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twist_of_fateJoseph took the staircase two at a time and noted with dread that Rebecca was already at home.

The door wasn’t locked. He slides into the sitting room and dropped a mini-recorder in her handbag. He dropped the bag on the floor, closed to the kitchen door where he could hear their voices.

It took all his self-control to reign in his anger, not to rushed in and strangled the bastard where he stood, holding a gun to Rebecca.

He slipped out again as he made calls and went back to his car.


‘You don’t look too happy to see me, darling.’ He smiled at her but his eyes were cold and empty. She repressed a shudder.

‘How did you get in by the way? You have just behaved like the criminal that you are.’ She inclined her head regally.

‘I will advise you to watch your tongue, princess.’ His smile grew colder as he brought out a gun from his back pocket. ‘The back staircase was an easy access to your kitchen and working the lock is a child’s play.’  He added with a sinister grin.

How did I ever think this guy is attractive? I have been such a fool. She thought bitterly.

His fingers caressed the smooth sleekness of the deadly weapon he was holding and her eyes were involuntarily drawn to it.  He would use it without a second thought, she knew. She noted during the time they lived together that he was capable of violence. She tried to keep out of his way most of the time and tried not to provoke him unless it was absolutely necessary. She was relieved when he disappeared from their life, even though he left them penniless and homeless.

“This weapon is made of plastic with a silencer and it has a very lightweight. It is a Glock 9 millimeter and I use it only when it is necessary.”He winked at her.

‘You won’t dare kill me, will you?’ She asked with a confidence she was not feeling. Being scared was not going to help her but she would be damned if she would allow this Criminal to end her life before she was ready.

‘I killed your father. Why should your death make a difference to me?’ His smile was malicious. She gaped at him in shock. He actually relished telling her to her face which means he had no intention of letting her go, alive!

‘Well, don’t look so shocked. I am not the only one with a grudge against your father. Emeka Daniels junior never forgave your father for cheating on his father and sending him to an early grave.’ He gave her a malicious smile.

‘My dad never cheated on Mr. Daniels! He actually assisted him financially to boost his business but unfortunately, he was duped by unknown fraudsters. My dad didn’t know how depressed he was until he committed suicide. That was why he employed E.D junior as our family lawyer before he was even out of law school. They were good friends before E.D Senior’s death.’ Rebecca denied hotly, remembering how depressed her father was when he learned of his friend’s death.

‘What a pity! It is too late to explain that to him. He got it twisted and had a burning vengeance for your father. I guess he was also driven by his own selfish interest and greediness. He teamed up with the wrong person to achieve his goal.’ He shrugged as he threw the weapon into the air playfully and caught it again.

“So you killed him too? Why? Why are you behaving this way, Ramsey?”She asked in a hoarse voice.

“Your father is a selfish man, Becky. He deserved what he got.’ Anger whipped through her.

“How can you call my father a selfish man, after all, he did for you? You are the selfish bastard! “She spat at him and held her breath but he only gave her a cold smile.

“Isn’t it obvious? He is so dumb to think I will work my butt off to satisfy all your whims.”His lips twisted cruelly. “You are all so dumb. He wanted his family to stay at home and enjoy yourselves while I slave away to make more money for him.”He glared at her.

‘Ramsey, you know deep in your heart that I wanted to work to earn my living but you supported him when he demanded I stayed at home. Obviously, you have a plan in place.’ She accused bitterly.

‘You have always been smart. You are right. I have no intention of being slaves to a couple of spoilt brats and their spineless mother.’ He gave a harsh laugh.

“So what do you want? Why are you back?”She asked with a narrowed look.

“Those are good questions. I’m here for two reasons.”He paused but she didn’t comment as she thought of how she would come out of this, alive!

“I want my son with me when I leave. That is my first request.’ His eyes narrowed dangerously when she burst into an amused laughter. ‘What is so funny?’ He barked at her.

‘You must certainly be blind to think my son belongs to you. You are not his father. His father is Joseph Coker.’ She wondered if she would live long enough to tell her son who his biological father was.

She watched him frown as he brought Michael’s face into his mind and probably realized she was right.

‘You, slut! Only God knows how many times he slept with you before we got married. Yet, you won’t allow me to see your pant. No wonder you were always on his side.’ He glared at her, his temper rapidly rising.

She refused to comment on the insult and he continued after a while.

‘That is good. I realized the bastard is doing so well for himself that he has the money and time to track me down. Obviously, you have warmed yourself back into his bed. So it shouldn’t be too hard for you to meet my other request.”He didn’t look too distressed at the fact that the son wasn’t his, she noted sadly.

‘What do you want?’ She asked in a resigned voice.

“I want you to call your account officer and ask him to transfer a sum of Ten million naira into my account. You may also call your lover boy to assist you if he values your life. After all, that little amount meant nothing to the Almighty Coker, right?”He jeered at her stated quietly and she stared at him in horror.


Joseph shed his tie into the car, locked it up and raced to the back of the building as he rolled up his shirt-sleeves. He went through the extra door in the building and found himself on the emergency staircase.

The son of a bitch has done his homework well, he thought in anger as he went up the staircase and found himself in complete darkness. He felt around him on the wall until his fingers came in contact with the cold metal of a doorknob and he tried it. The door opened, swinging heavily on its hinges and directly into a storeroom. He climbed in and heard their voices.


“What is that noise?”Ramsey jerked around sharply, feeling quite sure he heard a sound behind him.

“What noise? Where do you want me to get that kind of money?’ She screamed at him. He pointed the gun at the ceiling and pulled the trigger. No sound came out but a hole formed instantly in the ceiling and part of it dropped on the floor in pieces. Her fingers rose to her throat in horror as she gaped at the ceiling.

“Please don’t waste my time.”He held out his cell phone while his second hand pointed the gun at her head.

She had never felt so helpless or desperate in her life because she knew she doesn’t have that kind of money in her bank account but he will never believe her. Joseph, where are you? I need you now, please! She prayed fervently in her shattered mind.


Joseph appeared behind Ramsey with a finger across his lip. It took all her control not to jump up with joy. She blinked as tears filled her eyes and her heart sang a joyful song.

His arm went around Ramsey’s neck in a flash and turned his gun-hand skyward. Several shots went off, scattering the ceiling and the carefully arranged room as the two men struggled with the gun until it dropped on the floor.

Becky kicked it to the far corner of the room and stood guard over it.

Both men disengaged and eyed each other with burning hatred.

“What is your problem, lover boy? She is still my wife and I can do whatever I like with her.”Ramsey spat at him with a cold smile. Becky stared at him with a hatred she never knew she had for him.

“She won’t be your wife for long. Her heart and body have always been mine.”Joseph gave her a playful grin. She returned his smile gratefully.

“Are you sure, you yellow bastard?”Ramsey asked coldly.

“I can prove it to you.”Joseph said with a determined set of his jaw.

“Come on. Let’s see what you got, fucker.” Ramsey inclined his head challengingly.

Joseph came upon him like a prizefighter.

Becky had always suspected Joseph could be ruthless when provoked but she was surprised at the level of ruthlessness he displayed as he rammed continuously into Ramsey with his fist and head.

She heard the sickening thud of knuckles on bones and groans and watched the rippling muscles of the two men in fascination. She knew at the back of her mind she was supposed to find a way to get the police but she was scared to leave them.

They thrashed around, destroying everything they came in contact with and Ramsey disengaged abruptly as blood gushed from his nose.

He touched his nose and stared at the blood on his finger.

“I will kill you, you idiot.”Ramsey threatened darkly as he fished out a shining little knife out of his pocket and watched it with a malicious smile.

“You can’t kill me as easily as you killed your father-in-law or the lawyer. You have to do better than that.”Joseph’s gaze narrowed angrily. He saw surprise coupled with unease flickered briefly on his face. Becky stared at him in amazement.

“What is your business in this anyway? You were just a mere driver and you have nothing to show for your slave years at the Badmus’s house, have you?”Ramsey spat at him.

“I’m glad to be a slave to a gorgeous and beautiful woman like Becky Badmus. Your lose is my gain.”Joseph shared another smile with her and turned back to the gaping man. “Moreover, my wealth can buy you and your family repeatedly, you coward. You have nowhere to run because you are a wanted man. If you step out of this place, I will make sure you step right into jail. You are so dead, Ramsey Williams.”Joseph said with a cold anger that frightened her.

‘I will kill you first before you send me to jail, asshole.”Ramsey charged him furiously, blindly.

He crashed into the opposite wall when Joseph stepped out of his way, then he brought his elbow down on his back and he went flat with a groan.


Becky heard the police siren in the distance and ran out to her balcony in time to see police cars drove into her compound at a top speed. They were led by two unmarked cars. One belonged to Andrew and the second belonged to James Hogg, the head of the foreign intelligence team hired by the Coker.

She looked around in time to see Joseph dragging Ramsey forcefully to the balcony. His arms and legs were tied with Joseph’s torn shirt. He was bare-chested and had a cut on his rib. Ramsey was panting breathlessly, his eyes widened with fear when he realized he was about to be thrown over the iron banister. Joseph’s jaw was set and his eyes were flat with anger.

“What are you doing, Joe?’Becky asked with sheer terror.

“I’m going to throw him over the railings.”He answered furiously as he lifted him bodily into his arms.

“Becky….please ….beg …him” Ramsey pleaded desperately in between gasp.

“Don’t do that, Joe.The police are here already, let them do their job. Don’t turn into a murderer like him, please.”Becky pleaded quietly as she held on to his arm.

He took deep, calming breath and dropped him abruptly before he proceeded to tie him to the railings.


‘Are you alright, Joseph?’ Andrew hurried towards him as he joined them on the balcony.

‘I’m fine. They should just take that bastard away before I killed him.’ Joseph walked into the sitting room to retrieve the recorder from Becky’s bag and gave it to James Hogg as the latter walked in.

The police led Ramsey away in handcuffs after taking their statements.

The security team lingered a bit behind as they asked questions, took pictures and recorded the scene before leaving the house.

‘You are bleeding. I will treat that.’ Rebecca went on shaky feet to retrieve her medical kit.

‘Sit down, Becky. You are trembling.’ Andrew pushed her into a seat. The kit dropped with a thud.

‘He was going to kill me.’ She covered her face with her palm as tears filled her eyes.

‘It is okay. Please cry if it will make you feel better.’ Andrew drew her into his arms. She cried, deep wrenching sobs that tore into Joseph’s heart.

‘I can’t believe I was married to that monster.’ She shook her head in self-pity as she looked at him with swollen red-rimmed eyes.

‘It is alright. The storm is over.’ He patted her back.

‘Is she alright now?’ Ruth’s tentative voice reached her and she looked at her mother to see her sitting beside Joseph.

His arm was around her frail shoulder.

‘I’m fine, mum. How are you? When did you come in?’ She blew her nose on the handkerchief that Andrew gave her.

‘I got here when Andrew was driving in with the police entourage and was asked to stay downstairs. It was the longest moment of my life.’ Ruth shivered slightly.

‘It is okay, mum. He has been taken away. I am sure he won’t be bothering us for a long time now.’ Rebecca went to sit beside her mother and hugged her.

‘We should start going now.’ Joseph got to his feet. Andrew followed suit.

‘I want to look at the bleeding wound on your rib, Joseph.’ Rebecca got to her feet too.

‘It is just a scrape. I have survived worst wound.’ Joseph smiled at her, wishing he could pull her into his arms and kissed her.

‘Sit down. I will look at it.’ She insisted.

Andrew and Joseph left their house a few minutes later.

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twist_of_fateRose was sleeping when her phone rang sharply. She groped for it on the bedside table, cracked open an eyelid to look at the caller ID, wondering if it is someone she could ignore.

‘Hi, Becky. Is everything alright?’ Her voice was husky with sleep.

‘Are you sleeping, Rose?’ Rebecca tried to keep her temper down.

‘It is okay. Is Caitlin alright?’ She sat up in bed, holding the duvet to her chest.

‘Caitlin is alright. I’m sorry to wake you up but I need to confirm something from you. Is Joseph responsible for sponsoring our trip for your wedding?’ She blurted out sharply.

Rose glanced at her husband who was sleeping beside her and snug out of bed, pulling the duvet with her. The momentary silence gave Rebecca all the answer she needed.

‘Rose, are you there?’ Rebecca asked impatiently. Rose shut the bathroom door behind her.

‘Yes, I am here. To answer your question, he is the one who foot the expenses and he is the one who got your husband’s address in Houston. He is also responsible for quite a number of things in your life.’ Rose confirmed in a firm casual voice.

‘I am aware he has been our knight in shining armor rising to my family’s rescue.’ Rebecca’s voice was hurt and bitter. Rose inhaled softly.

‘Well, you can choose to indulge in self pity because a very rich good-looking man decided to step in and assist the woman he was in love with.’

‘Don’t you dare use that patronizing tone with me, Rose. You have no right to keep such information away from me. It is not fair.’ Rebecca snapped at her coldly.

‘We kept it away from you because I know you will act like a child and react precisely the way you are reacting now. Grow up, babe. Count yourself lucky. Your dumbass husband left you high and dry. Do you want to continue rotting in poverty?’ Rose snapped back.

‘That doesn’t justify the fact that you guys were interfering in my life behind my back. I do not appreciate it at all. You won’t if you were in my shoes.’ Her voice had mellowed down considerably.

‘Call me back when you have crawled out of your self-pitying hole, Becky. I love you.’ She put an end to the call before she could respond and put a call to Joseph’s private line afterwards.

She was ending the call when she noted her husband standing on the doorway. She cocked a brow at him.

‘Well done, madam. I knew this would backfire one day. I don’t want to run up against your conniving scheming mind any time soon, dear wife.’ Alex’s voice was full of admiration.

‘Get out of my way.’ She made to sidle past him but he pulled the duvet from her body and pulled her naked body into his arms.

‘You sure handled your friend.’ He grinned down at her upturned face.

‘I just love her. She has a stubborn streak in her.’ Rose sighed worriedly.

‘No wonder you guys are friend.’ He rubbed his lips over hers and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

It was a long morning.


Rebecca dragged herself up the staircase, weary both in mind and body. She was still wondering how she would handle all the information she had learnt today as she opened the door and walked in.

Joseph was in the sitting room with Elizabeth and her mother. She stood still in shock but it was only her mother who glanced her way.

‘You are welcome, dear. How was your day?’ Her smile was strained. Rebecca frowned in concern.

‘I’m fine. Where are the kids?’ She moved to sit opposite them.

‘They are sleeping already. By the way, Caitlin wants to stay in Nigeria permanently.’ Ruth grinned at her.

‘Her sister will have my head.’ Rebecca’s voice was tired. Joseph stared at her.

‘She can stay with you if you and Joseph decided to get married.’ Elizabeth grinned at her. Rebecca glared at her sister while Joseph ducked his head, hiding a grin.

‘That is not funny. I am not even in the mood to talk to you.’ Rebecca’s voice was cold.

‘Shield your claws, kittens. We have more pressing issue on ground. Our family lawyer, Emeka Daniels is dead. He was killed by hired assassin.’ Ruth dropped the information solemnly.

‘May his departed soul rest in peace. How does the information impact our life, mum?’ Rebecca’s voice was brisk. Elizabeth blinked in surprise.

‘Ramsey is back in town, Becky and he is not here for family re-union.’ Joseph told her quietly. Her heart missed a beat.

‘How did you know that?’ He gave her a bland look and she swallowed hard. ‘What is going on?’ She met his gaze.

‘Ramsey and Emeka were both responsible for your father’s death. His sudden death is not a coincidence. Ramsey is a wanted criminal in Houston.’

‘No wonder he was always supporting Ramsey back then. The asshole!’ Rebecca swore coldly.

‘Are the kids safe here? Joseph, I am quite sure he knows you are responsible for tracking him down. He will do anything to get to you or to Rebecca.’ Ruth said worriedly.

‘I can get them over to the Coker’s house. There is maximum security there and I can ask mum to stay with them until it is over. That is if you are okay with it, Becky.’ Joseph looked at her for confirmation. She nodded numbly.

‘I can get them out of the country but I don’t want to leave until he is safely behind the bar.’ He added with barely concealed anger.

‘Thank you, Joseph. God bless you for me.’ Ruth picked up his palm and patted it between her weathered one.

‘I will take my leave now. Lizzy, get your butt back to Lagos tomorrow morning.’ Joseph told her as he got to his feet.

‘Yes sir.’ She winked at him.

‘Please keep your phone close to you at all times, Mrs. Badmus. Try not to be in this house alone at any point in time. Good night.’ He curtseyed briefly, turned on his heels and walked out.


‘Wait, Joseph. I want to talk to you.’ He was half-way down the staircase before Rebecca’s voice stopped him. He paused and turned to face her in the dim yellow light. He watched her come down the staircase until she was a step above him and they were on eye level.

‘I want to thank you for flushing Ramsey out this way.’ She paused and took a deep breath. ‘It must have cost you a fortune for the investigation and for everything.’ Her lips tightened grimly.

‘You would rather slap me for interfering, right?’ He stared into her eyes and she dropped her gaze. ‘Becky, I am not going to apologize for everything I have done. I will do it all over again if it makes life easier for you either you want it or not.’ He told her with a smile.

‘You should have at least let me know.’ Her voice came out sulky, instead of sharply as she had intended. He laughed softly as he cupped her cheek.

‘Ramsey is dangerous. He will come after you, Becky. I can move you and your mum over to Coker’s house. You will be safe there.’ He murmured against her lips. She stiffened and moved back.

‘I won’t live my life that way, Joe. I need to face that idiot on my own ground. He has done enough damage in my life. I won’t give him that kind of power over my life again.’ She said solemnly. He sighed.

‘I know you won’t agree. It is just a suggestion. I will pick the kids from school tomorrow and take them to the Coker house. Mum will stay with them.’

‘Thank you. I appreciate your assistance so much.’

‘You are welcome.’ He pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she forgot about her environment. Her arms went around his neck and she clung to him, moaning deep in her throat.

‘Getting married is not going to be a bad idea, you know?’ He teased in a husky voice.

‘I won’t accept a proposal on a dark staircase please. That reminds me. There is something I need to discuss with you.’ She cleared her voice with a light cough.

‘It is late, Becky. You are tired. Go and in and relax. We will talk later.’ He turned her around and patted her bum, playfully.

‘Go away.’ She batted his hand away but she was smiling as she walked into the house.

‘So are you in the mood to talk to me now?’ Elizabeth teased as she walked in.

‘Mum, please warn your daughter to leave me in peace or else she will get a serious beating this evening.’ Rebecca tried without success to keep from smiling.

‘Hmm. Someone is in a good mood because they just get thoroughly kissed.’ Elizabeth rolled her eyes skyward and followed her into her room, despite her glare.


‘What were you doing in that hotel, Titi? Who was the lady with you?’ Kingsley asked casually as he waited for her to shut down her system for the night. He had made it a habit to wait for her every evening to make sure she went home on time.

‘We went for a swim and to catch up on each other’s lives. She is my friend.’ She lifted her bag and inclined her head, indicating she was ready to leave.

‘I see. I have this weird feeling about the two of you. It is rare to see two women checking out of a hotel room at the same time.’ His voice trailed off as he pulled her door close behind her and looked around casually as they moved through the empty store.

‘What kind of feeling?’ Her voice was challenging as she spared him a cold smile.

‘Titi, are you into women?’ He stopped to face her squarely.

‘What if I am?’ She looked down her nose at him.

‘That will be too bad because I am really into you. I like your person and admire your mind. I would want the chance to know if we can have a committed relationship between us.’ He stepped close to her.

Her jaw dropped in surprise.

‘Ah! I am very weird woman, Kings. I think you should look for another woman to engage in a steady relationship.’ There was real panic in her eyes as she stepped back hastily.

‘Calm down, Titi. I won’t do anything to harm you. Do you like me? Are you comfortable with me as a man?’ He took her hand gently in his and rubbed the cold palm within his own.

‘You are good looking. I like your person but I don’t think I am ready for a relationship.’ She flexed her palm, looking everywhere except his face.

‘We will take it at your pace then. Give me a chance and I promise I am not going to disappoint you.’ He tipped her chin up to meet his gaze.

‘Kings, I am going to disappoint you. I really don’t want to spoil our fragile friendship. I am..was a lesbian and I am still in therapy.’ She looked miserable as she looked into his eyes.

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her closely. She stiffened at first before she gradually relaxed and hugged him back.

‘Give us a chance, Titi. You will be fine.’ He drew back and touched her cheek lightly.

‘Thank you for not judging me.’ She smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

‘I am not a saint. No one is perfect.’ He shrugged as he put his arm casually around her shoulder as they walked out of the store.


Joseph was in the middle of a meeting when his phone beeped a message. He checked the message and his blood seemed to freeze in his vein.

He murmured a hasty ‘Excuse me’ to the room in general and rushed out of the boardroom. Afolake and Olayemi’s worried gazes followed him out of the room but none of them stood up from their seats.

Joseph tried Rebecca’s number as he ran to the elevators but it was switched off. He swore and headed for the staircase. Fear pumped adrenalin into his blood and he got to the ground floor without gasping for breath.

One of the security men ran to open the car door for him but he waved him away.

‘Go and open the damn gate fast.’ He growled at him as he jumped into his car and gunned it into reverse.

‘Yes sir.’ The security guy ran to do as he was ordered. The gate had barely slid open before Joseph shot through it and drove like someone who was pursued by the devil.


Rebecca’s shift ended that afternoon. She had promised Joseph to check on the kids that afternoon but her phone battery was dead. She was tired and famished. She had forgotten it in her handbag.

She decided at the last moment to go home and charge it with generator. She would re-fuel and go visiting towards evening time. She missed the kids desperately.

There was no light at home as she had expected. The curse of this dreadful country we live in, she thought as she dropped her handbag in the sitting room and headed for the kitchen.

She slowed down immediately she walked in. She turned around in a circle as she had a feeling something was not quite right. Nothing was amiss, at least not at a glance.

She was heading for the balcony to put on the generator when she heard a rustle behind her. She swirled around and gasped when her husband straightened up.

‘Hi, Becky.’ He smiled at her as he leaned against her cooker. Her lips tightened with grimness as she noted that he looked good.

Bastard! He has finished spending my father’s money, she fumed inwardly.

‘Hello, Ramsey.’ Her voice was hostile.

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twist_of_fate‘What is the problem, Lizzy?’ Joseph sat up, making no attempt to cover his nudity.

‘You, dog! You have the audacity to sleep with my sister! You are so full of shit.’ She glared down at him with contempt.

‘Lizzy, calm down. I know you think you are in love with Joseph but…’ Rebecca stopped abruptly when her sister gave her a resounding slap on her face.

‘You know I love him. Damn you, bitch. You couldn’t stand him when he was a mere driver. Hell, you warn me away from him. Now you are spreading your thighs for him because he is rich. You are disgusting!’ Elizabeth spat into her face, even as tears blurred her vision.

Rebecca flinched and shrank back.

Joseph dragged Elizabeth by the front of her t-shirt and pulled her up until she could see the pupils of his eyes. Fear clogged her throat as she whimpered. She had never seen him so angry.

‘Thank your stars I don’t raise my hands to women. If I do, I would have beaten the hell out of you. If you ever raise your hand to Becky again, I will put you on my thighs and spank your bum until they are sore. What the hell do you think you are doing? What right do you have over me?’ He paused and she nodded numbly. ‘You are not my type. I can never sleep with you, talk less of dating or marrying you. I love your sister and I am going to marry her. Is that clear?’ She gasped at that.

‘Let her go please.’ Rebecca said in a dull voice. She tugged ineffectually on Joseph’s arms but it was as rigid as an iron.

‘Get out, spoilt bitch. I don’t ever want to see your ugly face again in my life.’ He dropped her abruptly and she stumbled backward.

‘I hate you, Becky. I will never forgive you for this.’ She glared at her sister before she turned around and walked out of the house. The door slammed behind her. Rebecca flinched.

Joseph dressed up in silence and picked up his car key.

‘So she doesn’t know we had an affair before you got married?’ He asked curiously.

‘Don’t even go there. Am I supposed to be proud of being attracted to another man when I was engaged to be married?’ She glared coldly at him. He nodded his understanding.

‘I will bring the kids back tomorrow evening.’ He told her on his way to the door.

‘Don’t worry. I will come and pick them up.’ She told him flippantly. He turned around to face her.

‘Becky, I don’t know what is going through your mind now. I have never slept with your sister neither have I given her the impression I am interested in her. I have lost you once. I won’t allow it to happen again because of one spoilt kid’s misplaced sense of entitlement.’ He said through gritted teeth.

‘Damn you, Joseph. She is my only sister. She has sold her body to feed this family when the going was tough. I won’t allow you to come between us. I won’t.’ She glared angrily at him. He exhaled sharply.

‘Becky, I’m sorry you are hurt. We will discuss this another time.’ He turned on his heels.

‘There is nothing to discuss. Just go away.’ She waved him away.

‘I’m going but I will be back.’ He walked out the door. The door slammed for the second time and she winced again.


‘Your brother is an asshole, Titi.’ Elizabeth told her bitterly.

They are both sitting on the swimming pool terrace of Whitefield hotels, seeping from a glass of tequila. They had spent the past few minutes swimming and their skin glistened with water.

‘You aren’t a saint either. What did he do this time around?’ Titi cocked an eyebrow at her.

She exhaled slowly as her hands shook and she put down the glass cup on the stool between them.

‘Was it that bad?’

‘He slept with my sister right inside our sitting room.’ She hissed sharply.

‘Oh? Your sister is Becky, right?’ She hides a smile behind her glass cup.

‘You don’t sound surprised.’ Elizabeth’s eyes narrowed at her suspiciously.

‘Tell me exactly what happened.’ She did. Tears licked from the side of her eyes and she dashed it away with her fingers.

‘I’m sorry you are hurt, Lizzy.’ Titilola swung her legs and faced her. She nodded sharply.

‘Thank you.’ She murmured.

‘I have something I need to show you.’ Titilola brought out her phone, flicked through her gallery and handed it to her. ‘That is my brother and your nephew. Tell me your honest opinion.’  She added softly.

‘Oh Lord of mercy! I don’t want to believe this.’ Elizabeth’s eyes blurred and she felt faint. ‘How can Becky do this to me? I feel like a fool.’ She murmured to herself as more tears fell.

‘Come off it, Lizzy. You had a huge crush on him, partly because you knew you can’t have him but you don’t love him. If you do, you won’t be right here with me.’ Titilola looked her straight in the eyes. Her gaze faltered and dropped away.

‘You know I am right. Give your sister a chance at happiness. She deserved it. If you truly love her the way you claim, you will give her all the support she needs.” She took her hand in hers and rubbed it gently.

‘You made me feel like an unfeeling idiot.’ She mumbled under her breath.

‘No, you are not unfeeling. You are a beautiful smart woman. You aim for your goal, irrespective of the obstacles and I admire that about you. Let him go into your heart so you will have the chance to meet and love your own man when he comes. Now give me that dazzling smile.’ Titilola grinned at her and she found herself returning her smile.

‘You are a badass gel, I swear’ Elizabeth grinned at her.

‘Let’s get drunk and have some fun.’ Titi winked at her. She laughed heartily.


They were checking out of the hotel when someone called her name from behind. She froze before turning around like a zombie.

‘Good afternoon Mr. Wright.’ Her smile was over-bright. Kingsley frowned at her. He couldn’t remember the last time she had referred to him by his surname.

‘What are you doing here?’ He frowned at her as before he glanced at his wristwatch. ‘I will see you later. I have an appointment now.’ He hurried away.

‘Thank God.’ Titilola’s body sagged with relief.

‘Who is he?’ Elizabeth asked curiously.

‘He is my boss. Let’s get out of here before we meet someone else.’ She took her arm and hurried out.


‘The kids are fine, Rose. Caitlin is doing wonderfully well. Her new crush is Olatunji Coker, Joseph’s nephew.’ Rebecca was smiling as she kicked off her flat shoe. She just had a break and was cooling her feet from the hospital morning round.

‘I guess Tunji is close to her age then?’ Rose rolled her eyes in exasperation.

‘You are right plus he is like a younger version of Joseph. The Coker’s gene is quite a strong one.’ She chuckled in amusement.

‘Just the way Michael is the mini version.’ Rose blurted out. The sentence hung thick on the line.

‘What are you insinuating, Rose?’ Rebecca sat upright in her seat.

‘Tell him the truth, Becky. He has a right to know before it is too late. I don’t want you to lose him again.’ Rose said worriedly.

‘He doesn’t belong to me in the first place. I don’t know the history he had with Elizabeth but he has caused a rift between us. Lizzy is my only sister. He belongs to whoever he belongs to.’ Rebecca’s voice was cold.

‘Elizabeth told me her version of what happened. Becky, we both know Lizzy is an incorrigible flirt. She has a weakness for good-looking men. We both love her but we shouldn’t be blind to her fault.’ Rose said in a firm voice which made her frown.

‘I will tell him at the first opportunity.’ Becky sighed.

‘Thank you. I love you. Talk to you later.’ Rose blew her a kiss before she put an end to the call.


She has just finished attending to her walk-in patient and was about to go for her evening ward round when her office door opened. Elizabeth walked in.

‘I thought you have returned to Lagos.’ Rebecca watched her sister closely. Elizabeth hasn’t returned home since that day.

‘Yes, you are right but I am back again. Are you busy?’ She looked at the lab coat, draped over her arm.

‘No, there is no emergency. I am just going on Ward round. How are you?’ Rebecca sat down behind her desk.

‘I am okay. I thought we are more than sisters, we should be best of friends. You seem to trust Rose more than you trusted me.’ Elizabeth leveled accusing eyes at her.

‘I’m sorry, Lizzy. It doesn’t seem the way you think. I know you were attracted to Joseph back then but I thought it was just your usual crush and you have gotten over it. You stopped talking about him after sometimes.’ Rebecca looked at her for confirmation.

‘That was because he won’t give me a chance.’ She shrugged ruefully.

‘Well, I was in a relationship with Ramsey but I was attracted to Joseph. I was ashamed of myself. In desperation, I asked him to marry me on my wedding eve but he refused.’ She stared down at her fingers, feeling ashamed all over again.

‘Is Michael Joseph’s son?’ Rebecca’s head snapped up at the question and she was surprised to see a malicious smile dancing on her sister’s lips. ‘Please tell me Joseph is the father. I prefer him to that scumbag you married.’

‘You are such a crook, Lizzy.’ She laughed heartily. ‘I have not done any DNA test to confirm his paternity but judging by the striking resemblance, I think Joseph is the father.’ She added thoughtfully.

‘I don’t know how I ever missed that resemblance. Joseph is a great guy.’ Elizabeth sighed with envy. ‘Do you love him?’ She asked after a moment.

‘I can learn to love him but for now, I find it difficult to allow any man into my heart. He is the only man I have been physically attracted to.’ She shrugged ruefully.

‘Come to think of it, he couldn’t stand my sight before you come into the country. All of a sudden, he started paying attention and looking out for me because he was attracted to my big sister.’ She murmured to herself before looking up at her sister. ‘Is he good in bed?’ She added in a stage whisper.

‘Get out of my office. I have patients to attend to. You are not serious.’ She got to her feet with an embarrassed laugh.

‘Don’t be a spoilsport. I know you have had sex with just two men in your life. In terms of body wracking orgasm, who gave you the best between the two?’ Elizabeth blocked her path with twinkling eyes.

‘To be honest, Joseph gave me my first orgasm even without penetration. You can imagine what the sex would be like.’ Rebecca met her gaze.

‘Explosive!’ Elizabeth breathed. ‘I can just imagine. He is not escaping this family. I swear.’ She pretended to hyperventilate as she clutched at her chest.

‘You are not serious. He can decide to settle down with someone else if he likes, it is his choice. I am sure he has a steady girlfriend before we met again.’ Rebecca teased lightly, even as her heart tightened at the thought.

Elizabeth remembered Barbara and her lips tightened with displeasure.

‘No, I don’t think so. He has done too much for this family to leave now.’ She shook her head in denial, then her eyes widened as she observed Rebecca’s narrowed gaze.

‘What exactly has he done for this family, Lizzy?’ Rebecca spaced her words carefully.

‘That was not what I meant. I mean….’ Her mind raced frantically as she thought of what to tell her sister. You are such a loose mouth, Lizzy. She chastised herself.

‘Elizabeth! Start talking. Now.’ Rebecca said sharply.

‘Well, I work with the Coker Automobile in Lagos. He was the one who used his father’s influence to get you an appointment with UITH.’ She straightened up and looked squarely at her sister.

‘I see. Was Rose aware of this?’ Rebecca’s mouth tightened with displeasure as something else took root in her mind.

‘No, she is not.’ Elizabeth lied smoothly. ‘But why are you angry, Becky?’ She asked in a puzzled voice.

‘Do I look like I am angry?’ Rebecca’s voice was cold.

‘It is obvious you are angry. Would you rather I continue selling my body to feed the family than to get a decent job through an old friend? I kept it away from you because I knew you will react this way.’

‘Shut it, Lizzy. I am not a charity case to anyone neither do I need a knight in shining armor in my life.’ She glared at her sister.

‘It is your cup of tea, Becky. I am not going to resign because of your misplaced ego. You can decide to resign and starve the poor kid. If he has looked at me just once and see me as a woman, I would gladly die at his feet.’ She gave her a pitying look.

‘Get out, Lizzy, before we both say something we will both regret.’ Rebecca’s voice was rigidly controlled.

Elizabeth picked up her handbag and walked out of her voice. Rebecca exhaled sharply but she couldn’t keep her temper down.

This is wishing you a Happy New Year!


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twist_of_fate‘I can’t stop staring at this cold stones. They are so beautiful.’ Rose stared down at the Cartier box of jewelry in her hand with undisguised pleasure. They just checked into their hotel room in the ancient part of Rome, in Italy for their honeymoon. She sat on the bed and admired the winking diamond stones.

‘I don’t know why women always drool over jewelry, especially when it is very expensive.’ Alex glared at her but couldn’t help admiring it, even as it annoyed him immensely.

‘You are just jealous because you can’t afford it.’ She laughed softly as she snapped it shut and tucked it into her handbag.

‘The guy is sure loaded. It is a great pity I admire and like him a lot. I won’t allow any man to buy jewelry for my wife in future. It is too risky.’ He grumbled good-naturedly, even as a smile tugged at his lips. She elbowed him lightly.

‘He is very rich, Alexi. He sponsored Becky and Michael’s trip down to the cab fare they took to my house. He also took on Caitlin without another thought. He used to be their family driver.’ She shook her head at the irony of life. Alex sighed a little bit with envy.

‘He is one lucky dude. Is Becky aware he was the one who sponsored their trip?’ Her new husband gave her a curious look but she ducked her head.

‘Not really. She thought we met for the first time at the mall. Well, that was the first time we were meeting physically but we have spoken several times before we met. He is truly crazy about Becky.’ She sighed solemnly.

‘I am not surprised she is not aware. She strikes as a young woman with a great deal of pride and dignity. It may backfire when she finds out though. I hope you are ready for that?’ He stretched out on the bed beside her, still fully clothed.

‘I will handle her when the time comes. She is crazy about Joseph but she finds it difficult to let go because of her husband. The idiot destroys her trust in men.’ Rose hissed angrily.

‘Life happens to us all. She needs to step out on her faith and believe in men again.’ Alex smiled ruefully as he closed his eyes. He was so tired.

‘You won’t believe they almost made love in my room on my wedding day? I wanted to get my veil and shoes but wasn’t sure where I kept them. I knocked and walked in but they were oblivious to my presence I left the room and called her name to get her attention.’ She grinned down at him. He chuckled in amusement.

‘He is a sharp dude. Who is Michael’s father by the way?’ He opened his eyes to look at her and watched color rise in her cheeks.

‘It is Becky who can answer that question. She is a married woman and her husband….’ Her voice trailed off at the warning look in her husband’s eyes. He sat up in bed to face her.

‘You are playing with fire, Rose. If you truly love your friend, you will advise her to say the truth and let the poor guy know he is a father already. Damn, he loves that kid already. Why will you be keeping such information secret? It is obvious to anyone with a sight.’ Alex’s voice was low with anger.

‘I know. I’m sure she will do so at the first opportunity.’ She made a mental note to approach the subject with Rebecca.

‘I hope so. Caitlin is having her first crush by the way. I hope she will be willing to come back when the time comes.’ Alex teased as he nuzzled her neck.

‘Teenage crush is so pathetic. I can’t believe I went through that stage in my life. She hangs on Joseph’s words as if it is law. She has vowed she will marry a Nigerian man.’ She groaned loudly but her eyes were dancing with amusement.

‘He is too good-looking for an African man.’ He tucked his tongue in his cheek.

‘You are a damn racist, Alex.’ She glared at him mockingly.

‘You are right. That is for buying my wife an expensive trinket.’ He grinned at her.

‘You are such a clown. We need to visit Nigeria one of these days.’ She cupped his cheek and kissed him fully on the mouth.

‘Anything you want, love.’ He murmured huskily as he rubbed his lips against hers, sliding his hand into her sweater to caress her skin. She sighed contentedly.


‘Kingsley, Can I have your thought about the store sales so far?’ Naomi sat back in her seat, ready to listen. The year was coming to an end and they just concluded an end-of-the-year meeting with the entire employees.

‘There was a significant increase in sales on a monthly basis. That is obvious from the monthly report. Of course, we can do better as I am already working on different strategies to get us to the next level.’ He paused slightly.

‘What about the children and ladies section? It is relatively new, I know but do you think the units have potentials.’ She frowned slightly.

‘Yes, it is new but sales have been coming been coming in steadily. Lola has been working her butt out to get that unit moving and she is making progress on daily basis. I need to give it to her. She is usually the first person to get in here to make sure everything is in order and doesn’t leave until the last person has gone home. She hovered over every delivery like a mother hen and personally checked it out to ensure everything is in order. The women admired her and the kids love her. ‘ He stated in a matter of fact tone.

‘I’m glad to hear that. Please let me have the report before the close of the day. How are your siblings?’ She asked with a smile.

‘They are doing very well. Our last girl is getting married in a two months time. I can’t believe she has grown so much.’ He shook his head in disbelieve as he got to his feet.

‘That is Jessica, right? Let me have the invitation card as soon as it is out. I need to see the beautiful bride.’ She grinned at him.

‘Thank you, ma’am.’ He curtseyed before he turned to leave the office.


‘When are you going home?’ Titilola jumped at the voice. She looked up from the system and peered at him.

‘I will go very soon. I want to file our last order and placed a call to Margareta, the head of our clothing line in London. Has the store close?’ She typed away on the laptop for several moments.

‘The store closed two hours ago. It is past eleven, Lola. Shut down and let’s go home.’ Kingsley strolled forward.

‘Wow! How time flies! Let me quickly complete this order and I will shut down.’ Her mouth gaped open when he slammed shut her laptop and picked up her handbag.

‘Let’s go home, Lola. It is late. You can continue whatever you are doing tomorrow.’ He stared down at her.

‘What is your business with the time I go home, Kingsley? I may report to you but you have no right over my life.’ She put her hand on her hips challengingly.

‘As your direct supervisor, I am ordering you to go home. We need healthy, well-rested employee to move the business forward. So may we go or I will have to  carry you?’ He raised an eyebrow at her. Her mouth opened and closed but no word came out as she stared at him.

‘How dare you, your egoistic idiot!’ She found her voice at last.

‘Move your ass, Coker. We are running late.’ He put his hand on the small of her back to propel her forward. He pulled her door closed as they move out.

‘Get your hand off me.’ She hissed as she marched past him out of the eerily silent store.

Kingsley spoke briefly to the security guard on duty before he followed her to the main road.

‘Where is your car?’ He asked quietly.

‘I didn’t bring it today. I need to change the battery but I keep postponing it until it refuses to start this morning.’ She shrugged and tried not to look scared. Everywhere was so quiet.

‘Today is Sunday. You know the way our town is. Get in, I will drop you.’ He strolled towards his car and she followed behind him.

‘Thank you.’ She looked down at her hands as he started the car.

‘You are welcome.’ He moved unto the main road.

‘I apologize for my rudeness to you. It was uncalled for and you didn’t deserve it.’ She swallowed hard as she said stiffly. He gave her a glance and laughed ruefully.

‘Apologies accepted. Don’t sweat it. Give me the direction to your house.’ He smiled as she rattled off Naomi’s residential address. She picked up her bag and felt her phone vibrating in it.

’20 missed calls? Joseph will have my hide. I am in trouble.’ She exclaimed in horror as she stared at the phone. It rang again and she picked it up.

‘Where the hell are you? I am at the store. I was told you left with some guy.’ Joseph’s voice exploded in her ear. She winced slightly.

‘I’m sorry, Opemiposi. Kingsley gave me a ride. He is the store manager. We are home already.’ She glanced apologetically at Kingsley who winked back. He pulled up in front of her house.

‘Go inside and give the phone to mum. I want to talk to her. She is waiting in the sitting room.’ Joseph ended the call abruptly. She rolled her eyes in exasperation.

‘He wants to know if I am truly home. Thank you for the ride.’ She jumped out of the car in a hurry.

‘I’m going to love meeting your brother. He is a smart guy.’ Kingsley chuckled in amusement.

‘Go away. You are all the same, choking us with your macho protection.’ She waved him away but she was smiling as she walked through the gate.

He waited till she disappeared into the compound before driving away.

He kept thinking about her as he prepared for bed that evening. You better don’t get involved with the boss’s daughter; he reprimanded himself as he closed his eyes and dropped off to sleep


‘Opemi wants to talk to you.’ Her phone rang immediately she walked in. She rolled her eyes as she gave it to Naomi and flopped unto the seat beside her.

‘She is home. See you later, dear.’ Naomi said quietly, listened and put an end to the call.

‘Why did you give us such a scare?’ Naomi asked quietly.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was that late until Kingsley came to bully me out of the office. Forgive me.’ She wound her arms around her waist and hugged tight. Naomi exhaled softly.

‘Don’t ever do that again, Titi. Your dinner is in the kitchen.’ Naomi got to her feet.

‘Thank you, mama.’ She grinned at her as she headed for the kitchen.

‘Was it Kingsley who dropped you off?’ Naomi turned to face her as an afterthought.

‘Yes. He was the one who dropped me at the gate. He annoyed me initially but I realized he was right.’ She shrugged as she turned back and disappeared into the kitchen.

Naomi’s lips turned up into a smile as she headed for her room.


The doorbell rang consistently. Rebecca cursed fervently as she stumbled from the bedroom and glared at the front door as if it was responsible for waking her up.

It was her off day. Her mother has already gone to her shop without waking her up. She had dropped the kids off at Joseph’s place the previous evening so that she could spend the whole day, sleeping.

‘Who the hell is there?’ She asked coldly, swaying on her feet.

‘Becky, open the door before I break it down.’ It was Joseph. She hissed as she marched over and jerked the door open.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ She growled at him as she watched him walked past her into the house.

‘I woke you up. I’m sorry.’ He smiled as he took in her rumpled appearance in shorts and camisole.

‘You have not answered my question. Where are the kids by the way?’ She went to lie down on the longest sofa, with her big bum wriggling upward provocatively. His groin ached as he stared at her backside.

‘We went to meet a client this morning but the meeting didn’t last as long as I expect, so I decided to check on you. The kids are with mother. I am sure she is taking them to Granny’s place this afternoon. The Coker house has more space than ours. It also has a pool and other playthings. They will be fine. ‘ He went to sit beside her.

‘I hope your grandma will not mind? Who is the client you went to meet?’ Her voice was slurred with sleep.

He chuckled richly. He will be damn if he will allow her to fall asleep in his presence.

‘I’m sure you are not interested in the detail right now.’ He smiled as he ran his hand up her side under the camisole, feeling her soft skin.

‘Stop it please.’ She wiggled and tried to jerk away. He stood up and flipped her onto her back.

‘Go away, Joseph. I need to sleep.’ She mumbled as she forced her eyes open.

‘Hmmm. You look delicious.’ He stretched beside her and nuzzled her neck. He lifted her camisole and caressed her bare breasts. She moaned.

‘That is my baby.’ He crooned as his calloused thumb rubbed over nipples. It tightened and hardened into a pebble. Her arms went around his neck and they rolled unto the rug.

‘I want you.’ Her voice came out in a whisper as he pulled the camisole over her head and flung it away.

‘Thank God.’ He murmured fervently. They were over each other in a flash, tugging at clothes, caressing and kissing in between until they were both naked.

He straddled her and entered her in one smooth movement. They sighed in unison and it was a whirlwind passion which took them over the edge. Then they lay in each other‘s arms, sated for now.


Rebecca was snuggled in Joseph’s arms, sated and contented. She was already dozing off when she heard the door opened and closed in the distance.

‘Becky, how dare you do this to me?’ Elizabeth’s shrieking voice jolted Becky out of her blissful state. She sat upright and stared at her sister.

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twist_of_fate‘This man keeps getting on my nerves. He just doesn’t listen to simple reasoning.’ Titilola stormed into Naomi’s office and slumped unto the visitor’s sofa in exasperation.
Naomi looked up from the novel she was reading and grinned at her step-daughter.
‘I am assuming you are referring to Kingsley Wright, my capable manager?’ She teased lightly. Titilola scowled at her.
Kingsley Wright was a young man she used to know when she was selling provisions in a small shop at the new market. He worked as a driver/delivery guy for an upcoming detergent company. He was jovial and friendly and was able to persuade her to start ordering his company’s products which turned out to be of high quality. She eventually learned he was a graduate, an orphan with two younger siblings he was responsible for. He was also a part-time marketer for the same company. This allowed him to earn extra cash for all the products he was able to sell on his own.

He was sitting at the reception of Tuyil pharmaceuticals, waiting for the opportunity to see the Human Resource manager and submit his resume. Naomi was on her way out, having just concluded a meeting with the head of Sales and Marketing unit, Mr. Arowosaye when she saw him. She recognized him immediately.
‘Kings, what are you doing here?’ She smiled as she approached him.
‘Good afternoon ma’am. I came to submit my resume. My company downsized and I was affected.’ He curtseyed with a warm smile. ‘You look good.’ He added almost immediately. She laughed softly.
‘Thank you. Can you come with me now if you have the chance or you would rather come tomorrow?’ She held out her card to him.
‘I will come with you if I won’t be a bother. Thank you. God bless you.’ He prayed fervently as he hurried after her.
She needed a store manager when they met and she employed him without looking at his resume. She had never regretted her action.
‘So what is the issue this time around?’ Naomi asked with a smile.
‘I’m in charge of the ladies and children section. He won’t even give me a free reign. He kept insisting I’m not experienced enough to handle the unit on my own. How dare he?’ She glared at the door as if the man had just materialized.
‘Titi dear, you have to admit he is more experienced than you are. If you really want to know what this business is all about, you need humility and ability to control your emotions, no matter the situation.’ Naomi told her quietly.
‘Are you on his side, mama mi?’Titilola’s eye narrowed at her as she sat up in the chair. Naomi laughed softly.
‘Come here, girl.’ She patted the space beside her on the love seat. Titilola stood up and went to sit down beside her grudgingly. She put her arms around her shoulders companionably.
‘If you want to be respected and appreciated for your effort, you have to earn it by being submissive, humble and even-tempered. When you do, you will have the opportunity to see your ideas and dreams come to reality without anyone questioning you.’ Naomi looked down at her upturned face. Titilola sighed heavily and studied her fingers.
‘You are right, ma’am. I will try not to be a spoilt brat again.’ She smiled ruefully as she glanced up at the older woman.
‘It is okay, dear. You are still learning. It is glad I am that a man is alive that can ruffle your feather apart from Joseph.’ Naomi smiled at her.
‘He just gets on my nerves. Ruffle my feather ke? They never born that man oo.’ She scowled as she got to her feet and flounced out of her office.
Naomi laughed heartily as she picked up her novel and continued from where she stopped.
Rebecca was settling into her seat with her sleepy super-excited kid beside her. She had tucked their hand luggage unto the space allocated to them and made sure they were sitting not too far from the toilet in case her son needed to ease himself.
‘When is the plane taking off, mum?’ He asked excitedly, even as his voice was slurred with sleep.
‘We will be in the air any moment from now but I am sure you will be sleeping by then.’ Rebecca grinned into his sleepy eyes. She was still pinching herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. She promised to pin Roseline in a corner at the first opportunity and dragged every secret out of her.
True to her word, she had sent Ramsey’s address in the U.S.A and arranged her travel plans. She was traveling in a business class cabin with her son to Manchester. She hadn’t even flown in that cabin when her father was alive! An involuntary grin spread across her face.
‘I don’t want to fall asleep.’ He whined sleepily.
‘Sleep little one. The journey will be boring. When you wake up, we will be out of Nigeria.’ She grinned down at him and he grinned back.
‘I love you, mum’ He whispered as his eyes drifted closed.
‘I love you too, son.’ She bent to kiss his cheek.
‘Please kiss me goodnight too.’ A familiar voice teased from behind her. She stiffened slightly before she turned around and looked at the man standing beside her.
‘Joseph! What are you doing here?’ She screamed before she covered her mouth when a few head turned to give her a disapproving look.
The plane lurched slightly as it started taxing down the runaway and he lurched forward slightly, careening into her.
‘Damn, I almost missed the flight. This week has been overwhelming. I’m so glad to get away.’ He sighed as he held her away and spread his legs to balance himself. He stowed his hand luggage above them.
‘You are on vacation?’ She asked curiously as she took her seat. He took the seat beside her and sighed.
‘Yes. I am going to enjoy every moment of it.’ He vowed to himself. She laughed heartily.
They talked and laughed and were just dozing off when they had to disembark for the connecting flight. Michael slept throughout while Joseph carried him as they passed through immigration. Joseph put them in a taxi, paid the cab driver and sent them on their way. He took another taxi to his hotel room.
Michael woke up on their way to Roseline’s apartment and peered out through the window in curiosity.
‘It is very cold.’ He whispered into his mother’s ear.
‘Yes, it is. We are no longer in Nigeria.’ His mother smiled at him.
‘This is so cool. So we are going to see Aunt Roseline and her sister, Caitlin, right?’ He pressed his face to the window, trying to take in all the sight at once.
‘That is right. We are almost there.’ Rebecca brought out her cell phone and dialed a number.
‘I’m waiting outside the apartment.’ Roseline’s laughing voice cut through the phone.
The cab turned a corner and a blonde could be seen outside the tall blocks of the apartment, waving her hands up and down.
‘Ya friend‘s sure eager to see ya.’ The cabman’s amused voice reached her as he pulled up in front of the building, a few feet from the excited woman.
‘Yes, it has been a long time’ Rebecca’s English accent thickened but she was grinning widely. She threw the car door open and jumped out before the cabman could open it for her.
The two women flew into each other’s arms and hugged tightly, rocking from side to side.
‘I miss you.’ Roseline’s voice ached with unshed tears but she was smiling.
‘I miss you more, my rose.’ They disengaged and grinned foolishly at each other.
‘Com and take this little man out of the cold, young woman.’ The cabman loaded their luggage on the sidewalk.
‘This must be Michael. Hi love.’ Roseline scooped him up with a smile and followed the cabman into her apartment building while Rebecca followed behind with the hand luggage.
Joseph ran into Becky and Roseline in the shopping mall on his way from Coker office, London branch and got invited to the wedding formally. He was also invited to Alex’s bachelor eve party. The eve party had gone extremely well, full of fun and dirty trick and women and lots of drinks to go around.
He returned to his hotel room at dawn to prepare for the wedding reception and party. He took a short nap, showered and dressed up before he drove over to Roseline’s apartment in his rented car to see her before they moved to the church.
He mentioned his name to the security man on duty and was buzzed through to the apartment.
‘Hi, Uncle Joe.’ Michael left the dining table where he was taking his breakfast to hug him exuberantly.
‘How are you, cupcake?’ He lifted him up and dropped a kiss on his pouted lips.
‘I’m fine. That is Caitlin, Aunt Roseline’s sister.’ He scrambled down to pull the shy girl forward.
‘Hi.’ The little girl flashed him a shy smile.
‘Hello, beautiful. How are you this morning?’ He tugged playfully at her pigtail as he grinned down at her.
‘I am fine. How come you are fair in complexion? I thought Nigerian men are black.’ She peered at him from beneath her blond eyebrow.
‘Well, we are blacks but not all of us have a black complexion in the literary sense.’ He smiled at her, hoping she understood his answer.
‘Michael is fair too. He looks like you. Are you his father?’ She asked curiously, looking from one to the other. Joseph felt a curious pang in his chest as he looked down at the little boy.
‘No, he is not my daddy. My daddy ran away from us. I am glad he is gone because he makes my mum cry in the night.’ Michael shook his head vigorously in denial. Joseph’s eyes narrowed in anger.
‘He made your mummy cry?’ He asked in a casual voice. Michael nodded. Joseph swore beneath his voice. Caitlin stared at him in fascination, her young heart fluttering in her chest.
‘Are you going to protect Michael and Becky? I like both of them a lot.’ She looked up at him with adoring eyes.
‘I will try my best. Go and finish your breakfast. I want to see the bride before she leaves for church.’ He took their hands and led them back to the dining table.
‘She should be in her room with a couple of her friends, dressing up. We are waiting for Becky to come and dress us up for the church.’ Caitlin informed him as she sat down.
‘Thank you, beautiful. I will be right back.’ Joseph planted a kiss on her cheek and strolled away.
Caitlin blushed furiously as she raised her palms to her hot cheeks and Michael grinned at her.
Joseph moved towards the sound of muted voices but got confused as he stared down the corridor. He was standing, directly opposite a room while there was another one at the end of the corridor. Both doors were closed. He knocked gently on the first door, consistently before he eased the door open a crack. Becky came out of the bathroom, droplets of water running down her body and a towel around her middle. His mouth watered and his hormone started humming as he pushed the door open and stepped in.
‘Joseph, what are you doing here?’ Rebecca nearly jumped out of her skin when she spotted him by the door.
‘I came to drop Roseline’s gift before she leaves for the church.’ His gaze openly caressed her from her face to her bare legs. Her feet curled on the warm rug and she held on to her towel with a hand unconsciously.
‘She is dressing up in the other room. I need to do the same so I can get the kids ready for church. Where is the gift?’ She took an involuntary step backward, even as she held out her hand. He opened his blazers and brought out a box. It was a well-wrapped Cartier box of jewelry.
‘This is too much, Joseph.’ Rebecca knew without opening the box that it contained a set of jewelry.
‘Please open it and let me know if she is going to like it.’ He demanded anxiously as he closed the distance between them. She opened the wrap carefully and gasped at the set of diamond wrist-watch, earrings, and neck chain winking at her.
‘It is beautiful’ she breathed fervently as she stared down at it before she looked up at him. He was staring at her mouth. ‘She will love it. Thank you.’ She smiled at him. He heaved a visible sigh of relieve.
‘Thank God for that. You women are the most complicated creatures I ever come across.’ He grinned as he stepped closer and cupped her cheek.
‘You are not serious. Get away from me.’ She laughed lightly as she tried to move away. He took the box from her hand, snapped it close and threw it on the bed.
‘Let’s get this out of the way.’ His voice was husky as he kissed her fully on the lips. She stiffened briefly as she laid her hands on his chest to push him away. He rubbed his lips over hers, lightly till it softened beneath his.
She sighed inaudibly as she kissed him back. Her hands went around his neck and she pressed her body against his in total surrender. His tenuous hold on his control snapped as he kissed her greedily and hungrily, his hands all over her body.
He tugged at the towel and it slithered down her body. The awareness took rot in her mind and she tried to break the kiss.
He swept her up and laid her on the bed.
‘Becky, I miss you. You are beautiful.’ He groaned as he licked her earlobe, the tip of his finger carving a map over her neck, throat and the curve of her breast. Her nipples tightened and she moaned involuntarily.
‘Becky, Are you ready?’ There was a sharp knock on the door as Roseline’s voice penetrated the fog of passion between them.
They both groaned collectively and went very still. Joseph buried his face in the curve of her throat and tried to still his pounding heartbeat.
‘I will be out in a moment.’ Becky answered but her voice was husky and she coughed to clear it.
‘Please bring my box of veil when you are coming.’ Roseline’s voice receded as she walked away.
‘I need to get dressed for church.’ She murmured quietly, He stared down at her face for several seconds before giving himself a mental shake.
‘Where will Caitlin stay when the couple leaves for honeymoon?’ He asked quietly. She frowned in confusion.
‘I don’t know. We were discussing it the other time. Roseline is her only relative. Her father’s family doesn’t care about her existence. I think they are thinking of canceling out the honeymoon plan if they can’t think of anywhere for her to stay while they are away.’ Her voice was sad as she looked away.
‘You don’t want to take her with you? I am sure the honeymoon can’t be more than two weeks.’ He frowned at her. She sighed sadly.
‘I want to take her with me. I wish to but I can’t afford it.’ She glared briefly at him. He was silent for a while.
‘I don’t know how fast her visa can be arranged. She can stay with you while I handle the bill. She can’t be that much of a liability, right?’ He teased lightly.
‘Are you sure?’ Hope flared in her eyes.
‘Get dressed. The bride is waiting.’ He grinned as he lifted himself up, picked up the gift and walked out without another word.
Rebecca exhaled slowly as she sat up in bed and reached slowly for her towel that was still on the rug. Her mind acknowledged the fact that they had nearly made love and her body craved for it desperately. She sighed longingly and started preparing for church.

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twist_of_fateThe sun was streaming into his room through the open curtains the next time he opened his eyes. He raised sleepy eyes to the wall clock. It was 7.45am.

‘Jesus Christ!’ He jumped out of bed and looked around frantically. The little boy was not in bed. He picked up his t-shirt and ran out of his room. He followed the sound of voices to the kitchen.

Michael was finishing a cup of coco pops at the kitchen table when he walked in. He was fully dressed in his school Friday wear and his school and food bags were on the floor. He was chatting non-stop to Naomi who was just cleaning the kitchen sink.

‘Thank you, Mum. You are a lifesaver. Becky would have had my head this morning.’ He breathed a sigh of relieve.

‘You are welcome.’ Naomi grinned at him, even though her eyes were full of questions.

‘Good morning cupcake. Hope you slept well?’ Joseph bent beside the little boy.

‘Good morning, Uncle Joe. Yes, I did.’ He flung his arms around his neck in an affectionate hug. Joseph’s throat constricted. ‘I like your mummy. Can I really call her Gran?’ He whispered but Naomi heard him. She picked up her phone and took their pictures together.

‘Let me see it, gran. I love pictures.’ Michael ran over to peek at the phone. Naomi grinned as she crouched for him to see the pictures of him and Joseph.

‘It is great. It is time for school or else you will be late.’ Naomi picked up his school bag and put it on his back.

Joseph picked up his food bag and strolled out with his little hand tucked securely in his. ‘Are you taking me to school in your car, Uncle Joe?’ He was asking excitedly as he hopped beside him.

Naomi didn’t hear his response but she sighed as she stared down at the pictures.


‘Naomi, you have been sighing repeatedly and pretending to sleep. What is the problem?’ Olayemi sat up in bed and turned on the bedside lamp. He stared at her back.

‘I’m sorry for keeping you awake.’ She gave him an apologetic smile as she sat up too.

‘What is it?’ He ignored her apologies. His look turned into confusion when she picked up her phone and flipped through her gallery.

‘What does this picture says to you?’ She asked him when she gave him the phone. He stared at it in silence for several minutes.

‘I know what you are seeing but looks alone do not determine the paternity of a child.’ He began tentatively, glancing at her.

‘Really?’ She raised an eyebrow at him.

‘Well, it is part of it. Why are you worrying about it, dear? Time will take care of everything.’ He pulled her into his embrace.

‘You don’t get it, Ola mi. He is completely ignorant simply because he doesn’t believe she will keep such a thing as a secret from him. This fragile relationship will break into pieces if he finds out by chance. I’m worried about both of them.’ The worry was evidenced on her creased brow.

‘Quit worrying, Ife. There is nothing you can do about it. If they are meant to be, they will find their way to each other’s heart.’ He kissed her brow. ‘Don’t interfere either. It is none of your business.’ He warned mildly. She laughed and snuggled against him.


‘What exactly is going on, Joseph? Why have you been avoiding me?’ Barbara placed her bag in the middle of his table and glared at him with a hand on her curved hips.

Joseph sighed inaudibly. He cursed the fate that had brought him to their Lagos branch this week. That fate was his father and canny Grannie. The motor parts assembling branch of the Coker’s group of company was undergoing some internal issues. He studied mechanical engineering because he loved machines, especially cars. Olayemi was aware of this and had transferred him temporarily to the Lagos branch on automatic promotion to senior partner. The package has been too sweet to resist and his father knew it. Willy old man, he thought in weary resignation.

‘I’m sorry, sweet. I have been quite busy.’ He looked at her with a boyish grin. He had met Barbara a few weeks before the attack on his life at a conference. It had been a short sizzling affair but he enjoyed her body and mind immensely. He still admired it in the clinging grey pants trouser and white silk shirt she wore. She was a junior executive in an advertising company.

‘Hmm. What happened to your face?’ He could tell she was already forgiving him as he came to stand in front of his desk, her unique scent tantalizing his nostril.

‘I had an accident but I am fine now.’ He grinned as he got to his feet and hoisted her unto his table. Her legs curled around his waist.

‘Aw! You didn’t tell me. I would have come to visit and take care of you.’ She pouted her small lips in disapproval and he placed a kiss on it.

‘I am sorry, dear.’ He nuzzled her neck and hugged her against him.

‘Joseph, please can you go through this report for me?’ The door opened abruptly as Elizabeth strode in without knocking. She gaped in absolute shock that rapidly turned to anger. She worked as personal assistant for the operation manager of the assembling plant.

‘How can I help you, Lizzy?’ Joseph raised his head without releasing Barbara who was turned around in disapproval at the rude intrusion.

‘What the hell is going on here? Who is she by the way?’ Elizabeth threw down the report on the office table and glared at her.

‘Who are you, madam secretary? Why did you think you can barge in here without knocking?’ Barbara pushed away from Joseph and faced her squarely. Joseph looked from one to the other in absolute confusion.

‘This is my man. I knew him when he was nothing. You heard me right. Don’t you dare think you can snatch him from me when he is all clean up and rich.Get the hell away from here and don’t ever come back. You are a Useless gold digging bitch!’ Elizabeth sneered at her, shoving aggressively into her face. He groaned as he covered his face.

‘Go and tell that story to punch. It will earn you some much-needed cash. You are nothing but a low life secretary who slept her way to become personal assistant. Will you get out of here before you lose your job?’ Barbara told her scathingly.

‘Shut up! The two of you should shut up and get out of my life.’ He ordered coldly. They both turned to gape at him in disbelieve.

‘Get out or I will call the security for you two.’ He reached for the phone. Barbara hissed as she picked up her bag and strode out, almost colliding with some employees who were eavesdropping at the door.

‘Joseph, I am sorry.’ Elizabeth began as she lingered in the doorway.

‘You disappoint me, Lizzy. Get out of my office and close the door.’ He turned away from her. She looked miserable as she went back to her office.


‘I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life.’ Joseph mumbled as he navigated his way out of the airport traffic.

‘You are the ladies men.’ Andrew roared with laughter at the miserable expression on his friend’s face. It was his first trip out of the country, after his honeymoon vacation, making it the second time he would be leaving the country.

Joseph groaned loudly and refused to respond to the taunt.

‘Go and get married, young man. Marriage is sweet. I am talking from experience.’ He teased as he slapped him on the back playfully.

‘Shut up. Is it because you are getting fucked regularly? I still have the advantage of sampling different pussies.’ He glared mockingly at her.

‘Different pussies come with different troubles.  Stop playing around and stick to one. By the way, how is Becky’s mum?’ Andrew opened bottled water and drank deeply.

‘She is fine. She has been discharged and Michael has gone back home. I miss him dreadfully. I am suspecting mum missed him more. She kept giving me all these knowing looks. I just ignore her.’ He shrugged ruefully.

‘She needs grandchildren, Joseph. Nothing is stopping you from giving her one. That reminds me. Bella is 3 months pregnant.’ Andrew was nearly blushing as he grinned widely.

‘Congratulations, man. You are a sharpshooter. Damn, I am going to be a godfather.’ Joseph grinned as he squeezed his kneecap affectionately.

‘Thank you. I can’t wait to see and carry my baby. So what is happening between you and Becky?’ Andrew gave him a solemn look.

‘I have located that bastard husband of hers. I have also implicated him, so I am sure the U.S government police will be over him any moment from now.’ He smirked maliciously as he looked out the window. ‘I don’t know how to persuade her to serve him a divorce letter though.’ He sighed heavily.

‘I thought you said she has a friend called Rose who stayed in the U.K?’ Andrew asked quietly. He nodded as he gave him a puzzled look. ‘Try and get in touch with her. I am sure she will be happy to help out. You may have to get in touch with Lizzy for her contact though.’ Andrew suggested.

‘You are a genius, man. Getting her contact from Lizzy is easy as she is ready to do anything to get back into my good book. That girl is spoilt beyond redemption.’ He shook his head in disgust.

Andrew laughed heartily.


‘Hello, babe. How is your mum’s health?’ Roseline asked over the phone.

‘She is much better. She has resumed at the shop and it keeps her mind off issues she has no business thinking about.’ Rebecca gave a resigned sigh.

‘She will be fine. Don’t worry about it. I have good news. Alex proposed to me last night.’ Roseline held her breath as she waited for the news to penetrate her friend’s brain. Alexander stone was a friend to both Roseline and Rebecca when they were in school of medicine. He was also her colleague in North Manchester hospital where they both worked presently. They had never seen eye to eye in anything. Their relationship was more like cat and dog but Rebecca had always suspected there was an attraction brewing somewhere between the two, hidden in the constant animosity that took place between them.

Rebecca gave a loud whoop as she got to her feet and screamed with excitement. Roseline burst into a hearty laughter.

‘I know it! I said it. The two of you were always bickering like two old women. Tell me you said yes before I come over to wring your neck.’ Rebecca paused midway around the room.

‘Of course, I said yes. I love him. He is such an incurable flirt. Half of the nurses in the hospital are in love with him.’ Rebecca could almost see the pout on her friend’s face. She laughed till her side aches.

‘You are just jealous. How is it his fault that he is one gorgeous, smart and intelligent Doctor? Count yourself, lucky babe.’ Rebecca grinned as she sat down on her bed.

‘I am lucky. He is also lucky to have me. The wedding is taking place in three months time. That will give you enough time to get your ass over here. You are my maid of honor.’ Roseline enthused over the phone. Rebecca was silent for a while.

‘Rose, you know I will love to be there but I can’t just afford it. I wish I can.’ She said sadly. Roseline laughed softly.

‘Do you have a valid passport? If you don’t, go and renew your passport. Get Michael a passport too because I need to meet that young man before he is overgrown. Leave every other thing to me, I will sort it out.’ She grinned mysteriously.

‘Roseline, are you high on love or something? Do you know how much it will cost to get us to the U.K?’ Rebecca got to her feet restlessly. How she longed to see her friend again, she rubbed longingly at her chest. Roseline laughed again.

‘I’m so high on love, dearie. I want you to get drunk on it again. By the way, have you heard anything from that snake husband of yours?’ Roseline’s voice changed abruptly. Rebecca sighed audibly.

‘No, I have not. I wish to serve him a divorce letter. I want to be free from him totally and completely. I want to live my life without feeling guilty. I have paid enough for this one mistake I made.’ She rubbed her aching forehead.

‘Yes, you will be free because I know where the idiot is located in Houston. I will send you the address as soon as I end this call.’ Roseline’s heart soared with joy.

‘Roseline Smith, you are suddenly filled with secrets. Will you tell me what is going on or I have to force it out of your throat?’ Rebecca threatened half-heartedly.

‘I want you to come here and beat me, Becky. I miss you. I want to see you again. You will be fine.’ Roseline whispered solemnly. Rebecca’s throat ached with tears.

‘Aunt Rose, Alex is here to see you.’ She heard Caitlin’s voice in the background.

‘Say hi to Alex for me. I will talk to you later. I love you, girl.’ Rebecca kissed the air with a smile.

‘Love you right back. Later.’ Roseline went off the phone.

Rebecca sat down and stared into space with a silly grin on her face.


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twist_of_fate‘Tell me exactly why you are angry, Becky.’ Joseph stared at her with a puzzled look.

‘I’m not angry.’ She denied hotly, rapidly flipping through her brain for a reason. Damn, what did I get myself into? She thought in embarrassment.

‘You could have fooled me. You swear at me before you jumped into that cab yesterday. You jumped into an unknown cab just because you wanted to get away from me. I apologized for not staying home as advised but I know my body. I am perfectly okay except for the occasional twitches I felt from the healing wound. I am still taking my medications, the ones you prescribed. So please tell me where I went wrong.’ He gestured with his hands.

‘I’m glad you are fine. It is okay then.’ She nodded with a polite smile, hoping he would leave.

‘So why are you angry? Titilola is my sister from my father’s side.’ He explained quietly.

‘Your love life is none of my business.’ She flared instantly and bit her lips afterward.

‘Really? Are you sure?’ He was smiling as he covered the distance between them but she stepped back uncertainly.

‘Certainly. I am a married woman. Your love life and relationship doesn’t concern me.’ She used her strongest weapon and it effectively stopped him in his track but not for long.

‘Well, a married woman has no business getting jealousy because she saw her patient with a beautiful woman she thought she was dating and leaving in a huff.’ He retorted acidly, raising an eyebrow at her. She raised her chin in pride.

‘Well, you may be right but I am not jealous. If that is settled, you may leave now please. I have to prepare for work.’ She pointed to the door.

‘When do you get off duty?’ He asked casually.

‘Tomorrow morning at 7 am. Why are you asking?’ She asked curiously.

‘Tomorrow is Sunday. I will pick you up at 7 am. By the way, your son is such a cute little one.’ He grinned at her.

‘Thank you. That is not necessary. I may not be ready to leave by then. Don’t bother yourself.’ She tried to dissuade him but it was an exercise in futility because he didn’t even answer her. He turned towards the door.

‘Where is your husband, Becky?’ The question came out of the blues, throwing her off-guard.

‘I don’t know. I think the last time I heard he was somewhere in the U.S.A.’ She mumbled in a defeated voice. He realized she was feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

‘I will see you tomorrow morning. Extend my regards to your mum and Michael.’ He smiled but he was seething inwardly. Bastard! I will find you and make you pay for all you have done to her, he promised himself. He walked out of her home and closed the door with a gentle click behind him.

Rebecca dropped on the closest seat as she released her breath slowly and realized her legs were shaking. Damn you, Joe, you are the only one that gets my emotions moving up and down like a yo-yo, she swore inwardly but she was smiling.


‘I’m worried about Kayode. He has locked himself in the room for the past few days and refused to come out.’ Patricia turned worried gaze to Salmon. She had called him immediately they left the family meeting at the Coker’s house and updated him. He sent a driver to pick them up the following morning and took them to the new rented duplex at Tanke. He had been a regular visitor since then but he didn’t want to spend the night until his divorce was final with Ifeoma.

‘Kayode is a spoilt brat. I’ve tried to talk to him but he has been very rude and insolent. You did a bad job of raising him.’ Salmon tried to soften his voice but his feelings came through, loud and clear. He had craved a male child all his life, albeit secretly. It was a rude shock to realize the one thing he wanted so much was a complete disappointment.

‘I know. I’m sorry about that but you need to give him time to adjust, considering the circumstances on the ground. He is still reeling from the shock of it all.’ She protested weakly.

‘He is a man, Pat. Life happens all the time, we all need to deal with it the best way we can.’ He paused. ‘What do you want to do about him?’ He asked after a moment.

‘I’ve called Aliyah and begged her to come and talk to him if you don’t mind.’ She gave him a pleading sideways look. He shrugged with indifference.

‘I have no issue with that. So what do you plan to do with your life? Stay at home and continue to babysit your son?’ He raised an eyebrow at her, half mocking.

‘It is not funny, Salmon. I will think of something. I’ve never worked all my life.’ She picked at a thread in her dress.

‘Well, if you are contented with whatever I have to offer you and you won’t start comparing me with the Almighty Coker, I will try my best to satisfy you.’ He watched her bent head.

‘Don’t be silly.’ She sent him a reproving look beneath her eye-lashes.

‘It is the truth. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It is refreshing to have a woman who is readily available at all time.’ He teased as he bent over her. He captured her mouth as she opened it to give him a sharp retort and rubbed his hands all over her breasts through the cotton material of her gown. Her nipples stiffened instantly and she moaned into his mouth.

He pushed her gently unto her back as he deepened the kiss and wedged himself between her thighs.

‘Salmon, we are in the sitting room. Anyone could come in.’ she panted out when she broke the kiss and tried to push him off.

‘I don’t care. This is my house. Anyone coming in should knock if they don’t want to witness what they are not supposed to.’ He spared her a glance as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans along with his boxers. His arousal sprang free with its glistening head.

‘Ah…i think you should use protection or something?’ She swallowed nervously as she tried to shift away but he was between her thighs and had raised her legs to his shoulders.

‘Can you get pregnant?’ He asked absently as he tugged her pants to a side and slipped a finger in. An involuntary moan escaped her mouth as her hips jerked when he explored her moist depth gently. He smiled to himself as he watched her writhed and jerked with pleasure.

‘Oh, my’ Her breath came faster. He held her legs apart and guided his manhood in, slowly. Her vagina walls tightened involuntarily around him and he groaned out loud as he increased the tempo until they both screamed with the climax.


‘Go away. I don’t want to talk to anybody.’ Kayode shouted coldly when the knocking on his bedroom door went on incessantly.

‘I need to talk to you, Kay. It is important.’ Aliyah responded coldly as she stared at the doorway. How did I imagine myself being in love with this coward? She thought annoyingly.

‘What do you want? I thought you don’t want to marry me.’ His voice was muffled.

‘I still don’t want to marry you. Thank God I rejected your offer because I can’t imagine being married to a coward who stayed in his bedroom just because life hit him.’ She stated in a cold hard voice. She was about to leave his bedroom doorway when the key turned in the lock and the door slide open.

‘What do you want apart from insulting me?’ His eyes were bloodshot and his voice was husky.

‘You stink, Kay. I give you ten minutes to clean up and meet me in the sitting room. If not, you will see the last of me and your son. You don’t even care about him anyway. The time has started counting.’ She tapped her slim gold wristwatch before she turned and walked away on her heels.

He swore ripely as he banged the door closed.

‘What the hell is wrong with you, Kay? Why are you giving your mother hell?’ She rounded on him immediately he appeared a few minutes later, clad in a clean rumbled t-shirt and blue jeans.

‘What do you mean? Is she not the one who got me into this mess in the first place? She turned me into a laughing stock among my friends simply because she couldn’t keep her legs closed. She messed up my life. Damn it!’ He glared at her.

‘You messed up your life. Your paternity doesn’t determine what you become in life. She is not responsible for your womanizing, boozing or messing around when your mates were busy excelling in life. Thank God you still have a father that is still willing to get you a decent job. Go out there and you will know the labor market is not smiling. Idiot.’ She picked up her bag with a hiss.

‘What do you know? Do you know what it feels to be called a bastard?’ He complained bitterly.

‘You are even complaining as if you care about the father you have always known all your life. Is it not the money and the lifestyle he gave you that you care about? Is that not why you wanted to kill his biological son? I am highly disappointed in you.’ She paused. ‘Yes, I know what it means to be a bastard. Mr. Salmon is not my biological father but it changes nothing about who I am.’ She headed for the door.

His jaw dropped in shock and awe. He caught her at the door.

‘Are you serious? Does that mean we can still marry?’ He asked anxiously.

‘No, I am in a relationship with another man. I am in love with a man who doesn’t whine and complains the way you do. You better brush up your act if you want your son to be proud of the man his father is.’ She brushed away his arm and walked away.

‘I’m sorry, son, for all the shame I have caused you.’ Patricia was standing a few feet away when he turned around. He looked very bleak.

‘Okay. When next is he coming back?’ He asked shortly, refusing to refer to Salmon as Dad.

‘He will be here this evening’ She replied quietly.

‘I will see him when he comes.’ He went to the kitchen and went to get something to eat.

‘God bless you, Aliyah.’ Patricia prayed fervently.


The phone rang. Joseph stirred from sleep, burying his head deeper into the pillow. It rang continuously until his mind decided he wasn’t dreaming. He reached out his hand and groped for it on the bedside table.

Why the hell didn’t I switch this thing off before going to bed? He thought irritably as he tapped the phone and barked into it. He didn’t open his eyes.

‘Who is this?’

‘I’m so sorry to wake you up, Joe. I need your help desperately.’ It was Rebecca. He sat up abruptly in bed.

‘What is the problem?’ His voice was husky with sleep.

‘My mum had a heart attack. Though she is stabilized now and the paramedics are on the way but I can’t take Michael with me to the hospital. Can I drop him at your place on our way to the hospital? I will come and pick him in the morning.’ Her voice wavered but she struggled to firm it.

‘I will be right over.’ He tapped the phone and rolled out of bed.

Barely ten minutes later, he was driving into the big compound of the 3-story building at garage Offa where she was occupying a 3 bedroom apartment. The paramedics were already there and were loading the elderly woman into the hospital ambulance. Rebecca was already dressed in a  black skirt and white shirt, partially covered by her lab coat. She rushed forward to meet him as he pulled to a stop.

‘Thank you. I appreciate you. I will get his stuff.’ Her smile was wobbly at the edges, despite her brave appearance.

He pulled her into his arms for a full body hug and rubbed her back gently with firm strokes. Her arms tightened around his neck and she exhaled twice before her lips curved into a smile.

‘She will be fine. If there is any other way I can assist , don’t hesitate to let me know.’ He rubbed his forehead against her own and dropped a kiss on her nose before moving away.

‘You are doing it already. Thank you.’ She felt better already.

‘I will get Michael.’ He took the staircase two at a time and found his bedroom easily. The little boy was sitting up in bed, looking tousled and sleepy in his pajama tops and trousers.

‘Is grandma going to die?’ His red lower lips jutted out as he looked up at him.

‘No, She is just a bit sick. She will be fine soon. Will you come with me to my house?’ He crouched beside his bed with a smile.

‘Do you have a mummy? Can I call her grandma?’ He asked curiously with a trembling smile.

‘Yes, you can. Let’s get going so your mum can follow Grandma to the hospital.’ He picked him up along with the bag beside the bed and was on his way out when Rebecca met them.

‘I will lock up and meet you shortly.’ She marched action with words and joined them downstairs in a few seconds.

‘His school resume by 8 am. He takes cereals in the morning and I pack his lunch and snacks in the bag. Tomorrow is Friday and it is a half day. They closed at 1 am…’ She trailed off with a smile when he turned laughing gaze at her.

‘Go away, Becky. We will be fine. I have a mother too, you know?’ He teased as he opened the door and dropped the little boy in the passenger seat, adjusting it to a comfortable position.

‘Don’t be naughty, Michael. Be good. Mummy loves you.’ The ambulance’s horn sounded impatient, interrupting her nervous tirade and she hurried away with a smile.

‘I like your car. I wish mummy can get a car too.’ Michael mumbled at the tail end of a yawn.

‘She will have one very soon.’ He smiled at him as he put the car into drive and drove out of the compound after the ambulance.

Michael was fast asleep by the time they get home.


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