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I am a reserved but very friendly woman.I love adventures ,love hanging out with friends and loved ones but my best hobby is reading and writing,especially reading.I simply love books but it doesn't make me stuffy and .......unsexy like most people think. I also love spending quality time with my son who is my prince and my whole world!


twist_of_fate“Becky, please wait.” Joseph ran after her but she did not stop until he caught up with her when she was about to open her car door. “What do you want again? You have told me your feelings on this issue and I completely understand.” Tears filled her eyes and she tried to turn away but he won’t let her. “You can’t just go like this, Becky. We can’t part this way.” He said quietly as he grazed her lower lips with his thumb. “We are still friends, I promise you. I really have to go now, it’s getting late. Good night.” She tried to move out of his embrace but he put his hands on her waist and moved her against the car. “Becky, I’m finding it difficult to let you go. Kiss me just this once and I will let you go forever “He whispered with an unsteady voice and she raised tear stained face to him. “I love you, baby. Don’t ever forget that, I just wish things are different.” He swallowed hard and placed his forehead against hers.

There was a full moon and they could see each other clearly as they stared into each other’s eyes. His eyes darkened with desire as he bent his head to taste her lips: he brushed his over hers in light feather kisses and she shivered involuntarily. Her arms rose to link behind his neck to draw him close and he deepened the kiss. The kiss was long, slow and deep and he was nowhere getting satisfied. He pulled her closer and his fingers brushed the sides of her breast through the cotton material. “Joe.” Becky broke the kiss with enormous effort. “What is it?” He murmured huskily as he took a calming breath and touched his forehead to hers. “We are in the open and anyone could be watching. “She said as she held him close. He pulled her into the curve of his arm and opened the back door of the black jeep. He pushed her in and sat down beside her. “Joe, don’t you think it is getting late?” She began but he put a finger against her lips and she watched as he traced it down her throat. He kissed her again as he pushed her unto her back and pinned her with his weight. His tongue probed and demanded for response which she readily gave. She felt him against her belly, hard and throbbing and her heart raced with desire. She shivered involuntarily and blood roared in her vein, making her deaf to every other thing except the man on top of her. His fingers ran down her smooth throat over lace-covered nipples that hardened beneath his touch and his mouth followed the fiery path he had created. She moaned out loud and writhe beneath him in pleasurable agony. He groaned each time her body came in contact with his lower body. Her fingers clutched at his shoulder and swept down the already open shirt. His skin was cool and sleek with sweat beneath her touch and she heard him dragged in a breath before he flicked his tongue over her taut nipple. She passed her hand over his bare back to the waist band of his jean and slipped her finger into his briefs. “Becky!” He groaned out and raised his mouth to hers again. She kissed him with every feeling she had in her and with the desperation that this would be the last time they would ever be together again. He rose over her body like a God, his fingers trailing lightly over her smooth thighs and he rolled her panties and jeans along as he bent his head over her pulsing womanhood. Becky jerked and stifled a loud moan when his tongue flickered out to taste. She covered her mouth and her hips jerked as his finger joined his mouth to sentence her to heaven. “Oh Joe!” Her body seemed to empty out as she reached an orgasm so fast it took both of them in surprise. “That feels so good.” She panted with a shy smile and he came up to rub his lips over hers. “Yes, it is. That is my parting gift to you.” He smiled into her eyes and she firmed her trembling lips. “I won’t spoil it by crying again.” She hugged him fiercely and his heart ached in a way he never knew was possible.

Naomi was preparing to leave for the market later than usual but she was still reluctant to step out of the house because her son had not come back into the house since he left last night and she was getting real worried. His phone was switched off and his friend’s number wasn’t available either. She glanced at the wall clock and sighed heavily as she paced back and forth. Someone knocked heavily on the door and she rushed to open it. No one could tell who was more shocked between the elderly woman dressed in native Ankara skirt and blouse that had seen better days and the tall man in expensive fully attired lace with a cap. “I’m looking for joseph Coker. He was supposed to take the bride to the church this morning.” His voice trailed off as he stared at her.  “He is not in.” She answered curtly even as her heart froze over at the sight of him on her doorstep. “I will deliver your message when he come.” She flashed him a smile and made to close the door but he put his foot against it. “Naomi, you can’t tell me you have forgotten me” Salmon said in surprise as he glanced at his wrist –watch.  “We knew each other a long time ago and I think you should get going right now. Are you not in a hurry?” She smiled briefly and watched him glance at his watch again. “Damn it! I’m in a hurry. I have to give the bride away since her father is no more but I will be right back .That is a promise and you should know I will keep it.” He pointed a finger at her, even as he backed away and she closed the door to his face with a long hiss. “Birds of a feather!” She murmured to herself and packed her things to start going to the market.

“Mum, are you home?” Andrew mumbled as he pushed the door open. He dragged Joseph in and Naomi rushed out of the bedroom. “What is wrong with him?” She asked in concern as she supported her son at the other side and they both guided him into the bedroom. He fell with a groan and curled up into the middle of the bed. “He has been drinking for the past two days and I think he is terribly sick now.” Andrew said as he rolled his shoulders to ease the tension there. “Where did you see him? He is running high temperature already.” She touched his forehead and removed her hand with a worried frown. “He turned up in my house two nights ago, I guessed he trekked because he got to my house late in the night .He was half-drunk by then and I couldn’t get anything out of him except that Becky is getting married.” He said in concern and she sighed heavily. “Becky turned up here on her wedding eve .I don’t know what happened between them except that he left with her. He didn’t come back in until now.” She went to take a bowl of water and wiped his brow. He groaned again and curled up tighter still.  “I left him in the morning and didn’t come back till this evening .My phone was bad and I couldn’t reach him.  I couldn’t leave my working place either because my supervisor wasn’t around. I’m sorry, mum. I should have find a way to reach you and let you he was in my house. You must have been very worried.” He said anxiously.  “Yes, you should have found a way to reach me.” She nodded as she touched her son’s cheek. “What have you done to yourself, baby?” She said with quiet anguish and watched him open red-rimmed eyes. “She is gone forever.” He said in a barely audible voice but she heard him and tears filled Naomi’s eyes. “I know, baby. I know how it hurts to lose someone you love. I have been there.” She murmured to him. His teeth gritted together as he started shivering and she exchanged glances with Andrew. “I think he has caught a fever. We need to get him to the hospital right away.” Andrew said practically and made to lift him up again. “Wait, Andrew. Do you have any money on you? I just paid my debtors tonight and I don’t have a penny on me until I get to the market tomorrow.” She asked worried.

“Good evening.” Someone cleared his throat from the doorway and they both looked up to see Salmon standing on the doorway. “How did you get in?” She asked coldly as she got to her feet. “The door was opened and I knocked but nobody answered. I came in when I hear voices from the bedroom. I’m sorry I barged in without permission. What is wrong with joseph?” He asked smoothly as he moved forward and looked down at him. “Please stay out of this. It is none of your business.” She told him frostily and he stared at her for a while. “Is he your son?’ He asked quietly. “I think he is getting worse. Can we go to the hospital now please?’ Andrew said impatiently as he tried to lift Joseph up and Salmon joined him to hoist the young man up.

Two hours later, Joseph was put on admission at the hospital and Naomi waited impatiently for the result of the test to come out. She released Andrew because he was on duty that night at work and Salmon had to leave in a hurry when he received a call from his wife.  “Don’t worry about the hospital bill, Naomi. I have dropped a deposit with the hospital. It seemed there is an emergency at home and I need to leave now but I will be back soon.” He promised as he got to his feet. “Thank you for your assistance. It is highly appreciated.” She said as she drew her chair closer to the hospital bed. He put his hand briefly on her shoulder, rubbed briskly and left the ward without another word.

“Aliyah is pregnant.” Ifeoma Awodele blurted out immediately her husband walked in. He nearly missed a step as he turned and looked at his youngest daughter, Aliyah. She was sitting in the middle of a three-sofa settee, staring down at her beautifully painted toe nails. Her two older sisters flagged her on both sides and he could nearly touch the solidarity among them. Unity in crime! My blessings and my curse, He thought with a heavy heart as he stared at his three beautiful daughters. “Is that right?” He asked quietly as he moved to sit directly opposite them. “Dad, that idiot raped her. We actually went to the hospital afterward but we don’t really know what happened.” His first daughter, Bella jumped to her sister’s rescue, her firm young breasts juggling in the see-through top she wore. Salmon sighed heavily. “I am talking to you, Aliyah. Where were you when the so-called rape took place?” He asked quietly. Aliyah looked from one sister to another and Salmon raised his hand before any of them could talk. “I am sure you were not this silent when you were being raped, right? Where did it happen?” He asked quietly. “He invited me to a party in his house.” Aliyah said in a small voice, wriggling her hands. Ifeoma moaned in distress as she stared at her daughter. “That was not what you told me a few hours ago.” She glared at her daughter. “It is too late for that. This is what happens when others take over your responsibilities and brought up your children in your absence while you climbed the corporate ladder.” Salmon told his wife coldly and he was surprised she didn’t respond for the first time in their marital lives. “That means the rape took place in his house, his room and on his bed to be specific. Am I right?” He turned to his daughter with a cold smile and she nodded as tears filled her eyes. “So your mentors at home didn’t teach you to use protection from you have sex with a man, right?” He turned to his two older daughters and they looked away. “He said he doesn’t like it.” Aliyah said in a teary whisper. “I see. That means you are getting married and you are going to have that baby in his house.” He said in a final voice as he got to his feet. “Dad!” His daughters screamed as they stared at him in horror and glanced at their mother for support.  “I am with your father this time around. You girls really disappoint me.” Ifeoma said sadly. “I need to see that young man here before this weekend runs out. Get out of my sight!” He barked at them and they scrambled out of the room.

“Don’t you think she is too young to get married? She is just eighteen, dear!” Ifeoma told her husband cautiously as she crossed over to sit beside him. “She is not too young to have unprotected sex or to have a boyfriend, right?” He asked coldly. “I am not saying that. I just think maybe we should get rid of the pregnancy and give her a final warning.” She said with a shrug. “In addition to being an irresponsible mother, you are also a murderer. I won’t be part of that plan. Like mother like daughters” He hissed as he got to his feet and walked out of the living room. Ifeoma sighed heavily.

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twist_of_fateJoseph was getting ready for work early one morning when the sitting room door burst open and Becky came in. He was shocked by her appearance. She was clad in her house robe and house slippers with a hair net on her head. It was obvious she was roused from bed in haste: her eyes were red and puffy with tears. “What is the problem, Becky? You look distraught.” Joseph said in concern as he moved her to the sofa and sat down with her. “Daddy was rushed to the hospital this morning. He woke in the middle of the night with a terrible stomach pain and started vomiting blood.” She paused as tears welled up in her eyes and trickled down her face. “He is on oxygen already since he can’t breathe on his own any longer, even as they carry out different test on him but I didn’t wait for the result to come out before I came here.” She covered her face with her hands and cried as if her heart will break. “Becky, everything will be okay by God’s grace. Look at me.” He pulled her hands away from her eyes and forced her to look at him. “Prepare yourself to face anything and be strong for yourself, your sister and your mother. You know what I mean?” He said quietly as he stared into her eyes and she nodded numbly. She got to her feet and paced back and forth for a moment.  “Joe, dad is suffering from food poisoning and I don’t think he will survive it.” She said grimly as she came to a stop in front of him. “Don’t be so pessimistic, Becky. How can you be so sure? You didn’t even wait to see the outcome of the test, did you?” He chided her gently as he got to his feet. “Have you forgotten I’m a doctor? The symptoms are there but I’m hoping I’m wrong. I pray I’m wrong.” She said desperately as tears filled her eyes again and he took her in his arms. She hugged him tightly, drawing from his strength as she buried her face in his shoulder and he stroked her back soothingly. “You are going to be alright.” He told her quietly. “Thank you for everything.” She stepped back, out of his embrace and turned to pick up her car key. “I will give you a call later but I’m going to check him in the hospital now.” Joseph glanced at his wrist-watch. “I have to get home now. I’m a mess. See you later.” She tried to smile as she opened the door and stepped out.

Benedict Badmus gave up the ghost in the wee hours of the following day. Ramsey had taken Ruth and Lizzy home and Becky was the only one with their father when he breathed his last. She left the hospital premises immediately he was confirmed dead and called Joseph on her way home to break the news. Rebecca was extremely calm throughout the whole ordeal: the wake-keeping service took place seven days later and she was glad of the two men’s support in her life, even though she was aware of Ramsey’s increasing resentment towards Joseph. “Why should he be involved in whatever we are doing? He is not part of the family.” Ramsey told her one night after a stressful day of receiving visitors who came to pay them condolence visits. “He has been part of the family for a long time and I need any help I can get at this point in time. Stop being such a spoilt sport and behave yourself.” She snapped at him and walked away.

Joseph strolled along the road, eating up the distance with his long strides and his hands in his pockets when a car slowed down beside him. “Hop in, my boy.” It was salmon and he got into the car without second thought. Joseph had never seen a man cried so openly the way this man did at his friend’s graveyard and he respected him for it. “Accept my condolence on your friend’s death.” He said quietly. “Thank you. It was so sudden and unexpected. We were at the club house together two days before his death. i still find it difficult to believe he is gone.” Salmon frowned at the road and Joseph saw his hands tightened on the steering wheel. “Such is life. One moment you are alive and the next, you are dead. We should just make the best use of whatever opportunity we have.” He shrugged philosophically. “You are right. Becky was so unexpectedly brave throughout the whole scenario when I was a complete wreck myself. I’m so proud of her.” He said in admiration and Joe nodded in agreement. “Are you still staying with the family or you are moving on?” He glanced briefly at him as he moved unto the government house road. “I don’t know yet. If the family decides to keep me, I don’t have any problem with that but if not, I’m moving on without second thought but I guess nothing can be decided until the deceased’s will have been read.” He said with another shrug. “That is right. Where is your house?” He glanced briefly at him as he waited for the traffic light to change at the challenge junction. “I stay in Agbo-oba but you can drop me across the road. I can get a taxi home easily from there.” Joseph told him casually. “I will take you home. It is no problem to me and I really need the driving anyway.” Salmon said sheepishly. The light changed and he drove smoothly towards the Unity road round out. “Thank you sir” Joseph said in appreciation.

“I’m in trouble, Rose.” Becky sobbed bitterly into the phone. “The Will had been read, right?” Rose guessed quietly from the other end. “The terms were really awful, Rose. I never knew Dad hated me this much.” Becky shook her head in self-pity. It was six months after her father’s death. “What is it like, Becky?” Rose asked curiously. “Ramsey will take over the company naturally but I’m not entitled to any of his property unless I’m married to him and that automatically extends to mum and my sister, though they won’t be as penniless as I would be. I really didn’t know he is this obsessed with a male child.” She said with half-hearted sarcasm. “This is serious indeed. What are you going to do?” Rose said worriedly. “I don’t know yet but I can’t marry him. I don’t love him but no one seems to understand.” She said indignantly as she paced the length of her bedroom and back again. “I think your realization is quite too late because according to Lizzy, the wedding preparation is already underfoot. Am I wrong?” Rose said in her usual practical way and she sighed heavily as she dropped unto her bed. “You are right. Mummy won’t allow me to back out because I can’t give a genuine reason for my action.” She said helplessly. “That means he is a real gold-digger like Lizzy labeled him. Have you told him about your change of mind? What does he have to say about it?” Rose asked angrily and heard her friend sigh again. “He won’t set me free, Rose. He said he loved me and can’t live without me. He even shed tears, Rose, can you imagine?” She jumped to her feet again in remembered outrage. “I can imagine. He loves your money and can’t leave without it. Let’s be frank here, are you in love with joseph?” Rose asked quietly and she was silent as she stared out of the window into the dark night.  “I don’t know, Rose. Can I even trust my feelings any longer?  I was so sure Ramsey is my one and only love but I was wrong. How can I trust what I’m feeling for Joseph now?” She asked worriedly. “Follow your instinct, girlfriend and make sure you make the decision that will make you happy. Put yourself first for once and let’s see where the tide of life will lead you to. Have a good night rest and remember I love you always.” Rose said quietly. “I love you too. Good night.” She cut the phone and stayed where she was for a very long time.

Naomi was already sleeping off when she heard the sitting room door opened and closed in the distance. Her eyes fluttered opened slowly and she listened, wondering who their night visitor was, then she heard her voice.

“Becky, what are you doing here at this hour?” Joseph asked in concern as he swung his feet down and sat up straight on the chair. They both knew he had been avoiding her ever since her wedding date had been picked. He thought distance would lessened the level of attraction between them but he was so wrong, he thought in despair as desire hit him straight in the gut at the sight of her in his house, clad in simple button-down flowery gown that stopped just above her knees. “I came to see you.” She sat down on the seat beside him and smiled but he could see nerves behind that smile. “We saw each other this afternoon, Becky. It is late already” He glanced at the wall clock: It was 9PM already and looked back at her. “I know. I brought a car with me and …..”She gave a nervous laugh, wriggling her fingers. “I sincerely hope you won’t tear off those fingers. You are nervous.” He observed quietly. She stared down at her toes for a while and got to her feet abruptly. “It doesn’t really matter. I was just getting bored at home and decided to see you.” She said with a smile and moved towards the door. He sprung up and wrestled the door knob from her hand. He held her against the door and framed her face in his large hands. “It is the only thing that matter right now. Please talk to me, Becky” He said softly. “Tomorrow is my wedding way.” She whispered past the lump in her throat and he took a deep breath. ‘I know. I’ve been trying to tell myself I don’t really care.” He gave a short laugh and moved away. “After tonight, I won’t be a free woman again. You know I am getting married because of everything except love. I want to save my home and my father’s property but if you say just one word of commitment to me, I will drop everything to be with you.” She paused as she firmed her lips to keep it from trembling. “Becky, I feel so helpless right now .You deserve the best but I’ve got nothing to offer you.” He turned to face her pleadingly. “I don’t care about how poor you are, Joe. You are educated and you have all it takes to succeed. All you need is a little capital and I can provide enough.” She said desperately as she took his hands in hers and shook it impatiently. “I’m sorry, Becky but you know me better than this. I can’t and won’t depend on a woman for my source of living.” He said firmly. “How about if I get you a loan? I can get a collateral but at least, the money will not come from me directly.” She held her breath but he only moved his head from side to side again. “Don’t you have any feelings for me? I love you, Joe. Isn’t it obvious to you?” She asked in a whisper and he felt his heart twist in anguish. “I can’t marry you or any woman for that matter right now. I and my mom have come a long away together and I need to repay her for her kindness in my life before I can think of settling down with any woman. She brought me up single-handedly without anybody’s help. Please try to understand, Becky.” He looked into her eyes and the pain and anguish in them tore at his heart. “I understand.” She moved away, opened the door and walked out.

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twist_of_fate“Becky, how are you preparing for your wedding?” Roseline asked cheerfully from the other end. “Uh?” Becky mumbled as she rubbed her eyes wearily. She had had a sleepless night! “Yours and Ramsey’s wedding. I thought that was why you have been so preoccupied lately.” Roseline said in a puzzled voice. “Come off it, Rose. Would I be preparing for my wedding without telling you?” She sounded relief, even to her own ear. “You are not sounding too eager. What is the problem, Becky?” Roseline asked quietly and she chewed her bottom lips thoughtfully as she replayed the scene at the car park in her mind again. She sighed as she closed her eyes and pressed two fingers to her eyes. “Are you alright, Becky?” Roseline asked in concern. “I’m in trouble, Rose.” She said quietly. “What is the problem? Talk to me, girlfriend.” “Can you imagine being engaged to one man and responding to another man’s kiss?” She gave a little self-reproaching laugh and Roseline was silent for a while. “Who is the other man?” She asked cautiously. “Joseph Coker. Please keep your I –told-you –so remark to yourself. “She retorted acidly and Rose tucked her tongue in her cheek. “I was just about to say so. Is that not Lizzy’s big crush?” Roseline asked with a frown and she sighed again. “He is the same man. I intend to stay away from him and it will never happen again. “She vowed silently. “Love is not reasonable and it happen either you want it to or not. Suit yourself, sensible Becky but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. “She chuckled to herself at the other end and put an end to the call. Becky stared at the phone in disbelieve and laughed lightly before getting out of bed.

“Hi Dad. Lizzy said you want to see me.” Becky sauntered into her father’s study room. “I want you to get Joe for me for urgent issue. I’ve been trying his number but it was switched off. Today’s his off-day but I need to see him.” He said as he removed his reading glasses and glanced at his daughter. “How are you so sure he will be available at home when it was his day off?” She asked with a frown as she sat in a cushion sofa across from him. “It is just a gamble. He is just the man to handle this idiot I’m dealing with. Would you be a good girl and run along now?” He said hopefully. “You should have send Lizzy, Dad plus I don’t even know his house.” She lied glibly, pouting her lips and wishing desperately that her father would change his mind. “I will give you the address now. I don’t trust Lizzy around any man, certainly not one as attractive as Joseph.” He said as he wrote on a post-it and gave it to her in addition to the car key. Oh Dad! You are protecting the wrong girl, she thought helplessly as she got to her feet and stormed out of the house.

Joseph’s house was deserted as she had expected and everywhere was quiet. Becky doubted if anybody was at home but she pulled up anyway and got out of the car. She locked up and walked over to their room. She knocked but there was no answer and she tried the door. It gave way beneath her hand and she stepped in. “Joseph!” She called loudly and there was a grunted sound from the bedroom. She hesitated briefly before entering the room and saw him on the bed. He was clad in shorts, lying on his stomach and stretched to his full length. His feet dangled at the end of the bed and she couldn’t help grinning to herself. She moved to the bedside and tapped him gently on the back. “Joe, wake up. Dad wants to see you.” She said gently and he rolled unto his back. “Becky?” He called as he gazed up at her through half-closed eyelid. “Do you always sleep this late on your off-days?” She teased as she rocked on her feet. “I was up for the better part of the night, watching season one of “24 hours”. What are you doing here?” He stretched lazily and she kept her gaze on his face. “I’m not a film freak .Give me a good romance thriller and I am your girl.” She said with a smile. “That means you must have a houseful of novels. That is my mum’s fort. I used to borrow novels from my girlfriends when I was in school and bring it home for her.” He said with a reminiscent smile as he looked at her. “That is wonderful. I could bring her a bagful of it over the weekend. “She said with a grin. “She would love it. Thank you” He sat up on the narrow bed and let his gaze travelled down the length of her body lazily. She felt suddenly exposed in the yellow shorts and button down blouse she wore. “Have your seat while I dressed up.” He invited as he patted the spot beside him and she hesitated briefly. “Are you scared of sitting beside me alone in the room?” He asked softly as his eyes twinkled with amusement. “You flatter yourself. Why would I be scared of you?” She retorted as she sat down on the edge of the bed. “Thank God for that.” He grinned as he took her arm and pulled her till she was nestled against his chest. “Joe, stop that. Dad wants to see you urgently. “She said as she struggled to free herself and try not to sound panicky.

“I know dad wants to see me. Don’t you want to see me?” He rolled her over beneath him and looked into her eyes. “Stop flattering yourself, I don’t want to see you.” She said stubbornly as she pushed at his chest. “Look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me.” He said quietly as he traced his finger over her bottom lip very lightly and followed the path with his tongue. It trembled in response and she turned her face away. “I don’t know why I am attracted to the one that is unavailable.” He said to himself, even as he lifted himself away and got to his feet.  “Are you attracted to me?” She asked as she stood up too and faced him. “Yes, I am. You are a beautiful woman.” He said with simple boldness and the statement pleased her more than she cared to admit. “Lizzy is a beautiful woman too.” She said with feigned casual shrug. “She is beautiful but she is bored out of her mind and looking for a man that will help her pass her time. I am not that man.” He gave her a cool stare. “You are certainly right about that.” She said with an apologetic smile. “I am attracted to you too.” She mumbled under her breath as she stared down at the cement floor and his eyes narrowed at her bent head. “Becky, look at me and repeat what you just said.” He said with quiet demand and she looked up with naked longing in her eyes. “I like you a lot and I don’t know what to do about it.” She said quietly. “Becky, this is a wrong place to tell me this.” He closed the gap between them in one step and engulfed her in a tight hug. She laughed shakenly as her arms went round him to hold him. “I think we should get this out of the way first.” He whispered against her mouth and she took a deep breath. She raised her hand to his cheek that was roughened with early morning stubbles and kissed him. He groaned deep in his throat and deepened the kiss. The kiss was long, slow and deep and they both came up breathless. “You are driving me crazy, Becky.” Joseph groaned against her mouth as he trailed a finger down her throat and had her buttons undone one after the other. The cup of the lacy confinement she wore barely covered her nipples and it was held up by two thin straps. He swept her off the floor and placed her gently on the narrow bed. He pulled the cup down with his teeth and took the dark nipple in his mouth while he caressed the other nipple with his thumb through the lacy cover. She moaned feverishly as pleasure ribbon connected from her breast to her loin and her thighs whispered apart to accommodate him. He moved to the other nipple to lavish attention on it while his other hand caressed and kneaded the exposed breast until she was practically writhing beneath him. “I want you so much, Becky.” He told her in a husky voice as he came up to kiss her again and rolled unto his back so that she was on top of him. “I want you too. Kiss me please. “She shrugged away her blouse and kissed him with the passion that was bubbling in her.

The sitting room door opened and closed in the distance and he broke the kiss with a jerk. She rolled off him and got to her feet on rubbery legs. “I’m so sorry, Becky. I shouldn’t have started this.” He reached for his t-shirt and pulled it on. “Why are you sorry?” She asked in a calm voice as she dressed up again with her back turned to him and he came to stand in front of her. “It is okay. I was a willing partner too.” She said with a shrug. “You are in my house and I have no right to behave the way I did.” He took her hands in his and looked at her imploringly.  “It is okay really.” She reached up to give him a playful peck on the cheek. “Thanks. Go and wait for me in the sitting room. I will join you shortly.” He said casually and she walked out.

“Joe, are you a graduate?” Becky looked up from the stack of books she was going through in a corner of the room and he frowned at her. “Yes. I have a degree in mechanic engineering.” He said with a shrug and she felt her jaw dropped in surprise. “What was your result like?” She asked after a moment as she picked up the car key and he paused as he slipped his feet into leather sandals. “I graduated with distinctions.” He followed her out of the room and locked up the door. “Are you serious? What are you doing with this job? Why aren’t you working with your result?” She asked in a puzzled voice. “I guess you have spent too much time outside the country to know how poor our state of the economy is. There is no decent job in this country for poor folks like us either you graduated with first class or third class.” He said with a rueful smile as he caught up with her with a few long strides. “I can put in a few words for you with my……….”She stopped abruptly when he raised his palm up. “Stop it. Please don’t go there. I don’t need your help.” He said in a voice that brooked no argument and she swallowed hard. “I’m sorry for that. “She said quietly and he gave a shrug as they moved towards the car. “By the way, why haven’t you started working by now?” He asked curiously as he turned to look at her. “Dad wants me to get married before I start working.” She said with her own shrug and he stared at her incredulously. “Why should he do that? Are you naïve enough to believe that?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “What do you mean?” She asked in a puzzled voice. “Don’t worry about my opinion. It is none of my business.” He said with a non-chalant shrug and she threw the car key at him. It hit him hard on the chest and he clutched at his chest in pain.

“What did you do that for, Becky?” He asked angrily. She came round to his side of the car and jammed her finger into his chest. “You are so mean. Why are you keeping your opinion to yourself when we were just having a decent conversation between us?” She said angrily. “Is that the reason for that mean action of yours?” He rubbed at his chest as he glared down at her and she wriggled her body provocatively against him. “Slap me, beat me. Please do your worst.” She said challengingly as she stared up at him and he burst into laughter. “Joe, I really don’t want to intrude into your life but where is your dad?” She asked quietly as she looked up into his face in earnest. “I don’t know. Don’t ask any more questions that I can’t answer.” He said with another shrug and she wound her arms around his neck. “Thanks for telling me that much. I appreciate it. “She said with a smile. “You are welcome.” He grinned as he moved away to the driver’s side and she joined him through the other side.

”Where are you coming from, Joe? I thought today was your day-off.” Naomi said as she glanced at the wall clock and watched her son stroll into the sitting room. It was 9pm in the night. “I’m coming from work. My boss sent for me.” He removed his shoes and flopped unto the sofa. “Sent for you? Why can’t he call your mobile phone?” She asked in a puzzled voice as she leaned against the door post separating the two rooms in her cotton night gown which had seen better days. “I switched off my phone when I went to bed this morning after you left for market but I wasn’t so lucky because Becky came to knock on my door few hours later. My hope for a sound and long dreamless sleep was tarnished abruptly.” He said with a rueful smile as he closed his eyes and his mother studied him worriedly. “So it is Becky in the room with you?” She asked after a moment and his eyes snapped open. “What do you mean?” He asked cautiously. “I came in this afternoon to get my contribution money. I forgot it when I was leaving for the market this morning and your phone was switched off like you said.” She paused with a shrug and waited for her son to explain but he said nothing which said a lot to her! “Are you in love with her, Joe?” She asked quietly and saw him winced slightly. “No.” He denied abruptly. “Good. She is another man’s property, a rich man’s property and I don’t want trouble.” She warned sternly. “You don’t have to remind me.” He muttered under his breath. “I will remind you, baby because whatever concerns you concerns me. If you impregnate a rich man’s daughter without his consent, one who is also engaged to another rich man, it won’t be a palatable experience for both of us. I’ve been there, baby.  Playing with their kind is like stepping on a cobra’s tail. Is that clear?” She asked ominously. “Yes ma.” He answered reluctantly. “I need to live my life in peace. Your food is on the table beside you. Good night.” She turned on her heels and went into the bedroom.

Becky was getting ready for bed a few nights later when her door opened and she saw Ramsey came in from her view in the dressing table mirror. “Why have you been avoiding me, baby? Is it because I haven’t had enough time for you? I’m sorry. I have been so busy.” He came towards her with an open smile but she did not return his smile. “I don’t want your apology.” she said quietly as she raised her arms to put a hair net over her newly done hair. “But you will have it anyway.” He hugged her from the back and kissed her throat. “I’m not done with you yet.” She got to her feet and he tried to draw her into his embrace. “I will make it up for you one of this days, I promise.” He tugged at the sash in her robe and the robe parted, exposing her baby pink teddy. Her phone rang abruptly and she saw the faint line of irritation on his face before she moved away to answer the phone. “Lock my door when you leave. Mummy wants to see me.” She said as she walked out of the room to receive her call, leaving him behind and breathed a visible sigh of relieve when she was alone.

Lizzy paid her an early morning visit the next morning in her bedroom and was attracted to the box of trinket on her bedside table. She opened it and closed it abruptly. “Who gave you this?” She waved the box of trinket at her sister, rousing her from the remnant of sleep. “Ramsey left it on my dressing table last night.” She said quietly as she sat back against the bed post. “He is buying you gift with your father’s money, right?” She said with heavy sarcasm. “What is that supposed to mean, Lizzy?” she asked angrily. “His father maybe a high-profile Justice and a well-known one for that matter but he is not rich.” Lizzy snapped at her as she flung the trinket box on the bed. “Are you here to criticize my fiancée or you want to see me for something else?” She raised an eyebrow at her. “Becky, do you truly love this guy? Can’t you see he is not good enough for you? What kind of man will work beneath his in-laws when he can make it on his own?” She sat on the bed beside her sister and took her hands in hers. “Baby, get into my wardrobe and get whatever you want for school or you get the hell out of my room.” Becky told her sister in a voice filled with humor. “How do you know I need anything from you?” Lizzy pouted her lips at her elder sister. “You always want things from me because you are never satisfied with yours. Will you take what you want now before I change my mind?” She gave her a push and Lizzy catapulted off the bed.



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 twist_of_fateJoseph was strolling along the road in search of a cab to take him home when he heard soft fall of footsteps behind him and he slowed down a bit to know who it was. A woman fell into steps with him and he knew without looking who it was. “Is there anything I can do for you?” He asked in a cool voice without sparing her a glance and didn’t see her wince. “Can we be friends for tonight?” Rebecca asked quietly and he felt humbled. “I’m sorry.” He muttered to himself. “Apologies accepted. I would love to tender one for my saucy attitude the other day.” She said with a smile and he nodded to her in acceptance. They walked in companionable silence, each lost in their individual thought. “You should have told me you are going somewhere before I left the house and I would have taken you before leaving the house.” He said casually as he turned to glance at her. “I know. I just needed to get away from home.” She said with a shrug and looked at him. “What is wrong? You look worried.’ She asked quietly. “I’m fine. There is nothing wrong with me.” He said with a smile. A cab drove by and he flagged it down. He got inside and Rebecca hopped in beside him. “Where do you think you are going, Rebecca? I am going home.” He told her in an unfriendly voice.  “Well, I will leave you alone when you tell me what is wrong with you and don’t tell me you are fine because you are not. You nearly drove us to our death this afternoon. “She told him in a calm voice and he stared at her in exasperation. “I sincerely apologized for that or what else do you want?  I said I am fine and nothing is wrong with me.” He said coldly. “You are still not telling the truth. It is a great night and a nice opportunity to see your dirty room.” She looked out through the window at the moving vehicles and glanced back at him with a smile. His lips twitched in amusement but he refused to smile back and sat back with a resigned sigh. They both enlightened from the cab when it reached his destination and he paid the cab fare for both of them.

“So you have seen my house and my area, don’t you think it is right time you turn around and go back home?” He asked with barely restrained anger, exasperated at the fact that he had to pay extra transport fare because of her nosiness. “Are you angry because I am here or because you have to pay my transport fare?” She asked as she faced him. “Both. You have no business being here. What do you want me to tell your parent or your fiancée if they find out you are with me at this hour in this unsafe area?” He tried to appeal to her reasoning side and she looked around at the poor neighborhood with gutters running in front of the houses. “I am an adult and I am responsible for my actions. Why is it unsafe for me and it is safe for you to live there?” She asked in a puzzled voice. “I give up. You are welcome to my simple abode, Miss Badmus.” He said politely as he climbed up the short flight of steps and walked into the dimly lit corridor of the face to face building. Rebecca didn’t bother to answer as she followed behind at a slow pace, taking in the environment as she moved along. He stopped in front of a room on the right side and knocked briefly before pushing the door open.

Naomi moved away from the window where she had been watching her son and his boss’s daughter and went to lie on the bed in her room before they came in. “How are you, mum?” Joseph said warmly as he gave his mother a bear hug and kissed her on both cheek. “I’m fine. How is work today?” She smiled as she pulled his nose playfully. Rebeca watched the easy display of affection between mother and son from the bedroom doorway and tried to relate this Joseph to the efficient and expert but distant one she knew when he was at work. She moved from the doorway and went to sit on the other side of the Naomi. The woman looked more like his elder sister, rather than his mother and there was no resemblance between the two of them, Rebecca observed as she looked from one to the other .Naomi turned to look at her and turned back to her son with questions in her eyes. He glared at her and she met his gaze with a raised eyebrow that secretly pleased his mother, then he introduced the two women.

“Good evening ma. I have to say you look too young to be his mother and there is no resemblance between the two of you” Rebecca said with a smile as she hugged the older woman. Joseph gritted his teeth at her boldness but kept quiet. “That is because Joseph is the spitting image of his father. Thanks for the compliment. You are beautiful.”  Naomi patted her back and drew back to admire her. Joseph got to his feet and stood behind his mother to give Rebecca a warning glance. She took the cue and refrained from asking more questions, even though she was dying to know everything about him. “Why didn’t you take your mum to the hospital if she is not feeling well?” Rebecca looked at him. “There is nothing wrong with my mother and I think you should keep your nose out of my business.” He said coolly as he stared down at her and she decided not to respond when she realized the older woman was watching her with interest. “Well, if it is finance that is the issue, you could ask for an advance of your salary. It would go a long way in taking care of her till you could come up with something else.” She suggested instead and he had to commend her tact. “I guess you are right. Thank you.” He said shortly and she grinned at him. “You are welcome.” She glanced at her slim wrist-watch and got to her feet. “I have to get back home now as it is late but I will check on you again before the week runs out.” She promised. “Thank you, Becky but I’m already feeling better. My best regards to your parent.” Naomi replied with a smile and watched her walk out of the room, followed by her son at a respectable distance.

“Where were you last night, Becky? I called your mobile phone but there was no response and I called Lizzy who told me you were out.” Roseline asked in a puzzled voice. “I went on a stroll with a friend. Are you missing me already?” Rebecca stretched her body lazily under the bedspread and her friend frowned at the other end. “Of course I miss you. When did you start going on strolls and who did you went out with at that hour?” Roseline came back to the subject she was avoiding. “Well, we nearly had an accident yesterday and I decided to find out what was the root cause of it as I know it was unusual of him.” Rebecca said and proceeded to narrate the whole event to her friend. “So you are acting the good employer, right?” Roseline said with a grin. “Something like that. I’m getting the feeling that dad does not want me to work?” Rebecca confided to her friend what had been bothering her mind since she got back to Nigeria and Roseline noted the fact that she had changed the subject once again. “Are you serious? Are you sure that was not your fiancée’s idea?” Roseline said casually and she frowned as she sat up straight. “Why would you say that?” She asked even as she knew it was possible because it had been the cause of their first fight. “You told me once that you guys had an argument over it and now your father is changing his mind all of a sudden. I will talk to you later, babe. A call just came in on my emergency line.” Roseline cut off the call before she could reply and she put her own phone away very slowly.

She knew Lizzy and Roseline doesn’t like Ramsey and couldn’t think of a reason for their unreasonable dislike for her fiancée.  Ramsey was the youngest son of a prominent and well known lawyer in the country, Justice Daniel Williams and she had liked him right from the first time they met. He had taken both her and Roseline to the movies on their first date and she had enjoyed his company a lot and had agreed to a second date before the first one even ended. However, Roseline had taken instant dislike to him and hadn’t hid her impression about him which had caused their first real row. After that, Roseline never discussed him again and refused to comment on whatever she told her about him. She had to admit it got to her as they were the two closest people to her but she was happy when Ramsey and her father got on so well.

Rebecca woke up to the consistent ringing of the phone and yawned loudly as she picked up her call. It was Ramsey on the line and his words jutted her straight out of the remnant of sleep.

An hour later, Rebecca got into the Car and drove to her father’s office. He was on the phone when she walked in but she sat down in front of him and waited till he was through. “How may I help you, Becky? Can’t you wait till I get home tonight?” B.B said impatiently as he sat back in his seat. “I’m sorry but it can’t. Is it true that you just gave Ramsey a job in your company?” She asked calmly. “Do you have any problem with that?” He raised an eye brow to her. “Dad, did he ask for your assistance in getting a job or you just did it out of the goodness of your heart?” She asked angrily. “I have a vacancy suitable for him and I gave it to him because he is qualified for the position. Tell me what is wrong with that.” He said as he stared steadily at his daughter. “Will you sack him if I decide not to marry him again?” It was her turn to raise an eyebrow to her father. “I have not raise a wayward daughter. A ki mo oko omo ki a tun mo ale e, you don’t dare.” Her father said coldly. “What do you mean, Dad? I introduced him to you as my fiancée and I might decide to let him go for whatever reason.” She said off-handedly and her father’s eyes narrowed to a slit. “When did you start doubting your relationship with Ramsey, Becky? You want to start messing around like your younger sister, isn’t it?” He said disgustingly. “How can you say that, Dad? You should know I have a reason for whatever I do and I am not like Lizzy.” She said indignantly. “Now, listen real good. I need someone to be my heir, to take over from me when I retire and none of you girls is touring my line, not to talk of taking over from me.” He paused. “Lizzy is in your line, Dad. It is only she is still young and you are not retiring now, are you?” She asked sharply. ‘Lizzy does not strike me as the reliable and serious type, even if she is old enough to take over. It would have been you, Becky but you went your own way and I don’t fault you for that.” He said quietly and she was at a loss for what to say because she knew he was right. She sighed inaudibly. “Ramsey is everything I want in a son and son-in-law and I’m going to hand over to him. If you don’t marry him, Becky, you won’t have access to my possessions.” He said firmly and she stared at him in disbelieve and shock!

She just came back from one of her evening strolls when she heard raised voices from the Car garage and moved towards it in time to see her sister stormed out of the place. “What is going on, Lizzy?” Rebecca put her hands out to stop her but she brushed it away. “Go and ask that idiot in there.” Lizzy hissed as she moved past and ran into the house. Rebeca walked into the car garage and saw Joseph sitting on a car bonnet, clad in only black faded jean and laughing his heart out! “What is so blasted funny, joe?” Rebecca asked in a cold voice. “What do you want to know?” He grinned at her and she felt the level of her anger increasing rapidly. “You can wipe that stupid grin off your face and give me a decent answer.” She countered sharply with a hand on her hip. “What is with you anyway? You are so judgmental wherever I’m concerned and that does not speak well of you. You don’t know what happened and you are already judging me.” He said quietly and watched her face closely. “What is wrong with you?” He asked and she turned away. “There is nothing wrong with me.” She said, even she remembered he had uttered the same words to her a few weeks ago. She tried to smile at the memory and sighed instead. “Do you care to talk about it? A problem shared is half solved.” He pulled her by the wrist and lifted her effortlessly unto the car bonnet. “Thank you for the concern but you can’t help with this particular issue. It is totally personal.” She grinned at him and burst into laughter when he raised an eye brow at her. “That sounds better and you look more relax now.” He smiled back. “Thank you.” She said simply and watched his face. You are the root of my problem, she thought forlornly and sighed again. “Stop doing that. Everything will be fine eventually.” He squeezed her hand in assurance and leaned over to place a peck on her cheek. She turned her face abruptly and his lips brushed her own. They both stood still as they stared at each other. Physical attraction hummed strongly between them. “Damn! This is so wrong.” He murmured under his breath, even as he moved to stand between her legs.  “This is crazy.” She began in a whisper even as she leaned forward and noted that his heart was thudding rapidly beneath her palms. “It is.” He agreed as he fitted his mouth over hers and kissed her. She slipped her arms round his neck to draw him closer and responded to his kiss as all thoughts drained from her.

“Becky, where are you? I have been waiting for you and I need to leave now.” Ramsey’s voice penetrated the fog of passion between them and Joseph stepped away abruptly. She slipped to the floor and tried to balance herself on the uneven tiles. “I am right here.” Her voice came out in a croak and she coughed slightly to clear it. She glanced at Joseph who stared back at her without an expression on his face and walked out in time to meet Ramsey at the entrance of the Car garage. “What are you doing in the dark?” He asked as he draped his arm possessively over shoulder and she tried not to shrug it off. “I went for a stroll. You didn’t tell me you are coming.” She said in a faintly accusing voice. “Do I have to make an announcement before I visit my wife to be?” Ramsey teased but she didn’t smile. They moved towards the main house and Joseph released the breath he had been holding. That was a close call, Joe! He thought in amusement as he locked up the car and prepared to go home.

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love wins“Adenike, what is wrong with you? Are you alright? “My mother spoke for the first time since my father came in as she got to her feet and approached my sister with a puzzled frown on her face.  “Stay out of this, mother. It doesn’t concern you. “She rounded on my mother with blazing eyes and my mom shrank back in fear.  “Olawunmi, it seems we got more than we bargained for. Yinka, can you please get a pastor if you know one? “Dad said in a low voice as he moved me towards where my mother stood transfixed in a spot but i couldn’t get my eyes off Adenike’s face. She turned back to me. “Jumoke, he is waiting for you, please go back and leave my man for me. This one belongs to me” Her voice mellowed as she stared straight into my eyes. “He is not yours. Have you forgotten the rules? “My voice seemed to come from a distance as I faced her. “It is the one who took your virginity that belongs to you. You have completed your mission. Please go back to where you come from.” I said with a small smile and cold air swirled around the room as she glared at me. “I am superior to you in rank and i will take you back. “She flung her hand out at me even as Yinka tried to grab her and i felt pain vibrated through my body in waves. My body jerked and went limp. I heard the panic and fear in Yinka and my Dad’s voices as I floated away until silence echoed around me.

I found myself sitting on the white sand and the soft breeze from the body of water surrounding me blew the white skirt and floaty top on my body. I frowned as I realized I was bare footed and looked around the little island with curiosity. “You are welcome, my daughter. How was your journey on earth? “A soft feminine voice spoke to me and my head snapped up in surprise. A fair beautiful woman stood a few feet away from me, clad in the traditional Yoruba attire of white Iro, buba and gele. Exquisite multi-colored beads in different shapes and sizes adorned her braided suku, her wrists and ankles. She was bare-footed too and two young women flanked her on both side, dressed in a similar attire to mine. The ladies were staring at me with a solemn expression on their faces and they looked terribly familiar.  I had a feeling we have met before now and I frowned as I got to my feet. “Is this another dream? Am i dead again? “I mumbled under my breath and the woman smiled at me.”No, you are not dead. You are just back in your world. I asked you to go and give joy to a wanting couple but they didn’t even appreciate my gift. She didn’t treat you well and they didn’t keep their promises to me.”Her face tightened with displeasure. “No, she didn’t treat me well but I love her .Her husband love me very much and he treated me like his little angel. I don’t know the circumstances of their separation but I want the chance to go back and find out and bring them back together again if possible. They are both miserable. Please give me the chance to go back again and make amends, mother. “I held out my hand to her pleadingly.” I am sorry, my daughter but your time is up. Your fiancee is waiting for you and your wedding date has been fixed long time ago. “She said with a sad smile as she pointed and i looked towards the direction she pointed to see him, smiling and waiting. He was so beautiful and my heart wavered. “Welcome, onitemi. I am so happy to see you. “He strolled towards me with long confident steps and i couldn’t help admiring him. Yinka seemed so far away until his voice seemed to penetrate the void around us and vibrated in my world. “I love you, olajumoke. Please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you. “I turned round in a circle, distracted and searching for him and he appeared briefly on the edge of my vision before disappearing again. “Why did you allow this to happen, mother? I should have let him die when he was far away from her.” He turned to mother, anger turning his beautiful face into a snarl. “Adeyi, His love for her kept him alive and protected him against your wrath. I am afraid you are fighting a lost battle. He took her virginity with love and lost his heart to her. If she doesn’t marry him, he won’t know peace in his life. “Mother said sadly as she watched me with indulging eyes.  “You have always been strong willed, Adeni and you are fond of breaking rules. That is why you were so eager to go to the earth. You were not supposed to sleep with any man at all. “She said reprovingly and i bowed my head in shame. “I am sorry, mother.” I mumbled under my breath. “She was able to break all rules because her earth mother didn’t keep her promise and carried out no sacrifice for her. That is why there is no strong tie between them. Forgive her, mother. “The taller of the girls on her right side said and winked at me. I hide a smile and shuffled my feet. “What am I going to do, mother? I have waited so long for her to come back. They are expecting us in my kingdom. “Adeyi looked at mother with a despairing look and mother sighed tiredly. “She still cannot go back …. “Mother’s voice trailed off as Yinka’s voice penetrated the void again and this time around he appeared in a wavering form a few feet away from us.

“Mother, don’t let her go back. She has a duty to fulfill here. “Adenike appeared beside Adeyi, clad in the same attire like the rest of us but pure red gleaming beads adorned her hair.  “Adeyi, what are you still waiting for? Take her and go away. She doesn’t even know who she is. “She glared at me. “Stop being selfish, Tito. You sent her back before mother was ready to take her because you want to have her man. If he doesn’t have her, he won’t have you. Why are you bothering yourself? “The tall slim lady came to my rescue once again. “I can make him have me either he wants to or not. This is none of your business, Aweni.” She said coldly. “That is deliberately breaking the rules and you know mother’s wrath for that. You will be yank back so fast you will wonder what hit you.” Aweni said with a smirk and the other ladies snickered behind their palms as their eyes twinkled in merriment. “I want him and I will have him. She has always taken everything that belongs to me even before she was sent to earth. Can’t you remember I met Adeyi the day we went to the stream and brought him home? He saw her and dump me very fast. This is my pay-back time. I want revenge.” Adenike pointed at Aweni and fire sparkled from her finger. “She doesn’t even love him.” I murmured under my breath, staring at the anguish on yinka’s wavering face. “I am sorry for hurting you, Tito. I didn’t realize you wanted me that way and maybe you got your revenge after all. She is in love with someone else.” Adeyi said with a miserable look, staring at me.  I glanced at him and sighed. It was a messy triangle. Adenike ignored all of us and focused her attention on Aweni. “Stop showing off, Tito. Just because you have the highest rank doesn’t mean you should intimidate us with your power. Mother will make the final decision. “Aweni said saucily as she waved her hand casually in the direction of Adenike and the fire on the tip of her finger died abruptly.  “Stop quibbling, children.” Mother said mildly and silence reign, even as Adenike’eyes shoot dagger at Aweni for being on my side. “This boy will not let us rest as long as we keep adeni here and you won’t enjoy her either.” She turned to Adeyi and he moaned with despair.  “I know his mother and she was a favourite member before i let her go. I will take pity on the poor boy and send Adeni back to earth but not without a replacement. “A small mean smile danced on her lips and she flicked her finger at me. Pain erupted in my stomach and I screamed loudly as I was flung into the air.

“She is breathing again.” Yinka screamed loudly in excitement as I jacked upright in the hospital bed, destabilizing all the tubes that were attached to my body and the nurses rushed in. “My baby!  I am losing her!” I continued screaming, clutching my stomach as pain radiated through my body and blood flowed down my thigh.  “Calm down baby. You will be fine. “He said, holding my hand as i was rushed into the theatre and he was banned from the operating room.

I lost the baby and was in a coma for several days. It was midnight when i opened my eyes to see my parent who were on my left side and yinka on my right, all of them were fast asleep. “Take it easy, Adeni.” A soft feminine voice chuckled beside me and I froze as I looked up sharply to see a nurse beside me. She was smiling.Then it struck me why she looked so familiar. She was part of the team who did my first D and C years ago in Ibadan. “Am i hallucinating? Aweni? We have met before in Ibadan. “I was whispering as I stared at her.  “That is right. That abortion was your punishment for sleeping with him but my misson was to make sure you didn’t die then and now. We have always look out for you. Congratulations. You are free to live your life on earth but watch out for Tito. She doesn’t forgive easily and she never forget a grudge. “She told me as she effectively carried out her duties of detaching tubes and replacing drips. “What happened to Adeyi? “I whispered curiously.  “He will be fine. He is handsome and wealth. There are many willing beautiful females waiting to take your place in his life. You have a rare one here, take care of him. His love saves you. “She gave Yinka a fond smile, picked up her tray and walked out of the ward.

‘”Who are you taking to?”  Yinka opened his eyes and took my hand. “I was talking to the nurse. How are you, baby? “I asked with a smile and he grinned tiredly at me. “I should be asking you that question. I am fine. I am sorry about the baby. “He said solemnly. “It is alright. She replaced my life. It was painful though, losing another baby before they have a chance to live. “I said sadly and he frowned as he sat on the bed beside me. “Have you been pregnant before now?” He asked curiously. “I discovered i was pregnant after you left and have to get rid of it because I couldn’t think of any other option.” I said quietly as I stared at him. “Oh my baby!  I am so sorry. “He hugged me and i held on to him. “ Hope you are not tired of all the dramas in my family?” I said in a teasing voice. “All families have their own drama, either spiritual or otherwise and we all have skeletons in our cupboards. I don’t know what I will have done if you have stopped breathing totally and I don’t want to take any more chance. Please marry me as soon as possible. I can’t afford to lose you. “He said pleadingly and i searched his face for moment. “ Is that a proposal? “I teased. “Well, I don’t have a ring here but we can always get one later. Will you marry me? Please complete my life. “He said solemnly. “Thank you for not giving up on us. I love you and I will marry you. “Contentment and happiness flow through me as I hugged him. “Thank God. “He buried his head in my neck and tears filled my eyes. “Congratulations my baby. “My dad said with a smile and stood up to hug me too. “ Congratulations dear. “My mother echoed with a smile and i smiled back.

A frigid wind blew through the room and on the wall was written: The battle line has just being drawn. Watch out!” I sighed loudly. “That is Adenike. Where is she? ’I looked at my parent and they exchanged looks. “We can’t say at the moment. Both of you went limp and stopped breathing. We got an ambulance and brought you here. It was my turn to stay with her that night. I went to the loo and came back to find her gone. I panicked and called the nurse on duty. She just smiled at me and said she is alright. I don’t even know why we believe her but we do.” My dad said solemnly. “Aweni.” I murmured to myself. “She is fine and will be back .Don’t worry yourself too much. We have a wedding to prepare for.” I grinned at them and they laughed with relieve.

Is the wedding going to hold? Where did Yinka and Jumoke’s father meet in the past? What causes the rift between her mother and father?

These are the questions that will be answered in DIARY OF OLAJUMOKE DAVIES (SERIES II). Thank you for reading and God bless you.

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unusual reunion“Mum, calm down. What do you mean?” I asked in a calm voice, even as my heart picked up speed in fear and I realized my free hand was trembling when Yinka picked it between his own and rubbed it gently. “Please can you come over as soon as possible as I can’t discuss this over the phone?” She said with a shuddering breath. “Okay mum. I will come as soon as possible. Please calm down in the meantime and take a deep breath.” I said with a smile. “Olajumoke, Please pray hard. I know we won’t have gotten into this trouble if we have had total faith in God and you are completely innocent. I know I have not been the best of mother to you but I want the chance to remedy that and I don’t want to lose you now. See you soon.” Her voice ended in a teary whisper before she went offline and that sound tore through me more than anything in the world. It also scared me as I wondered if my existence on earth was about to come to an ending truly because of my parent’s lack of faith and patience. Do I really belonged to a deity somewhere, a small God that believed he or she could truly control my existence on earth? The thought went through my mind and gave me a funny feeling.

“What is the problem, Jummy?” Yinka asked in a quiet voice and I jolted when I remembered I had a company. “It is a family issue. I think I have to start going home now.” I said as I got to my feet shakenly and he did the same as he looked at my face searchingly. “If you honestly believe I will allow you to go home with this state of mind, then you don’t know me. I will pick my car key. Excuse me.” He went to his bedroom and came back within a few seconds. “I am going to my mother’s place.” I told him as we got into his car. “I know the place. I was there a few weeks ago.” He grinned at me as he turned on the Ignition key. “It is not funny, Yinka. I have enough on my plate than to be adding this issue with my sister on top of it. What will my mother think if she sees both of us together? She will just confirm I am the wayward girl she has always thought I am.”I said bitterly and he slowed down as he gave me a long thorough look. “If your mother actually have that kind of thought in her head about you, then she is not worthy to be your mother.” He said quietly and I turned to look out of the window. “You don’t even understand a thing and I don’t know how you can vouch for me when you have not even seen me in years. People change.” I mumbled under my breath. “Please make me understand. Jummy, you had better get used to me being part of your life because as long as I know you still have feelings for me, I won’t allow you to walk out of my life.” He said firmly as he pulled into the road and joined the moving traffic.

My mother was in the sitting room when we got home and she got to her feet with a frown when she saw Yinka beside me.  “Good morning ma. I know you were wondering what I am doing with Jumoke when you saw me with Adenike a few weeks back. Jumoke was mine before we got separated years ago by fate and it was through Adenike we met again.” He said solemnly. “How is Adenike taking this? Is she aware of this latest development?” She asked as she directed the question at me. “I tried to explain to her on the phone this morning but I am afraid she caught us in a rather compromising position this morning in his house and I am sorry for hurting her.” I said quietly, waiting for the tongue lash that I was sure would come. “What were you doing in his house? I understand you know each other in the past but since Adenike is already engaged to him, I don’t think you should be involved with him again.” She said in a quietly accusing voice and I felt tension headache started building at base of my head. “I broke up with Adenike before I went back to Jumoke and I am not even sure Jumoke is ready to take me back because she is more concerned about her relationship with her sister for now. She is my other half and I will fight for her with my last breath.” He paused, holding my mother’s gaze until she looked away and he pushed me forward. “I believe there are more important issues to discuss for now, so I will excuse myself. I am waiting outside.” He squeezed my hand as he turned to leave the room. “I want you to stay please.” I held on to his hand as I walked to a two settee sofa and my mother watched us as we sat down directly opposite her. “Mum, how was your trip to ile-ife?” I asked quietly and she sat down with a heavy sigh. “The old man who attended to us when we visited years ago is dead and it was his son I met. I explained everything to him and after consulting the oracle, he said the woman goddess is very angry with us. He said we were supposed to have brought you back to the shrine several times as you were growing up for different sacrifices we promised her and now she is very angry. She want you back and she gave me seven days to deliver you to her shrine or disaster will struck.” She ended in a shuddering breath. “Were you aware of all these promises you made when you were desperate for a child?” I asked curiously and she nodded slowly. “I know and I remember but I didn’t take it serious. It comes to my mind periodically but I just ignored it and pray to God for deliverance.” She said with a faint shrug. “What other alternatives do we have because I am not ready to die?” I asked firmly and she hesitated briefly. “The other alternative is to exchange your life with that of someone very close to your heart and who loves you from the depth of his/her heart. I volunteered to do that because we were the one that started the whole issue and you were completely innocent. He said we don’t have the kind of bond the woman goddess needed between us and he even doubted if I was the one who gave birth to you. I would love to change that.” She told me quietly. It is too late for that, mum. I thought in my mind. “Mum, where is dad? I have wanted to ask you for a long time but I didn’t want to bother you. He went for vacation but never came back and his numbers were not going through. You were both responsible for the issue on ground and he should be here too to get it sorted out.” I asked in a heated voice. “I have wondered why it took you so long to ask since both of you have always being close. It was a messy issue. I caught him in bed with another woman and I asked him to choose between both of us. He choose her.” She said with a slight shrug and I sat upright abruptly. “Stop it right there, Jummy.” Yinka spoke for the first time since my mother started her narration and I clamped my mouth shut as I glared at him. My mother’s eyes nearly came out of the sockets as she stared at the man who just shut me up with one sentence. I slumped back on the seat and tried not to sulk.  “I asked for a divorce on the ground that he shouldn’t contact the children and he should not let you know about what happened between us. He agreed. I did what I think is the best for us all.” She said as she spread her hands for emphasis. “You always know what is best for everyone.” I mumbled under my breath but Yinka heard me and gave me a sharp look. “Mum, I know I am not part of the family and I am not supposed to interfere but since I am here, I will give you my own opinion. Whatever might have happened between you and dad, Jumoke is his daughter and he has the right to know what is going on, considering it is a life and death issue. ”Yinka said quietly. “I know. It is a complicated issue but I will let him know and I hope we will find a solution to the issue on ground. We have lost a day already.” She said in a trembling voice. “Please calm down. Nothing bad will happen to Jumoke and she won’t die young because we will grow old together.” He said with quiet confidence as he took my hand in his and I nodded numbly as the reality of the situation on ground began to sink into my mind.

Barely an hour later, the door to the sitting room opened and my father came in. “Dad, you are truly here?” I asked in amazement as I got to my feet slowly. “Yes, baby. I am here. Come over here.” He stood just inside the sitting room door and held out his arms. I rushed into them and he hugged me tight, rocking from side to side the way he used to do when I was a child. Tears filled my eyes and spilled down my cheek, socking into his t-shirt. “I miss you so much, dad. Why did you stay away for so long without any sort of communication? “I asked in a trembling voice. “I am sorry, baby. It was a complicated issue and there is an agreement between myself and your mother that I have to respect but I kept tab with your progress. You won’t die young, Olajumoke, you are my precious baby and you did nothing to deserve this. I will gladly replace your life with mine if there is no other way around this.” He said solemnly as he held me at arm’s length and cupped my cheek in his palms.  “I love you, Dad. I truly hope there won’t be any loss of life because I don’t want to lose you.” I said on a sob as I hugged him again. “This is amazing. Uncle Dewale?” Yinka had gotten to his feet and was staring at my dad in awe. “Yinka, what are you doing here?” My father asked with a frown as he moved me to his side and looked at him. “It is a small world indeed. I didn’t even know you have a family here in Lagos.” Yinka said with a small smile, looking from me to my father and back again. “Where did you guys meet? How did you know each other?” I asked curiously but before anyone could talk, the door opened and Adenike came in. She looked kind of different and we all turned to look at her with different expressions on our face but she was looking at me directly and a chill went down my spine. “Olajumoke Davies, you have over-stay on this earth. They knew something like this would happen and that was why they asked me to come after you few years after you left but I have a personal mission to accomplish now. He has been waiting for you to come back and is impatient. Please go back and let me have my man. I want my man back.” She didn’t scream but her words went straight into my head and a cold freezing wind swept through the room like a blizzard. Who the hell is this stranger with snapping eyes staring at me? I thought with dread.




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sister discordDid something happened between you guys to make him change his mind about your engagement?” I asked for lack of something to say as I sat up in bed. “I went to visit him and he just sat me down and said we need to talk .Then he told me that I am a good girl and deserves the best but he was sorry to tell me that he is not the man for me as his heart belongs to someone else and he has met the woman again. He was so apologetic and gentle about it and never said a word throughout the time I was abusing and cursing him.” She paused and took a shuddering breath. Damn you, Yinka! I cursed under my breath. “Sister Jummy, you used to know him right?” She asked after a moment. “Don’t even go there, Nike. Yes, I used to know him but we parted a bad term and I am not in the position to talk to him on your behalf. Please give that job to mum and I am sure she will do it well, after all they have met.” I interrupted her before the thought could finish forming on her mind. “I need you to do this for me, sister Jummy. He is my life and I can’t live without him.” Her voice caught in a hitch and I closed my eyes in despair. “Adenike, we need to see urgently to talk about this issue on ground.” I said in a firm voice. “I will come around when you are available but can you please go and talk to him first? I will send him your house address.” She said pleadingly and I realized I have forgotten how adamant she could be when she wanted something desperately. “Please don’t expect any miracle here but I will try my best.” I felt as if she had just put me between the devil and the deep blue sea. “Thank you Sister Jummy. God bless you. “She said brightly. “You are welcome. My regards to mum.” I said in a dull voice and flopped back on my pillow. I tried to go back to sleep but it refused to come and I finally got out of bed.

A wave of dizziness hit me and I sat back on the bed abruptly. I stood up very slowly and made my way to the bathroom like someone walking on eggshells. Immediately I finished brushing my teeth, I felt bile rose up in me and I threw up into basin so vigorously that it left my body weak and trembling. I dragged myself back into the bedroom and put a call through to Ruth immediately. “Babe, where are you?” I asked in a tired voice as I lay down in bed. “I am in the shopping hall to get my toiletries. What is wrong with you?’ She asked and I could hear the concern in her voice. “I have been very sick. Can you please come over when you are through?” I asked as I closed my eyes against another nausea. “I am coming right away. Hold on, I will be right there.” She said quietly. “Please get a home pregnancy test kit when you are coming.” I said frankly and she burst into hearty laughter as I put an end to the call. I fell asleep and woke up to her consistent knocking on the door. I went to open the door on rubbery feet and promptly sank down unto the rug.

“How are you feeling now? Have you taken any breakfast?” She asked in concern as she knelt down beside me and put her palm on my forehead. “You are not running temperature. What could be wrong?” She asked in a puzzled voice. “Did you come with the home pregnancy test kit?” I sat up and she smiled in amusement as she brought it out. “Are you seriously thinking of taking that test?” She grinned at me and followed me into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, we sat opposite each other, dumb-founded! I tested positive.

“That is Femi’s baby right? This is very scary, Jummy.’ Ruth was practically whispering. “Yes, it is. That is part one of my scary story. Part two is here.” I said with a sigh and told her about Yinka. “Are you still in love with him after all these years?” She asked with a frown and I was silent for some time. “Jummy, answer my question. Is that why you have been subconsciously moving from one relationship to another?” She asked quietly. “That is not the point, Ruth. He just dumped my sister because he wants to be with me. How am I going to sort that?” I asked instead, tactfully avoiding her question but I should have known I couldn’t fool her for long. “His relationship with your sister is none of your business if you don’t have feelings for him. What do you feel for him Jummy?” She asked quietly, looking at me directly and I sighed heavily. “It has been long and I really can’t say but if I have the chance, I won’t mind finding out what we can offer to each other again.” I said sadly and it was her turn to sigh. “Now we have an issue on ground. You and your sister are in love with the same man and he obviously want you. I still think you need to talk to your sister first before anything else. “She said quietly as she picked up a cup of ice cream and gave it to me. “Do you think she will believe me if I told her we were lovers and I still have feelings for him? “I asked doubtfully as I picked up a spoon and scrapped ice cream into my mouth.  “I can’t answer that question, Jummy. You guys are sisters but I don’t think you are that close. It takes trust to believe someone. Does she trust you enough to believe you? “She asked bluntly. “I honestly don’t know. My mother never give us the chance to be sisters. She is always coming between us and it was as if she is always protecting her from me. I was always the bad girl, even when I am innocent. “I said bitterly.  “I love you the way you are, girlie.”Ruth smiled as she reached out and tweaked my nose playfully. “Thank you. I think I should go and talk to Yinka first and maybe if I tell him I am carrying another man’s baby, he will back off. What do you think? “I looked at her hopefully and she shrugged. “If he is as determined as I think he is, I don’t think it will make much difference but you can give it a trial and that brought us back to square one. What are we going to do about that baby? “She asked worriedly. “I don’t know and I refuse to think about it at the moment but I won’t go through another abortion. “I said firmly. “Okay.  Is there any channel featuring an action movie right now?” She got up and picked up the remote control. “They have used action movie swear for you seriously.” I said in an amused voice. “I don’t want to watch any romantic film that will remind me of the lack of love in my life. It will also raise my adrenaline and makes me lose weight. “She grinned at me and we burst into laughter.

Adenike sent me Yinka’s home address through a text and I paid him an early morning visit at home on Sunday. He was just coming out of the bathroom and his towel was riding low on his waist when he opened the door. “What an amazing surprise!  Good morning my precious One. “He grinned at me as he pulled me in and wrapped his arms around me in a warm hug.  “Cut it out, Yinka. I am not here for that and please stop calling me all these pet names. I don’t want it. “I said testily as I pushed him away and went to sit as far away as I could from him.  “Baby, when did you become so cynical? Anyway, what can I offer you? Give me a minute please. I will be right back. “He went inside and came back with a tray of warm toast and beverages. I noticed he had changed into a knee length shorts and was relieved. “Can we eat?  “He pulled up two stools beside me and sat down on one while he placed the tray on another. The scent of the fresh toast filled my nostrils and my mouth salivated. We ate breakfast in companionable silence and an air of contentment swept over me. I stood up to carry the tray to the kitchen and he collected it from me. “Have your seat, Jummy, I will take care of this. You look pale. “He pushed me down on the sofa. “I didn’t sleep well. “I mumbled defensively. “I know. “He nodded with a smile and I stuck my tongue after his retreating back in a petty but satisfying gesture.

“You are here because of Adenike, right?” He said when he got back and sat down beside me. I tried to shift away but he put his arm around my shoulder in a friendly gesture and I tried not to fidget. “Yes, that was so unfair of you. How can you just dumb her like that? Is that how you have been doing to other women? “I rounded on him fiercely.  “No, there was no one after you. I had affairs with other women on mutual agreement but I have not had any other relationships until Adenike and now I know the reason I dated her. It was because she looks like you. I thought I can love her the way I love you and I am glad I tried because she led me to you. I will forever be grateful and indebted to her for that but it will be unfair to both of us if I go ahead with that engagement. We will end up hating each other at the end of the day after wasting each other’s time. “He said simply and I swallowed hard. “She is in love with you, Yinka, don’t you get that? “I said expressively as I turned to stare at him. “ I know she is at the moment and I am sorry for hurting her but I need my happiness too. She will get over it with time. Jummy, look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love me or still have feelings for me. “He said quietly, looking into my eyes.  “Don’t be ridiculous. We are not talking about me. Moreover, I am carrying another man’s baby, so there is no space for you in my life.” I said with a triumphant smile. “I don’t expect you to be without a man all these years unless all men have turned blind. Why are you not married to him? “He asked quietly. “It is complicated and it is none of your business.” I snapped at him. “I am not bothered with the baby. Tell me you have no feelings for me and I will know if you are lying. “He said softly as he raised my jaw and grazed his thumb over my lower lips. I swallowed hard and tried to move away. He simply picked me up and sat down on the sofa with me on his laps. “What are you doing? I am not here for this. “I said weakly even as my heart picked up speed and I knew deep in my heart that I wanted his hands on me.  “I love you, Jummy and I want you. Please give me a space in your heart again. “He murmured against my lips and flicked his tongue over my lips. I trembled and he slipped his tongue in as he gathered me close. I hummed in contentment as I snuggled closer and he shifted both of us until I was lying beneath him on the sofa. The kiss went on and on and I lost track of time until the sound of the door opening in the distance penetrated through the fog in my mind and Adenike’s voice followed.

“I can’t believe this. What the hell is going on here? “She screamed at the top of her voice and I felt as if the floor should open and swallowed me up. Yinka broke the kiss and I hide my face in his chest. “Sister Jummy, Is this the same man you told me you parted on a bad term? So you can bring yourself so low as to be sleeping with my fiancée?  You are such a cheap whore. “She said coldly and Yinka rolled to his feet abruptly.  “If you ever talk to your sister like that again, I am going to slap you.” He said angrily and she looked shocked. “Are you defending her? Are you choosing her over me? “She asked in shock.  “That is right. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will advise you to stop being a spoilt brat if you want to get your own man. “He said frankly. “I still find it difficult to believe this. “She murmured to herself and turned to me. I stood up to my full height before she could utter a word. “You can call me whatever you want, I honestly don’t care. I was trying to tell you this over the phone. Yinka was my first man and it seemed the feelings between us is still very much alive. I am sorry you have to witness this and for the fact that my past is obviously causing you so much heartache. I sincerely hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.” I said quietly. “I hate you and if I don’t see you again for the rest of my life, I will be so happy.” She spat at me and stormed out again.

I sat down very slowly like an old woman and lean my head against the sofa and close my eyes with a sigh. “It is going to be okay, Jummy.”He sat beside me and took my limp hand in his. “I wish I can blame you for the lack of closeness between me and Adenike but that will be petty and deceitful of me.” I said with a weak smile and opened my eyes. “I thought the relationship between you guys should have improved by now. I remember you told me about it when we were in school. “He said with a frown.  “I drifted away from home at the first opportunity and the gap between us widened with time. I have vowed to be the best mum I could be to my children. “I said quietly and he simply hugged me.  “I am sorry for what you have to go through.” He murmured against my throat and I swallowed hard as my throat hurt with unshed tears. My phone rang and it was my mum. Has Adenike gotten home so fast? I thought in wonder as I looked at Yinka who was giving me a questioning look and picked the call.

“Hello mum. How are you? “I asked solemnly. “I am not fine. I just came back from Ile-Ife. Jumoke, your nightmare issue is a matter of life and death. A life has to be exchanged for yours, if not, I am going to lose you soon. “Her voice ended in a sob and I felt as if my life had just come to an end.

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