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twist_of_fate“Ola mi, what have you just done? I thought you were just going to introduce him to your mother.” Naomi glared at the man lounging carelessly in the middle of her bed. It was Saturday morning. Her left hand rested carelessly on her hips where the new diamond wedding ring he just bought her flashed as the morning sun struck it.
“I didn’t do anything. He was given his birthright by my mother. Have you gone through the documents I gave to you?” He asked with a deceptively innocent look as he crossed his legs at the ankle. He was trying not to be distracted by the way the short silky nightwear dipped invitingly at the cleft between her generous boobs.
Olayemi visited her store once which was located in a building complex at post office road and decided he wanted the whole complex for her. She thought he was joking until he presented the documents for the complex building to her as a wedding gift shortly after they renewed their wedding vows.
“I have seen it and I have thanked you for it. Why are you endangering my son’s life like this?” She continued glaring at him. She refused to be charmed by his good humor.
“He is our son, Mrs. Coker. He got what belonged to him and I don’t know why you are making mountains out of a molehill.” He gave a careless shrug.
“Do you even know the implication of what you have just done? You are festering deep resentment between him and his step-siblings. You are creating disunity within the family. As if that is not enough, you brought a stranger out of nowhere just because the precious Coker blood runs in his vein and put him over employees that have worked their butt off to earn that post. It is risky. I don’t like this at all.” She stated worriedly.
“You worry too much, woman. Nothing bad will happen to him.” He rolled off the bed and approached her.
“How are you so sure of that? He is the only one I have.” She turned worried gaze to him.
“You have me now. He will be well protected, I promise you.” He grinned as he brushed a thin strap off her shoulder. The clingy material caught on her left nipple.
“Do stop this. We are too old for this.” She murmured, even as he bent her over his arm gently and brushed the material away. He lifted her breast and took the nipple into his mouth.
Desire shot through her. Her eyes drifted close as her mouth parted in a strangling sound.
“Say that again.” He breathed on her nipple, licked it and fondled the flesh around it lightly. She moaned out loud as she rubbed her thighs together restlessly.
He shifted his attention to the other breast, leaving the other nipple wet and achy. He brushed away the material and it pulled at her waist. His hands made love to her heavy flesh, caressing, fondling while his teeth nipped on the hardened nipples and his tongues soothed the sweet pain with its warm wetness.
“Dear God!” Her breath came out faster and she clung to him as ribbons of fire connected from her breasts to her loins. Her legs trembled and threatened to fail her.
He tugged gently on the nightwear until it dropped at her feet and laid her gently on the bed. He pulled at her bottom lips while he gazed into her eyes which were clouded with desire. His fingers caressed her flat stomach before moving to the curls of hair at the apex of her thighs. Her legs whispered apart, giving him access to the moist, sweet depth of her womanhood and she exploded into tiny little pieces.
“Guys, your mother and I are getting divorced.” Olayemi announced solemnly at the breakfast table. It was the first time he was joining them for breakfast in months.
Titilola sighed. She had seen it coming. She pushed her food to the side and focused her attention on her father’s face.
“What the hell is going on here? Why are you guys getting divorced?” Kayode asked in an incredulous voice. He was oblivious to what was going on in the family. His son was growing and he had been having regular sex with his mother. His status as a father had also earned him high point with his grandmother as the old bat had been supplying his bank accounts with a regular stream of income. Life hasn’t been this good in years.
“Well, your father got re-united with his love child and wanted to crawl back into his mother’s bed.” Patricia stated in a malicious voice. Olayemi sighed heavily. He couldn’t blame her.
“What love child are you talking about? Dad, is this true?” He turned angry eyes to his father.
“He is older than you, Kay. He’s dad’s spitting copy. Tall, fair and handsome.” Titilola stated with a hint of malice that had her father’s eyes narrowed at her. She ducked her head and refused to meet his gaze.
“Dad, are you saying a bastard is coming to take my rightful place in this family?” Kayode roared as he got to his feet in anger.
“He is not a bastard because I was legally married to his mother. I marry your mother because I thought she was dead.” Olayemi met his son’s gaze squarely. “Son, tell me your right in this family.” He continued in a quiet voice.
“Mum, are you going to sit down there and say nothing?” Kayode turned frantically to his mother. He felt as if his world had just come to an end.
“Your father is right. We are getting divorced because it is against the law to be married to two women at the same time.” Patricia stated miserably.
“Dad, I wish you love and happiness. You deserve it.” Titilola got up and went to hug her father.
“Thank you, my princess.” He smiled at her.
“I can’t believe this is happening. Someone should wake me up from this nightmare.” Kayode slapped himself on the cheeks several times in disbelief.
“Wake up. It is real. All you care about is the money and properties you will have access to when Dad retires. Thank God it is not going to happen.” Titilola sneered at her brother.
“That is not nice, Titi. Why are you happy because the family is breaking apart?” Patricia asked in an accusing voice.
“Have we ever been close to each other in this family? Stop playing the injured party, mum. We both know you are not a victim.” She dropped a kiss on her father’s cheek and strolled out. Her mother gaped after her.
“Dad, I promise you this is not the end of this. I will fight for what belongs to me.” Kayode stated in a cold voice as he strolled out.
Olayemi grimaced. Naomi was right. He had a battle on his hand.
“Baby, you have a call.” Andrew shouted from the bedroom.
“Who is it? Can you please pick the call for me?” Bella shouted back from the kitchen.
It was Saturday morning. They had spent the night in a club, dancing and catching their fun. Since he broke up with Caroline, they had gotten closer and had been spending their free time together.
They were both laughing as they crept into the house at dawn.
“Bella!’ He groaned when he felt her arms went around his waist as he locked up the door.
“I think I have been patient enough.” She murmured against his ear as she deftly unbuckled his jeans and slipped her hands into his brief.
“Wait a moment, Bella.” He reached for her hands but his manhood betrayed him. It rose up and sprang to her touch.
“Oh, my! This is great.” She flashed him a triumphant look from beneath her eyelid as she came around and caressed it with her gaze. It grew visibly longer and thicker. “I love this!” She smacked her lips in anticipation as she fell on her knees in front of him. She circled her fingers lightly around it as she flicked her tongue over the tip.
“You are killing me.” He groaned out loud as he pushed it against her lips. She giggled.
“Take it easy, man. We have all day to do this.” She shimmered out of her gown and stood in her glorious nakedness before him. His muscle clenched and it took all his control to hold himself in check.
“You are beautiful, baby.” His voice came out in a husky whisper as his eyes caressed her body slowly from her hair, lingered on the elevated points and down to her feet.
She rolled her eyes skyward in exasperation as she closed the distance between them and kissed him fully on the mouth. He took hold of her face and kissed her so thoroughly she felt her toes curled. She pushed him towards the couch.
“This dude is rearing to go.” She murmured as she broke the kiss and straddled him.
“Oh, baby!” He groaned and hissed out loud as he guided his hard member into her moist depth.
“Oh yes!” She moaned as she clamped her muscle over him and they both sighed with satisfaction.
She rode him, fast and hard with her generous boobs juggling up and down until they both screamed as crest after crest of orgasm rolled over them.
The phone stopped ringing as he was about to pick it and a message came in on her WhatsApp. His blood ran cold as he sat up in bed.
“Hello, Horny babe” The guy chatted. Andrew couldn’t help opening the page, even as he dreaded what he would find there.
“I know you are there. I am sorry I have not been in contact for a long time. Can we hook up tonight? I miss your pussy badly.” The guy chatted. Jealousy went through him like an arrow and he gritted his teeth.
“Common baby. Don’t be angry with me. This dick is missing you so much.” Another message came in. He got out of bed with an oath and strolled to the kitchen.
“Good morning, darling. I guess the call wakes you up. I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed.” Bella beamed at him.
“Good morning. You have a message.” He didn’t return her smile as he gave the phone to her and strolled out. He was dressing up when she rushed into the bedroom.
“Andrew, it is not what you think. He is an old flame. Please forgive me.” She begged as tears filled her eyes.
“I thought you are different. Obviously, I was wrong.” He stated in a flat emotionless voice. The tears spilled over as she went on her knees.
“I love you, Andrew. I have been in love with you since the first day I set my eyes on you but I cannot erase my past for you. Please forgive me and give me another chance to prove I am worthy of your love.” She pleaded desperately.
“Lock my door when you are done. I am going out.” He strolled out of the room and out of the house without a backward glance. She sat on the cold tiles and wept bitterly.
Bella was irritated to find her mother in the gym when she got there in the evening. She wanted to be alone.
“No business meeting this weekend?” She asked in a sarcastic voice.
“I have resigned.” Ifeoma stated quietly as she walked carefully on the treadmill. It had been a long time since she had spent any quality time in the gym and she felt rusty.
“What? Why did you resign?” She asked in a puzzled voice.
“I should have resigned a long time ago but it is not too late to do the right thing.” She smiled ruefully as she glanced at her eldest daughter.
“You are right.” Bella murmured sadly as her throat burn with tears.
“What is wrong, baby?” She stepped off the treadmill.
“I messed up.” She began as tears filled her eyes again.
“Tell me about it.” They moved to sit down on the bench. Ifeoma listened to her daughter without interrupting her.
“I have been wondering who was responsible for that wonderful change in you. God bless him for me.” Ifeoma pulled her into her arms and held her as she sobbed like a baby.
“Don’t give up, baby. If he is truly yours, he will forgive you and take you back.” Ifeoma stated quietly.
“I want him, mum. I love him so much. I need him desperately. What will I do if he refuses to take me back?” She cried in anguish.
“You will move on. You are a strong woman. We don’t always get all we want in life.” Her heart aches for her baby but she knew she had to be realistic with her.
“Thank you, mum.” Bella gave her mother a watery smile as she shed her back pack on the floor. She got on the treadmill and ran as if the devil was after her.
Ifeoma sighed heavily. She had contemplated suicide but knew it was the coward way out. She also knew she had to talk to her girls one of these days before karma dealt her a final blow.
Her phone rang noisily. She looked at the caller ID. It was Kingsley. The time is here to face the consequences of her past, she thought even as she gritted her teeth and picked up the call.

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