18 Apr

mistress 3He groaned with pleasure as the lithe young woman on his laps moved expertly on his dick. His naked body shone with sweat as he grabbed her waist in a bid to try and control the pace of their mating, but it was a futile move. She was completely in charge.


Belinda Wright had been his mistress since he met her at a fundraising ball four years ago. Her beautifully innocent face was what first captured his attention and he had become her slave since then. So besotted was he that he was ready to divorce his wife and marry her in a heartbeat if only she would have him forever.


‘Come for me, Daddy!’


Her sultry voice cut through his thoughts as she changed position and speed.


‘You are killing me, baby,’ he managed as the climax tore through him and in another minute he was spurting his warm seed into her even as she continued to grind him until she also came with a moan.


‘Marry me, Belinda. Please marry me. You won’t regret it, I promise you,’ he begged in a hoarse voice as he hugged her limp sleek body to his chest.


‘I can’t be a second wife, Chief. My parents would never agree to it.


He felt her lips curve in a smile against his damp chest and sighed.


‘Will you marry me if I send her packing then? I can start the divorce process immediately you know, since we’re already more or less like strangers living under the same roof.’


She laughed at the petulance in his voice as she separated from him and got to her feet.

‘Chief, your marital issues are none of my business. You’re old enough to be my father, and the only reason I keep coming back here is because you have a better weapon than many younger men and you know how to use it well.’


She was unselfconscious in her glorious nakedness as she openly admired his now flaccid penis, and burst into another bout of laughter as it immediately started stiffening under her gaze.


‘Can you see? It wants you again, so soon after the mind blowing sex we just had. Why will I not want to wake up beside you every day?’

‘That’s not a reason to get married,’ she flung over her shoulder as she stepped away from him towards the mini fridge in the corner where she poured herself a cold glass of water and sipped from it.


‘Besides, Chief, I’m getting married.’

‘What?’ he exploded. ‘What did you just say?’

‘I’m getting married,’ she repeated with a smile. It was strained.

‘That can’t be true?’

This time his words came out in a whisper.

‘It’s true, Chief,’ she assured him. ‘I wouldn’t have told you at all, but for some reasons beyond my control.’

‘And what could those reasons be? Who is the idiot that wants to snatch you from me?’

‘Well, the idiot happens to be your first son, Olalekan.’

She lifted her chin and fixed him with a challenging gaze.

‘What the hell! My what? Abomination! Impossible! You can never marry my son, you whore!’

He jumped up from his seat, a vein throbbing in his neck. His penis was limp.

‘Really? You want to bet on that?’ Her smile had now totally disappeared and her voice had an edge to it.

‘I forbid it,’ he continued. ‘It’s never going to happen.’


Then he hissed and stormed towards the closet where his clothes were hung. Three minutes later, he was gone from the apartment.


‘Chief, what’s the problem? I noticed you’ve not been sleeping well in the past few days.’


Chief sighed and sat up in bed.


‘It’s true my dear. I have some things on my mind but I’ll soon sort them out.’ He tried to be as relaxed as possible and keep his voice level as he answered because he knew his wife was a very observant woman who quickly picked up on such signs, but it was difficult to suppress the picture in his mind of his son making sweet love to Belinda.


‘Do you want to talk about it? A problem shared is half solved you know.’


Guilt filled his heart at the concern in her eyes.

‘Did Lekan tell you anything about getting married?’ he asked tentatively.

‘Oh yes, he did. He actually brought Belinda to my shop, such a sweet and innocent one she is, that girl.’


He stared at her in horror as she continued.

‘I think they’re coming over by the weekend to meet and inform you of their engagement, and then we’ll fix a date when….

‘He can’t marry her,’ he cut in forcefully.

‘He can’t? Why? What is the problem? Have you met her?’

‘If he marries her, he will die. A prophet told me that last week. According to his revelation, she has a curse on her, so we have to do everything we can to make sure they never get married.’


‘Wow, Ayobami. When did you start believing in prophets and visions? You don’t even go for Sunday service!’

‘Layo, you don’t understand. This has nothing to do with what I believe. Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him myself.

‘Is there something you are not telling me?’ she asked, frowning.

‘That’s it, nothing more. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it, everything will be fine.’

He smiled to reassure her before he adjusted his position and closed his eyes.


She did the same after a while.


Chief Ayobami Ajayi sat alone behind the desk in his study, lost in thought as he stared into space. It was Saturday and his son would soon be visiting with his fiancée.


The door suddenly opened and Belinda walked in, closing it gently behind her with a firm click. The air hummed with tension as their eyes met.


‘What are you doing in my study?’


His voice was hostile.


‘Do you remember David,’ she asked as she stepped forward, a small smile on her brightly painted lips.

‘David?’ he responded, bewildered.

‘Yes, David. He was an apprentice at the mechanic workshop where you used to service your cars. He came to this house to work on one of your cars and was never seen alive again.’


She was now directly opposite him and paused, her cold eyes still fixed on his.


‘What are you talking about?’

‘He was my only brother.’


Her voice was barely audible but the venom in it was biting and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from hers.

‘You robbed a widow of her only son that day. For months I planned on how to exact my revenge, until fate was nice enough to bring us together. At first I wanted to poison you, but I changed my mind, since you were more useful to me alive than dead. Your wealth saw me and my sister through school, and it also built my mum’s business. She can comfortably support herself now, so it’s time to make the final move in this brilliant game of mine.’

‘What…what’s that,’ he croaked. Beads of sweat stood out clearly on his forehead in spite of the air conditioning in the room.


‘I dare you to openly oppose my marriage to your son. Then the world will know everything!


She let those words hang ominously in the air as she turned, walked briskly to the door and let herself out.




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