20 Oct

twist_of_fate“Mum, go away. I can take care of myself.” Joseph stared at his mother in exasperation. She just finished preparing his bath and spreading out his clothes on the bed for him.
“Thank God for that.” She rolled her eyes in amusement but he refused to laugh, even as his lips twitched.
“Damn, mum. I need to get out of this house. You are smothering me.” He muttered under his breath as he swung his feet off the bed, then waited for the pain to come but he felt only twinges. He released his breath in relieve. Naomi smiled.
“You are not strong enough to leave the house yet. Rebeca will be checking on you soon and would let us know how you are faring.” She opened his wardrobe to scrutinize it.
“She always comes around when I am sleeping.” He turned around to face her.
“That must be coincidence, I think.” She laughed softly as she turned around to face him. “I have even wanted to ask you. Did you guys do anything together before she got married?” She asked casually. He felt his jaw dropped as he stared at her.
“Do anything like how? What kind of question are you asking me, mum? I don’t appreciate that at all.” He got to his feet with jerky angry movement.
“I am sorry I annoyed you but I have my reason for asking. Trust me.” She gave him a searching look but he turned away.
“I don’t care what your reasons are, mum. I am a full grown man and have the right to my privacy.” He walked to the bathroom and slammed the door. She let out her breath in a hush and shrugged. Time will tell.
The room was in darkness when she walked in and very cold but she could see his prone form underneath the duvet. She switched on the bedside lamp and drank in his sight the way a thirsty man drinks water. She picked up the Air condition remote control and flicked it off.
She dropped the medical kit on the floor and pulled the duvet from his body. He shivered visibly and turned to lie on his back. She held her breath but he didn’t wake up.
You are a coward, Becky. How long are you going to keep running from him? She laughed to herself as she pulled on her glove. She buried her thought and got to work.
“Where is my gift?” His sleep-husky voice reached her. She jolted abruptly as she dropped the bottle of medication she was holding.
“You are awake.” She smiled politely as she picked up her tiny torchlight and proceeded to shine it in his pupils. He arrested her ankle in a surprisingly strong grip and yanked hard. She tumbled unto the bed and landed on his other side. She was stunned.
“Are you crazy?” She found her voice at last as she glared at him.
“Now we are talking. This is the Becky I used to know, not the Doctor Williams that keeps prodding at me with all kind of needles and pouring medications down my throat.” His grin flashed like lightning. Her heart picked up speed. He rolled over her as he inserted a leg between hers.
“I am only doing my job. Get off me at this moment” She pushed at his bare chest forcefully. He winced slightly but didn’t budge.
“You owe me a gift.” He smiled down at her as he cupped her face with his palm.
“We have not spoken to each other since you had an accident. When did I promise you a gift?” She asked in a puzzled voice, staring up at him.
“I am not sure when but I know you promise me and I will collect.” A frown marred his face for a few seconds before it cleared away. He continued staring at her face until she fought the urge not to squirm. Warmth seeped into her limbs and made it heavy.
“That is ridiculous. I need to start going. I have to be on duty in a few hours.” She glanced at her wristwatch.
“I miss you.” His eyes dropped meaningfully to her lips.
“Don’t …” She began as she read the intention in his eyes but the protest died in her throat when his lips brushed briefly over hers. She went absolutely still, he kissed her again and her brain shut down. The kiss deepened and she sighed against his mouth.
It has been too long. The last time had been with has always been him and no one else. Ramson had called her a cold, frigid, bitch and in the end, she hadn’t been woman enough to keep him. But he has been wrong because, with Joseph, she felt feminine and womanly. His touch made her feel alive and desirable. She sighed deeply and allowed his tongue to slip into her mouth. He framed her face gently with his palms and made love to her mouth.
“Becky, I am in my room. Do let me know when you are leaving.” Naomi rapped briefly on her son’s door before moving away.
The noise penetrated Rebecca’s sense and she jerked away.
“You are a bastard, Joseph.” She rolled out of the bed on the opposite side with a hiss but there was no heat in her words. He stretched with pleasure, hiding a grin.
“I take that as a compliment. Thank you.” She heard the smugness in his voice and glared angrily at him as she picked up her medical kit.
“Get the stupid grin off your silly face. I’m a married woman.” She hissed at him. He laughed out loud as he sat up in bed.
“You gave me all that qualifications, Becky? I’m flattered.” He pressed his hand playfully to his chest. Her hands curled into fists at her side.
“Your father paid me well to take care of you. We both know I can also do lots of harm to you.” She threatened, desperate to wipe the grin off his face.
“Yes, you can but it is against your ethics. You are also aware of what my father can do if he suspects you tamper with my health. Your family and career will suffer. We don’t want that, do we?” He asked softly, meeting her gaze. She swallowed hard.
“That is perfectly understood. Kindly keep your filthy hand to yourself next time.” She gave him a cold stare before turning on her heels and walking out.
“Oh, how I miss you, Becky Badmus.” Joseph howled with laughter as he stumbled back into bed.
The door opened again. Naomi stood on the way, watching his son.
“What did you do to make Becky so angry?” She asked quietly.
“Nothing. What can I eat in this house, please? My appetite is so huge.” He grinned as he got to his feet.
“Hmmm.” Was all he got as Naomi turned around and walked out, closely followed by his son.
“Mum, what the hell have you been discussing with Aliyah? I asked her to marry me but she turned me down.” Kayode pushed the door to his mother’s room open without knocking.
“What! I have not seen her in a long time.” Patricia denied as she pulled the duvet up to her chest. She stared at her son, puzzled, even as relief coursed through her.
“Are you sure?” His eyes narrowed in suspicion as he stood in the doorway.
“I am quite sure. You can’t marry her, even if she agreed to marry you.” She emphasized with a shrug.
“Can you please tell me why I can’t marry her? I have the intention of going back and persuading her.” He pulled the door closed and stood against it.
Patricia swallowed hard, her knuckles whitened when she clutched the duvet against her chest.
“Spill it, mum.”
“She is your half-sister.” She mumbled around numb lips. Silence reign for several ticking seconds.
“Excuse me?” He thought his ears were deceiving him as he stared at his mother in absolute shock.
“I’m sorry for hurting you this way, Kayode. Both of you belong to the same father.” She squeezed her eyes shut.
“You mean Dad is not my real father? I’m not a Coker by blood?” He dropped unto the bed.
“Yes, that is right.” She whispered, cowering in bed. She waited for the explosion.
“Damn you, mum. I hate you for this. How dare you do this to me?” He vaulted angrily to his feet.
“You had better keep your voice down unless you want us thrown out on the street sooner than we expect.” She cautioned him urgently. His hands tightened into fists.
“I will never forgive you for this, mum.” He glared at his mother, hissed viciously and opened the door. Patricia winced as the door slammed behind him. Her shoulders sagged with relief.
“I will never forgive myself either. I messed up. If the old bat gets wind of this, I’m doomed forever.” She sighed heavily.
Naomi let herself into the house and breathed a sigh of relief. Today is the first day in weeks she would be visiting her store since Joseph’s accident. That was because Andrew and Bella had come to hijack Joseph in the morning.
There were so many issues to sort and so many tasks waiting for her attention and approval. Nevertheless, she was glad the day was over. She flung off her sandals and dropped her bag on the sofa.
She paused briefly on her way to the kitchen when she heard faint voices coming from the guest room. She turned around and walked towards the room. She pushed the door open and got the shock of her life.
A lady was spread buck-naked on the bed while Titilola’s head was buried between her thigh, licking and sucking. The lady was moaning and screaming in ecstasy, oblivious to their witness.
“Explode for me, baby.” Her step daughter’s voice came out, low and husky as she lifted her head. Her middle finger dipped into the naked woman’s honeypot and the lady buckled crazily on the bed.
“What the hell is going on here?” Naomi screamed at last. They both jerked in shock as they turned to stare at her.
“Oh my God!” Titilola covered her face as she turned away. The other woman jumped out of the bed and started searching for her discarded clothing.
“I give you five minutes to meet me out there, Titi.” Naomi raised her hand to her with an expressionless face before moving away.
“Yes, ma.” She mumbled under her breath before looking at Elizabeth who was dressing up, hastily. Their gazes clashed, held and a smile spread over their faces.
“How did you become so good? All the years I have been having sex, no man has ever given me multiple orgasms with or without penetration.” Her voice rang with surprise and pleasure.
“Practice, baby. I have had lots of practice. I’m not saying that to make you jealous.” She laughed softly when Elizabeth pouted.
“I never believe a woman can turn me on this way.” She blushed prettily. Titi laughed again as she got to her feet.
“Variety is the spice of life. I told you a trial will convince you. You have such a beautiful body.” Her voice turned husky again as her gaze lingered on her nipples. It tightened visibly beneath her gaze.
“I can’t believe you are turning me on with just your eyes.” She crossed her arms over her boobs protectively as she picked up her handbag. Titi laughed as she picked her own bag too. She took out a wad of cash and dropped it in her bag.
“Use it to take a taxi. I won’t be able to drop you off as promised.” Titi said regretfully.
“Thank you. I hope she won’t tell Joseph about us? I still want a chance to date him.” She gave her a worried glance.
“No, she didn’t recognize you. She has eyes only for me. I will take you out through the kitchen door.” Titi opened the door and looked out. They tiptoed past the sitting room door and Elizabeth went out through the kitchen door.
“Titilola!” Naomi bellowed from the sitting-room.
“I’m on my way ma.” She locked the kitchen door hastily and hurried out of the room.
Joseph was back at home. He was gisting his mother about his outing when she walked in. He paused with a smile for her.
“Favourite sis, how are you today?” He grinned at her as he beckoned to her to come over.
“As if he has more than one sister.” She mumbled, hiding a grin as she sat down beside him. He laughed heartily as he hugged her to his side.
“Where is your partner? Is that not the girl who visited Joseph a few weeks ago?” Naomi frowned at her.
“You recognize her?” Titilola’s jaw dropped in shock.
“Who is she? What girl are you two talking about?” Joseph looked from one to the other.
“Of course, I do. She went out through the back door right?” Naomi stared unflinchingly at her. She squirmed uncomfortably.
“Yes, ma.” She didn’t want to spoil Elizabeth’s chance of dating Joseph, even though she was aware he wasn’t into her. She looked up and her gaze locked with the older woman’s own. She expected to see disdain, disapproval, and revulsion in her eyes but what she saw filled her eyes with tears.
“Come here.” She didn’t need a second invitation before she crawled into her embrace and burst into tears.
“I’m sorry. I can’t help myself but I hate men.” She sobbed quietly as she clung to her.
“It is okay, baby.” Naomi cupped her cheek, staring down at her tear-stained face before placing a kiss on her forehead.
“Thank you for not judging me.” Warm tears ran down her face but she smiled as she threw her arm around Naomi’s middle.
“You are welcome. Will someone cook dinner? I’m famished.” Naomi sat back with a smile.
“I will do the cooking. Edika-ikong soup and Semo coming up shortly.” Titilola grinned as she vaulted to her feet.
“I will help.” Joseph followed her into the kitchen.
Naomi watched them leave the room and sighed. A lesbian? Patricia, where were you when this intelligent young girl was growing up? Hmm….the royal head doesn’t have a crown while the one with the crown doesn’t have a royal head. What a pity!

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    Welcome dear… God bless the work of ur hand



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