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twist_of_fate“How was your trip, dude? How was the training?” Andrew clapped Joseph on the back affectionately as they hugged each other. He was at the international airport to meet and pick him. Joseph had been in the U.K for one-month intensive training, sponsored by the Coker Group of Companies.
“Flying in the first class cabin is bae. I got the best sex of my life.” Joseph lowered his voice as they approached the private unmarked cab which was waiting in front of the arrival lodge.
“You had sex inside the plane?” Andrew asked incredulously as the cabman met them half-way and took their luggage.
“There was this blond air hostess that was eyeing me since I came onboard. It turned out that she was a half-caste, half- Briton, and half-Kenyan. Her name is Lucia.” He slid into the back seat and Andrew joined him.
“Gist me, buddy.” Andrew grinned as he turned to face him on the seat.
“She kept turning up each time I needed anything. I got the message loud and clear. It was a cold night. After everyone has settled down for the night, I was stretched out in my bed and going through a journal when she came to check on me again. She asked if I needed anything else. I just pulled her over and kissed her. It was like hitting a time bomb. She was all over me. She gave me the best head I have ever experienced. It was mind-blowing.” He unscrewed the bottle of cold water that was in the armrest and drank deeply.
“Yes, good sex make you very thirsty.” Andrew teased. His heart aches as he remembered Bella. They both laughed heartily.
“Thank God I have a couple of Trojans on me. I turned her over to her attractive backside, positioned her well and entered from behind. She screamed in pleasure. I covered her mouth before we wake up my elderly neighbors. I was the youngest in that cabin. We had a couple of rounds before the others started waking up, kissed ourselves goodbye and she sneaked out of my bed with a big grin on her face.” He stretched as he grinned at his friend.
“Well done. You have always been a bad boy. It is great to have you back. Does that mean you have been sexually active when you were in London or how come you have condoms on you?” Andrew gave him a mischievous smile.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He schooled his face into an innocent mask.
Andrew roared with laughter and he joined him.
Ten minutes later, the cabman pulled up into the parking space of Excel Oriental Hotel & Suites along airport road and took their luggage to the Executive suite.
“Thank you, sir.” The elderly man curtseyed deeply with a wide grin as Andrew tipped him generously and walked out of the hotel lobby.


“How is Bella? Are you guys getting on fine?” Joseph asked casually. They were having Lunch at the dining room.
“We are no longer together.” He mumbled around a mouthful of pounded yam. He swallowed hard.
“Why? What happened between the two of you?” Joseph asked in a puzzled voice.
“She is not different from the others, cheating bitch.” He muttered bitterly.
“You caught her having sex with another man?” Joseph raised an eyebrow at him.
“I don’t have to catch her with any man to know who she is.” He glared angrily at his friend, then took a deep breath and proceeded to tell him what transpired between them.
“You are behaving like the jealous fool that you are. We both know she is an outgoing town babe before we met her. Every experience comes with a price. You love her just the way she is but you don’t want to deal with her past. You are so full of shit, dude.” Joseph hissed at him.
“You are welcome to have her.” He glowered at him, even as he felt a burden had just been taken off him.
“You want to dare me?” He raised his eye brow.
“Just go near her, okay? I will roast your body over the open fire and cut you into tiny pieces, starting from your manhood.” Andrew stated so solemnly that Joseph burst into laughter.
He stopped abruptly when he heard a familiar voice behind him and turned around to make sure his ears weren’t deceiving him.
Elizabeth Badmus was in the arms of an elderly man. She was dressed in skimpy shorts and jumper that left nothing to the imagination. She pouted and flirted with the man as they ordered lunch.
Joseph’s stomach roiled with displeasure as he shot to his feet.
“Who is she?” Andrew asked quietly.
“That is Elizabeth, Rebecca’s younger sister. I will be right back.” He moved closer to the couple.
“Excuse me?” He raised his voice a bit. The couple turned around, the man raised a questioning brow and Elizabeth gave him a bored look until she realized who it was.
“Joseph! It’s you.” She grinned as she jumped into his arms without a second thought. He held her tight and moved her away from her partner.
“What are you doing here?” He glanced pointedly at her partner who glared back at him.
“You can’t understand. Let me just say I need to survive. You are looking good.” She grinned at him.
“If you are lodging in this hotel with him, go to your room and pack your things. I want you to meet me here in five minutes.” He commanded in a loud voice.
“Lower your voice, Joseph. He has not paid me yet.” She murmured against his throat.
“Whatever he is paying you, I will double or triple it for you. Please go in and move your things out.” He pleaded as he tried not to think of the implication of her words.
“I will be right back.” She slid down and straightened her spine before walking away.
“Look at you, Joseph, you are looking so clean. I can just eat you.” Elizabeth smiled as she joined them a few minutes later with her back pack.
Andrew raised an eyebrow when she plumped herself on Joseph’s lap and linked her arms around his neck.
“Cut it out, Lizzy. You should have outgrown this by now.” Joseph looked uncomfortable as he unwinds her arms from his neck and dropped her on the seat beside him.
“Hello, Handsome.” Elizabeth seemed to notice Andrew for the first time as she flashed him a smile.
“How are you, beautiful? I am Andrew.” He smiled back at her.
“I am pretty cool. Lizzy is my name.” She smiled as the waiter brought her lunch and she dug in with gusto.
“Hope your man friend wasn’t furious with you?” Joseph asked curiously.
“Yes, he was. He accused me of choosing a young man who has nothing to offer me over him. I told him to go to hell.” She said with a mouthful as she gesticulated with her hand.
Joseph frowned at her.
“How long have you been sleeping with him?” He asked in anger.
“We have been together for less than a year but he has been very good to me. Though he is becoming too possessive for my peace of mind lately, so I guess it is right time I let him go. There are other men out there.” She stated with a frown.
“There won’t be other men for you, Lizzy, not in that way. This is prostitution for crying out loud. You don’t need to stand on by the roadside to become a whore.” He glared at her.
“Okay. Will you take care of me now? I can see you are doing very well. You know I have always adored you. I promise you won’t regret it.” Her gaze dropped meaningfully to his crotch.
“Stop it, Lizzy. Is this all you think of yourself? You think your worth lies in satisfying any man that comes across your path in bed?” He glared coldly at her, feeling irritated.
“Well, a girl needs to survive. I have gone to school and I have served my country but there are no jobs in this country. I have got to use what I have to get what I need.” She smiled faintly as she shrugged.
“What happened to your dad’s company?” He asked with a frown.
“Ramson mismanaged the company and it is no longer in existence. Mum and I have to move in with Rebecca when we realized he has sold our house. Rebecca doesn’t have a job. Am I supposed to sit down and watch us starve to death?” She asked solemnly.
“Where is he now?” Joseph asked through gritted teeth.
“He left the country after disposing of daddy’s properties. Our lawyer died mysteriously, so there is no one to really verify what was happening before it was too late. We were surviving on mother’s business for a very long time until there was nothing else to survive on again.” She sighed heavily. “Things are bad at home, Joseph.” She stated simply.
“I see.” He took a deep sip of the wine in front of him as he struggled to control his temper. “That means you need a job, right? What did you study in school?” He asked curiously.
“I studied business Administration. Are you going to get me a job?” Her eyes widened in surprise.
“Excuse me.” He smiled as he picked up his phone and left the table.
“Who is his father?’ She asked in a whisper as she leaned towards Andrew.
“His father is the only son of former minister of petroleum, Chief Mrs. Afolake Coker and the magnate, late senator Eyitayo Coker.” Andrew whispered back.
“Oh my! I am so happy for him. He deserves all the goodness that comes to him.” Her eyes glistened with tears of joy.
“Elizabeth, I have good news for you. You can start work on Monday. I will arrange personally for your accommodation and a little cash to manage till you get your first salary. Hope you won’t mind working in Lagos though?” He asked with a smile.
She catapulted into his arms and nearly knocked him over.
“I love you. You have always been a darling.” She cupped his face in her palms and kissed him on the lips.
Oh, Joseph, you are in a deep murky water of trouble with two sisters, Andrew thought in despair as he watched the exchange in silence.
“Lizzy, stop it. I am going to hurt you.” He threatened as he dropped her abruptly and moved away.
“Thank you.” She grinned happily at him.
He glared mockingly at her but his mind went straight to Rebecca and he wondered what she was going through at this moment. A heavy sigh escaped his lips.

“Girls, I need to talk to you.” Ifeoma’s voice trembled as she walked on shaky legs into the sitting room where her daughters lounged, watching the popular TV Series, “Telemundo”. Her little grandson, Olamide Coker toddled around the room as he muttered childish gibberish to himself.
“Hope there is no problem, mum? You look pale.” Bella turned to face her.
“I’m fine.” She smiled but it didn’t touch her eyes as she sat on the edge of the sofa. Her eyes darted from one curious face to another and she sighed deeply.
“Spit it out, mum. It can’t be that bad.” Aliyah stated impatiently.
“It is very bad. You will notice that your father has been spending the night in the guest room lately.” She looked at them for confirmation.
“So? He always does that whenever you guys have an argument. I am sure he will come back to your room eventually.” Bella stated in a dismissive voice as she turned back to the T.V.
“I am afraid he won’t because he found out I cheated on him with another man a long time ago.” She blurted out gravely.
“What!” Bella and Aliyah screamed in unison as they turned to stare at their mother with a horrific expression on their face while Maria gave her a calm look.
“How could you do that? How did you even have the time with your busy schedule? Who is he?” Bella bellowed angrily.
“He was a senior colleague in the office.” She answered in a small voice.
“So you spent all the time you were supposed to spend with us with him, knocking him on the office table, right?” Bella asked in a sarcastic voice, feeling betrayed.
“Stop acting like a saint, Bella. Don’t take that tone with her either, it is rude.” Maria chided her elder sister with a stern look.
“It happened just once. I have been paying for that terrible mistake ever since it happened. He has been blackmailing me and threatening to release my nude pictures on the internet if I don’t cooperate.” Her voice hitched with tears, she swallowed hard.
“Is that why you resigned, mum?” Maria asked quietly.
“It is part of the reason I resigned. I made the mistake of spending the time I should have spent with my family, chasing a career that leads me into trouble.” She shrugged sadly.
“If it happened a long time ago, how did dad find out?” Aliyah asked in a puzzled voice. There was a dead silence as she stared down at her feet.
“He found out during Olamide’s birth that you are not his biological daughter.” She mumbled through suddenly heavy lips.
“What the fuck!” Aliyah got to her feet in anger, shock, and horror as she stared at her mother. “I am out of here.” She ran out of the room before she burst into tears.
“This is disgusting, mother. I am so ashamed of you.” Bella stated with disdain as she got to her feet and walked out.
Ifeoma burst into tears.
“It’s okay, mother. You did the right thing by letting us in. I am so proud of you.” Maria crossed over to her mother and held her as she sobbed bitterly.
Ifeoma was too distraught to be amazed at the fact that it was her least favorite daughter that turned out to be her pillar of support.

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