14 Jun

BIRTHMARK IMAGE“I have met Yetunde Badmus formally again. I like her a lot.”Tunde said quietly as he looked down at her face.

“She is a good woman. She has been so supportive throughout this whole ordeal. I never expected this much from her, considering the circumstances surrounding our meeting but then I have met just a few nice people in my journey through life so far.”She said with a smile but he didn’t smile back.

“Things will start changing from now on. That is a promise.”He licked the top of her nose and made her giggle.

“Stop it! I have a lot of things to do this morning.”She pushed at him again.

“Of course, we have things to do.”He winked outrageously at her and traced the seam of her lips with his tongue. Her eyes fluttered closed and she relaxed against him as he sucked at her lower lips, nibbling gently.

She tugged at his casual shirt until it came out of the waistband of his jeans and slide her hands up his bare back caressingly. He groaned deep in his throat and took full possession of her mouth, making her moan softly against his mouth.

His buttons came undone one after the other and she pressed her fingers to his bare chest. He broke the kiss, angled his head and kissed her again, thoroughly and deeply until she felt her toes curling with desire. He moved both of them slowly, systematically until she felt the back of her knees touched the edge of the bed and lowered both of them to the bed.


“Fatihat, I need to use your bathroom. The guest toilet is seriously messed up and I’m pressed right now.”Yetunde’s voice proceeded her into the room as she opened Fatihat’s bedroom door and waddled in. “Excuse me.” she took in the scene at a glance and beat a hasty retreat.

Fatihat broke the kiss and stared at the closed door for a moment.

“She is gone already.”His voice was husky as he turned onto his back, carrying her with him.

“I really need to get up and dressed.”She began but had barely finished the sentence when he kissed her again.

Once again, she was lost in the passion engulfing them both. He caressed her through the house robe before finally tugging at the sash to run his fingers over her bare shoulder, pulling the robe down her arms inch by inch.

“I want you so much it hurts!”He groaned against her lips and followed the path he had exposed with his lips. She moaned out loud and threw back her head in invitation.

The door opened again in the distance. Josephine’s voice penetrated through the blood rushing through her head.

“Sleepyhead wake up! Your colleagues at work are here to for a visit.”Josephine was saying as she rubbed her palms down the front of the apron covering her clothe and gaped, slack-jawed at the scene before her eyes.

“Why can’t one have a moment of privacy in this room?”He mumbled to himself, buried his head in the curve of her neck for a moment to get his equilibrium back before releasing her with obvious reluctance and got to his feet. He scowled at Josephine.

“If eyes can kill, I would have been dead by now.”Josephine laughed at him. He walked out with a hiss, even as a reluctant smile tugged at his lips.

Fatihat rolled onto her stomach and buried her head in the pillow for a moment.

“No comment, baby sister. I will just wait for you to dress up and we can go downstairs together.”Josephine sat down at her dressing table and stretched out her aching legs.

“I don’t need your comment but I will give you mine. You are a royal pain in the ass.” she went back to her open wardrobe.

“Tell me, please. Would you guys have made love while we are downstairs, waiting for you?”Josephine asked curiously.

“How am I supposed to know when you barged in on us?”Fatihat hissed again as she threw out jean and t-shirt and slammed the wardrobe door closed.

“Don’t tell me you are so horny, dearie.” Josephine raised an eyebrow at her. They both burst into laughter.

“What is going on between you guys?’Her sister asked after a moment. She shrugged with a nonchalance she was not feeling.

“I don’t know. Please don’t ask me that question again because I don’t know the answer.” Her sister saw the confusion in her eyes.

“I know you will work it out eventually. No wonder you have not been moving with your crew lately. Is it because of him?”Josephine got to her feet as her sister pulled on her jeans and dropped the robe.

“I am a mother. None of my friends has a kid. They don’t understand that no matter how much I value their friendship, my kid will always come first.” She shrugged as she pulled on her t-shirt.

“That is right. You may also decide to settle down at any time. I am sure none of them is at that stage yet. Life is not always about catching fun with parties and booze always.”Josephine pulled off her apron and threw it around her neck.

“Don’t even go there, Jose. I didn’t tell you I am ready to settle down.’ She scowled at her sister. ‘That reminds me. Who was that man sitting beside mum in the sitting room? I have never seen him before.” Her voice was curious she opened the door and stepped out, closely followed by her sister.

“His name is Kayode Okunola. He works in Muritala Mohammed International Airport but he also has other businesses elsewhere. He is a widower with grown-up kids who stayed in the United Kingdom. Mum met him during one of her business trip out of the country and they have been friends since then.” Josephine rattled off with a mischievous smile.

Fatihat stopped abruptly and her sister almost ran into her back. She turned around to face her. “How come you know so much about him? What kind of friendship exists between man and woman?”

“It is the kind of friendship that is running through your head right now. Don’t tell me you are getting worked up at the thought of your mother dating a man?”

“Are you telling me she is actually dating that man? I can’t believe that!”She felt the panic rise up in her throat.

‘Yes. You should get used to it. Get out of my way please!” Josephine pushed past her and went down the staircase.

She stared after her for a moment and stormed down the staircase as well.


Her siblings have moved to the swimming pool terrace while the younger kids have moved to Gift’s room to play with her games but her mother was still sitting where she was with the same man when she got to the sitting room.

She seethed with anger as she entertained her company staffs with the help of Yetunde and Josephine.

She couldn’t bear it any longer. She marched to where her mother was sitting and requested to see her privately in the kitchen. She didn’t spare Kayode a glance.

“That is my daughter, Kayode. I’m sorry she was so rude to you but she is a very nice girl.” Chenille’s voice was full of apology as she got to her feet.

“I’ve noted the resemblance. I also understand her reaction as well. She has every right to her feelings.”He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. She gave him a grateful smile. “Thank you. I will be right back.” She squeezed his hand right back and went to meet her daughter where she was waiting impatiently in the kitchen.


“Who is he, mom?”

“His name is Kayode. He is my friend. Do you have a problem with that?”She raised an eyebrow at her daughter as she sat down on a kitchen stool.

“When do you start having man friends? I think that should be my ball game.” Her voice was full of sarcasm.

“I have a life to live and I won’t spend it defending it to you, Elizabeth. I’m sorry this is coming as a shock to you but Kayode is the second man I’m dating in my entire life. I’m willing to take the risk of being hurt again if it is worth it.”

“In other words, you are telling me you are willing to marry him if it works out, right?”She felt what she recognized as fear rising up her throat like bile. Chenille nodded. “Don’t you ever learn from your past mistake, mum?”

“I learn from it, love but I don’t have to live in the past. The fear of being let down should not stop me from reaching out and loving again. It is a risk worth taking, my dear daughter.” She saw Yetunde hovering in the kitchen doorway, about to turn around and motioned for her to come in.

“Don’t you know men are nothing but snakes and I think by now you should know that?”Fatihat turned round in frustration and blushed when she saw Yetunde.

“It is okay, fatihat. I think your mum is right. Not all men are snakes and I’m a living testimony to that.” Yetunde told her with a gentle smile. She turned to stare out of the window, trying to come to terms with her feelings. “I know you once persuaded Olalekan to accept his step-father. Yes, I know about it.”She added when Fatihat gave her a surprised look. “He told me about the conversation he had with you but I didn’t know it was you he was talking about. I warned him not to talk to strangers again.”Yetunde’s smile was rueful.

“How are you so sure he is going to make you happy? How are you sure he won’t hurt you the way dad did?”She felt as if she was losing her mother again when she just found her.

“I am not sure but I am ready to find out. No law stated that I should marry him; I’m just giving him a chance in my life. I need a companion, Elizabeth, you can’t provide everything for me.”Chenille got to her feet and took her hands in hers.

“If he messes up, she can always opt out. It is not a do or die affair. It doesn’t mean her love for you will diminish.’ Yetunde’s smile was reassuring.

“You are my only baby, Lizzy. I love you so much. Nobody can ever take your place in my heart.’ Chenille enveloped her in a warm, sweet hug. Fatihat felt tears fill her eyes. “I hope so.”Her voice ended in a whisper but her mother heard her and drew back.

“That is a promise, baby and I intend to keep it.” She kissed her cheeks and watched her for a moment as she struggled to accept it all at once.

“No problem.” She turned towards Yetunde who was busy at the sink now. “Mama Triplet, don’t you think it is right time you get off your feet?”Yetunde laughed.

“She is right. You have done enough for a day.” Chenille seconded firmly and pushed her away from the sink gently.

“Don’t start on me, please. Ademola has been shooting me daggers with his eyes but I’m as strong as a horse, I swear.’ She grinned but she sank into the kitchen stool when fatihat pushed her into one.

“Mum, go and attend to your visitor. I will sort this out.”Fatihat pushed her mother out of the kitchen and went to the sink to wash up the dirty dishes.


“Do you think I am being childish by feeling scared?” She asked after a moment of companionable silence.

“No. You are just being human. You are the bravest woman I have ever come across.”

“I just felt as if I’m losing everybody that means something to me.’ She laughed nervously. “I mean Josephine is getting married to wale next month and mum’s relationship may eventually work out.”Her voice ended in a whisper.

“Common, Fatihat, you are braver than this. You are not losing them simply because they are involved in a relationship that makes them happy. You should be happy for them and learn to accept the happy change that is happening in their lives. Yoruba people will say twenty kids cannot play for twenty years, it is simply impossible.”The older woman told her wisely. She listened while she sorted through her feelings. “Moreover, I think you are a very lucky woman.” she added. Fatihat turned to give her full attention.

“How?” Her look was confused.

“You are young, beautiful and rich which cannot be said for a lot of women. You have kids that adore you, siblings, a mother, and best of all a man who adores you unless I am misinterpreting something.”Yetunde met her gaze. She turned away.

‘Please don’t go there. I don’t know the answer to that myself.” She murmured to herself.

Yetunde smiled at her back. She is in love and she doesn’t even know it yet, the older woman thought amusingly but wisely kept her comment to herself.


It was her last semester in school. The final exam was ongoing but she didn’t have any paper to write that day. She was in school for tutorial classes and was about to leave when her phone rang. It was Yetunde.

“Hi fatihat, Can you get Lekan and Funmi in school today while you pick up Gift and Aisha? I’m feeling a bit sick and I can’t get hold of my driver.”Yetunde said in a strained voice.

Fatihat had been a quite busy mapping out her sibling’s future. She had enrolled Bilqis in a private lesson to help her catch up with her secondary school education while she enrolled the twins in the college section of her children’s school, so they were in the same school with Yetunde’s step-daughter, Funmi.

She had never bothered to find out how they got mixed up with the ruthless gang because she had an idea of how already.

Aisha had started out at pre-nursery but the little girl’s smartness, despite her poor educational background had shocked them all. She was promoted to grade classes a few weeks later.

She decided to hasten up her progress by hiring private tutors for her and she wasn’t disappointed. She felt it was her greatest investment so far and one she was enjoying.

“I will pick them up and get them home for you but please try and see your doctor. I don’t want any complications.”Fatihat warned her.

“God forbids bad thing! Thank you fatihat, I really appreciate this.”Yetunde said with a laugh and hang up.


Fatihat was driving towards Yetunde’s place in Lekki with Aisha sitting beside her in the front while the other three kids sat behind her in the back seat, gisting about their day in school when a bullet entered the car. It missed fatihat by a hair’s breath and went out through the other window.

“That was a gunshot.”Funmi announced in shock while the other kids simply stared on in horror. Fatihat was shocked for just a moment before her finger jabbed on a button and all the windows went up.

“The windows are bullet-proof but I want you to keep your heads down and away from the window.”She ordered as she scanned the rearview mirror to know where her assailant was. Her foot pressed down on the accelerator. The car shot forward and the kids clung to each other.

“Oh god! What is all this again?”Gift began to cry as she re-lived the horror of her days during the kidnap.

“Will you shut your mouth and let me concentrate?”Fatihat shouted at her with a brief glance backward.

“It is okay, Gift. I’m sure Aunty Lilah will handle this perfectly.”Lekan patted his sister’s back comfortingly.

“That is right. She is a super-hero. Let’s keep praying. We will get home safely by God’s Grace.”Funmi seconded. Gift nodded without conviction.

Fatihat listened with half an ear to the children’s conversation and would have been amused if not because it was a life and death situation. She watched her side-mirror and noted her assailant was n a dark blue heavily tinted Honda accord but she couldn’t see their faces.

More shots rang out and the bullet sting her windows but it held.

Suddenly, the traffic on the road cleared and the road becomes deserted. She knew they could puncture her tire which would be suicidal with all the kids in the car. She regretted not having her gun with her.

Regret she quickly dismissed when she remembered she couldn’t kill in front of the kids, not when Lekan was already regarding her as some sort of superwoman. Frustration ate deep into her system but it didn’t stop her from thinking of how to get them out of this alive.

She sat back in a show of relaxation and steadily increased her speed. Funmi glanced at the speedometer and away again and stifled a scream. She swerved right, then left and overtook the few cars on the road as they started aiming at her car tires. She was damned if she would lead them to Yetunde’s house, so she led them out of Lagos via Epe road, lost them along the way. She came back into Lagos as it was getting dark.


“I was worried sick when you didn’t pick your calls. What is going on for God’s sake? Who is behind all these attacks?”Yetunde asked in horror when she heard their ordeal.

“I don’t know. Tunde’s detective has been working on it but so far so good, he has come up with nothing. This time around, I’m the target and they are in for a big fight because I’m not my daughter.” Her voice was grim.

“You are the mother of his daughter. He or She is aware of this.”Yetunde’s voice was quiet.

“They should go after his mother and his brothers. They should leave me in peace with my kid.” Her voice rang with open frustration as she got to her feet.

“It will soon be over but please be careful and watch your back always.” Yetunde reached for her hand and squeezed reassuringly.

“I will. I have to start going home. I have papers to write tomorrow.”She looked at her daughter who was huddled in an oversized sofa in a corner of the sitting room and dozing fitfully. Her heart went to her.

“Hey, baby. Should we go home now?”She scooped her up and sat down with her on her lap.

“Can’t we stay in mama triplet’s house? Those bad men can come after us again.”Gift burrowed into mother’s body and clung to her in obvious fear. Yetunde raised an eyebrow at the name the little girl had used to refer to her, knowing it was Fatihat’s handwork. Fatihat tried not to laugh out loud.

“Mama Triplet, can we spend the night here”Fatihat grinned at her.

“You are welcome with your battalions. Let’s have dinner and go to bed please.”Yetunde got to her feet and moved towards the kitchen.


It was Saturday. It was her last day in school. She just finished her last paper and was standing among her favorite’s classmates, mostly guys, listening to their heated argument.

It had been a very busy week in which she had attended almost all the send-off parties given to her and all the executives almost every night throughout the past few weeks. She was presidents of many of the social clubs in the school. She also held a post of vice-president at the student union government level. She was an active member known by virtually everybody on the campus.

She was still reeling from the praises and gifts showered on her by both individual and students body and was reluctant to say her final goodbye when Tunde appeared beside her.

“Good afternoon sir.”The students chorused. They caught both of them by surprise. “Good afternoon, guys. Congrats! I guessed today is your last day in school?”Tunde grinned at them as he shakes them one after the other.

‘Yes, sir. Can I serve in your company, sir?”Kola, the lousiest among them said quite seriously. Tunde exchanged a glance with fatihat who gave a rueful shrug.

“You are all welcome if you are posted to my company. I’m open to any assistance I can render you guys. I’m also wishing you luck in your various Endeavors’

“Lilah, you have always been one lucky babe! I envy you seriously.”The only other female among them, who happened to be deputy president of their department, Tosin said with undisguised admiration as she eyed Tunde and nodded her approval. Fatihat rolled her eyes in exasperation.

“You have always been one lousy bitch. I’m still going to miss you.”Fatihat scowled at her but her smile broke through.

“I wouldn’t mind that hunk of your man if that is the only thing you will give me.”Tosin whispered into her ear and hugged her tight.

“He is the only thing I can’t give you and my baby, of course, you rat!” Fatihat whispered back as she pinched and hugged her at the same time.

“I can’t blame you. We will keep in touch, right? I have one last meeting at the department.”

“We will see in town.”Fatihat nodded to her.

“It is really nice meeting you in person, Mr. Abeeb. Hope to see you some other time.” She saluted him and went away on a jog.

The guys collected Tunde’s number for future purpose. Fatihat said her final goodbye with hugs and promises to keep in touch and finally walked away from her campus life without a backward glance.



My sincere apologies for the prolonged silence on this series. It was due to circumstances beyond my control.

I am excited to tell you i am about to launch my first e-book, TWISTS OF FATE. Yes, it is happening.

Launch date will be 20th June 2018. It is my son’s birthday. So the date is very significant to me.

Thank you as i expect your support and your purchase as well. The book will cost shikini money. Lol!

Enjoy the read!


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