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I am a reserved but very friendly woman.I love adventures ,love hanging out with friends and loved ones but my best hobby is reading and writing,especially reading.I simply love books but it doesn't make me stuffy and .......unsexy like most people think. I also love spending quality time with my son who is my prince and my whole world!


twist_of_fate“Mum, go away. I can take care of myself.” Joseph stared at his mother in exasperation. She just finished preparing his bath and spreading out his clothes on the bed for him.
“Thank God for that.” She rolled her eyes in amusement but he refused to laugh, even as his lips twitched.
“Damn, mum. I need to get out of this house. You are smothering me.” He muttered under his breath as he swung his feet off the bed, then waited for the pain to come but he felt only twinges. He released his breath in relieve. Naomi smiled.
“You are not strong enough to leave the house yet. Rebeca will be checking on you soon and would let us know how you are faring.” She opened his wardrobe to scrutinize it.
“She always comes around when I am sleeping.” He turned around to face her.
“That must be coincidence, I think.” She laughed softly as she turned around to face him. “I have even wanted to ask you. Did you guys do anything together before she got married?” She asked casually. He felt his jaw dropped as he stared at her.
“Do anything like how? What kind of question are you asking me, mum? I don’t appreciate that at all.” He got to his feet with jerky angry movement.
“I am sorry I annoyed you but I have my reason for asking. Trust me.” She gave him a searching look but he turned away.
“I don’t care what your reasons are, mum. I am a full grown man and have the right to my privacy.” He walked to the bathroom and slammed the door. She let out her breath in a hush and shrugged. Time will tell.
The room was in darkness when she walked in and very cold but she could see his prone form underneath the duvet. She switched on the bedside lamp and drank in his sight the way a thirsty man drinks water. She picked up the Air condition remote control and flicked it off.
She dropped the medical kit on the floor and pulled the duvet from his body. He shivered visibly and turned to lie on his back. She held her breath but he didn’t wake up.
You are a coward, Becky. How long are you going to keep running from him? She laughed to herself as she pulled on her glove. She buried her thought and got to work.
“Where is my gift?” His sleep-husky voice reached her. She jolted abruptly as she dropped the bottle of medication she was holding.
“You are awake.” She smiled politely as she picked up her tiny torchlight and proceeded to shine it in his pupils. He arrested her ankle in a surprisingly strong grip and yanked hard. She tumbled unto the bed and landed on his other side. She was stunned.
“Are you crazy?” She found her voice at last as she glared at him.
“Now we are talking. This is the Becky I used to know, not the Doctor Williams that keeps prodding at me with all kind of needles and pouring medications down my throat.” His grin flashed like lightning. Her heart picked up speed. He rolled over her as he inserted a leg between hers.
“I am only doing my job. Get off me at this moment” She pushed at his bare chest forcefully. He winced slightly but didn’t budge.
“You owe me a gift.” He smiled down at her as he cupped her face with his palm.
“We have not spoken to each other since you had an accident. When did I promise you a gift?” She asked in a puzzled voice, staring up at him.
“I am not sure when but I know you promise me and I will collect.” A frown marred his face for a few seconds before it cleared away. He continued staring at her face until she fought the urge not to squirm. Warmth seeped into her limbs and made it heavy.
“That is ridiculous. I need to start going. I have to be on duty in a few hours.” She glanced at her wristwatch.
“I miss you.” His eyes dropped meaningfully to her lips.
“Don’t …” She began as she read the intention in his eyes but the protest died in her throat when his lips brushed briefly over hers. She went absolutely still, he kissed her again and her brain shut down. The kiss deepened and she sighed against his mouth.
It has been too long. The last time had been with has always been him and no one else. Ramson had called her a cold, frigid, bitch and in the end, she hadn’t been woman enough to keep him. But he has been wrong because, with Joseph, she felt feminine and womanly. His touch made her feel alive and desirable. She sighed deeply and allowed his tongue to slip into her mouth. He framed her face gently with his palms and made love to her mouth.
“Becky, I am in my room. Do let me know when you are leaving.” Naomi rapped briefly on her son’s door before moving away.
The noise penetrated Rebecca’s sense and she jerked away.
“You are a bastard, Joseph.” She rolled out of the bed on the opposite side with a hiss but there was no heat in her words. He stretched with pleasure, hiding a grin.
“I take that as a compliment. Thank you.” She heard the smugness in his voice and glared angrily at him as she picked up her medical kit.
“Get the stupid grin off your silly face. I’m a married woman.” She hissed at him. He laughed out loud as he sat up in bed.
“You gave me all that qualifications, Becky? I’m flattered.” He pressed his hand playfully to his chest. Her hands curled into fists at her side.
“Your father paid me well to take care of you. We both know I can also do lots of harm to you.” She threatened, desperate to wipe the grin off his face.
“Yes, you can but it is against your ethics. You are also aware of what my father can do if he suspects you tamper with my health. Your family and career will suffer. We don’t want that, do we?” He asked softly, meeting her gaze. She swallowed hard.
“That is perfectly understood. Kindly keep your filthy hand to yourself next time.” She gave him a cold stare before turning on her heels and walking out.
“Oh, how I miss you, Becky Badmus.” Joseph howled with laughter as he stumbled back into bed.
The door opened again. Naomi stood on the way, watching his son.
“What did you do to make Becky so angry?” She asked quietly.
“Nothing. What can I eat in this house, please? My appetite is so huge.” He grinned as he got to his feet.
“Hmmm.” Was all he got as Naomi turned around and walked out, closely followed by his son.
“Mum, what the hell have you been discussing with Aliyah? I asked her to marry me but she turned me down.” Kayode pushed the door to his mother’s room open without knocking.
“What! I have not seen her in a long time.” Patricia denied as she pulled the duvet up to her chest. She stared at her son, puzzled, even as relief coursed through her.
“Are you sure?” His eyes narrowed in suspicion as he stood in the doorway.
“I am quite sure. You can’t marry her, even if she agreed to marry you.” She emphasized with a shrug.
“Can you please tell me why I can’t marry her? I have the intention of going back and persuading her.” He pulled the door closed and stood against it.
Patricia swallowed hard, her knuckles whitened when she clutched the duvet against her chest.
“Spill it, mum.”
“She is your half-sister.” She mumbled around numb lips. Silence reign for several ticking seconds.
“Excuse me?” He thought his ears were deceiving him as he stared at his mother in absolute shock.
“I’m sorry for hurting you this way, Kayode. Both of you belong to the same father.” She squeezed her eyes shut.
“You mean Dad is not my real father? I’m not a Coker by blood?” He dropped unto the bed.
“Yes, that is right.” She whispered, cowering in bed. She waited for the explosion.
“Damn you, mum. I hate you for this. How dare you do this to me?” He vaulted angrily to his feet.
“You had better keep your voice down unless you want us thrown out on the street sooner than we expect.” She cautioned him urgently. His hands tightened into fists.
“I will never forgive you for this, mum.” He glared at his mother, hissed viciously and opened the door. Patricia winced as the door slammed behind him. Her shoulders sagged with relief.
“I will never forgive myself either. I messed up. If the old bat gets wind of this, I’m doomed forever.” She sighed heavily.
Naomi let herself into the house and breathed a sigh of relief. Today is the first day in weeks she would be visiting her store since Joseph’s accident. That was because Andrew and Bella had come to hijack Joseph in the morning.
There were so many issues to sort and so many tasks waiting for her attention and approval. Nevertheless, she was glad the day was over. She flung off her sandals and dropped her bag on the sofa.
She paused briefly on her way to the kitchen when she heard faint voices coming from the guest room. She turned around and walked towards the room. She pushed the door open and got the shock of her life.
A lady was spread buck-naked on the bed while Titilola’s head was buried between her thigh, licking and sucking. The lady was moaning and screaming in ecstasy, oblivious to their witness.
“Explode for me, baby.” Her step daughter’s voice came out, low and husky as she lifted her head. Her middle finger dipped into the naked woman’s honeypot and the lady buckled crazily on the bed.
“What the hell is going on here?” Naomi screamed at last. They both jerked in shock as they turned to stare at her.
“Oh my God!” Titilola covered her face as she turned away. The other woman jumped out of the bed and started searching for her discarded clothing.
“I give you five minutes to meet me out there, Titi.” Naomi raised her hand to her with an expressionless face before moving away.
“Yes, ma.” She mumbled under her breath before looking at Elizabeth who was dressing up, hastily. Their gazes clashed, held and a smile spread over their faces.
“How did you become so good? All the years I have been having sex, no man has ever given me multiple orgasms with or without penetration.” Her voice rang with surprise and pleasure.
“Practice, baby. I have had lots of practice. I’m not saying that to make you jealous.” She laughed softly when Elizabeth pouted.
“I never believe a woman can turn me on this way.” She blushed prettily. Titi laughed again as she got to her feet.
“Variety is the spice of life. I told you a trial will convince you. You have such a beautiful body.” Her voice turned husky again as her gaze lingered on her nipples. It tightened visibly beneath her gaze.
“I can’t believe you are turning me on with just your eyes.” She crossed her arms over her boobs protectively as she picked up her handbag. Titi laughed as she picked her own bag too. She took out a wad of cash and dropped it in her bag.
“Use it to take a taxi. I won’t be able to drop you off as promised.” Titi said regretfully.
“Thank you. I hope she won’t tell Joseph about us? I still want a chance to date him.” She gave her a worried glance.
“No, she didn’t recognize you. She has eyes only for me. I will take you out through the kitchen door.” Titi opened the door and looked out. They tiptoed past the sitting room door and Elizabeth went out through the kitchen door.
“Titilola!” Naomi bellowed from the sitting-room.
“I’m on my way ma.” She locked the kitchen door hastily and hurried out of the room.
Joseph was back at home. He was gisting his mother about his outing when she walked in. He paused with a smile for her.
“Favourite sis, how are you today?” He grinned at her as he beckoned to her to come over.
“As if he has more than one sister.” She mumbled, hiding a grin as she sat down beside him. He laughed heartily as he hugged her to his side.
“Where is your partner? Is that not the girl who visited Joseph a few weeks ago?” Naomi frowned at her.
“You recognize her?” Titilola’s jaw dropped in shock.
“Who is she? What girl are you two talking about?” Joseph looked from one to the other.
“Of course, I do. She went out through the back door right?” Naomi stared unflinchingly at her. She squirmed uncomfortably.
“Yes, ma.” She didn’t want to spoil Elizabeth’s chance of dating Joseph, even though she was aware he wasn’t into her. She looked up and her gaze locked with the older woman’s own. She expected to see disdain, disapproval, and revulsion in her eyes but what she saw filled her eyes with tears.
“Come here.” She didn’t need a second invitation before she crawled into her embrace and burst into tears.
“I’m sorry. I can’t help myself but I hate men.” She sobbed quietly as she clung to her.
“It is okay, baby.” Naomi cupped her cheek, staring down at her tear-stained face before placing a kiss on her forehead.
“Thank you for not judging me.” Warm tears ran down her face but she smiled as she threw her arm around Naomi’s middle.
“You are welcome. Will someone cook dinner? I’m famished.” Naomi sat back with a smile.
“I will do the cooking. Edika-ikong soup and Semo coming up shortly.” Titilola grinned as she vaulted to her feet.
“I will help.” Joseph followed her into the kitchen.
Naomi watched them leave the room and sighed. A lesbian? Patricia, where were you when this intelligent young girl was growing up? Hmm….the royal head doesn’t have a crown while the one with the crown doesn’t have a royal head. What a pity!

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twist_of_fate“You seem to be spending lots of time in the hospital these days.” Ruth Badmus looked up from the bible she was reading. It was Wednesday. Michael was in school. Rebecca was off-duty but she was already dressed up to go out.
“I have some private patients I work with. I spend more time with them when I am off-duty from the hospital roaster.” She shrugged, even as her conscience pricked at her.
“You work too hard. You should be resting when you are off duty. You have lost so much weight.” Ruth complained as she took in her slim, curvy figure.
“Well, it is good for my health. I don’t want to be fat.” She laughed heartily as she picked her handbag.
“Looking haggard is not good either. We are much better off now. I think you should ease up a little bit.” Ruth’s worried look got to her.
“Mum, we need to work hard. I don’t like seeing you sitting at home and doing nothing. We have paid for your shop. We are gathering capital to set up your business again, no matter how small. Can you see why I need to work harder?’ She put her hand round her shoulder as she drops onto the seat beside her. Ruth sighed heavily.
“Thank you, I appreciate your assistance. You need to live your life too. No matter what happened in the past, leave it there and move on.” Ruth turned to face her older daughter. “So who is the man in the hospital?” She asked quietly.
“Who are you talking about?” Rebecca was taken aback, even as her mind worked furiously to bring up an explanation.
“The one that you have been discussing with Roseline. Who is he? I believe he is the one you are going to check in the hospital.” Her gaze didn’t waver.
“He is Josephine Coker, our former family driver. There was an attempted murder on his life. He was brought into the hospital a few weeks back but he is responding to treatment now.” She picked up her handbag.
“What did he do to deserve that? He is such a responsible young man.” Ruth frowned.
“Well, it is the fight for power in his new influential household. I will give you the full gist when I have the time.” She glanced at her wristwatch.
“Is he Michael’s father?” Ruth picked up her bible with a little smile.
“Excuse me?” Rebeca’s jaw dropped in absolute shock.
“Is that a yes or No, dear daughter?” Ruth raised her eyebrow to her.
“I am a married woman, mum. I don’t like your insinuations at all. Excuse me.” She turned on her heels and walked out in anger.
Joseph was responding to treatment. He had been moved into a private ward but he was always asleep whenever Rebecca visited which she was grateful for.
Naomi was arranging and organizing the room when she walked in.
“Good morning, dear. How are you today?” Naomi smiled at her.
‘I am fine. How is he?” She moved to check his vitals by herself, even though she knew the doctor on duty would have done the same a few hours ago. “He is doing very well. Thank God for that.” She answered her own question before she turned round to face the older woman.
“Thank you for the assistance. I do appreciate your help.” Naomi took her slim hand, squeezing it gently in gratitude.
“You are welcome. You do need to rest more. There are shadows under your eyes.” Rebecca observed in concern as she studied her face. Naomi laughed softly.
“It is because she refused to go home and rest. She doesn’t trust me to look after her son.” Olayemi said with a glare as he shouldered the door open, he was loaded down with provisions and bags of take-outs. He was smiling but she could tell he was angry as well.
“Ola, don’t start. This is not the right time for this.” Naomi murmured under her breath. “Can a mother rest when her child is not hale and hearty?” She turned to Rebecca for support.
Rebecca didn’t want to interfere in what she could sense has been an ongoing argument between the couple. Fortunately, her phone rang and she turned away slightly to pick it up. It was Michael’s class teacher.
“What is wrong?” Naomi asked in concern as she studied the younger woman’s worried expression.
“That was my son’s class teacher. She is worried because he has been throwing up and vomiting since morning. I need to go and see him now.” She picked up her handbag.
“I am sorry to hear that. He has probably eaten something that does not agree with his system. Are you driving?” Naomi asked in concern.
“No, I am not driving. I will just take a cab out there.” She smiled as she moved towards the door.
“No, please take wait. I will drop you off.” She turned towards Olayemi with a raised eyebrow as she snapped her fingers in his face. His face split into a wide smile as he dropped the car key in her outstretched hand.
“Thank you.” He grinned as he went to hug her.
“Don’t worry about me, ma.” Rebeca began to protest but the big smile on the older man’s face made her swallow the protest. He was eager to stay alone with their son so his wife can go home and rest.
“Take your time, Ife. I won’t eat him before you come.” Olayemi teased as he patted her bum fondly.
“You can cut him into pieces and cook him before I get back.” She swatted away his hand with a smile and followed Rebeca out of the ward.
“I don’t want to say this but I can’t help it. I am so happy for you.” Rebeca smiled tentatively as she drove out of the hospital premises.
“Thank you, dear. I still find it difficult to believe I am not dreaming.” Naomi buckled her seat belt with a smile.
“You both deserve to be happy.” Rebeca grinned as she pressed on the accelerator. “This car is a dream. I miss driving.” She patted the steering wheel of the Porsche.
“Everyone deserves to be happy. What happened to your car?” Naomi tried not to glance at the speedometer as the scenery rushed by.
“I have sold it. Things were not so good at home.” She fiddled with the tape until the Car was vibrating with loud music.
“You are worse than Joseph, I swear.” Naomi winced slightly. Rebeca laughed out loud.
“I am sorry, mother. I just wanted to enjoy this car a bit before I drop it.” She was grinning as she drove into Sunrise Montessori School.
It was with regret that she pulled up at the school park and handed over the Car key.
“Thank you, ma. I will see you another time.” She picked up her handbag.
“I am a mother, Becky. I want to know how that boy is faring before I leave.” Naomi got out of the car and followed her.
Joseph was discharged from the hospital. The first visitor he received during his recuperation at home was Elizabeth Badmus.
“Who did this to you, Darling? I was so worried. How are you feeling now?” She sat on the bed beside him, staring at the scars on his chest.
“I am fine, Lizzy. How did you know my house?” He asked as he sat up bed.
“Don’t be rude, Joe.” Naomi chided quietly as she got to her feet.
“Good afternoon ma.” Elizabeth blushed as she got to her feet. She didn’t notice the elderly woman sitting in the corner when she hurried in.
“Good afternoon. Thank you for coming.” Naomi smiled at her before leaving the room.
“I brought you some fruits and provisions.” Elizabeth reached for the grocery bag at her feet.
“Thank you. Can you drop it in the kitchen for me?” He smiled at her.
“I am glad you are out of the hospital. I miss you.” She caressed his cheek with a smile.
“Cut it out, Lizzy. I have told you so many times that I can’t date you.” He frowned at her.
“We will see about that.” She winked at him as she reached for the doorknob. The door opened before she could turn the knob and a woman stood in the doorway.
“Hello. You are beautiful.” Titilola’s smile flashed as she gave her a thorough look over from her face to her half-concealed boobs in the body con blouse she wore to her well-rounded fanny in the tight blue jean. Elizabeth felt thoroughly undressed.
“Thank you. You aren’t bad either. What is the name?” Elizabeth wanted to know if she needed to guard her territory.
“Titi Coker. We are siblings. He is totally safe from me.” She laughed huskily. Elizabeth blushed. “I don’t mind having your digits though.” She tapped her phone.
“Sure. Why not?” Elizabeth called out her number and went out of the room.
“What was that all about?” Joseph frowned at her.
“That is my business, brother. Are you back finally from your overseas training?” Titilola was furious as she stood over her brother. Her throat hurt and burn with tears as she stared at the pink scars on his chest. She didn’t want to imagine the horror and pain he must have gone through.
“Come here, baby.” He reached out for her hand and pulled her down beside him.
“My God! The bastard did this to you.” She murmured in a teary whisper as she lightly touched the scars. Her eyes filled up with tears and spilled over.
“I am alive. That is all that matters.” He pulled her into his embrace and patted her back as she sobbed.
“He deserves to rot in jail. Don’t allow them to cover it up. It is not right.” She leaned back to stare at his face. He sighed heavily.
“No matter what happened, he is still our brother. To some extent, I also understand his grievance. It is just that he has taken it too far.” He sighed again.
“So what are you saying? Are you telling me you are going to allow him to go scot-free?” She sprang to her feet abruptly with balled fists.
“Sit down, Titi.” He pulled her down forcefully when she resisted. “This is not about me any longer. What happened between the two of you?” His eyes were intent on her face.
“Nothing. I just hate him.” She stated coldly as she looked away. He kept staring at her face in silence. She sighed. “He raped me when I was 12 years old.” She blurted out abruptly. Silence hung heavy between them like a cloak.
“He did what? Is he mad or on drugs?” He asked in a whisper. She laughed bitterly as she got to her feet.
“We have never been close as kids. He started by touching my small budding breasts. I will scream and yell but we were almost always alone except for the nanny. I reported him to our mother but she never believed me. To her, he is the epitome of all that is good.” Her smile grew fierce. His fists clenched at his side.
“He graduated to slapping me on my butt when I walked past. At times, he would walk into my room when I just finished taking my bath. I started locking my bedroom door whenever I am indoor.” She took a deep breath as she stared at somewhere above his head.
“I just turned twelve. The drainage in my bathroom was blocked and a plumber was supposed to come over and work on it later in the day. I went to the guest room to take my bath. When I came out, he was waiting with two of his friends. Before I could run back into the bathroom, he tripped me and they carried me unto the bed. I screamed and thrashed but they were stronger than I was. I later found out they have locked the nanny into the closet. One of them held my hands and the second held my legs down and apart. He raped me mercilessly.” She wiped her hand down her face.
“And the friends?” He held his breath.
“He didn’t allow them to enter me but he compensated them by allowing them to touch my boobs and fingered me. Thank God for the small mercy.” She laughed mirthlessly.
“I am sorry, baby.” He struggled to his feet and pulled her into her embrace.
“Sit down, Opemipo. You are not strong enough.” She led him back to the bed gently.
“I feel like strangling him with my bare hands. He is a bastard.” He gritted through clenched teeth. A vein throbbed in his head.
“Yes, he is. Try and sleep now. I will keep your babe occupied.” She pushed him gently unto his back. He didn’t argue. His forehead was throbbing and his limbs were throbbing. He closed his eyes gratefully.
“She is not my babe.” He murmured as he drifted off. She laughed softly.


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twist_of_fate“How is he?” Bella asked anxiously as Andrew let himself into his apartment almost twenty four hours after he discovered Joseph’s battered body in his office. He looked exhausted and his eyes were bloodshot. His T-shirt and jeans were stained with dull color of dried blood.

“The operation was successful. They have removed the bullets that were lodged close to his heart and patched up the wound. He has slipped into a coma.” He dropped into the chair with a weary sigh.

“Have you told his mother?” Bella asked as she sat beside him.

“No, I have been putting her off all day but I am sure she will be here any moment from now. He is in Intensive care unit. We were advised to go home as there is nothing else we can do for now.” His voice thickened with unshed tears as he raised blood-shot eyes to her. “I’m scared. I don’t know what I will do if he slips away.” He whispered as tears welled up in his eyes.

“He won’t die. He has too much to live for.” Bella hugged him fiercely.

He wept silently as he buried his face in her neck and held her in a tight embrace. She rubbed his back in an up and down motion, even as her face was wet with her own tears.

“Marry me, Bella, compliment my life. I want you beside me when I go to bed at night and want you to be the first person I see when I wake up.” He stated quietly.

“You are not in the right frame of mind, Andrew. This is not the best time for this.” She drew back and looked into his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to change my mind. The planning has been going on in my head for sometimes but life is too short to procrastinate. I love you. I want to marry you.” He stared back at her as he lifted her palm and placed a kiss in the middle. She watched him for a long time as if trying to determine if he was serious or not.

“I love you too. I will marry you.” She stated solemnly as if taking an oath.

“Thank you. I am sorry for the odd hour of proposal and for not having a ring handy.” He smiled as he hugged her tightly.

“We can shop for one later. Right now, you need to eat, take your bath and sleep.” She stood up and pulled him with her.


“Someone is at the door.” Bella told him as she came out of the kitchen. He had taken his bath and was eating dinner. He just realized how ravenous he was.

“That should be mother.” Andrew sighed heavily as he pushed the plate away.

“I will get the door.” She went to open the door. He was right. Naomi swept in immediately she opened the door, closely followed by her husband.

“I tried to stop her but she won’t listen to me.” Olayemi gave a resigned sigh.

“Bella, How are you? How is your Dad?” Naomi smiled at her.

“I’m fine. I am sure he is okay but it has been a while I saw him. You are welcome. What can I offer you?” She smiled back.

“I am okay. Thank you. Has he proposed to you formally?” Naomi’s gaze swung from Bella’s face to his own and back again. Bella gasped in surprise.

“Mum, what kind of question is that? You just embarrassed me.” Andrew tried to glare her but his lips turned up at the side in a smile.

“I know my boys so well. I will take that as a yes. Congratulations my dear. I pray and hope you make each other happy.” Naomi drew her into her embrace.

“Thank you.” Bella hugged her back.

“Welcome to our home, my dear.” Olayemi moved to hug her too.

“Thank you sir.” Her grin grew wider.

“Now where is that recalcitrant son of mine?” Naomi stared unflinchingly at him. Andrew turned to look at Olayemi who gave a defeated sigh and sat down.

“He is in the hospital, mum.” He turned to face her squarely.

“I am not surprised.” She moved to sit down. “I keep seeing him in the corner of my eyes but once I turned to face him, he is no longer there. Is he dead?” She asked quietly.

“What kind of question is that, Ife?” Olayemi asked hotly as he vaulted to his feet in anger. Andrew felt his body grew cold as goose bumps covered him and his heart grew heavy.

“He is not dead but he is in a coma.” Andrew sat down beside her and took her cold palm in his. Her fingers curled and tightened around his convulsively.

“What happened to him?” Her voice trembled.

“Some thugs attacked him in his office.” Andrew stated shortly.

“In his office? I see.” Naomi stared unseeingly at the floor.

“I am sorry, Ife. This is my fault. You did warn me but I thought I have everything under control.’ Olayemi murmured in anguish as he took her other hand. She stared into his eyes. He has cried, she thought as she noted the red eyes with the puffy rims.

“I want to see him now.” She got to her feet abruptly.

“Bella, I will see you soon. Lock up and go to bed. I am not sure when I will be back.” Andrew kissed her cheek.

“I will wait for you. Come back with good news.” Bella’s lips trembled.


Joseph sat on a low pavement in front of a bungalow over-looking a thick forest. The thin vest he wore covered series of pink healing scars on his chest and arms and the cut-off shorts exposed his slightly hairy legs. He was bare-footed and humming a song deep in his throat.

“What are you doing here, Joseph? Your family are out there, waiting for you to return.” Rebecca asked in surprise as she came to a stop in front of him.

“I am just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. What are you doing here?” He asked with a smile.

“I have been looking for you. We need to get back. They are worried about you.” She frowned at him.

“I am fine. Why would anyone be worried about me?” He frowned too.

“Well, you need to come and tell them yourself. I am not your messenger.” She glanced towards the thick forest in apprehension.

“This place is perfectly safe. I don’t have to worry about anything plus I don’t feel like going back.” He shrugged with a stubborn jut of his lower lips. He reminded her of Michael.

“If you come with me, I will give you a gift.” She promised mysteriously.

“Really? What kind of gift do you want to give me?” His face lit up.

“You wait and see. Don’t spoil the fun.” Her eyes twinkled at him.

“I will go in and get dressed then.” He grinned as he got to his feet and went indoor.


Rebecca jerked upright and her eyes flew open as she realized someone was calling her name. What a silly dream! My mind must be over-working, she thought in amusement as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Doctor Williams, you have been here for more than 24 hours. Who is he to you?” Nurse Amina asked softly, almost in a whisper.

“Don’t worry, Amina. I will tell you one day.” She stood up as she rotated her neck from side to side to work out the crick in the muscle.

“He must be very special. Anyway, I just resumed back on duty. His mother is here to see him.” Amina stood back.

“Oh?’ She smoothed her hand casually over his still arm before turning around.

Naomi was standing a few feet away and watching her with an unreadable expression on her face.

‘Good evening ma.” She blushed furiously.

“Good evening my dear. Long time. You are Doctor Williams?” Naomi stepped forward with an outstretched arms.

‘Yes I am.” She went into the embrace and hugged her tightly. “He will be fine.” She stated solemnly.

“Thank you.” Tears filled Naomi’s eyes as she rocked her from side to side.

“You are welcome. I was only doing my job.” She shrugged self-consciously.

“Really?” Naomi teased as she drew back. They both laughed and moved to his side.

“The operation was successful but he is still unconscious for now. The pain must be hideous, so his brain just needed to shut down and deny it all. They really wanted him dead. He is a lucky one.” She stated solemnly as she stared at his face. He seemed to be sleeping.

“I know.” Naomi’s lips tightened grimly. “Between you and I, do you think he will live?” She turned to her.

“Medically, it is a 50-50 chance. Personally, I think he will live. Let’s keep praying.”  She smiled.

“Good. How is your family? I think you should go home and freshened up.” Naomi suggested quietly.

“I will see you later.” Rebecca turned on her heels and walked out.


Naomi occupied the vacant seat and watched her son, struggled for his life. The door opened. Olayemi joined her in the room.

“I have ordered Andrew to go home. He needs his rest.” He squeezed her shoulders lightly from behind. She put her left hand over his right hand and left it there as they watched him in silence.

Joseph’s right hand shifted slightly. They froze in anticipation. His lips moved. Naomi moved closer to watch the movement of the lips.

“Becky?” They both chorused and stared at each other.

“Who is Becky?’ Olayemi asked in a puzzled voice.

“That is Doctor Williams.” Naomi smiled, even as tears filled her eyes. Gratitude filled her heart. It seemed her son was going to live after all.

“Is she the same person as Becky Badmus, the woman you told me about?” His brows knitted together as he tried to put the pieces together. She nodded as she tried not to burst into tears.

“How come? He had been unconscious since he was brought in. How did he know she was here?” He stared at her in absolute wonder as he reached for her hand and pulled her up.

“Are you seriously asking me that question?” She teased as she wiped tears from her face. He grinned.

“Our son will live. Let me get the Doctor on duty.” He kissed her on both cheeks before moving out of the unit.



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twist_of_fateAndrew’s heart came to a standstill but he forced himself to think rationally.
Dear God, he doesn’t deserve this. Don’t let him die like this. Please, God. The prayers tumbled through his brain and mouth desperately.
He realized Joseph’s lips were moving. He dropped to his knees in the pool of blood and put his ear close to his mouth.
“Call……Dad…..Kayode……Hoodlums…” His breath was labored, raspy. He went silent.
“It’s okay. Please live for me, Joseph. I need you.” He pleaded desperately. Stephen and Gbenga charged in.
“I have called the ambulance. Thank you, sir. You saved my life. We don’t even know how they got into the premises. Is he still alive?’ Gbenga panted as he stared down at the still body.
“An insider aided them. He is barely alive. Thank God the paramedics are here. Stephen, go and release the elevator. It is faster.” Andrew’s calm voice didn’t betray the turmoil going on inside him.
Stephen left with a heavy heart and led the paramedic team into the room a few minutes later.

Olayemi was in the sitting room, watching a football match while he waited for dinner to be done. A text message entered his phone.
“Please call me as soon as possible. It is urgent. Don’t alert mum PLEASE.” It was from Andrew. The alarm went off in his head.
“Naomi, I forgot something in the office. I will be right back.” He stated in a loud voice as he hurried out of the house before she could respond. He dialed the number on the go.
“Andrew, what is the problem?” He asked quietly.
“Please meet me at the UITH emergency ward, sir. Joseph’s life is in a critical condition. He was attacked by hired assassins in the office.” He didn’t mince words.
“I will be with you in ten minutes. Thank you.” He pressed the red button. His hand trembled as he brought out his car key.
This is my fault. I know it. Dear God, spear his life for me, for Naomi. He couldn’t remember the last time he prayed but he prayed desperately and fervently as he sped towards the hospital.


Olayemi disliked hospitals, especially since the death of his sister, Aderonke Coker in their family hospital in the UK, The Reddington. Nigeria hospital made him feel like weeping. He drove through the security post, passing out a few bills to the security men on duty.
One of the security men whose name tag was Ismail Alabi practically jogged after his car to direct him to the parking space. He made sure he parked his car in the right place.
“Good evening sir. You are welcome.” He beamed as he held the door open for him.
“Thank you. Where is the way to the emergency ward? I believe my son was brought in not quite long ago.” He stepped out of the car into the steamy night air.
“I am sorry to hear that sir. Please go down this walkway. The emergency ward is on the right side.” He gesticulated with his hand.
“Thank you. I appreciate your help.” Olayemi smiled as he locked up his car door.
“I wish him soonest recovery.” He wore a grave face. He believed emergency ward victims were rarely survivor and pitied the nice good-looking man that just paid for his family breakfast.

There were people hanging around the entrance of the ward, sober-faced. A middle-aged woman sat on the floor, weeping uncontrollably while a man tried to console her, even as tears filled his eyes.
He struggled not to allow the death and sadness hanging in the air to weigh him down as he pushed open the swinging wooden door. It was a huge battle.
“Yes? How may I help you?” The harassed looking nurse on duty asked rudely. He was not surprised. He knew being rude is the hallmark in almost all government parastatals and it never ceased to shock him each time he experienced it.
“My son is Joseph Coker. He must have been admitted about half an hour ago.” He explained quietly.
“Coker? You are welcome sir.” She practically jumped to her feet.
“Where is he now?” He asked coldly.
“He is in surgery, sir. His brother is in the waiting room. Please come this way.” She hurried out of the ward. He followed without another word but his phone rang on their way to the operating room.
“Hello.” It was James Hogg, the head of the intelligence team hired by the Coker. He had news about the attempted murder of Joseph Coker and his mouth tightened grimly as he listened.

Andrew was pacing up and down when they walked in.
“You are here.” His face lit up. His phone rang noisily and he brought it out of his pocket.
“It is mother.” He whispered as he put his finger to his lips, indicating he should be silent.
“She has a terrible intuition.” Olayemi muttered under his breath. Andrew moved away from him.
“Hello, Mum. Are you still awake at this hour?” Andrews asked with a smile.
“How can I sleep when all my men are out of the house? Is Joseph with you? Can I talk to him?” She asked quietly.
“Ah…..we drank quite a few bottles of beer at the club tonight. He is already wasted in the room.” He injected amusement into his voice.
“You mean he is drunk? I should come over and knock both of your heads together.” She stated angrily.
“We are sorry, mum. It won’t happen again.” He smiled ruefully.
“Really?” He could almost see her raised eyebrow and he laughed heartily. “You are a crook, Andy. I love you. Talk to you tomorrow.” Her voice was full of smile.
“I love you too, mum. Sleep tight. There are no babes in our bed, so you can sleep with your eyes closed.” He stated solemnly, even as his throat ached. She was laughing when he pressed the End button.
His eyes were red when he faced Olayemi and the latter lowered himself onto the wooden chair.

“It is bad, right?” Olayemi asked quietly.
“Terrible. They used hatchet and gun.” Andrew’s voice vibrated with anger as he narrated night’s event.
“I have spoken to James, the head of my intelligence team. The whole event was recorded and covered. It was unfortunate they couldn’t get there on time to save him.” Olayemi’s voice was incredibly sad.
“Yes, the medical team gave me the security device on his body. His phone recorded their voices too. It was a well-planned event. The time was perfect.” Andrew’s voice was bitter. They were both silent.
“I know the culprit. I should have listened to Naomi. She foresees this happening but I thought I can stop it. Whatever happens, justice will prevail. I will damn the consequence.” He stated grimly.
Andrew sighed heavily. He sat down beside the elderly man and took his hand in his.
“Talk of being between the devil and the dark blue sea?” He looked him in the eye. Olayemi sighed heavily. “Just take it easy, sir. Take it a step at a time. Let’s pray for his survival first because no amount of justice will bring him back if he dies.” He swallowed hard.
“You are right. Thank you.” Olayemi’ s eyes smarted with tears.
It was a long wait.

It had been a stressful but satisfying day. Rebecca had been on her feet practically all day. Two ward rounds to in-house patients, attending to walk-in patients and three successful surgery was enough to make anyone exhausted. She was preparing to leave the office as soon as the relieve doctor resumed on duty.
As she wolfed down her cold lunch of white rice and stew and pursued it with a bottle of coke, her office door flew open. Nurse Amina hurried in.
“We have an emergency on ground. It’s very bad. Attempted murder patient I think. Several hatchet cuts and bullet wounds. Missed his heart by 2 inches. Lost lot of blood. He needs immediate surgery. Though the chance of survival is very slim.” Nurse Amina rattled off with a smile.
Rebecca sighed. She lost her appetite instantly.
“Is Doctor Emeka in yet?” She asked hopefully as she moved to wash her hand in the wash hand basin in the corner of the room.
“Yes, he just came in. Though the senior surgeon, Tunde Fowomola requested for you specifically. The patient is one of the Coker family.” Amina told her as she watched her put on her lab coat.
“Influential lots. I wonder what he did to deserve hatchet cut and bullet delivered mercilessly to his body.” Rebecca grinned as she walked briskly out of her office. Amina chuckled as she followed.
“The rich also cry. Best of luck, Doctor Becky.” They separated at the next corridor and went their separate ways.
Rebecca stepped into the operating theatre and her legs threatened to fold beneath her.
Lying on the operating slab was Joseph Coker. He was stripped to the waist. His smooth handsome body was marred with deep hatchet cuts and bullet wound. He looked too still for her peace of mind.
“What is wrong, Doctor Becky? Hope you are okay? We need to get this done right away to increase his chances of living.” Doctor Tunde Fowomola frowned at her.
“I am alright.” She buried her emotions and went to work.

“Hi, mum. Grandma, how are you?” Kayode greeted with a smile as he sauntered into the swimming pool area where Patricia and Afolake lounged under the huge umbrella shade.
It was Sunday. Patricia spent most of her Sunday afternoons with her mother in law unless one of them was not available.
“Hello, Kay. You look relaxed this afternoon. Did you win a lottery?” Patricia teased her son with a smile. He laughed.
“To whom do we owe the honor of this impromptu visit?” Afolake raised an eyebrow at him as she leaned back on her chaise longue. She dangled the glass of green smoothie she was holding and cubes of ice rattled noisily.
“Common, Grandma. You know I have been quite busy but I promise to check on you more often. You look more beautiful today.” He flashed her a grin as he rocked on the balls of his heel.
“Thank you. Flattering doesn’t befit you though. Why are you here? You need more money?” She asked pointedly.
Patricia sighed inaudibly, wondering why they all think the worse things about her son.
“I am not that bad, Grandma. Anyway, I came for a reason.” He took a deep breath, holding her gaze. “I want to get married.” He added firmly.
Patricia released a sigh of relieve as she threw her mother a triumphant look. She picked up her drink and sipped deeply.
“I see. You are long overdue. Who is the woman? Your baby mama?’ She didn’t look surprised.
“Yes, ma. Though I have not proposed to her formerly, I intended to do that as soon as possible as she would be graduating from school in a few weeks’ time.” He smiled confidently.
“Mummy, that means he needs a regular paying job. Don’t you think it is right time you give him a position among the executives in the company?” Patricia suggested tentatively.
“Well, I will do that when I am totally convinced he won’t ruin the family name. That reminds me. I met your potential father in law sometimes ago.” Afolake smiled smugly.
“Who is that? How do you know him?” Kayode frowned at her.
“I make it my business to know everything that concerned my kins and I. Salmon Awodele is Aliyah Awodele’ s father, isn’t it?” She gave him a side glance.
Patricia choked on her drink and sputtered as the glass cup dropped onto the tiled floor. It shattered into tiny pieces. She coughed vigorously as her eyes turned red and tears streamed down her face.
“Mum, are you alright? Can I get you something?” Kayode asked in concern.
“I’m fine.” She managed through the coughing fit.
“Do we need to get a doctor?” Afolake asked in concern, even as she watched her carefully.
“No, I am fine.” She insisted, even as her hands trembled.
“Take it easy please. Grandma, what do you think? Do I have your blessing?’ Kayode turned to her.
“You can’t marry her, Kayode. It is not possible.” Patricia stated in a fierce whisper as she stared ahead.
“Why not? I have been dating Aliyah for years. We have a son together. What do you mean I can’t marry her?” Kayode asked in an incredulous voice.
“You can’t marry her. I have my reasons. I will see you later, mother.” She didn’t meet her mother in law’s penetrating gaze as she got shakenly to her feet and walked away.
“Grandma, what is going on? She knows Aliyah and used to like her. Why is she suddenly against our relationship?” He was more puzzled than angry as he turned to her.
“I believe she has her reasons. You need to exercise patience. She will talk to you when she is ready.” She glanced up at him.
“Are you supporting her? You know everything will work out fine once you give your go-ahead.” Kayode persuaded.
“I know. Let’s give her time to pull her thoughts together. Go and propose to your girl first. We will take it from there.” She smiled at him.
“Thank you. I know I can always count on you.” He smiled as he dropped on the seat that was previously occupied by his mother.
“What has been happening in your life? Don’t lie to me. You know I will always find out the truth.’ She grinned, even as her mind worked furiously to dissect the reason behind Patricia’s blunt refusal to approve her son’s relationship.
Kayode laughed and popped a piece of cake into his mouth.


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twist_of_fateThe door to her sister’s flat was left ajar. Elizabeth knew that was her nephew, Michael’s handwork but she was grateful for the open door as she was loaded down with shopping bags. Sweat dripped down her face and armpit and stained the white t-shirt she wore. She regretted not asking the cab-man for assistance.
She took the last few steps with effort and kicked the door wider as she dropped the loads inside the doorway.
“Is anyone in this house?” She gasped out the question as she bent over, panting for breath.
“Grandma, Aunty Lizzy is home.” Michael announced in a loud voice as he jumped to his feet. He was in the sitting room with his Grandmother, watching “The Lion King” on Disney Junior. He ran towards her at high speed.
“Whoa! Stop right there. Don’t jump on me please.” Elizabeth held out her two hands protectively against him as she backed away. He skidded to a stop and burst into helpless giggles.
“Aunt Lizzy, I am just 4 years old now. I’m not so big.” He stated in-between giggles as he spread out his arms to emphasize his small body.
“Thank you, Mr 4-yrs old. You are big enough to send both of us to the floor. Come and carry your size.” She picked up one of the shopping bags and gave it to him.
“I hope you brought me lots of goodies?” He flashed her a mischievous grin as he dragged the bag into the sitting room.
“You know you are my favorite guy. Where is your mum by the way?” Elizabeth grinned at him as she pulled the bags in before notching the door closed.
“I am right here. You are welcome, madam career woman. How was your trip?” Rebecca asked with a smile as she came out of her bedroom.
“It was great. Thank you. This trip reminds me of what it is like to take a flight again, even though it is a local one.” Elizabeth smiled as she picked up two shopping bags.
“I am glad for you. Did you buy out the whole mall?” Rebecca picked up the remaining bags and headed for the kitchen.
“Hi, mum. How have you been?’ Elizabeth called to her mother as she followed her sister.
“How are you, dear? Hope you had a great trip?” Their mother called back with a smile.
“It was fine.” She answered as she shed her sneakers on the way.
“Please make sure you pick up your shoes. I won’t be picking up after Michael and doing the same for you, madam.” Rebecca told her with a frown.
“You can never change, Becky. I will pick it up before you nagged me to death.” Elizabeth stuck out her tongue behind her back.
“I’m sure you have missed my nagging.” Rebecca was smiling as she dropped the bags on the kitchen table and turned to face her sister. “Thank you for the rental fee you sent. I was tired of begging the landlord and I have started avoiding him. You can’t imagine how relieved I was when I got the credit alert from you.” Rebecca stated quietly.
“You have been the rock in this family. Only God knows what would have happened to mother and me, if not for you. You deserve the best.” Elizabeth shrugged as she dropped the bags on the floor.
“I introduced the devil into the family and deserved to wipe the shit he left behind.” Rebecca muttered bitterly.
“It was Daddy that caused all these issues. You had the misfortune of falling for the wrong guy but he doesn’t have the right to tie all our destiny to your marriage with the devil because he wanted an heir. I can kick his dead ass if I have the chance.” Elizabeth stated with feelings. Rebecca laughed heartily.
“I really don’t know how long you want to hang that guilt around your neck though. I have good news for you.” Elizabeth reached for her bag and brought out an envelope which she handed over to Rebecca. It was an appointment letter at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. Her jaw dropped in amazement.
“How did you do it? Do you know how many times I have applied for this position in that federal institution? They kept tossing me from one person to another.” Her eyes scanned the letter in excitement but she wasn’t dreaming.
“Well, I know it was your dream job. That was why you turned down all those smaller appointments with their backbreaking work roaster.” She grinned at her sister.
“How did you get the appointment? I hope you didn’t sleep with one useless man to get this for me?” Rebeca’s eyes narrowed in suspicion at her sister.
“Come off it, Becky. You know I have more important connections than you do. How I get them is none of your business. Do you want the job or not?” She glared at her.
“You are even silly for asking that question. Thank you all the same. I love you.” Rebecca crossed the distance between them and hugged her tightly.
“You are welcome.” Elizabeth’s eyes welled up with tears as she rocked her sister from side to side.
Elizabeth was about to sleep when her phone rang noisily. It was Roseline on the line. She sat up in bed and was grinning widely when she picked the call.
“Aproko woman, what do you want?” Elizabeth asked with a smile.
“I don’t want to know the meaning of that word but I do know you are insulting me. Spill it, my friend. Who is getting you those jobs?” She asked without mincing word.
“It is Joseph Coker, our former driver.” Her voice dropped to a whisper.
“Jesus Christ! Are you serious?” Elizabeth could almost see the amazement in her sister’s friend’s face. She giggled.
“Why didn’t you tell Becky? She thought it was one of your numerous men friends doing the magic.” Roseline demanded.
“Joseph has sworn to skin me alive if I tell her the truth, though he didn’t tell me the reason. I am aware she doesn’t like him back then especially when I talk about him. I guess the feeling is mutual between the two of them.” Elizabeth stated with a shrug.
You, gullible girl, what do you know? Roseline thought in pity. “What is he doing now? How did you meet him?” She asked aloud.
“His father owned the Coker group of companies. I am not sure how they reconciled but he is a big boy now. I just fall in love with him every day.” She gushed dreamily.
Fall in lust with his body and money, you mean? Roseline thought amusingly. “Foolish girl. I am happy for him. He deserves the best. Don’t go and make a fool of yourself before him, girl.” She warned quietly.
“You sound just like Becky. You are too tight ass, Rose. Thank God Doctor Chris would be giving it to you regularly.” Elizabeth stated so solemnly that Roseline burst into laughter.
“You are a bad girl. Good night, Dear. Take care of yourself and find your own man. Joseph is not meant for you.” Roseline clicked off before she could respond. Elizabeth stared at the phone thoughtfully before she shrugged and reached for her novel.
It was Sunday morning. Ifeoma was about to roll out of bed when her door opened and Bella walked in. She sat back in surprise.
“Good morning Mum.” She greeted quietly.
“Morning dear. Hope you slept well?’ Ifeoma smiled at her.
“Yes, I did. Thank you. I came to apologize for the way I spoke to you the other time. It was rude. I have no right to judge you either. I am sorry about that.” She stated quietly as she held her mother’s gaze.
Ifeoma felt tears welled up in her eyes but she dashed it away and smiled.
“You were hurt and disappointed which is understandable. It is okay. How are you? How is work?” Ifeoma patted the space beside her and Bella sat down.
“I’m fine. Work is good. You need to get another source of income. If Dad eventually decides to go for divorce, how will you survive?” Bella asked worriedly.
“I have started a consultancy firm for financial institutions. The registration is in progress but I need to start sourcing for client which is my main problem at the moment. I am sure one big client would open the door for me.” She stated with a shrug.
“I have a good friend. He is one of the Cokers. I’m sure he will be ready to help if I discuss it with him.” Bella offered quietly.
“The Coker family are a big fish in the society. Having them as a client would make a huge difference. I will be grateful if you can make it happen.” She paused thoughtfully. “That reminds me. Olamide’s father is one of the Cokers.” Ifeoma looked at her.
“Yes, I know. His name is Kayode. I have heard a lot about him on the street. He is an irresponsible young man. All he knows is buzz and women. I sincerely hope Aliyah knows what she is getting herself into.” Bella said with a frown.
“Aliyah is no longer a kid. She is going to be a graduate in a few weeks’ time. I don’t think she really loves him but she was attached because she had a son for him.” Ifeoma sighed sadly.
“That is in addition to the fact he was her first man. She is denying the flaws she could see with her own eyes. Anyway, let’s check on her.’ Bella got to her feet.
“Thank you.” She reached for her hand and squeezed in gratitude.
Maria was about to open her mother’s bedroom door when it flew open and Bella came out, closely followed by Ifeoma. They stood in the hallway, eyeing each other wordlessly and Ifeoma wondered if she would have to step in between them.
“Asshole.” Bella smirked at her.
“Slut.” Maria smirked back but her lips turned up in an involuntary smile.
“Girls, I don’t want to hear those dirty languages in my home please.” Ifeoma protested as she tried to gauge the mood in the air.
“We are good, mum. How is Andy? I hope you guys are back together?” Maria raised an eyebrow. Bella blushed.
“Yes, we are. You can set your imagination into sails.” Bella winked at her.
“Do quickly biko. We need to do our first wedding in this house since it seems the one we were aiming for doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.” Maria grinned at her.
“I am glad for you. Remember what I told you about destiny? It would end in praise by God’s Grace.” Ifeoma smiles at her.
“Thank you, mum. Where is Aliyah?” Bella turned to her sister again.
“She is in her room as usual. What should we do to her?” Maria asked suggestively. Bella tossed her head with a mischievous grin and they headed for their sister’s room at a speed. Ifeoma followed more slowly, wondering what she just missed.
Aliyah was wide awake but she was emotionally down as usual. Her eyes were gritty from lack of sleep and she felt as if the world’s burden was on her shoulder. She couldn’t wait to graduate and leave her home for good. Her eyes drifted closed as she sighed heavily but flew open when her door opened abruptly. Her sisters came in with mischief in their eyes.
“What the hell do you think you are doing?” She didn’t finish the question before they reached for her small figure under the duvet and dropped her on the floor. They began to tickle her mercilessly everywhere until she was giggling and writhing on the floor.
“I hate you both.” She sputtered with laughter.
“Take it back.” Maria commanded as she tickled her bare feet with single-minded determination. Aliyah thrashed and giggled the more.
“You girls are wicked. This is so unfair.” Aliyah protested as she laughed hard with tears running down her face.
Bella and Maria finally sat back on their haunches and laughed till their sides ached. Ifeoma stood in the doorway, smiling as tears ran down her cheek.
“Well done, girls. How are you, Aliyah?” Ifeoma asked tentatively as she walked in and sat in the single chair in the room.
“I am fine.” Aliyah sat up on the floor as she stared at her mother.
“I am sorry for hurting you. I can’t change the past neither can I re-do it but I will always love you.” Ifeoma paused. “I can take you to him if you are interested in meeting him.” She added quietly. Aliyah sighed.
“He is not even a good man. He has been treating you badly, despite the fact that he took advantage of you. No, I don’t want to be associated with such man. It doesn’t change who or what I am. I have come to realize that.” She shrugged.
“That is the spirit, girl. I love you.” Bella reached over and kissed her left cheek.
“Same here. You are one brave, strong woman.” Maria kissed her other cheek.
“My baby’s a woman. Come over, girl.” Ifeoma’s voice trembled as she got to her feet. Aliyah ran into her arms and hugged her tightly, sobbing quietly.
“Say a big Thank you to Andrew. He set the wheel rolling in your heart. When can I meet him?” Maria whispered into her sister’s ear. Bella smiled.
“He is eager to meet you too.” Bella grinned at her.
Andrew was furious but beneath the anger, he was scared and worried. It was Friday night. He and Joseph were working on starting a farming project. They were supposed to meet at the Shadows to discuss their progress and the next step. Joseph hadn’t turned up and he wasn’t picking his calls either.
He drove towards the gate of the administrative office of the Coker’s manufacturing company and the security light zoomed in on his car before he was allowed to drive in.
“Good evening sir.” A security aide greeted him. The name tag on his chest was Stephen Amuwo.
“Good evening. Is Joseph still in the office?” Andrew asked quietly.
“I think he is still in because I have not seen him leave the office premises. Moreover, he checks up on us every Friday evening to make sure we are all right for the weekend.” Stephen responded with a slight frown.
“Gbenga, you stay here at the gate while Stephen and I check on him.” Andrew addressed both of them, even as he told himself he was being unnecessarily paranoid.
“Yes, Sir.” Stephen answered as he opened the car door and slide into the seat beside him.
Andrew drove to the Car park and pulled up properly before they left the confinement of the Car.
“Most of the staffs have closed for the day. Joseph does work late once in a while but certainly not on a Friday. I am sure he got carried away with work today.” Stephen stated in a conversational tone. Andrew nodded absently.
They tried the elevator but it had been shut down for the day. They took the staircase two at a time. Joseph’s office was on the fourth floor.
As they approached his office, they heard several heavy footsteps approaching them. Stephen looked surprised as he glanced at him.
Andrew reached for the young man’s collar and pulled him abruptly into a corner. They crouched in the corner, holding their breath.
Four heavily armed men walked past them and descended down the staircase.
“Page Gbenga to leave the security post and run for his life. Those guys mean business.” Andrew whispered furiously in the young man’s ear immediately he was sure they were out of ear-shot. He ran out of the corner before Stephen could respond and went straight into Joseph’s office.
Joseph Coker was lying in his pool of blood, looking lifeless and very still!


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twist_of_fateBella had been back from work for the past few hours but she felt physically and emotionally drained out. She laid on her back in bed in her office dress, staring at the ceiling and lost in thought.
She wished she could talk to Andrew but after calling him several times and sending him several messages without a response from him, she had stopped trying. It was almost a month since the last time they saw each other and she missed him as if a physical part of her was missing. She sighed heavily.
Her once close-knit family was splitting apart. Aliyah had been acting like a stranger in the house since their mother’s revelation a few weeks ago, she kept to herself most of the time and refused to mingle with the family.
Maria was almost always with their mother whenever they were both in the house. Their father had become invisible. Damn you, mother, for breaking us up like this. She thought angrily and bitterly.
Her phone rang noisily and it jutted her out of her reverie. It was Joseph Coker. She was smiling when she picked the call.
“Hi, Joe.” She grinned.
“How are you, my sweetheart? You are breaking my heart. What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment from you? You have not seen me in weeks and you didn’t bother asking after me?” He asked in a mournful voice.
“I am sorry. I thought you are out of the country?” She sat up in bed.
“How will you know if I am back when you have not bothered to check on me? Anyway, where are you?’ He asked with a smile.
“I am home. I just got back from work.” She bent to remove her shoes.
“It is Friday night. What are you doing at home? Meet me at the Shadow Bar at Tanke Junction. I will be expecting you.” He tapped the red button.
Bella strolled into the bar twenty minutes later and slowed down when she saw Andrew at Joseph’s table. She straightened her shoulder, schooled her expression and moved forward.
Andrew was about to raise the wine to his lips when he turned his head and saw her approaching. He dropped the wine glass and got to his feet.
“Hi.” She greeted politely. He drew her into his embrace and enfolded her in a warm, long, hug.
“I miss you.” He murmured against her throat. Tears filled her eyes as she stared at Joseph in amazement.
“Thank you.” She mouthed at him. He winked at her and sipped his wine.
“I miss you too. Thank you for forgiving me.” She drew back and cupped his cheek.
“You are welcome.” He smiled as he placed his lips on hers. He stared into her eyes as his lips rubbed against hers without pressure. Her burdens seemed to drain away and she smiled.
“I love you. Don’t ever doubt that.” She murmured as she rubbed her hands over his back.
“We will be alright. What is wrong with you? You look sad.” Andrew asked quietly as he drew her to his side.
“Hey, Bella. You know you should dump this idiot.” He grinned as he stood up and pulled her to his side for a quick hug.
“You know I don’t make idle threat, dog.” Andrew sat down with a lazy grin.
“Ignore him. Run away with this man that will treat you like a special woman that you are.” He smirked at Andrew as he reached under his table and gave her a colorful gift nylon.
“You brought a gift for me?” Bella asked in excitement as she tore through the nylon. She brought out a box of Amedei Porcelana chocolate, a pink teddy bear, and a Slim, Gold, Swiss wrist watch.
“I love it. Thank you.” She flew into his arms and hugged him tightly.
“You are welcome, dear. Forgive the ass-hole. He has truly suffered but his ego and pride will not allow him to rest.” Joseph whispered against her throat.
“Joe, release that girl before I have to kill you.” Andrew told him.
Tears filled her eyes and she squeezed him affectionately.
“Thank you. I love you.” She grinned as she kissed him on both cheeks.
“God save your ass. Go away and find your own woman abeg.” Andrew waved him away as he pulled her down on the seat beside him.
“Love is blind. Let me go and check out that chocolate beauty over there.” He picked up the wine and his wine glass, winked at them and moved to another table that was occupied by a lady.
“You are lucky. He is such a good man. He looks out for you all the time.” She murmured quietly.
“I know. We may not be related by blood but he is the only brother I ever have. What is happening to you? I think we should just leave this environment.” He shoots a message to Joseph via his WhatsApp. “Let’s start going.” He picked up her gift nylon, took her hand and walked out of the bar.
Titilola was watching musical video in her room when the door opened abruptly and Patricia came in.
“What the hell do you think you are doing? What were you doing in that woman’s shop? Don’t even bother denying it” Patricia screamed at her.
She clicked off the T.V and faced her mother.
“I have no intention of denying anything. I am an adult and I have the right to make friends with whoever I like. Your spies have been at work, isn’t it?” She put her hand on her hip in a challengingly.
“Don’t you have any shame? So you choose to be friends with your father’s concubine?” Patricia asked scathingly.
“She is his legal wife, mother. We both know that. They have gotten married long before you and I came into the picture. I find out that she is a warm and wonderful woman. She took her time to welcome me because she loves Dad.” She paused meaningfully as she looked her mother in the eyes. “I can’t say the same about you.” She ended finally.
“What do you mean by that rude statement?” Patricia glared at her daughter.
“What were you doing in that hotel with that man?” She asked coldly.
“What are you talking about? What the hell are you doing in a hotel?” Patricia was almost shouting.
Titilola gave her a scornful look before reaching for her phone, scrolling through it and gave it to her. It was a video recording. She sat down on her bed and watched her mother’s reaction. Patricia’s hand shook once before she stared down at the clear images moving on the screen.
“You can delete it if you want. I have copies on my flash drive.” She shrugged as she laid on the bed and crossed her legs at the ankle. “I was already in the lobby when he walked in. I remember thinking what a cute man he was for someone of his age. He ordered for champagne and was obviously waiting for someone as he kept checking his time. I was curious to know who his partner was going to be. You can imagine my shock when my mother joined him a few minutes later, blushing and giggling like a school girl.” She sat up in anger.
“His hands were all over you, mother. He was practically making love to you in plain sight. I don’t have to imagine what happened after you left the lobby with him. How disgusting could that be?” She asked in cold anger.
“How can you do this to me, Titi? What do you intend to gain with this recording? Your father has never had time for me. What do you expect me to do?” Patricia asked in a trembling voice.
“Come off it, Mum. That is not an excuse to cheat on him. Thank your star I have not told him or even decide to take it to Grandma. You know what that means right?” She asked tauntingly. Patricia blanched visibly.
“Good daughters are supposed to support their mothers unconditionally. How can you be so wicked and selfish? What did I do to deserve such treatment from you?” She asked accusingly as tears filled her eyes.
“Have you forgotten I am my mother’s daughter? I am as wicked and selfish as you were when I complained to you that your foolish, bastard son abused and defiled my innocence and you did nothing to stop it or protect me. Oh…I have forgotten he is the heir to the Coker dynasty. He is perfect and he can’t do anything wrong in your sight.” She mimicked bitterly. “You want my support now, mother? You can never have it. Get out of my room.” Titilola turned her back on her mother as tears filled her eyes.
“Titi, I am sorry.” Patricia began hesitantly.
“Get out, mother, before I say something that we will both regret.” Her voice came out, rocksteady, despite the turmoil going on in her mind.
Patricia turned on her feet and walked out grudgingly. Titilola turned her face into the pillow and wept silently.

“Mother, please tell your husband to get those goons off my back. I hate seeing them everywhere I go.” Joseph’s voice preceded him into the kitchen.
Naomi and Titilola were in the kitchen where Naomi was preparing her favorite Akwa Ibom native soup called Edika Ikong. Titilola stood beside her, watching with interest and wondering how soon she could try it out.
“It is smelling great already. When can I try it on my own? Our cook will not allow me to mess up her kitchen.” She asked with a grin, sniffing the aroma.
“I will give you the list of ingredient to get from the market. You can try it the next time you are here. Don’t you dare put your hand inside my pot of soup.” Naomi warned as if she was reading her mind.
“How did you know I was about to do that?” She asked in surprise.
“You will know when you have raised a child. I will hit your hand with this hot spoon if you try it. Thank your star I am even telling you before I do it.” Naomi stated with a little smile. Titilola laughed heartily.
“You are one bad ass mother. He is so lucky to have you.” Titilola said wistfully.
“He knows it.” Naomi smiled as she reached for her hand and squeezed it affectionately.
Joseph barreled into the kitchen and came to a sudden standstill. His gaze roamed over Titilola with pure masculine interest and he mentally nodded his head in approval.
“Hello, Beautiful.” He grinned at her.
“Hi, Handsome.” Titilola was amused.
“Titilola is your sister.” Naomi raised an eyebrow at him.
“Aww, mum.” Joseph felt the sting as if it was a physical slap.
Titilola burst into laughter and laughed till her sides ache.
“Aunt Naomi, you are harsh oo.” Titilola smiled as she wiped tears from her eyes.
“You are not nice either, Titi.” He gave her a side eye.
“Sorry, bros. I couldn’t help it.” She grinned at him.
“This should be done now.” Naomi opened the pot of soup and stirred it. Steam and aroma rose into the air. Joseph’s stomach growled loudly in hunger. Titilola caught his eye and laughed again.
“I will make the Eba, mum.” Joseph volunteered as he rolled up his shirt sleeve.
“You can make Eba on your own?” Titilola asked in an incredulous voice as she felt shame rolled over her.
“Come, let’s leave him in the kitchen.” Naomi took her hand.
“No, I will stay and keep him company. I am a fast learner.” She grinned at the older woman.
“No problem, then. Please don’t make watery Garri for me.” Naomi teased as she removed her apron and hung it as she headed out of the kitchen.
“She is my sister. You can’t disgrace me in her presence.” Joseph bellowed after his mother. Her amused laughter drifted to them.
“I heard your comment the other time about Daddy’s goons following you around. He is only trying to protect you.” She told him.
“I understand his need to protect but I don’t like the method. There are so many ways to get this done without having some 8-pack idiots trailing in your shadow throughout the day.” He frowned as he put the pot of water on the cooker and turned on the heat.
“Well, I am kind of used to it. I pretend as if they do not exist most of the time. How else can that be done?” She asked curiously.
“Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigeria recently. Did you see packs of thugs trailing after him during his short stay in Nigeria?’ He gave her a casual glance before bending to retrieve the bucket of gari in the bottom shelf.
“You have been watching too much foreign film. Using security devices and physical thugs have their own pros and cons.” She stated with a shrug.
“You may be right but I am not comfortable with it. It is like an invasion of my privacy and I am irritated by it. I will discuss it with him.” He insisted stubbornly.
“Well, you can talk to Grandma too as she is usually the architect of everything going on in this family.” She shrugged.
“Thank you. I will do that.” He flashed her a smile.
“All the securities in the world doesn’t protect you against certain things, even right under their noses.” She muttered under her breath.
He prepared the Eba in silence and dished it into the warmer.
“I heard that, Titi. We will find the time to talk heart to heart. Right now, let’s go and eat one of mother’s best delicacy.” He put his arm playfully around her shoulder and lifted the warmer with the other hand.
She laughed as she dished the soup into another warmer and followed him out of the kitchen.
In the middle of the sitting room, Olayemi and Naomi were in each other’s arms, their lips locked in a deep unhurried kiss.
Titilola’ s jaw dropped in complete shock. She had never seen her parent pecked each other, talk less of kissing.
She closed her eyes and tried to interpret what she was feeling. A twinge of envy and loads of happiness for her father.
“Guys, please postpone this until you are both alone. Some people are very hungry here.” Joseph didn’t spare them a glance as he moved to the dining table.
“I miss you. That meeting with Conoil just dragged on endlessly.” Olayemi complained good-naturedly as he broke the kiss.
“I miss you too. You are here now and it yielded a positive outcome. Let’s go and eat.” Naomi tapped his nose playfully and turned him towards the dining room.
“What are you doing here, Titi?” He asked in amazement.
“I am here to eat dinner.” She widened her eyes in exaggerated innocence.
“Dinner?” He croaked in confusion.
Naomi winked at Titilola and the latter laughed as she pulled out a seat.
“Naomi, I don’t know what to say. What did I do to deserve you?” He asked as he looked down at her, overwhelmed.
“Well, you probably did the same thing I do to deserve you. It is time for dinner, mister.” She grinned as she took his hand and led him to the table.

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twist_of_fateKayode was driving aimlessly around town, bitter and angry when Aliyah’s call came in.
This is just the distraction I need, he thought smugly. He was smiling when he picked up her call.

“Baby, how are you?” He greeted as he put the phone into hands- free mode.
“I am not fine. Can you please pick me up in front of the house please?” Her voice was husky with tears.
“Sure. Give me ten minutes. I will be right there.” He smiled in anticipation. He didn’t note the distress in her voice.
Almost ten minutes later, his headlight picked out her small figure in front of her father’s house. She was dressed in mini skirt and halter-neck top. She wore no bra as usual and her big nipples stood out in stack relief against the filmy material. Lust slammed into him and his brief suddenly becomes too tight.
She leaped into the car immediately he slowed down and he moved into the road.
“What is wrong, baby?’ He asked as he glanced at her face. He struggled not to let his gaze drift to her heaving boobs.
“I am so hurt and disappointed. I don’t even know how to start telling you this.” She burst into tears again.
“Oh baby, it is alright.” He caressed her thighs lightly as he pulled up properly on the side of the road. He left the engine running as he went round the car to scoop her into his arm and settled at the roomy back seat.
She cuddled into his arms and sobbed her heart out.
“Talk to me, baby.” He crooned softly as he caressed her smooth back and pulled loose the knot which held the material together at her nape. The top slithered down her body, baring her bare breasts to his gaze and he swallowed hard.
“Stop it, Kay. I am not in the mood for this.” She hiccupped as she tried to pull the top up again.
“Common baby. You know you will feel better as soon as you taste my magic touch again.” His grin was wicked as he pulled her hands away. He settled his palm over her left boob and squeezed hard. She flinched, even as she was feeling aroused.
“Kay, please don’t start this. I am not in the mood.” She began pleadingly but her voice ended in a moan when he bent his head and bit her nipple lightly before sucking her hard.
He eased her onto her back on the back seat and settled firmly between her thighs. His bulging manhood pushed against the thin material covering her wet honey pot and communicated his desire to her loud and clear.
Her hip bucked wildly when he slipped his finger into her panties and her body responded to his touch but her mind yearned for a deeper connection with him.
She sighed in resignation and all thoughts slipped from her brain when he pulled the flimsy barrier aside and entered her.
“How is it going with your lover boy?” Salmon’s voice dripped with sarcasm as he lifted her left hand. He stared down at the diamond ring blinking on her finger with undisguised envy.
The store was undergoing expansion and renovation to extend to the whole of the ground floor. There were muted noises coming from the construction work going on.
“Are you not happy for me? Don’t I even deserve happiness after all these years?” She gave him a worried look. He sighed.
“You deserve all the happiness in the world. I am just mad he is the only one who has the key to your heart plus your life seems to be rounding up smoothly when mine’s in complete chaos.” He stared unseeingly towards the entrance where customers were entering and exiting the store, keeping her sales assistance busy.
“I am sorry about what you are going through. I am sure everything will be fine eventually.” She squeezed his hand in reassurance.
“I hope so.” He sighed heavily. “At least, you are looking happy. That is in addition to the fact that you will be getting laid on a regular basis.” He teased. She blushed.
“Get away from here.” She hit him playfully on the chest as she glanced towards the entrance.
“My God! The dragon is here.” Her voice trembled in dread as she got unsteadily to her feet.
“Who is she?” Salmon asked in a puzzled voice as he followed her gaze.
There were four Mercedes-Benz S500 cars parked in a row in front of her store. Afolake Coker stepped gracefully out of the third car. A peach color silky kaftan with cream embroidered hem adorned her plump frame. Simple dangling silver earrings complimented her cream turban and swung from side to side as she looked around her environment with an interested gaze. A matching cream color blocked heel covered shoe flashed from beneath the floor length kaftan as she moved briskly towards the entrance of the shop.
Two men in black suit flanked her on both sides and matched her steps while four others stayed behind, leaning on the cars with feigned casualness.
“That is my mother in law. I can’t believe she still put the fear of God in me after all these years.” Her palm grew wet with moisture and she rubbed it on her cotton trouser.
“You must be very scared of her when you were staying with them. Are you going to be all right? Do you want me to leave or stay?” He asked in concern.
“Please stay. I need all the moral support I can get at this time.” She reached for his hand as her mother in law swept into the store.
All movements and transactions seemed to come to a sudden standstill as her presence was felt and observed by all.
“She is the former minister of petroleum.” Salmon stated in undisguised awe as he stared at the woman who seemed to be immune to the stares aimed her way.
‘Good afternoon ma’am. You are welcome.” Naomi moved forward and went on her knees in front of the elderly woman.
“How are you, dear? You look as lovely as ever.” Afolake smiled as she raised her to her feet.
“Thank you. Please come this way.” Naomi smiled tentatively as she led the way to her private office.
Afolake and Salmon entered with her, leaving the security aides behind at the door way.
“Good afternoon ma’am. You are welcome.” Salmon bowed slightly as he stood by the door, ready to bolt.
“Good afternoon, young man. Your face looks familiar. What is the name?” Afolake turned her penetrating gaze on him.
“I am Salmon Awodele.” He answered politely, trying not to squirm under her unwavering gaze.
“You are Aliyah Awodele’ s father.” She smiled at him. He hesitated briefly before answering.
“Yes, ma’am.” He mumbled with a forced smile.
“Ah! You are my in-law. It is a small world indeed.” She nodded at him.
“In-law? How do you mean ma’am?” He asked in confusion.
“Kayode Coker is my grandson.” She stated firmly. Naomi hides a gasp unsuccessfully as Salmon glared at her.
“Does that mean Olayemi Coker is Kayode’ s father?” Salmon asked in a cold voice.
“That is so. Do you have a problem with that?” She raised an eye brow at him.
“I don’t have an issue with you. It is my pleasure to meet you, ma’am. I will see you later, Naomi.” He smiled politely as he looked from one to the other before leaving the room.
“Who is he? How did you know him?” Afolake asked as she turned to her. Naomi pulled out a seat for her and she sank into the plush seat.
“He is a childhood friend.” Naomi smiled as she sat beside her.
“Thank you, dear. He obviously has an issue with Olayemi because of your relationship with him.” She hit the nail on the head as usual.
Naomi smiled and refused to comment on the issue.
“What can I offer you?” Naomi asked quietly.
“I just took breakfast before coming. I don’t joke with my diet these days.” She sighed lightly. “You did a great job with Olamiposi. Well done.” She nodded with a solemn look.
“You don’t need to thank me but you are welcome all the same. Please accept my condolence on Ronke’s death. I heard about it for the first time when Yemi and I ran into each other again.” Naomi stated solemnly.
“Thank you.” She answered quietly. “My son is happy in a way he has never been in years. I met a wonderful grandson who challenges me and makes me laugh at the same time. I made grave mistake years ago.” She sighed heavily.
“That is the way it was meant to be. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I love your son. I will always do and that is all that matters.” Naomi flashed her a real smile since she gave in.
“I know. I have always known. He never stopped loving you too, despite all my atrocities. When should I expect you for dinner in my home?” She asked with a smile as she got to her feet.
“I will let you know when I am available ma’am.’ Naomi was thrown off-balance as she got to her feet too. The woman never ceased to amaze her with her endless energy.
“Let’s do it this way. I am traveling out for my medical check-up and would be back in the next two weeks. Let me know if that Sunday evening works for you so I can host you in a grand style.” She grinned as she opened the door and stepped in-between her aides again.
“Yes, ma’am. I will do that.” Naomi hurried her steps to match hers, wondering if she wasn’t putting herself into trouble.
“Titilola, you are always discovering new stores in town. When was this opened? It looks great.” Bukola observed with interest as they moved through the sliding doors into the cool interior.
“It was opened more than a year ago. Lots of renovations and expansions have been going on though.” Titilola mumbled as she looked around her. Dad’s wealth is definitely at work, she thought cynically as she noticed the rows of neatly arranged imported and local products.
Her mission in the store was different from that of her friend who was a chronic shopaholic.
She wanted to meet the woman who captured her father’s heart and took him away from her. Her experienced eye noted everything from the different sections to the neatly dressed polite sales assistances who stood at discrete points around the store, ready to help with their friendly smile.
Her friend picked up a shopping cart and went about her shopping business with a vengeance while Titilola simply moved around, pausing and waving away the politely offered assistances.
“I hope it met your approval, Titilola?” A friendly voice asked with a smile from behind her.
She nearly jumped out of her skin as she swirled around abruptly.
Naomi was standing few steps behind her and watching her with a smile. She has seen her picture once with her father but she recognized her immediately she walked through the door. Apart from the security aide who stood at a discrete distance, the resemblance between her and her son was hard to miss. It was quite striking.
“Good afternoon ma’am.’ She greeted politely.
“Good afternoon dear. How are you?” Naomi moved to her side.
“I am fine. You have a great place here.” She stated with reluctant admiration.
“Thank you. I am trying my best. It is good to have a fresh perspective though. What do you think? Give me your honest opinion.” Naomi tried to put herself in an outsider’s shoe.
“It depends on what you are aiming for. The frozen food section could use a bit of rearrangement, which is my opinion though.” She shrugged self-consciously.
“I appreciate that. If you have the time, I can show you the part I am changing into the children’s section and the adult clothing section. I will love to have your opinion on that too.” Naomi flashed her a smile as she led the way.
“I don’t have any important appointment for now.” She found herself agreeing as she followed her against her better judgment. They went through the opening in a corner at the end of the store.
“Be careful, Titi. That broken asbestos can be very sharp.” Naomi cautioned as they stepped over debris.
“This place is going to be huge. I hope you have a great plan in place?” Titilola asked in awe as she turned in a circle.
“It is an enormous project that is beginning to scare me.” Naomi admitted as she looked at the workers in the different state of undress, moving around with their business.
“You don’t need to be scared. Come and employ me. I will turn your dreams into realities. It is in my genes.” Her grin flashed as she rubbed her hands in relish.
You are your father’s daughter truly, Naomi thought in amusement as she gave her the notebook and pen she was holding when Titilola came in.
“That is why I need a fresh opinion. Let me take you around.” She moved up the littered stair case.
“What do we have here?” Titilola mentally rolled up her sleeves and gave her her full attention.
“Thank you for your time, Titi. I truly appreciate it.” They moved back into the main store several hours later.
“I enjoyed myself. Can we add a tea /coffee/ice-cream area to the book section? That is in case the customer wants to sit down and just browse.” She began and paused. “I am beginning to get carried away.” She smiled sheepishly. Naomi laughed heartily.
“You know I am not supposed to like or admire you? Mother will kill me.” She blew out a breath.
“I know the feeling. The feeling is mutual. You are like a daughter I never have. I absolutely love your ideas. They are fabulous.” Naomi said sincerely.
“I wish I can be part of this. Can you employ me to assist with it?” Titilola was half-joking as she remembered her phone and brought it out of her bag. “Oh my God! We have spent several hours in there. Bukola will kill me.” She stared at the series of missed calls on her phone.
“I enjoyed your company. Your mother will kill me if I employ you but you are welcome here anytime. I will always appreciate your company.” Naomi hugged her and placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Ah! Daddy is toast.” She mumbled under her breath but Naomi heard her. She laughed.
“Come for dinner tomorrow. I will cook you my special delicacy.” She invited warmly.
“You can cook?” Titilola’ s eyes widened in surprise.
“Of course. I can cook. I will do the cooking and you will be the judge.” She smiled at her.
“Tomorrow is a date. See you then.” They exchanged numbers and addresses and Titilola left in a hurry.

What do you think is wrong with Kayode and Aliyah’s relationship?

Kindly drop your feedback.

Thank you for reading.



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