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twist_of_fateShe came through the door with her arms around a young man’s waist but he had eyes only for her. He drank in her sight like a man who had his last drink several days ago. She was clad in light blue kaftan that swept the floor with a thin veil wrapped around her neck. Her thick black hair, tinged lightly with gray was styled in bangs around her narrow face and it lifted slightly from the pressure of the air blowing from the Air condition mounted in a corner of the room. She is truly alive, his heart sang as he got shakenly to his feet and approached them.
“Mum, what will you like to take?” Joseph asked as he pulled out a seat for her and she slides in.
“This place is freezing. Chai!” She rubbed her hands together.
“You can’t live in the Arctic, mum. I will tell them to reduce it. It is because we are still few in here. That is why you are feeling the cold so much.” He grinned at her as he sat down and signaled to a waiter.
“You know I am a market woman. I am used to the sun and the heat. I will get used to the cold with time.” She teased lightly.
“You are welcome sir, ma’am.” The young man presented the menu to them with a deep curtsey and stood back discreetly.
“Excuse me?” A familiar male voice stated hesitantly at her elbow. Her hand trembled as she frowned and looked up.
“No, I can’t believe my eye.” Naomi whispered inaudibly as she got shakenly to her feet.
“Who is he, mum?” Joseph eyed the stranger as he stood up too and moved to his mother’s side protectively.
“I am alive. I thought you are dead. Mother and Ronke told me you died during childbirth. I called the family doctor for confirmation and he confirmed it. Ronke later said you are not dead during her last few minutes on earth but I didn’t believe her. I went through hell. My mind shut down for months afterward and I ended up in the home.” He touched her cheek as if he was expecting her to disappear.
“No wonder, your number wasn’t going through. It was a difficult labor but my baby and I survived. We are living.” She smiled, even as tears filled her eyes and spilled over.
“Ife mi, come here.” He pulled her into his arms and they were locked together in a tight hug for several minutes.
Joseph was grinning when he turned to the waiter and placed an order for them. There was no point hanging around in the eatery as they have created enough scene as it was.
“Each time I look at your face, it is like staring at my own face. Who are you?” Olayemi asked curiously immediately they walked into their home. He left his car at the Restaurant’s parking space and followed Naomi home. They both sat at the back while Joseph drove. They didn’t say a word throughout the drive home but their silence spoke volume.
“He is your son, Ola mi. His name is Joseph Olamiposi Coker.” Naomi stated quietly.
“He is so grown. Come here, son.” He closed the distance between them and engulfed Joseph in a warm, tight hug.
“It’s my pleasure to meet you, Dad.” Joseph grinned at him and stepped back.
“The pleasure is all mine, Son.” Olayemi flashed an identical grin, even as he felt the anger rising in him.
“Mum, I will be going back to Andrew’s place to spend the night. I am sure you guys have a lot to discuss. Here is my car key in case you need to move around.” Joseph handed over his car key to him.
“Here’s mine. Go and pick it up at the Niche’s packing space and take it wherever you are going.” Olayemi gave him the key to his black Porsche along with a wad of cash to take a bike. Silence reign after he left and Naomi continued staring at his face as if she wanted to memorize it in her head.
“I can kill Ronke with my bare hands if she is not dead already.” Olayemi hit his hand on the wall in a dark rage.
“What happened to her?” Naomi sat down abruptly.
“She had complications during childbirth. She is being dead for more than 10 years and her son is staying with mother. Her husband remarried.” He sat down beside her and released a weary sigh.
“I am sorry about her death. May her soul rest in peace.” She took his hand in his hers and squeezed reassuringly.
“You still find it in your heart to pray for her? Damn it! She and mother ruined my life.” He got to his feet and prowled around like a caged animal. She went into her room and came back with a fading paper which she gave to him. He read it in silence.
“Naomi, this is not my handwriting. It is similar but it is not mine. Why will I send you a letter when I can call you? I ended up in the hospital for several months after they delivered the horrible news to me because I couldn’t comprehend your death.” He sat down beside her again.
“Lovesick fools. Like father like son.” She mumbled under her breath.
“What do you mean?” He gave her a puzzled look.
“Don’t worry about it. I will humor you one day. I asked myself why you will take the coward way of sending a letter, instead of calling but there is no one to give me answers. After I left your home, surviving with my boy become my sole priority.” She shrugged, her eyes were focused on the screen.
“That means you didn’t go back home? Why, Ife mi?” He frowned at her.
“I did. Papa threatened to kill me if I ever step my feet on his doorstep again with my bastard. Mama was in support, as usual, being the obedient wife always. I left and never go back.” She smiled grimly.
“Please forgive me. I can’t undo the past but I promise I will never abandon you again. Hell, I have missed my son’s growing years.” He pressed his fingers to his eyes as he knelt in front of her.
“No. Please stand up.” She wrapped her arms around his middle and he drew her into his embrace.
“I have never stopped loving you. I miss you so much.” He buried his face in her neck.
“I miss you too, Ola mi.” She whispered in a voice, hoarse with tears.
“Let’s eat while we catch up on each other’s lives.” He tucked her beneath his arm as he sat on the sofa and reached for the nylon of take-out brought in by Joseph.
“I will get some plates.” She began to stand up but he pulled her back.
“Where is your sense of adventure, Ife mi?” He looked pained and she giggled as she dipped her fingers into the salty fries.
Patricia was coming out of the bathroom when her phone rang. It was blinking in the middle of the bed and she leaned closer to see the caller ID. It was Salmon. She picked up and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Hello, Pat. I hope I didn’t catch you at an awkward time?” His husky voice asked over the phone.
“No. I just got home a few moment ago. How have you been?” She asked quietly.
“I could be better. Do you care to meet for a drink this evening or tomorrow afternoon? You can choose any time that is convenient for you.” He stated with quiet confidence.
The memory of the last time they were together years ago suffused her mind. Adrenaline coursed through her and her heart raced in fear and excitement. She glanced at the wall clock. It was 5 pm in the evening.
“Where do you want to meet?” She asked quietly before she changed her mind.
“I will see you in an hour’s time at Sultan Garden. I can’t wait to see your pretty face again.'” She heard the smile in his face.
‘I will be there.” She grinned and put a stop to the call.
“Patricia, I am sure it must be an important issue for you to interrupt my afternoon nap because you know I don’t joke with it.” Afolake swept into her private sitting room as she tied the sash of her violet blue house robe. She was frowning.
It was Saturday afternoon. Even though it was hot and sunny outside, Patricia was almost shivering as she got to her seat. Cold air blasted her from all corner of the room from invisible Air conditioning system.
“I am sorry for disturbing your rest. Olayemi has not been spending the night at home since he came back into the country. I assumed he has been very busy and didn’t want to disturb him. He came home this morning and told me he wants a divorce from me.” She stated solemnly. The memory of her dinner date with Salmon kept drifting into her mind and she struggled to keep a straight face in front of her mother in law.
“What? Are you sure of what you are saying? What was his ground for divorce?” She asked angrily.
“He claimed he is already legally married to one woman and that being married to two women at the same time is against the law. Though he promised to compensate me well.” Patricia struggled to maintain a sober look.
“That is ridiculous.” She stated with a frown as she lowered herself into a seat.
“I don’t know what to do. What am I supposed to tell the children? I wanted to discuss Kayode’s engagement with him but he is not ready to listen.” Patricia sighed heavily.
“Leave him to me. I will handle him.” She stated with a reassuring smile.
“There is nothing to handle, mother.” Olayemi strolled into the room, closely followed by Joseph. Both were dressed in similar attires, blue jeans, and Ralph Lauren t-shirt.
“Oluwa mi ooo.” Afolake whispered as she got shakenly to her feet.
“Good afternoon, Grandma.” Joseph prostrated fully in front of the elderly woman.
“Son, stand up.” She reached for his face and held it in her palms. “What kind of resemblance is this?” She wondered aloud as she traced her fingers all over his face.
Patricia’s legs trembled and she paled visibly as she stared at the young man.
“He’s Naomi’s son.” Olayemi stated simply as he sat down.
“Ah! Mo gbe! Wahala ti de ooo.” Afolake seemed to age visibly as she sat down slowly beside her son.
Joseph sat on the other side of his father and tried not to gape around in pure awe at the evidence of wealth around him.
“Mother, what is going on around here? So Yemi has a son outside wedlock and you never tell me.” Patricia shot accusing eyes at her mother in law, though she was worried because she had never seen her look so pale and shaken before.
“My dear, please excuse me for now. I will call you and explain everything to you in good time.” She stated firmly.
“Mother, I don’t understand what’s going on here. You know Kayode is the rightful heir. I didn’t bargain for all these nasty surprises.” Patricia stated stubbornly.
“Woman, leave my presence now. I will call you when I need you.” She glared at her. Patricia stormed out in anger.


“How is your mother? What is your name again?” Afolake asked as she turned to face Joseph. It gave Olayemi a dark satisfaction to see his mother looked suddenly old, pale and tired.
“My name is Joseph Olamiposi Coker. My mother is doing very well. Thank you. She extends her regards.” Joseph smiled at the elderly woman.
“I don’t believe that. We made her life a living hell while she was here. Karma paid me well for that. I lost my only daughter during childbirth labor.” She stated calmly but Joseph heard the grief and misery in her voice.
“Grandma, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s destiny. It’s in the past. Everything in life happened for a reason. May her soul rest in peace.” He stated solemnly.
“You are such an intelligent young man. I am impressed. I need to commend your mother for doing such a great job of bringing you up.” Her eyes shone with unshed tears.
“Thank you, ma.’ He bowed slightly.
“Are you married or engaged? You are such a fine looking man. I am sure you will have lots of beautiful young ladies fawning over you.’ She stated with undisguised curiosity.
“Mother, please don’t start with him on relationship issues.” Olayemi groaned in exasperation. Joseph laughed heartily, even as Rebecca’s face floated into his mind and his heart aches at the memory.
“None of the above. I prefer older women. They are more matured. I don’t have the patience and time for all the dramas that young women exhibit. Do you have anyone in mind that suit my taste?” He flashed her a devilish grin.
“You are such a rogue.” She tried without success to disguise a grin but Olayemi suspected she was amused.
“On a serious note, Grandma, I carried out my findings on you. No wonder you earned the nickname “The dragon” in the business world. I am impressed with your achievements. You are such a strong and smart business woman. I hope to emulate your footsteps one day.” He stated with undisguised admiration. Afolake blushed. Her son practically gaped at his mother.
“Thank you, dear. It’s such a pity your Grandpa is no longer alive. He would have been so proud of you. I have merged our businesses. Olayemi and I have been doing a great job of holding the fort but it is the right time to add the next generation with their fresher ideas. You deserve a seat in the next board of directors meeting. What do you say, Yemi?” She turned to her son with a smile. This was much easier than he had anticipated. Olayemi struggled to hide a smile.
“Yes, he does. I am sure he will earn the position.” Olayemi nodded thoughtfully.
“Grandma, please give me one month to do a proper hand-over at my place of work. My employer has been very good to me and I don’t want to let him down. Secondly, I will like to start as a junior executive. It will give me time to learn the rope and the experience needed to carry out my responsibilities in the near future. It will also reduce the animosity towards me as it will give me the time to build a relationship with the staffs and win their loyalty. What do you think, Dad? Grandma?” He sat forward as he asked, looking from one to the other.
Afolake sat back in her seat and gave him a thoughtful look. Olayemi’ s heart beat fast with anxiety.
“I need to see your mother. She deserves my appreciation and gratitude. You will do alright. Take your time.” She stated solemnly.
“Thank you mother.” Olayemi smiled.
Joseph stood up and engulfed the elderly woman in a warm hug. She hesitated briefly before hugging him back.
“Thank you for the opportunity. I promise not to soil the family name and not to let you down. I believe you and Dad still have lots of things to discuss. I will see you later.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and on both cheeks before walking out. Afolake was smiling as she watched him leave.

How will Patricia and her children take this new development in the Coker family? What is going between Salmon and Patricia?

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twist_of_fateNaomi paused outside Joseph’s room, her hand on the doorknob and stood very still. Loneliness weighed down her heart and she pushed the door open. Her son had always been neat, even as a boy but she picked up a dry rag and started dusting everywhere. He had been spending more time at Andrew’s place and rarely come home these days. She knew in her heart that he would get married one day and moved away from her. That day was getting closer and she wondered how she was going to fill the void. Where did I go wrong, oh God? I lost my family all in the name of love. Am I going to spend the rest of my life without a companion? She thought forlornly. She sat down on his bed and stared into space.

“Mum, what is wrong? Why are you looking miserable?” Joseph asked worriedly as he hurried into his room. She jerked around like someone who had been in a slumber and gave him an uncertain smile.

“Where did you spring from? I thought you will be spending the weekend at Andrew’s place.” She smoothed her hand over the bedspread in a nervous movement.

“Yes, I intended to spend the weekend at his place. Bella invited us to a birthday party but I changed my mind about attending. Two is a company, three is a crowd. I need to give them space to spend time together.” He smiled as he sat beside his mother.

“Is Bella and Andrew dating each other now?” She asked curiously.

“They are attracted to each other but Andrew doesn’t want to over-step his boundary.  At the same time, he wanted to be sure he wasn’t on a rebound. Caroline really hurt him and she is still begging to come back.” He stated with a frown.

“Caroline has a wide streak in her she hides so well. They were not meant to be together. Andrew is a good boy. I don’t think salmon would mind seeing both of them as an item, provided he has a good plan for Bella. Who are you dating, Joseph?” She asked quietly.

“Don’t turn this around, Mum. I know I have not been around lately to keep your company. I apologize for that.” He stated solemnly.

“Don’t be silly, Boy. You owe me no apology. If you hang around here, trying to keep me company, then I will have to take you to the psychiatric home.” She chided mildly. He laughed heartily.

“Thank you for letting me off the hook. Why are you looking so sad when I came in? Is it your business?” He asked in concern. She sighed. If there was something her son inherited from her, it was his persistent.

“My business is doing fine. I just returned from a business trip to Dubai. It was fun and challenging. I love every moment of it. I also employed a new sales girl before I left so I will have someone stayed and manned my shop when I am away. Her name is Jessica.” His mother rambled on without stopping. He frowned in concern.

“Mum, what is wrong?” He took her slim hands in his and rubbed it gently. She stopped talking abruptly, covered her face with her palm and burst into tears. He put his arm around her shoulder and allowed her to sob quietly, even as different thoughts raced through his mind.

“I miss him so much.” Her next words made his blood ran cold. He frowned.

“Who is he?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“Olayemi Coker, your father. I call him Ola mi.” She gave him a quiet look through red-rimmed eyes. His breath shuddered out in relieve. Her grin flashed, full of mischief. She prodded his rib with her elbow teasingly. “You are a jealous oaf.” She smiled at him.

“Thank God. I am glad it is not Mr. Salmon. He looks like someone that loves the women and the women love him.” He shrugged.

“Salmon is a natural flirt but he is a good man. We are friends during my university days before I dropped out but he keeps trying to cross the line. When I fell in love with Yemi, he felt betrayed and stopped talking to me. The heart knows its owner.” Her voice ended in a murmur. He nodded in agreement as Rebecca’s face flitted through his mind.

“You have never discussed my father, at least not in my presence. What is he like?” He asked curiously as he turned to face her.

“I remember him every day. You are his exact spitting image. I look at your face and my heart ache. Time has not erased the memories between us but I have learned to live with it. I hope he is happy and contented wherever he is.” She smiled sadly.

“It is obvious you are still in love with him. Why are you no longer together? What went wrong between the two of you?’ He asked curiously, the question that had been burning in his mind for a long time.

“I am an Edo girl and I come from a middle-class family. My mother is a primary school teacher and Father is a lecturer in a college of Education. They are disciplinarians and staunch Christians. I am the first child and I was supposed to set good examples for my two younger siblings.” She smiled faintly.

“Where is your family?” He asked curiously.

“I am sure they are doing very well. I was disowned when I marry your father against my father’s wish.” She paused as she got to her feet.  “Olayemi is a full blooded Yoruba man and religion is not their strong point in their family. His mother is an oil tycoon while his father has groups of companies across the country. They are wealthy and influential.” She smiled grimly.

“I see.” He frowned as he began to have an idea of what took place between his parent.

“He represents everything my father secretly envied, feared and detest with all his being. He forbade me to stop seeing him immediately he knew who Olayemi is. It was the same at his family home but I couldn’t complain to anyone. He proposed to me within three months that we met and I accepted. Hell was let loose within the two families but it didn’t stop us from getting married. We gathered few friends and went to the registry to sort ourselves out.” A giggle escaped her and she grinned at him.

“That means you are still married to him legally, right?’ He asked in an incredulous voice.

“Yes, I am still married to him legally. I gave birth to you in his family house.” Her lips trembled but she firmed it.

“Did his family maltreat you when you were there?” He asked in a cold voice.

“Maltreat is an understatement, they treated me like a piece of shit. I got pregnant the first time we had sex. Initially, we lived in an apartment out of town but his admission came through. He had applied for his MBA at Harvard school of business shortly before we met. He wanted to forego it because he didn’t want to leave me on my own but I rejected the idea. He now gave me the condition that the only reason he will go was if I moved into his family house. He didn’t know the extent of his family’s hatred and hostility towards me. I agreed. He left the country reluctantly and I was left to survive in the den of shark. It was hell.”  She took a deep breath and faced her son. He was silent as he stared at her.

“It was a difficult pregnancy but his family made it worse. He has a younger sister, Aderonke. She was a she-devil, her mother’s daughter through and through. There were no mobile phones back then but he called me immediately he got there and gave me a number where I could reach him. We talked virtually every day and hearing his voice made living in his house much easier. Shortly before I was due to put to bed, the number stopped going through and I couldn’t reach him. All efforts to reach him proved abortive. He didn’t come back and he never witnesses the birth of his son” Her voice went hoarse with tears and she coughed to clear it.

“What happened? Don’t you think something is not right here? From the little you told me now, I don’t think he is the kind of guy that will abandon his pregnant wife without any apparent cause.” He stated in a puzzled voice.

“I don’t know what happened. I received a letter about three months after you were born. It was from him. In summary, the content of the letter was that I should move on and that he is no longer interested in our marriage. Ronke delivered the letter to me with great relish. They wasted no time in driving me out of their home. Going home is not an option, there is no money to go back to school and surviving become my topmost priority.” Tears rolled down her face silently.

He stood up and engulfed his mother in a warm tight hug. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and his t-shirt become soaked with her tears.

“It was a relief to get that off my chest.” She stepped back and gave him a watery smile.

“Go and dress up, mum. I will take you to that new eatery in town, The Niche.” He gave her a gentle push towards the doorway.

“Thank you.” She sniffed and walked out of the room.


Olayemi Coker sat in a moody silence in the corner of the new restaurant, nursing a can of unsweetened yogurt. He just got into town a week ago and he was already feeling restless. The last conversation he had with his mother played in his head all over again. It made him sad and angry.

“Olayemi, what’s happening? Pat complained that you have not been having time for the family.” Afolake Coker frowned at her son. She was a short plump woman in her seventies but didn’t look a day above fifty. She took care of her health and skin with a determination of a young man that was about to sit for Cambridge exams. She had the financial ability to take care of all her whims and never spare any expenses as long as it got her what she wanted. The evidence of her beautiful, radiant and youthful skin could be seen in several tubes and bottles that littered her bathroom and cosmetic table. She was sitting in her favorite armchair in her private sitting room, clad in a thick house robe with a towel wrapped around her head.  Her right feet was placed on a stool where her personal nail technician was working on her feet.

“What am I supposed to do? Sit home and play scrabbles with them? I work my butt off to provide for all their needs and you are here, criticizing me for not being there. I think it is time you stop interfering in my life. I am sick and tired of it.” He glared coldly at her. Her call was the first he received as he woke up from bed in the morning and he had promised to see her before the close of the day.

“I will keep interfering as long as you are not doing the right thing. The girl that Kayode impregnated has put to bed. I have carried out my investigation. She is from a good home. I think we should try and see her family to request for her hand in marriage. I am sure it will keep him in check and make him more responsible.” She stated breezily, undaunted by her son’s angry look.

“Marriage doesn’t make anyone responsible, mother. You never ceased to amaze me. Kayode is the most irresponsible young man I have ever come across. He impregnated a girl and all you can think of is the family the young slut comes from. Why are you so vain and shallow? Do you care about anything except your prestigious class?” He asked bitterly, glaring at his mother.

“Don’t take that tone with me, son. The deed has been done. We have to make the best of it. He is the heir and we can’t afford to allow him to settle for trash.” She flicked a well-manicured, beautifully painted finger at him.

“He is not my heir. I will rather give out my wealth to the orphanage, rather than hand it over to him. See you later, mother.” He turned on his heels.

“Hold on, Yemi. We will get in touch with the family and give you a feedback. By the way, Titilola would be flying out for her MBA soon. Please let’s get the ceremony out of the way so she can attend. I love you, dear.” She flashed pearly white teeth at her son. He groaned with resignation. Titilola was Kayode’s younger sister. She was everything that Kayode was not, serious, responsible and focused. She was twenty-three years old and he had never seen her romantically involved with any man. It bothered him a bit.

“Who is she dating by the way? Any business tycoon in her life yet?” His voice dripped with sarcasm since his mother seemed to know more about his immediate family than he does.

“I don’t think so. That girl is too serious for her own good. I will have to look for a suitable suitor and match-make them.” She frowned at him. The sarcasm was lost on her.

“Just like you match-make her mother and I, right? Stay out of her business. She is a beautiful young girl and she’s old enough to select her man.” His eyes narrowed at his mother in warning.

“Go away and drink beer with your fellow men. What do you know?” She waved him away like a pestering fly. He just realized what made his mother a successful businesswoman. She never took No for an answer. When she wanted something, she rolled over whatever obstacle was on the way without looking at the casualties she left behind. He walked out without another word.


Her laughter cut through the angry thoughts in Olayemi’s head and he thought he was hallucinating. He looked towards the entrance with a frown and his heart seemed to come to a standstill.


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twist_of_fateSalmon sat alone in his study room. It was dark except for the lamp on the desk, illuminating the DNA results he spread out before him and he stared down endlessly at it. Bella and Maria were biologically his daughters but Aliyah wasn’t his. How long has this been going? His mind wandered in anguish. He looked towards the door when he heard a knock and the knocking went on consistently.

“Please open the door, Salmon. I know you are in there.” Ifeoma’s pleading voice penetrated through the door. He remained seated for several minutes longer before he stood up and went to unlock the door. She stood just inside the room, trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness while he locked the door and went back to his seat.

“Why have you been avoiding me? Why are you not talking to me?” She asked quietly.

“Have your seat.” He gestured to the wooden chair in front of the desk. She moved on heavy feet to sit down with her eyes glued to the papers in front of him and her heart hammered with dread.

“Please take a look at this.” He picked up the results and held it out to her. Her hand trembled as she collected the papers from him and she stared down at it blindly without seeing a thing but she knew what was there! She had been fearing this day since that cursed night that she allowed mindless passion to rule her life. She was surprised at the feeling of relief that went through her and the feeling of terror that followed.

“You cheated on me, Ifeoma.” He stated clearly, calmly. She put the papers back on the desk and stared at him soberly. “I loved those kids with my life but it was the one that held the string to my heart that ended up not being mine. Why did you do it?” He asked bitterly and she swallowed hard.

“I have suffered and paid for this mistake for a very long time. What can I say, salmon? Telling you I deeply regret it will not undo the past or the damage done but I am so sorry for hurting you this way.” Tears filled her eyes and spilled uncheck down her cheek.

“Who is he? What did he offer you that I couldn’t or didn’t offer you?” He asked bitterly.

She sighed heavily and stared down at her entwined hands.

“He was a senior colleague and my immediate boss back then. We worked together as a team. Most times, we stayed behind to work late into the night and we grew quite close. He gave me the attention I didn’t know I was craving for and bought me silly little things that warmed my heart. By then, you and I have grown apart and seemed to be living separate lives. He was a divorcee and his family was out of the country or so he told me. It happened one night when we traveled to Abuja on a business trip.” She swallowed hard and gazed at her husband through tear-filled eyes.


“Ifeoma, please let’s do a quick recap of those issues we raised in the board meeting. I have some documents in my room that I will like to give to you to go through when you are less busy. I promise not to take more than a few minutes of your time so we can retire to bed on time.” Kingsley had said briskly with a polite smile as the meeting ended and he got to his feet.

“I am right behind you sir.” She responded as she smiled at the other executives and bid them goodnight as they filed out of the conference room in a single row.

“Please have your seat. What can I offer you?” He went straight to the fridge in a corner of his King-sized room.

“I have already had enough food during dinner. I will just take a look at those documents and retire to bed. I am so tired right now.” She hides a yawn behind her palm as she dropped on the long sofa in the room and eased her feet out of the navy blue high heel she wore.

“Well, you won’t mind taking some wine then.” He brought out a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses.

“Thank you. I hope it is not too alcoholic because my system can’t take too much of it.” She smiled as he poured the rich red drink into the wine glass and handed it to her.

“No, it is a sweet wine. How are your girls?” He poured himself a glass and sat down beside her.

“I am missing them so much. I wish I can spend more time with them but this banking job is so demanding.” She stated with a sigh and took a sip. “Wow! This is so sweet. I have such a terrible sweet tooth.” She grinned as she gulped down the drink.

“I love your dedication to your work. I am confident you will make it to the top of your career sooner than you expect.” He topped her wine glass and took a sip of his own.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence. I appreciate you. You have been a great mentor and supervisor to me.” She smiled at him. He grinned at her and his dimple winked. Her heart gave a lurch.

They talked about her family, his own and the general nature of their job.

“I need to use the loo.” She got to her feet and the room seemed to be spinning on its axis. “I think I am drunk.” She giggled helplessly as she weaved her way unsteadily to the restroom.

He was clad in his boxers’ shorts and under-vest when she came out. He met her half-way into the room.

“You are a bit unsteady on your feet. Lie down. It will soon wear off.” He guided her onto his bed.

“I need to start going to my room. We have an early morning flight to catch tomorrow.” She stretched out gratefully. He sat down on the bed and massaged the soul of her aching foot one after the other.

“Thank you. How did you learn how to do that?” She purred with pleasure as she closed her eyes.

“You are a beautiful woman.” His voice was close to her ear and her eyes opened slowly to see him staring at her lips. Her throat went dry and she struggled to sit up.

“Easy, baby. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He eased her back on the bed as he smiled at her and kissed her eyelids.

“I don’t think we should be doing this.” She began in a weak voice. Her limbs weigh a ton. She watched him helplessly as he parted her legs slightly and traced his fingers up her inner thigh. Her thighs quivered in anticipation and desire curled deep in her belly.

Unknown to her, he had studied her carefully and planned every detail. He turned out to be the best lover she ever had. He held her gaze as he settled between her spread thighs. He reached for her pants beneath her trim pencil skirt and rolled it down slowly. The skirts pulled at her waist and her hips jerked involuntarily when he flicked his tongue over the center of her womanhood. She moaned and groaned as he teased her mercilessly.

His finger joined his tongue and she buckled hard as the several orgasms rolled over her in rapid succession. He came up for air with a wicked smile and pushed up her camisole as he flicked his tongue over the navel.

“Please…” Her voice ended in a whimper as he slipped his fingers into her bra and teased her nipples.

“Tell me what you want, baby. I will gladly do it.” He whispered against her mouth as he pulled off her jacket and she allowed him to undress her.

He took her in several positions and she enjoyed every moment of it. She fell asleep towards dawn, satisfied and exhausted. Kingsley arranged her nude beautiful body in several obscene positions and took lots of her pictures. He then put away the video recorder that was hidden in a corner of the room and the camera and joined her in bed for an early morning romp before they started preparing for their morning flight back to Lagos.


“He was sacked shortly after we returned back to Lagos on several fraudulent charges. I was shocked because I never see it coming. I was promoted to his position and the nightmare began.” She stated sadly.

“Was he blackmailing you?” Salmon frowned at her.

“Yes. I think he planned everything that happened that night. He recorded everything that took place between us and took several incriminating pictures. He was sued to court after he was sacked and was nearly sent to jail if not for the help of a very expensive lawyer who drained him financially. As a result, his career was ruined and he found it difficult to start all over again. He has been blackmailing me for more than fifteen years.” She stated tiredly.

“I see. Does he know he is Aliyah’s father?” He asked quietly.

“No, he doesn’t. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was in my second trimester. I did my calculation and knew the baby wasn’t yours. You never noticed or suspected either and I just kept it to myself. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?” Her voice was hoarse with tears as she stared at him. He sighed.

“I don’t know. I am not even sure our marriage will remain the same. What should we do with Aliyah?” He gave her a steady look.

“The ball is in your court. I know you love her very much and she would be heart-broken if you chose to tell her.” She shrugged weakly as she used the pack of her palm to wipe the tears and mucus running down her face.

“Go to bed, Ifeoma. We will discuss this another time.” He sat back, suddenly very tired. She buried her face on the desk and sobbed as if her heart would break.

If you are Salmon, what will you do?

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