer but it was as if Ramson has bought his loyalty. No matter how much we complain, he’s solidly behind him. I don’t have the finance to hire another lawyer.” Rebecca sighed heavily. “I am sorry you are going through all these, Becky. I wish I can help.” Roseline stated sadly. She lost her dad when she was seven years old and was her mother’s only child until she re-married when she was seventeen years old. Her mother and step-dad died recently in a plane crash, leaving behind her seven-year-old step-sister, Caitlin. She had taken up the role of single parent/guardianship without a second thought. “I understand, babe. We will be fine. Either he wants it or not, I am getting a job as soon as my baby is old enough to be left with a Nanny.” Rebeca stated with forced cheerfulness but Roseline wasn’t fooled. “By the way, does anyone noticed that your baby doesn’t resemble anyone in the family?” She asked curiously. “I don’t think so. It is my perfect revenge.” Rebecca grinned maliciously and Roseline laughed. Her cell phone beeped loudly. “Break time is over. I will talk to you later.” Roseline stated regretfully. “Go and save some lives. Catch up with you later.” Rebecca smiled as she put an end to the call.
“Your apartment is amazing, Andrew. I am in love with it.” Joseph flopped onto the leather sofa in the sitting room and put his booted feet on the center glass table. “Thank you. I am still in awe myself.” Andrew grinned as he sat down opposite him and mirrored his sitting posture. “It is cool. Any cold beer in your fridge?” Joseph grinned at him. “You want to take a cold beer when you just returned from the land of the dead a few months ago. I am not a party to that.” He stated bluntly. “Stop mimicking mum’s role, please. I am sick of her hovering over me as if I am an invalid. You have been doing the same.” Joseph glared at him and he shrugged. “I don’t give a damn how you feel about that, not when you are not yet back to the Joseph I used to know. Our dreams are coming through, we have a great job that we loved and we are doing fine, financially. Yet, you are still moping around. I am worried about you and it is pissing me off.” Andrew glared back at him and he released his breath in a whoosh. “I am fine. I don’t know why you guys refused to believe me. Let’s hang out on Friday then.” Joseph grinned at him. “We will see how it goes. By the way, what is it with Mr. Salmon and your mum? Is he your dad?” Andrew asked curiously. “I don’t think so. Mum said they used to be very close, that he was her best friend then but I don’t know why they stopped being friends or why they lose contact with each other. I do know his interest in mum is beyond friendship. I don’t know how I feel about that.” He frowned slightly. “Mum is a beautiful woman and I don’t blame him. Thanks to him. At least we have decent jobs now and can take care of our own.” Andrew stated with a smile. “Yeah. So what’s up with you and the boss’s first daughter? Are you banging her?” Joseph’s smile was wicked. “And bite the finger that is feeding me. I don’t go beyond my boundaries.” Andrew didn’t smile back.
As if on cue, there was a knock on the door and Bella came in. She was looking hot and curvy in the short formal gown she wore and nude color high heel shoe showed her long smooth legs to advantage. They exchanged glances. Joseph tucked his tongue in his cheek to hide his smile and Andrew glared silently at him. “How are you, guys? How has been your day?” She beamed at Joseph before swinging her gaze to Andrew, lingering on his face. He scowled and Joseph gave a sputtering cough. “We are good, dear. How was your day?” Joseph turned to face her. “It was great. I went for an interview today. It was a hot seat.” She sighed softly as she dropped her handbag and sat on the single sofa in the room. “Are you tired of going to parties and hanging out with your friends?” Andrew asked saucily as he crossed his legs at the ankle. “Yes, I am. I have something to prove and I will surprise you.” She took his challenge with a lift in her chin. He snorted rudely and Joseph rubbed his rough jaw thoughtfully. “The job that was arranged by Dad through a single phone call right?” He sneered at her. “That is where you are wrong. I won’t need any interview to get a job if my Dad made a call. I got this interview because I wrote a test and I will get a job too. If not this one, I am sure another one will come along.” She stated determinedly, even as she battled to hide the fact that he was hurting her. “I wish you best of luck, Bella. I am sure it will be successful.” Joseph smiled at her. “Thank you. I appreciate your confidence in me.” She smiled back at him. “Is that why you are here? To show off?” Andrew raised an eye-brow at her. “Yes, you are quite right. Is there anything to eat around here?” She asked casually. “You can go into the kitchen and do the cooking if you want something to eat. No knickknacks around here.” Andrew answered flippantly and gaped at her when she got to her feet. “Where are you going?” He barely kept the shock out of his voice. “I am going to the kitchen to cook. You just dare me.” She grinned as she sashayed towards the kitchen and both men stared at her gently undulating hips. “Please come out here, Bella. We don’t want to consume poison.” He got to his feet. Joseph covered his mouth as he laughed till his ribs ached.
“I will surprise you, Andy. What is it about me that you don’t like?” She asked quietly immediately he entered the kitchen. “I have told you there is no place for you in my life. I am engaged.” He lied glibly. “I want to meet her.” She stated firmly. “What will you do when you meet her?” He couldn’t help smiling. “Leave that to me.” She smiled softly and he raised an eyebrow at that. Her phone rang and she looked down at the caller I.D. It was her mother. “Hi, mum.” She greeted cheerfully. “Oh! I will be right over. Keep calm, mum. Everything would be okay.” She ended the call as she moved out of the kitchen. “What is the problem?” He asked in concern as he followed her. “Aliyah is in labor. I have to be with her.” She picked up her bag. Both men got to their feet. “We are coming along. Don’t worry. She will be fine.” Joseph put his arm around her and hugged her to his side. “Thank you. I will call dad now. I brought my car.” She held her car key to Joseph. Andrew scowled as he locked up his house and jammed his hands in his pockets.
“Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild, Mr. Salmon Soneye.” The doctor stated soberly. The last two days had shaved years off his age as he watched his last daughter battled to bring another life into the world. She had needed to be transfused with blood several times during the labor period and he was amazed that neither his genotype nor blood group matched hers at all. They had needed to source for blood from external sources and she gave birth to a baby boy through caesarean section. He had pushed the niggling issue to the back of his mind until their family doctor requested to see him alone. “Thank you, Doctor Leye. How is your family?” He smiled at the elderly man who was in his mid-fifties. “They are doing very well. Thank you. I am sure you noticed that your blood didn’t match your daughter’s own.” He stated gravelly as he held his gaze. “I noticed it. What could be wrong, Doc?” He asked, puzzled. “I have known you and your family for a long time, Salmon. I delivered your two elder daughters while your wife chose to travel out to give birth to Aliyah.” He paused as he took a deep breath and Salmon’s heart picked up speed. “I have every reason to believe Aliyah is not your biological daughter.” He stated quietly and Salmon stared at him in absolute shock!

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