17 Aug

twist_of_fateKayode was driving aimlessly around town, bitter and angry when Aliyah’s call came in.
This is just the distraction I need, he thought smugly. He was smiling when he picked up her call.

“Baby, how are you?” He greeted as he put the phone into hands- free mode.
“I am not fine. Can you please pick me up in front of the house please?” Her voice was husky with tears.
“Sure. Give me ten minutes. I will be right there.” He smiled in anticipation. He didn’t note the distress in her voice.
Almost ten minutes later, his headlight picked out her small figure in front of her father’s house. She was dressed in mini skirt and halter-neck top. She wore no bra as usual and her big nipples stood out in stack relief against the filmy material. Lust slammed into him and his brief suddenly becomes too tight.
She leaped into the car immediately he slowed down and he moved into the road.
“What is wrong, baby?’ He asked as he glanced at her face. He struggled not to let his gaze drift to her heaving boobs.
“I am so hurt and disappointed. I don’t even know how to start telling you this.” She burst into tears again.
“Oh baby, it is alright.” He caressed her thighs lightly as he pulled up properly on the side of the road. He left the engine running as he went round the car to scoop her into his arm and settled at the roomy back seat.
She cuddled into his arms and sobbed her heart out.
“Talk to me, baby.” He crooned softly as he caressed her smooth back and pulled loose the knot which held the material together at her nape. The top slithered down her body, baring her bare breasts to his gaze and he swallowed hard.
“Stop it, Kay. I am not in the mood for this.” She hiccupped as she tried to pull the top up again.
“Common baby. You know you will feel better as soon as you taste my magic touch again.” His grin was wicked as he pulled her hands away. He settled his palm over her left boob and squeezed hard. She flinched, even as she was feeling aroused.
“Kay, please don’t start this. I am not in the mood.” She began pleadingly but her voice ended in a moan when he bent his head and bit her nipple lightly before sucking her hard.
He eased her onto her back on the back seat and settled firmly between her thighs. His bulging manhood pushed against the thin material covering her wet honey pot and communicated his desire to her loud and clear.
Her hip bucked wildly when he slipped his finger into her panties and her body responded to his touch but her mind yearned for a deeper connection with him.
She sighed in resignation and all thoughts slipped from her brain when he pulled the flimsy barrier aside and entered her.
“How is it going with your lover boy?” Salmon’s voice dripped with sarcasm as he lifted her left hand. He stared down at the diamond ring blinking on her finger with undisguised envy.
The store was undergoing expansion and renovation to extend to the whole of the ground floor. There were muted noises coming from the construction work going on.
“Are you not happy for me? Don’t I even deserve happiness after all these years?” She gave him a worried look. He sighed.
“You deserve all the happiness in the world. I am just mad he is the only one who has the key to your heart plus your life seems to be rounding up smoothly when mine’s in complete chaos.” He stared unseeingly towards the entrance where customers were entering and exiting the store, keeping her sales assistance busy.
“I am sorry about what you are going through. I am sure everything will be fine eventually.” She squeezed his hand in reassurance.
“I hope so.” He sighed heavily. “At least, you are looking happy. That is in addition to the fact that you will be getting laid on a regular basis.” He teased. She blushed.
“Get away from here.” She hit him playfully on the chest as she glanced towards the entrance.
“My God! The dragon is here.” Her voice trembled in dread as she got unsteadily to her feet.
“Who is she?” Salmon asked in a puzzled voice as he followed her gaze.
There were four Mercedes-Benz S500 cars parked in a row in front of her store. Afolake Coker stepped gracefully out of the third car. A peach color silky kaftan with cream embroidered hem adorned her plump frame. Simple dangling silver earrings complimented her cream turban and swung from side to side as she looked around her environment with an interested gaze. A matching cream color blocked heel covered shoe flashed from beneath the floor length kaftan as she moved briskly towards the entrance of the shop.
Two men in black suit flanked her on both sides and matched her steps while four others stayed behind, leaning on the cars with feigned casualness.
“That is my mother in law. I can’t believe she still put the fear of God in me after all these years.” Her palm grew wet with moisture and she rubbed it on her cotton trouser.
“You must be very scared of her when you were staying with them. Are you going to be all right? Do you want me to leave or stay?” He asked in concern.
“Please stay. I need all the moral support I can get at this time.” She reached for his hand as her mother in law swept into the store.
All movements and transactions seemed to come to a sudden standstill as her presence was felt and observed by all.
“She is the former minister of petroleum.” Salmon stated in undisguised awe as he stared at the woman who seemed to be immune to the stares aimed her way.
‘Good afternoon ma’am. You are welcome.” Naomi moved forward and went on her knees in front of the elderly woman.
“How are you, dear? You look as lovely as ever.” Afolake smiled as she raised her to her feet.
“Thank you. Please come this way.” Naomi smiled tentatively as she led the way to her private office.
Afolake and Salmon entered with her, leaving the security aides behind at the door way.
“Good afternoon ma’am. You are welcome.” Salmon bowed slightly as he stood by the door, ready to bolt.
“Good afternoon, young man. Your face looks familiar. What is the name?” Afolake turned her penetrating gaze on him.
“I am Salmon Awodele.” He answered politely, trying not to squirm under her unwavering gaze.
“You are Aliyah Awodele’ s father.” She smiled at him. He hesitated briefly before answering.
“Yes, ma’am.” He mumbled with a forced smile.
“Ah! You are my in-law. It is a small world indeed.” She nodded at him.
“In-law? How do you mean ma’am?” He asked in confusion.
“Kayode Coker is my grandson.” She stated firmly. Naomi hides a gasp unsuccessfully as Salmon glared at her.
“Does that mean Olayemi Coker is Kayode’ s father?” Salmon asked in a cold voice.
“That is so. Do you have a problem with that?” She raised an eye brow at him.
“I don’t have an issue with you. It is my pleasure to meet you, ma’am. I will see you later, Naomi.” He smiled politely as he looked from one to the other before leaving the room.
“Who is he? How did you know him?” Afolake asked as she turned to her. Naomi pulled out a seat for her and she sank into the plush seat.
“He is a childhood friend.” Naomi smiled as she sat beside her.
“Thank you, dear. He obviously has an issue with Olayemi because of your relationship with him.” She hit the nail on the head as usual.
Naomi smiled and refused to comment on the issue.
“What can I offer you?” Naomi asked quietly.
“I just took breakfast before coming. I don’t joke with my diet these days.” She sighed lightly. “You did a great job with Olamiposi. Well done.” She nodded with a solemn look.
“You don’t need to thank me but you are welcome all the same. Please accept my condolence on Ronke’s death. I heard about it for the first time when Yemi and I ran into each other again.” Naomi stated solemnly.
“Thank you.” She answered quietly. “My son is happy in a way he has never been in years. I met a wonderful grandson who challenges me and makes me laugh at the same time. I made grave mistake years ago.” She sighed heavily.
“That is the way it was meant to be. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I love your son. I will always do and that is all that matters.” Naomi flashed her a real smile since she gave in.
“I know. I have always known. He never stopped loving you too, despite all my atrocities. When should I expect you for dinner in my home?” She asked with a smile as she got to her feet.
“I will let you know when I am available ma’am.’ Naomi was thrown off-balance as she got to her feet too. The woman never ceased to amaze her with her endless energy.
“Let’s do it this way. I am traveling out for my medical check-up and would be back in the next two weeks. Let me know if that Sunday evening works for you so I can host you in a grand style.” She grinned as she opened the door and stepped in-between her aides again.
“Yes, ma’am. I will do that.” Naomi hurried her steps to match hers, wondering if she wasn’t putting herself into trouble.
“Titilola, you are always discovering new stores in town. When was this opened? It looks great.” Bukola observed with interest as they moved through the sliding doors into the cool interior.
“It was opened more than a year ago. Lots of renovations and expansions have been going on though.” Titilola mumbled as she looked around her. Dad’s wealth is definitely at work, she thought cynically as she noticed the rows of neatly arranged imported and local products.
Her mission in the store was different from that of her friend who was a chronic shopaholic.
She wanted to meet the woman who captured her father’s heart and took him away from her. Her experienced eye noted everything from the different sections to the neatly dressed polite sales assistances who stood at discrete points around the store, ready to help with their friendly smile.
Her friend picked up a shopping cart and went about her shopping business with a vengeance while Titilola simply moved around, pausing and waving away the politely offered assistances.
“I hope it met your approval, Titilola?” A friendly voice asked with a smile from behind her.
She nearly jumped out of her skin as she swirled around abruptly.
Naomi was standing few steps behind her and watching her with a smile. She has seen her picture once with her father but she recognized her immediately she walked through the door. Apart from the security aide who stood at a discrete distance, the resemblance between her and her son was hard to miss. It was quite striking.
“Good afternoon ma’am.’ She greeted politely.
“Good afternoon dear. How are you?” Naomi moved to her side.
“I am fine. You have a great place here.” She stated with reluctant admiration.
“Thank you. I am trying my best. It is good to have a fresh perspective though. What do you think? Give me your honest opinion.” Naomi tried to put herself in an outsider’s shoe.
“It depends on what you are aiming for. The frozen food section could use a bit of rearrangement, which is my opinion though.” She shrugged self-consciously.
“I appreciate that. If you have the time, I can show you the part I am changing into the children’s section and the adult clothing section. I will love to have your opinion on that too.” Naomi flashed her a smile as she led the way.
“I don’t have any important appointment for now.” She found herself agreeing as she followed her against her better judgment. They went through the opening in a corner at the end of the store.
“Be careful, Titi. That broken asbestos can be very sharp.” Naomi cautioned as they stepped over debris.
“This place is going to be huge. I hope you have a great plan in place?” Titilola asked in awe as she turned in a circle.
“It is an enormous project that is beginning to scare me.” Naomi admitted as she looked at the workers in the different state of undress, moving around with their business.
“You don’t need to be scared. Come and employ me. I will turn your dreams into realities. It is in my genes.” Her grin flashed as she rubbed her hands in relish.
You are your father’s daughter truly, Naomi thought in amusement as she gave her the notebook and pen she was holding when Titilola came in.
“That is why I need a fresh opinion. Let me take you around.” She moved up the littered stair case.
“What do we have here?” Titilola mentally rolled up her sleeves and gave her her full attention.
“Thank you for your time, Titi. I truly appreciate it.” They moved back into the main store several hours later.
“I enjoyed myself. Can we add a tea /coffee/ice-cream area to the book section? That is in case the customer wants to sit down and just browse.” She began and paused. “I am beginning to get carried away.” She smiled sheepishly. Naomi laughed heartily.
“You know I am not supposed to like or admire you? Mother will kill me.” She blew out a breath.
“I know the feeling. The feeling is mutual. You are like a daughter I never have. I absolutely love your ideas. They are fabulous.” Naomi said sincerely.
“I wish I can be part of this. Can you employ me to assist with it?” Titilola was half-joking as she remembered her phone and brought it out of her bag. “Oh my God! We have spent several hours in there. Bukola will kill me.” She stared at the series of missed calls on her phone.
“I enjoyed your company. Your mother will kill me if I employ you but you are welcome here anytime. I will always appreciate your company.” Naomi hugged her and placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Ah! Daddy is toast.” She mumbled under her breath but Naomi heard her. She laughed.
“Come for dinner tomorrow. I will cook you my special delicacy.” She invited warmly.
“You can cook?” Titilola’ s eyes widened in surprise.
“Of course. I can cook. I will do the cooking and you will be the judge.” She smiled at her.
“Tomorrow is a date. See you then.” They exchanged numbers and addresses and Titilola left in a hurry.

What do you think is wrong with Kayode and Aliyah’s relationship?

Kindly drop your feedback.

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    Didn’t know you write. Well done.



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