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twist_of_fate‘Tell me exactly why you are angry, Becky.’ Joseph stared at her with a puzzled look.

‘I’m not angry.’ She denied hotly, rapidly flipping through her brain for a reason. Damn, what did I get myself into? She thought in embarrassment.

‘You could have fooled me. You swear at me before you jumped into that cab yesterday. You jumped into an unknown cab just because you wanted to get away from me. I apologized for not staying home as advised but I know my body. I am perfectly okay except for the occasional twitches I felt from the healing wound. I am still taking my medications, the ones you prescribed. So please tell me where I went wrong.’ He gestured with his hands.

‘I’m glad you are fine. It is okay then.’ She nodded with a polite smile, hoping he would leave.

‘So why are you angry? Titilola is my sister from my father’s side.’ He explained quietly.

‘Your love life is none of my business.’ She flared instantly and bit her lips afterward.

‘Really? Are you sure?’ He was smiling as he covered the distance between them but she stepped back uncertainly.

‘Certainly. I am a married woman. Your love life and relationship doesn’t concern me.’ She used her strongest weapon and it effectively stopped him in his track but not for long.

‘Well, a married woman has no business getting jealousy because she saw her patient with a beautiful woman she thought she was dating and leaving in a huff.’ He retorted acidly, raising an eyebrow at her. She raised her chin in pride.

‘Well, you may be right but I am not jealous. If that is settled, you may leave now please. I have to prepare for work.’ She pointed to the door.

‘When do you get off duty?’ He asked casually.

‘Tomorrow morning at 7 am. Why are you asking?’ She asked curiously.

‘Tomorrow is Sunday. I will pick you up at 7 am. By the way, your son is such a cute little one.’ He grinned at her.

‘Thank you. That is not necessary. I may not be ready to leave by then. Don’t bother yourself.’ She tried to dissuade him but it was an exercise in futility because he didn’t even answer her. He turned towards the door.

‘Where is your husband, Becky?’ The question came out of the blues, throwing her off-guard.

‘I don’t know. I think the last time I heard he was somewhere in the U.S.A.’ She mumbled in a defeated voice. He realized she was feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

‘I will see you tomorrow morning. Extend my regards to your mum and Michael.’ He smiled but he was seething inwardly. Bastard! I will find you and make you pay for all you have done to her, he promised himself. He walked out of her home and closed the door with a gentle click behind him.

Rebecca dropped on the closest seat as she released her breath slowly and realized her legs were shaking. Damn you, Joe, you are the only one that gets my emotions moving up and down like a yo-yo, she swore inwardly but she was smiling.


‘I’m worried about Kayode. He has locked himself in the room for the past few days and refused to come out.’ Patricia turned worried gaze to Salmon. She had called him immediately they left the family meeting at the Coker’s house and updated him. He sent a driver to pick them up the following morning and took them to the new rented duplex at Tanke. He had been a regular visitor since then but he didn’t want to spend the night until his divorce was final with Ifeoma.

‘Kayode is a spoilt brat. I’ve tried to talk to him but he has been very rude and insolent. You did a bad job of raising him.’ Salmon tried to soften his voice but his feelings came through, loud and clear. He had craved a male child all his life, albeit secretly. It was a rude shock to realize the one thing he wanted so much was a complete disappointment.

‘I know. I’m sorry about that but you need to give him time to adjust, considering the circumstances on the ground. He is still reeling from the shock of it all.’ She protested weakly.

‘He is a man, Pat. Life happens all the time, we all need to deal with it the best way we can.’ He paused. ‘What do you want to do about him?’ He asked after a moment.

‘I’ve called Aliyah and begged her to come and talk to him if you don’t mind.’ She gave him a pleading sideways look. He shrugged with indifference.

‘I have no issue with that. So what do you plan to do with your life? Stay at home and continue to babysit your son?’ He raised an eyebrow at her, half mocking.

‘It is not funny, Salmon. I will think of something. I’ve never worked all my life.’ She picked at a thread in her dress.

‘Well, if you are contented with whatever I have to offer you and you won’t start comparing me with the Almighty Coker, I will try my best to satisfy you.’ He watched her bent head.

‘Don’t be silly.’ She sent him a reproving look beneath her eye-lashes.

‘It is the truth. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It is refreshing to have a woman who is readily available at all time.’ He teased as he bent over her. He captured her mouth as she opened it to give him a sharp retort and rubbed his hands all over her breasts through the cotton material of her gown. Her nipples stiffened instantly and she moaned into his mouth.

He pushed her gently unto her back as he deepened the kiss and wedged himself between her thighs.

‘Salmon, we are in the sitting room. Anyone could come in.’ she panted out when she broke the kiss and tried to push him off.

‘I don’t care. This is my house. Anyone coming in should knock if they don’t want to witness what they are not supposed to.’ He spared her a glance as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans along with his boxers. His arousal sprang free with its glistening head.

‘Ah…i think you should use protection or something?’ She swallowed nervously as she tried to shift away but he was between her thighs and had raised her legs to his shoulders.

‘Can you get pregnant?’ He asked absently as he tugged her pants to a side and slipped a finger in. An involuntary moan escaped her mouth as her hips jerked when he explored her moist depth gently. He smiled to himself as he watched her writhed and jerked with pleasure.

‘Oh, my’ Her breath came faster. He held her legs apart and guided his manhood in, slowly. Her vagina walls tightened involuntarily around him and he groaned out loud as he increased the tempo until they both screamed with the climax.


‘Go away. I don’t want to talk to anybody.’ Kayode shouted coldly when the knocking on his bedroom door went on incessantly.

‘I need to talk to you, Kay. It is important.’ Aliyah responded coldly as she stared at the doorway. How did I imagine myself being in love with this coward? She thought annoyingly.

‘What do you want? I thought you don’t want to marry me.’ His voice was muffled.

‘I still don’t want to marry you. Thank God I rejected your offer because I can’t imagine being married to a coward who stayed in his bedroom just because life hit him.’ She stated in a cold hard voice. She was about to leave his bedroom doorway when the key turned in the lock and the door slide open.

‘What do you want apart from insulting me?’ His eyes were bloodshot and his voice was husky.

‘You stink, Kay. I give you ten minutes to clean up and meet me in the sitting room. If not, you will see the last of me and your son. You don’t even care about him anyway. The time has started counting.’ She tapped her slim gold wristwatch before she turned and walked away on her heels.

He swore ripely as he banged the door closed.

‘What the hell is wrong with you, Kay? Why are you giving your mother hell?’ She rounded on him immediately he appeared a few minutes later, clad in a clean rumbled t-shirt and blue jeans.

‘What do you mean? Is she not the one who got me into this mess in the first place? She turned me into a laughing stock among my friends simply because she couldn’t keep her legs closed. She messed up my life. Damn it!’ He glared at her.

‘You messed up your life. Your paternity doesn’t determine what you become in life. She is not responsible for your womanizing, boozing or messing around when your mates were busy excelling in life. Thank God you still have a father that is still willing to get you a decent job. Go out there and you will know the labor market is not smiling. Idiot.’ She picked up her bag with a hiss.

‘What do you know? Do you know what it feels to be called a bastard?’ He complained bitterly.

‘You are even complaining as if you care about the father you have always known all your life. Is it not the money and the lifestyle he gave you that you care about? Is that not why you wanted to kill his biological son? I am highly disappointed in you.’ She paused. ‘Yes, I know what it means to be a bastard. Mr. Salmon is not my biological father but it changes nothing about who I am.’ She headed for the door.

His jaw dropped in shock and awe. He caught her at the door.

‘Are you serious? Does that mean we can still marry?’ He asked anxiously.

‘No, I am in a relationship with another man. I am in love with a man who doesn’t whine and complains the way you do. You better brush up your act if you want your son to be proud of the man his father is.’ She brushed away his arm and walked away.

‘I’m sorry, son, for all the shame I have caused you.’ Patricia was standing a few feet away when he turned around. He looked very bleak.

‘Okay. When next is he coming back?’ He asked shortly, refusing to refer to Salmon as Dad.

‘He will be here this evening’ She replied quietly.

‘I will see him when he comes.’ He went to the kitchen and went to get something to eat.

‘God bless you, Aliyah.’ Patricia prayed fervently.


The phone rang. Joseph stirred from sleep, burying his head deeper into the pillow. It rang continuously until his mind decided he wasn’t dreaming. He reached out his hand and groped for it on the bedside table.

Why the hell didn’t I switch this thing off before going to bed? He thought irritably as he tapped the phone and barked into it. He didn’t open his eyes.

‘Who is this?’

‘I’m so sorry to wake you up, Joe. I need your help desperately.’ It was Rebecca. He sat up abruptly in bed.

‘What is the problem?’ His voice was husky with sleep.

‘My mum had a heart attack. Though she is stabilized now and the paramedics are on the way but I can’t take Michael with me to the hospital. Can I drop him at your place on our way to the hospital? I will come and pick him in the morning.’ Her voice wavered but she struggled to firm it.

‘I will be right over.’ He tapped the phone and rolled out of bed.

Barely ten minutes later, he was driving into the big compound of the 3-story building at garage Offa where she was occupying a 3 bedroom apartment. The paramedics were already there and were loading the elderly woman into the hospital ambulance. Rebecca was already dressed in a  black skirt and white shirt, partially covered by her lab coat. She rushed forward to meet him as he pulled to a stop.

‘Thank you. I appreciate you. I will get his stuff.’ Her smile was wobbly at the edges, despite her brave appearance.

He pulled her into his arms for a full body hug and rubbed her back gently with firm strokes. Her arms tightened around his neck and she exhaled twice before her lips curved into a smile.

‘She will be fine. If there is any other way I can assist , don’t hesitate to let me know.’ He rubbed his forehead against her own and dropped a kiss on her nose before moving away.

‘You are doing it already. Thank you.’ She felt better already.

‘I will get Michael.’ He took the staircase two at a time and found his bedroom easily. The little boy was sitting up in bed, looking tousled and sleepy in his pajama tops and trousers.

‘Is grandma going to die?’ His red lower lips jutted out as he looked up at him.

‘No, She is just a bit sick. She will be fine soon. Will you come with me to my house?’ He crouched beside his bed with a smile.

‘Do you have a mummy? Can I call her grandma?’ He asked curiously with a trembling smile.

‘Yes, you can. Let’s get going so your mum can follow Grandma to the hospital.’ He picked him up along with the bag beside the bed and was on his way out when Rebecca met them.

‘I will lock up and meet you shortly.’ She marched action with words and joined them downstairs in a few seconds.

‘His school resume by 8 am. He takes cereals in the morning and I pack his lunch and snacks in the bag. Tomorrow is Friday and it is a half day. They closed at 1 am…’ She trailed off with a smile when he turned laughing gaze at her.

‘Go away, Becky. We will be fine. I have a mother too, you know?’ He teased as he opened the door and dropped the little boy in the passenger seat, adjusting it to a comfortable position.

‘Don’t be naughty, Michael. Be good. Mummy loves you.’ The ambulance’s horn sounded impatient, interrupting her nervous tirade and she hurried away with a smile.

‘I like your car. I wish mummy can get a car too.’ Michael mumbled at the tail end of a yawn.

‘She will have one very soon.’ He smiled at him as he put the car into drive and drove out of the compound after the ambulance.

Michael was fast asleep by the time they get home.


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