24 Jun

BIRTHMARK IMAGE“Those are one lousy set of people you moved with. How did they know about me?”Tunde asked curiously as he got behind the wheels and she slipped in beside him. “They are lousy by nature, which is why they were able to hold individual positions in the student union government. My life has always been a public book anyway, so I’m not surprised they know about you.”
‘How did you get to school today?”He asked curiously as he guided the car out of the school premises among jubilating students.
“I came on my power bike and gave it to one of my classmate who has always loved the bike.” Her voice vibrated with a quiet laugh as she turned to him. “Why did you want to see me?”
“I was told you were attacked again on your way from the kid’s school and you didn’t bother to tell me.” His voice was accusing.
“If I had told you, what did you intend to do about it?’
“But you could have told me or it is not important enough to mention in our discussion?”He drove out of the school premises and then, pulled up beside the road before facing her properly.
“Come off it. The attack has come and gone. We are still alive. What is the big deal about it?” Her voice heated up with anger. He gave her a moody look.
“I think I have to come up with another plan.”He gave her a speculative glance which raised her antennae instantly.
‘Don’t even go there, Tunde. You can hire bodyguards for your kids and whatever else you want but don’t try that with me, I’m not your woman and I can take good care of myself.”She was furious.
“You are not my woman yet. You will soon be and we both know it.”He met her gaze squarely and she returned it.
“You are so full of yourself, Tunde Abeeb. What gives you the idea that I even fancy you?” She was angry at the fact that he was right and he knew it.
“Look at me in the eye. Tell me I mean nothing to you and I will gladly let you go.’ He told her softly, quietly, holding her gaze. She looked away after a moment.
“That will be stupid of me.’ She murmured after a moment and looked out through her side of the window.
“You mean everything to me, Fatihat Ali. You are the only thing in my life I can never give up except the kids we made together.” His voice was full of sincerity. She realized with horror that he must have heard the statement she made to Tosin. “I heard what you said to Tosin quite alright and it made up my mind finally. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, baby.”He tipped her face towards him and covered her lips in a slow, thorough kiss that rocked her to the soul of her feet. She moaned helplessly as her heart picked up speed and responded to his kiss for a while until common sense intruded.
“I’m not ready to give up my freedom. I’m not even sure how I feel about you.” Her voice was pleading.
“I will give you as much time as you want but I don’t give up easily and I will keep asking you to marry me until you accept.”He promised her as he turned on the ignition key and moved out unto the road.
“Give me a break, will you?” She snapped angrily at him. He grinned as he flipped a finger down her small nose.
Yetunde’s pregnancy was in the ninth month. She was due for birth at any moment. It was Sunday. She was feeling bored and lonely.
Funmi and Lekan have gone to spend the weekend at Fatihat’s house which was Fatihat’s idea to relieve her of their troubles. Ademola was out of town on a business trip and was supposed to be back yesterday but he called the previous night to tell her he won’t be able to get back as initially planned.
She was still seething from the call and decided to occupy herself by cleaning up the whole house. As she grew heavier and less agile with time, Fatihat has been helping her to run her business. She has become a close friend and sister, rather than someone she has met and known in a rather bitter and trickish circumstance.
She was busy washing the bathroom tiles when she felt water trickling down her thigh. A scream rose up her throat. She was scared as she moved slowly out of the bathroom when she heard a sound of a car driving into her compound.
Any company would be welcome right now, she thought gratefully as she hurried to the front door and threw it open in time to see fatihat getting out of the car.
“You are so welcome, fatihat.” She went to hug her.
‘Hey, what is the hug all about? I was here yesterday.”She pushed her away as gently as possible and looked down at her. “Have you taken a recent shower?’ Fatihat asked curiously, looking at the trace of water at the back of her legs.
‘I don’t know what happens. I just felt the water trickling down my legs. I was so scared.”Yetunde said in a whisper and watched Fatihat’s face dissolved into smiles.
“Your water just broke, big sister. Let’s get going to the hospital before you go into labor. Go and sit in the car. I will get your hospital bag.”Fatihat ordered as she marched words with action and ran into the house to get her baby things.
Yetunde was sitting in the front seat by the time she came back, so she dropped the bag in the car boot and got behind the wheels. ‘I’m so glad you came today. What are those at the back of the car?”Yetunde asked curiously.
“They are baby things. I bought them during my last trip to England a few weeks ago and they are in threes.” She grinned as she expertly maneuvered the car out of their estate and unto the main road.
“You better stop that useless prophecy of yours. You can go and throw your three, three into the dustbin.”Yetunde glared angrily at her and she burst into laughter.
‘You look pensive. Is there any problem?”Yetunde asked after a moment and she sighed out loud.
“Am I so obvious?” She gave a weak laugh and stared at the road in front of her thoughtfully.
“What are you thinking about?”Yetunde probed gently.
‘Tunde has been asking me to marry him ever since the day I wrote my last paper. He wouldn’t let me be.” She burst out worriedly.
“What is stopping you from accepting his proposal? You don’t love him enough?”Yetunde raised an eyebrow at her.
“Honestly, it is not that. Damn it, I’m just twenty-six and I still valued my freedom.” She muttered almost to herself.
“Marriage doesn’t mean imprisonment. If you think it is with him, something is wrong somewhere. Is he still staying in his family house?’She asked curiously.
“He just bought himself one big fancy house in Magodo and spent millions furnishing it to perfection. That guy is crazy!” She laughed out loud as she remembered her surprise and admiration when she saw the house.
‘That guy will get the world for you if you want it. Please don’t throw this opportunity away. I even heard his company is one of the fastest growing companies in the country now. How true is that?”Yetunde looked at her.
“Tunde is the best man to run that company. I have never doubt that for a moment. You won’t believe how much I gained on the shares I sold to him. He is a damn genius!”She shakes her head with reluctant admiration.
“You admire him so much. You trust in his judgment and yet, you don’t want to marry him. This guy is rolling in money and he is inviting you to spend it with him. What else do you want? You want the moon?”Yetunde asked with heavy sarcasm. She winced mentally. “There are so many sharks out there; baby and they are ready to snatch him away if you don’t make up your mind on time.” She added as she felt a dull pain began in her lower stomach.
“We are in the hospital already. Just hold on a moment longer.” She drove into the hospital premises.
“I will if I have to.” Yetunde said through gritted teeth and stifled a scream as a blinding pain racked her body.
“Wait right there. I will be right back.’ She pulled up in hurry and jumped out to call the nurses.
Moments later, Yetunde was wheeled directly into the labor room. Fatihat sat in the waiting room, murmuring prayers under her breath. Her phone rang suddenly and she jumped out of her skin.
‘Hi, Fatihat. It is Demola speaking. Can you tell me where Yetunde is? I just got home now and I called her number but I realized the phone is ringing from the bedroom.”He sounded worried and scared.
“She is in the labor room. You can join me in the hospital….Uncle Demola?”The line has gone off. She stared at it for a moment, and then gave a rueful shrug before putting her phone in her back pocket and resumed her pacing.
Barely ten minutes later, Ademola joined her in the waiting room and hugged her gratefully. “Thank you, fatihat. I know I shouldn’t have traveled but she persuaded me to go. How is she? Have you seen her since she was taken into the labor room?”He asked anxiously.
“She is doing great, Uncle Ademola. Just pray for her and it will soon be over.”
He watched nurses and some patients entering and exiting the waiting room unseeingly. “Tell me about your birth labor when the twins came knocking.”He turned to her abruptly. She smiled with memory.
“I was scared and terribly lonely but at the same time, I was very angry at God for putting me in that condition. I was still angry at HIM for a very long time.” Her voice turned quiet.
“Which hospital did you use and who stayed with you? I guess you were rather too young then.”His voice was laced with genuine curiosity now. She laughed out loud.
“I was just sixteen or seventeen and I have nobody to call my own. I lived in an uncompleted house. It was Aunty Yetunde’s house, the one in Denro area on your way to acute. I have never been to the hospital before. Where would I get the money when I could barely feed myself and the unborn baby?”She smiled as she looked at the posters on the wall one after the other.
“So where was the bastard who impregnated you when you were giving birth to those babies alone?”He asked coldly, feeling his anger rising at the injustice of it all. She shrugged.
“I guess he was in school. He lit out immediately after the deed was done. His mother thought I have been sleeping around and threw me out of the house. Everything is in the past now and I guess everybody has paid one way or the other.” She grinned at him. “What an irony life is! Yet, you are going to end up marrying the bastard anyway.”His voice vibrated with undisguised anger. She paused her lips thoughtfully.
“I will leave that to fate once again. After all, it has played havoc with my life already.” She shrugged and changed the subject.
It seemed like ages but in actual fact was seven and a half hours later, the doctor came out of the labor room and asked for Fatihat but they both moved forward anyway.
“Doctor, this is Mr. Badmus. He is the expecting dad.” She introduced them as she pushed him forward.
“How is she, Doctor?”Ademola‘s hand shoot out and gave the doctor a firm handshake, even though he was sweating from every pore in his body.
“She is very brave for a first timer. Congratulations Mr. Badmus! Your wife just gives birth to a set of triplets!”The doctor returned the firm hand-shake as he beamed at the new father.
“What!!!”Ademola screamed as he dropped the doctor’s hand abruptly. She gave a shout of laughter as she jumped up and down in joy.
“I said it!” She laughed again. Everyone within earshot laughed with her, and then congratulated her. Ademola moved to a seat and sat down in absolute shock which sent Fatihat and the doctor into laughter again.
“How is she? Can we see her now?” She asked anxiously.
‘Yes, you can. She is back in the private ward.’ The doctor nodded in the affirmative, then walked out of the waiting room to attend to other patients.
“Move your butt, Uncle Demola. Let’s go and see mama triplet.” She pulled him up by his arm and dragged him into Yetunde’s private ward.
“I still can’t believe it until I see them myself. ’He shakes his head in disbelieve. Yetunde was sitting in bed while the nurse arranged her pillows and bedspread to make her comfortable. “You witch, so you said it.” Her smile was tired as she turned towards the door. Fatihat went to hug her gently.
“How are you?” She kissed her on both cheeks and stepped back to watch her face.
“I’m fine. I’m just so tired and happy. He is back.”Yetunde’s gaze followed Ademola as he went straight to the baby cot set opposite his wife. He let out a loud gasp when he saw three tiny pink babies sleeping peacefully there.
“He doesn’t believe it when the Doctor told him you gave birth to triplets. He is still reeling from the shock.” She told his wife through peals of laughter. Yetunde and the nurse started laughing too, even as she held her stomach in pain.
“Honestly, it is not very funny. Do you know how much trouble we have with those set of battalions in the house, not to talk of three little rascals you can’t bring yourself to spank even when they deserve it?”He shakes his head in self-pity as he turned towards his wife and tried not to join in the laughter.
“Common, Demola, they are not even a day old and you are already complaining.” Yetunde wiped tears from her eyes as she sat back. Fatihat sat on the only chair in the room, holding her stomach.
“Prophetess Fatihat, will you excuse us, please? I want to speak privately to my wife.”He said sternly, even as his lips twitched in amusement and he slipped in beside his wife, cuddling her close.
“I will gladly do so. You can’t kill me before my time.” She was on her way out but noticed the couple has lost interest in her. They were engrossed with each other.
Tunde just got into town after a short business trip to Port Harcourt with his new personal assistance, Joan Ogbu, a very lively and hard-working Ibo girl. He had just dropped her off at her apartment where she lived with two other ladies before he headed home.
He stared at his big, dark empty house before getting out of the car with a sigh. He retrieved his suitcase and outer jacket before locking up properly for the night. He opened the door and walked into the dark hallway.
He reached for the switch and light flooded everywhere. He went straight to his bedroom, changed into shorts and t-shirt and headed out again for the kitchen when he saw movement in the sitting room. His heart skipped a bit when he saw a figure rose to her feet in his sitting room. It was Tolani Allison, his long-time girlfriend during his undergraduate days at the University of Port-Harcourt.
“Hi. It has been a while, dear.”She smiled at him from where she stood behind one of the biggest sofas in his sitting room.
“What are you doing here? How did you get in?”His voice was unfriendly, even as memories of their last time together flooded into his mind.
“What a way to greet your old buddy! I came in through the door of course.” She came around and sat cross-legged with her purse on her lap.
“You have not answered my first question.”He reminded and watched her closely all the while.
‘Tunde, I am really scared. I don’t think I should go through this abortion. You know this is the third time I am doing this for you. Can’t we keep this baby please?’ Tolani pleaded as tears filled her eyes.
‘I understand your fear, Love. How do we take care of the kid? You are still a student while I just wrote my final papers. Don’t you think the kid will curse us both? Moreover, you should remember how disciplined your parents are. After killing you, they will come after me. We both know that. That is apart from the fact that my parents will disown me if they find out. I don’t have the means to feed you and the baby. Where does that leave us?’ He took her hands and kissed the knuckles gently. It brought a watery smile to her face.
He has always known the button to press when it comes to her. He was her weakness and addiction ever since they met at a Jambite party during her first year in school. He has pursued her with a single-mindedness that never failed to amaze her until she toppled into love with him and ultimately into his bed. He was her first boyfriend and was the one who took her virginity.
She suspected he has other babes by the side from her friend’s hearsays and what she heard on the campus but she has never caught him red-handed. She didn’t mind so much as long as she is the main chick and everyone knows it. She sighed heavily as she turned unto her back.
‘I will do it then but promise me this will be the last time. If I get pregnant again for you, we are getting married.’ She glared at him.
‘Of course, we are getting married. I love you, babe. Thank you for doing this for me.’ He rolled over her as he pulled at her lower lips and bit lightly. She moaned quietly.
‘I am going to miss you dreadfully.’ His voice was husky as he slipped his hand into the tank top and caressed her hard nipples lightly while his fingers gently kneaded her generous flesh.
She bucked urgently. He always knew the right button to press. Even when she was furious with him, she still came back for more.
He slipped his hand under her short skirt, pulled her pants aside and dipped into her moist depth. She was already dripping for him. He smiled smugly to himself as he hiked up her skirt and spread her legs.
‘No need to use protection tonight. We have already scored.’ He teased lightly as he settled between her thighs and drove into her in one thrust. He hit her g-spot and she screamed with ecstasy. She clung to him as he thrust over and over until they both reached a climax.
‘I will miss you too, Tunde. I am missing you already. Please don’t disappoint me. I love you. I will kill myself if you don’t keep your promise.’ She clung to him with a desperation which unnerved him.
‘I promise, baby. I have never failed you before. I will not this time around.’ He hugged her tightly as they wrapped around each other.
That was the last time they saw each other until now.
Meanwhile, Fatihat was in Josephine’s house, bitching about the trip she just made to Port-Harcourt.
“Can you imagine that idiot was in the same hotel I lodged in with another woman? She is one skinny Ibo girl like that” She paced the floor in front of her sister who was busy eating an apple in slices.
Josephine was pregnant. Her husband was spoiling her silly with anything eatable and edible.
“Why didn’t you confront him when you saw him?”
“I couldn’t. I was on my way to a business meeting when I saw them in the same cab. By the time I came back from my meeting, they have already checked out. God! I was so mad!”
“You are still mad and I can’t see why. The guy asked you to marry him so many times but you refused. So why shouldn’t he go for someone else who is willing, young and beautiful?”Josephine raised an eyebrow to her. She hissed viciously.
“Is that what you are supposed to say? A hell of a sister you are.” She spat as she picked up her purse and matched out of her house, closely followed by Josephine’s ringing laughter.
“You have really done well for yourself. This is such a beautiful house.’ She looked around with open admiration.
‘I am sure you are not here to admire my house, Tola. There is a reason for your action. If you can go to the extent of laying an ambush for me in my house, you definitely have a purpose. Can you please save us the mystery?’ Her gaze swung to meet his. He watched as the smile drained from her eyes and it becomes blank with a coldness he felt in his bone. He tried not to let her see his fear but it was difficult.
‘I will spill it at my own fucking time. You are a bastard, Tunde. So you really want to make a home with your whore and bastards after you ruin my life, right?’ Her voice was soft and quiet but the venom in it was obvious. She opened her purse casually and brought out a knife and a gun. He took an involuntary step back.
‘Are you scared? I thought you are a macho man whose dick was a gift to every woman you come across.’ She laughed lightly but it was devoid of amusement. The saliva in his mouth ran dry and he swallowed hard.
‘Tolani, please don’t do anything rash. We were both young and foolish back then. I am sure we can come to a kind of arrangement between us. Just put those weapons away.’ His voice came out in a croak as he gestured to the weapons on his new settee.
‘Really? What kind of arrangement? Can you import a new womb for me so I will be able to give birth in future? Kindly add a husband as well because no man wants to marry a barren woman.’ She cocked her head to a side as she stared at him. He sighed heavily.
‘I am sorry, Tola. Kindly forgive me.’
‘Forgiveness belong to our creator. You didn’t keep your promise. You even have the nerve to come back into town with a new woman. You have got nerves, Tunde Abeebs. I always admire that about you.’ She laughed harshly.
‘What can I do to make it up to you?’ Desperation made his voice thick. Sweat beaded on his pores and trickled down the middle of his back.
‘That is a great question. I am spending the night in this house. We will find our way to the court tomorrow and get married.’
‘What!’ His voice reverberated throughout the house.


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