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BIRTHMARK IMAGEChief Mrs. Olayemi Abeeb was a Lagos state-based businesswoman who rarely stayed at home. She has a big departmental store that was run by her manager and salesperson while she traveled around the world for one business deal to another.


She had dismissed her previous house help a month ago when she discovered that the later was in possession of some of her misplaced pieces of jewelry. She needed to replace her as soon as possible as she rarely stayed in Lagos the few times she was less busy.


Her husband stayed in port-Harcourt with her four boys who visited Lagos only when they were on holiday.


She was watching a TV program when her driver arrived with her new house help. She pressed the ‘pause’ button on the VCR and stared in horror at the teenage girl who walked in to stand in front of her.


‘Good afternoon ma’am.’ Fatihat went on her knees in front of her, clutching the Ghana-must-go bag which held her few belongings, in front of her.


She has four boys; three of them are teenagers while her first son, Olawale just got admission into University of Ibadan medicine school. He rarely visited.  Her second son, Olatunde was the most notorious and most handsome out of them all. He just finished his secondary school and would be coming down for a long break while the last two were still in secondary school.


“Oh my lord of mercy!” Yemi exclaimed as she stared at the fair, dark-haired girl clad in faded Ankara blouse and skirt. Despite her poor dressing, even Yemi knew she was a walking temptation for any hot-blooded man. She felt scared for her kids. She has a houseful of men! “What part of Nigeria do you come from?” She asked disgustingly.


“I’m from Kaduna ma.”Fatihat stared at her toes.


“I see.  Are you a half-caste? I mean is any of your parents from outside Nigeria?’  Yemi’s eyes narrowed suspiciously, taking in her small sharp nose and naturally lined small pouting lips.


“I don’t know. I promise to be good, madam. Please don’t send me away.” Fatihat raised her palms in a plea, aware that the woman has taken a sudden dislike to her. She didn’t know why.


“Well, I don’t care where you come from but I want to give you a warning. I have four boys and they spend their holidays with me. Please keep your distance whenever they are around. Is that clear?” she demanded.


“Yes ma” Fatihat nodded her head vigorously. Then it occurred to her that the girl didn’t even understand what she was talking about. She sighed with relief and smiled politely at her.


“How old are you?” She asked curiously.


“I’m fourteen ma” She refused to meet her eyes.


“Well, you are certainly naïve and small for your age. Kofoworola told me you want to continue with your schooling, is that true?”She sat back.


“Yes, ma. I promised it won’t affect anything I have to do here.” She hastened to reassure her.


“That is fine. You are very smart but I hope Lagos will not teach you a lesson?” She murmured under her breath. She shook her head again. “I will show you to your room and give you the whole night to settle in” She got to her feet and shut down the television set.



Life in the Abeeb’s home was slightly better than what it was at home. At least she is getting paid for her services, even though her boss was as harsh as her step-mother was but she cared less about it all.


At almost fifteen, she was averagely tall and her body was filling out in the right places. She was a sight to behold in her school uniform, a green pleated short skirt and white long sleeve shirt.

She has her shares of toasters and admirers both at school and wherever she went like any other adolescent young girl but she was smart enough to realize any wrong step could jeopardize her future. However, destiny has something else in store for her.



Tunde Abeeb wrote his last paper before the school term was over but he waited till his younger brothers were on vacation from school and decided to come down to Lagos with them.


Their mother was not home when they got into the house. They were informed by their security man that she was still in the shop.


His brothers retired to their room to play games after helping themselves to the cold lunch they found in the fridge. Obviously, their mother has been expecting them.


He went to his room to watch his favorite season film ‘Prison break’. His bedroom window faced the gate. He heard the gate opened around 5 pm in the evening, and then he heard voices at the gate. He expected to hear the sound of a car but when nothing came, he stood up and went to the window out of curiosity.


He whistled long and slowly under his breath and stared with blatant admiration at the walking vision who walked through the gate. His loin tightened with desire.


It was the vacation day at Fatihat‘s school. She was in senior secondary school one. She felt on top of the world and whistled a soft tune to herself as she came in through the gate. She was clad in her school uniform with her school beret under her armpit while her report sheet was folded in the other hand.


“I feel good! Tra la la la la. Baba, good afternoon.” She grinned at the elderly security man. The man couldn’t help returning her infectious smile.


“You win visa lottery this afternoon, fati?”He asked curiously.


“I passed all my papers, baba. I can’t wait to show my madam. I feel so good.” She hugged him joyfully. He laughed out loud.


“You do well, my girl! Well done!” He smiled at her.


“Two pieces of meats for you tonight. Don’t let madam hear that ‘o.” She said in a stage whisper as she cat-walked away towards the house, oblivious of her young admirer who stood at the window, watching till she disappeared into the house. She didn’t know about their new visitors until her boss came in quite earlier than usual and announced their presence. She came to serve them at dinner and returned to the kitchen to finish her chores for the day.


“Who is she, mum? Where is Mariam?”Tunde was unable to hide his curiosity.

“I have sent Mariam away. She is the new replacement and her name is fatihat.”Their mum watched each of them very closely.


“Really? She is the prettiest house maid we ever have. Where did you find her, mum?”Her last born, Tayo asked curiously.


“My friend, kofo, the one who stayed in Kaduna sent her to me.” She reached for the salt.


“I see. She must be a Hausa girl then, isn’t it?” Ayo gave her a questioning look.


“She is Hausa. You guys should eat your food. Stop this question and answer session about my new house girl.”She chided softly.


They discussed every other thing about their lives except their housemaid but Tunde’s mind was on the pretty face and he couldn’t wait to talk to her.


On the other hand, fatihat kept to her post and away from her boss’s son but she could feel Tunde’s gaze on her back each time she walked past, so she avoided his presence altogether.


One evening, Fatihat just finished taking her bath very late in the night and came out of the bathroom, clad in a towel wrapped around her middle to find Tunde, sitting on the only chair in her room. She stifled a scream and ran straight back into the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom door has no lock.


“Come out right now, fatihat or I will come after you. I know the bathroom does not have a lock.” He was greatly amused. She scrambled into her dirty skirt and blouse and came out, furious.


“What are you doing in my room, you unmannered idiot?” She screamed at him.


“You better keep your voice down or everybody will come in to know what we are talking about. You still look pretty by the way.” He told her with a grin.


“What do you want? Please get out of my room right now, I want to sleep.” She stood by the bathroom door with beating heart.


“I want you.” He said simply and quietly. She felt her jaw dropped in shock. “Stop acting naive, baby girl. You know I’ve always wanted you and that was why you avoid me like plague. Come off it, you know I can give you a nice time. All you need to do is to say yes.” He said with undisguised arrogance and her jaw dropped even further.


“You are mad, stark, raving mad, Olatunde Abeeb! What kind of girl do you think I am? A call girl, whore or a harlot?” Her voice was hostile.


“Okay, I’m sorry. We will start all over again but can we at least be friends? I truly want to be close to you.” He got to his feet and she took a step away. “Common, fatihat. If I want to do anything to you, I would have joined you in the bathroom even before you came out. I’ve been watching you all night. Don’t be a spoilsport. Please!” He said quietly and she stared at him for a moment, trying to read his mind.


“Okay. I will be your friend but please keep your distance from me. Don’t get me into trouble please.” Her voice was firm.


“But I still want to date you, Fati. I want to know you in every way a man knows a woman and I won’t give up on that.Goodnight” He blew her a kiss and walked out while she stared at him, stupefied.



Tunde’s father, Mohammed Abeeb has a growing manufacturing company in Lagos. He shuttled between it and the company where he was an employee which was located in Port-Harcourt. With the assistance of his business-oriented wife, the company has been thriving and they were already considering diversifying into other areas.


After his secondary school, Tunde joined his father’s company pending the time his result would be out and subsequently his admission into a higher institution. He went to work every day and came back a few hours after fatihat returned from school, then he would join her in the kitchen and chat about his day until his mum returned from the shop.


The long vacation ended and his siblings returned to Port Harcourt, so he was often alone in the house with her most of the time.


At first, fatihat was edgy and uncomfortable in his presence, no matter where they were, especially as he continued flirting with her and trying to touch her whenever he could but after sometimes, she stopped taking him seriously and actually enjoyed his company. However, affairs came to a head one fateful morning.



Fatihat was in senior secondary two. The class was proving rather challenging for her. It was the middle of the second term and her school was on two days mid-term break. Once they resumed, they will have a series of tests which she was determined to pass at all cost.


Her plan was to do her chores on time and as fast as possible, then returned to her room to start studying. She has the whole house to herself that morning except for the security guard who was inside the security house. She moved from one bedroom to another, scrubbing bathroom and toilet.


She was inside Tunde’s room, clad in her short skirt and T-shirt when he came in. He wasn’t feeling too good that morning and decided to take the day off from work. He got permission from his immediate boss and headed home only to find her in his bedroom, oblivious to his presence as she sang softly under her breath.


She was scrubbing the bath and he could see her fair thigh up to the beginning of her cheap panties.


Desire slammed straight into him and sweats beaded on his forehead which has nothing to do with his rising fever.


He walked out briefly as he unbuttoned his shirt and removed his trousers with hammering heart, then came back in with a determined look on his face.


Fatihat came out of the bathroom as he was locking his bedroom door and she dropped the bowl and brush she was holding abruptly.


“What are you doing at home at this hour? Why are you locking your bedroom door? Don’t you know I’m in?” She asked curiously as her thoughts raced ahead of her.


“I wasn’t feeling fine at work, so I decide to come back home and rest.” He came towards her. She took several steps back until the back of her knee connect with the bed, and then she lost her balance and toppled onto the bed. He was on top of her.


“What are you doing? Please get off me.” She screamed at him, terrified and scared.


“Common, Fatihat. Don’t you even have any feelings for me at all? Stop pretending you don’t want me.” He put his hands in the v-neck of her t-shirt and tore it into two equal halves, exposing her firm young breasts to his lustful gaze.


“Get off me, you brute.” She fought him with all her might, galvanized by her rage and fear but she was no match for his masculine strength.


He took her two arms and pinned it with one of his own while he settled firmly between her thighs, holding her lower body down with his own.


With his free hand and mouth, he sampled, sucked and licked at her exposed breasts, paying attention to the taut, rosy nipple which tightened even more as he sucked at it. She released an involuntary moan and tried to bite him with her teeth. He bit her nipple sharply and she cried out in pain as tears filled her eyes.


“Will you stop fighting me? Can’t you see yourself? You are already as aroused as I am. Quit fighting and let’s enjoy this like two civilized adults.” He chided her and continued his expert touch and petting on her body.


“Please, Tunde let me go for the sake of God.” She said in a ragged sob, tears running down her face but the only response she got from him was the tightening of his fingers on her breast as he squeezed harder.

She gave one last struggle with all her strength, twisting beneath him but she realized quite too late that she only got him aroused the more.


He reached beneath her and tore off her cheap panties, then pushed her legs apart and entered her with one plunge. She screamed and he froze in shock as he realized quite too late that she was a virgin!


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