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Fatihat was just ending a call when her foster sister, Josephine Bob came in. The latter went straight to the kitchen. She was wolfing down a piece of fried cold chicken which she found in the fridge with a cup of garri soaked in cold water when fatihat joined her with a big grin on her face.


“Did you win visa lottery?” She asked with a bulging mouth.


“This is even better than visa lottery. I owned a bigger share of the Abeeb Group of companies at this moment. The share was losing value and his brothers released theirs into the market. I asked my stockbroker to get it all with his name. Isn’t that great?” She grinned at her sister as she spooned garri into her mouth.


Josephine was silent for a long time. She finished her impromptu meal and rinsed away the cup before facing her sister.


“Let me tell you something, little sister. Can you remember that medical association dinner party I was invited to by a friend a few weeks ago?” Josephine began quietly.


“What about it? What does it have to do with what we were discussing right now?” Fatihat demanded angrily.

“It has everything to do with it if only you will listen to what I have to say.” She returned with a hand on her hips.


“Go ahead, I’m listening.”Fatihat sat down on the kitchen table, obviously seething with anger but her sister continued anyway.


“I met this guy there. He was their guest of honor. He is a doctor. He works in Lagos university teaching hospital. His name is Olawale Abeeb.” She paused. Fatihat frowned, trying to remember where she had heard the name before.


“We‘ve been seeing each other since that evening. I’m afraid I’m fast falling in love with him.” She finished solemnly.


“You are falling for a guy you barely know, someone you just met? How stupid can you be at times, Josephine?”Fatihat stared frostily at her.


“I am stupid enough to say yes if he asks me to marry him.” Her voice was firm.


“It is your life. You can live it any way you like. It is none of my business but please don’t cry to me when it all ends.”Fatihat warned her, coolly.


“Don’t worry. I won’t.” Her smile was indulging.


“So what does this have to do with what I just told you?” Fatihat asked, puzzled.


“Well, Wale is Tunde’s older brother. They are siblings.’ She told her sister who looked shocked for the moment. “They are four of them. Wale is the oldest, followed by Tunde. I realized he is quite close to his younger brother. He is aware of everything going on in his father’s company and in Tunde’s personal life.” Josephine paused again.


“So what am I suppose to do with this story that touches the heart, Jose?” Fatihat demanded of her.


“How am I supposed to tell him it was my sister who is behind their entire problem without apparent cause?” Josephine snapped as her anger sparked to life.


“Without any apparent cause, you said? Why don’t you ask for the reason instead of just jumping to a conclusion? Are you so blind with love or lust?” She asked angrily, staring at her sister.


“Maybe you can tell me now because I want to know.” Josephine responded as she stared right back.


“I don’t think you are interested in knowing. You are only interested in defending your boyfriend. I don’t give a fucking shit about him, is that clear?”Fatihat walked out. She took a bottle of red wine and its goblet from the bar and went straight to her room.


A week later, Fatihat came back from class quite earlier than usual. Olawale Abeeb was in the sitting room, watching a movie while Josephine was apparently busy in the kitchen.


“Who are you please?” She asked, barely polite as she dangled her car key.


“I’m Wale Abeeb. You must be Delilah Smith, Josephine‘s younger sister, right?”He got to his feet but didn’t bother to extend his hand for a handshake. He could feel the waves of hostility coming from the beautiful young woman who stood a few feet away from him.


“I am. Welcome to our humble abode!” She gave him an up and down peruse. She had to admit he bore a striking resemblance to his younger brother.


“Hey, Lilah. You are back early today. How was your lecture?” Josephine came out of the kitchen with a tray of cold drinks with snacks and placed it on a stool in front of him.


“The lecturer didn’t turn up.” She sat on a sofa, adjacent to him and brought out a pack of a cigar from her bag.


“I guess you guys have met, right?”Josephine looked from one to the other.


“Yes, we have.” He replied quietly, wondering why Delilah disliked him on the spot. He has always been liked by most people on first meetings.


Fatihat removed a stick and dropped the pack on a stool, then lit it with a lighter.


“Lilah, what is the meaning of that? When did you start smoking in the sitting room?” Josephine went to stand in front of sister and glared down at her.


“I can smoke anywhere I like, girlie.”She inhaled deeply and blew smoke into the air slowly, then smiled at her sister through the cloud of thin smoke.


“God of mercy! You can’t even behave yourself in the presence of a guest. You are so rude, little sister.” Josephine was furious. “Which guest?” She feigned ignorance and then glanced at wale as if she just remembered his presence. “Oh! I’m so sorry. Enjoy yourselves, kiddies.” She laughed heartily, got to her feet and went upstairs.


Josephine stared after her, frozen with embarrassment before she finally turned towards wale and saw him smiling.


“It is okay, sweetheart. I’m sure she will get over it, she is just feeling insecure.”He tried to reassure her.


“I can’t just believe that. It is so annoying.” She sighed with feeling.


“Forget it. It is okay.” He took her wrist and pulled her down unto his laps.


“Please accept my apology on her behalf. She is usually not like this. I don’t know what got into her.” She hung her head in shame. He kissed her gently on the lips.



Later in the evening, fatihat was lying on the chaise lounge in the balcony of her room, clad in just her bra and panties. She stared into the night thoughtfully while she chain-smoked when her sister came to join her.


The latter lay in the second chaise, clad in blue shorts and white jumper. She poured herself a glass of cold fresh juice and sat back to drink it.


“Your guy has left, right?” Fatihat asked quietly.


“That is right. He extends his regard to you though.” Josephine told her and sipped her drink.


“At least he has his manners. He must have been thought in the school of medicine because they lacked it in their household.” Fatihat gave a bitter laugh which echoed between them.


“You seem to know a lot about the Abeeb family. Is there anything I need to know?” Her sister asked as she turned to look at her.


“There is nothing you want to know that your boyfriend cannot tell you.”Fatihat shrugged. She dropped the half-smoked cigar into the ashtray and lit another one.


“Lilah please cut down a bit on your smoking habit.” Her sister said with deep concern. She laughed at her.


“Are you scared for me? Please don’t be. I can’t die now but if I do, I’ve got nothing to lose. You have a lot to gain though.”Fatihat grinned at her.


“I don’t want your wealth or money. Your dead body is of no use to me. I want you alive, kicking and swearing at me. That is the only thing that matters.” She told her fiercely and Fatihat laughed again. “So what happened to you, Lilah? You never came around to telling me about your childhood. Will you tell me now please?” She said pleadingly.


“Do you really want to know?” She smiled faintly at her.


“I want to know. Please tell me.” Josephine pleaded quietly.


“I will tell you. My real name is Fatihat Ali and I was born in Kaduna.” Fatihat began quietly.


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Fatihat Ali a.k.a Delilah Smith came sweeping down her rugged staircase. Her supple body was clad in a cream-color terry robe and a fluffy white house slipper adorned her beautifully manicured feet. A stick of King of Denmark cigar dangled from her lips as she searched in the pocket of her robe for a lighter.


“Good morning ma” Her longtime security man, Mallam Yahaya greeted from the foot of the staircase.


“How are you, Yahaya? Is there any problem?” She halted half-way down the staircase.


“The managing director of Abeeb group of company, Mr. Olatunde Abeeb is here to see you.” He told her in a voice, heavy with Hausa accent.


“Take him into the reception room. I will be waiting for him.” She said briskly.


He retreated from the foot of the staircase with a murmured “yes ma”.



Fatihat sat in a corner of the room in her favorite armchair, rocking gently back and forth. Her legs were crossed over each other, giving a tantalizing glimpse of her fair, smooth thigh. She blew smoke out slowly through her pursed lips and watched it curled lazily into the air. A glass of chilled white wine stood on a stool beside her when Olatunde Abeeb walked into the room.


“Good morning” He greeted with a slight frown.

“Good morning, MD. Please have your seat.” She waved him to a seat with a careless gesture of her beautiful, well-manicured fingers.


“I’m here to see Miss Delilah Smith.” He sat down directly opposite her.


“You are looking at her. How may I help you?” She asked with a carefully masked rising irritation.


Rotten asshole, she thought angrily. She recrossed her legs and noted with satisfaction the way his eyes followed the movement.


“So you are the one who bought into half of my company’s shares, right?” He asked in a faintly accusing voice as he studied her closely.


“The shares are in the market for sale. You got a buyer for it. Do you have a problem with that?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.


“I’m fairly sure you don’t know what you are getting into. That company is in a deep financial mess. It is on the edge of bankrupt.  Yet, you went ahead to tie up such a huge amount of capital when you know its chance of recovering is fifty percent. What kind of stockbroker are you dealing with?” His voice was full of condensation.


She looked at him for a moment and then dropped the half-smoked cigar into the ashtray before sitting back. She regarded him in silence for a moment longer.


“If you are hoping to scare me into withdrawing my offer, you are talking to the wrong person because I know exactly what I am doing.” She told him with a quiet confidence that grated on his nerves.


“That makes it obvious that you are not in this for the profit. Why else would you buy into a company that is almost going under? Are you aware that it was a private company? We had to go public because that seems the only way the company can survive and get back on its feet.” He paused for a moment. “Moreover, if I have been around when this decision was taken, I would have preferred those shares to be sold to someone who has interest in the business.” He gave her a direct stare. She stared back unflinchingly.


“So you are indirectly telling me I have no interest in business, isn’t it? Can you tell me what gave you this impression, Mr. Abeeb?” She raised an eyebrow to him.


“Well, are you interested in doing business with us or you have a hidden agenda, Miss Smith?” He asked with a tight-lipped smile.


“What do you have in mind, Mr. Abeeb?” She tapped her fingers impatiently on the glass top of the stool.


“You can give me an idea. Come off it, Delilah Smith or Fatihat Ali, whichever you are, you don’t need this partnering. There is no gain in it for you. Look for another way to indulge your whims.”


“Are you trying to tell me you can’t make it work? If you have so little faith in your father’s company getting back on its feet, then why are you there? What kind of businessman are you?” She asked as she steeped her slim fingers together.


“I see. Welcome on board ma.”He got to his feet and gave her a slight bow. “Since you now own half of the damn company, we are going to ride through the storm together. Is that okay with you? On the other hand, I can give you another option.” He decided to play his last card.


He hoped it would work and prayed that his instinct about this whole thing is wrong.


“Oh! What is your option?” She got to her feet, too.


“I want to offer you another form of distraction provided you will let go of the company shares.” He smiled indulgingly at her.


“What form of distraction might that be? I am curious.”

His eyes suddenly snapped to life as it roved over her from her hair down to her toes slowly in pure male approval and went back to meet her eyes again.


Fatihat felt thoroughly exposed and embarrassed, something she hadn’t felt in years in the presence of thousands of men.


“I can offer you a more fun-filled and charming distraction than getting involved in a run-down company. We both know we will enjoy it. I have not lost my touch over the years.” His smile was flirtatious.


“I didn’t know you have added the job of a gigolo to your resume. It shouldn’t surprise me though. You have the look. However, I will consider your proposal and get back to you. I hope that is fine with you?” She bent and carefully removed a stick of cigar from its pack. She lit it and blew smoke quickly into the air.


His jaw tightened with anger but he made no comment.


“In the meantime, I already owned half of your father’s company. There is nothing you can do about that unless I decide to change my mind. I find it difficult to resist good looking men. Let’s call it a day. I will see you soon. Please see yourself out.” She wagged her fingers at him and walked out before he could utter another word.



She was livid with rage by the time she got to her study room. Her foster sister, Josephine Bob has gone to school but it was a lecture-free day for her, so she has the house to herself in the main time.


She went into the kitchen to get herself something to eat while she thought of what next to do.


After taking breakfast, she went into her study room and sat down at her laptop. She inserted her flash drive and downloaded the file on the Abeebs’s family which her private detective had sent her a few days ago.

She went straight to the file titled ‘Tunde’s love life’.

Her lips tightened with displeasure and festering hatred as she went through it.



Adenike Jacobs was the only daughter of a prominent senator in Lagos. She met her fiancée, Olatunde Abeeb during his twelve months masters programme in the United Kingdom while she was running her degree programme in the same university.


The meeting took place at a friend’s Get-together party. It was an instant attraction.


After the first meeting, they become quite inseparable. It was assumed that they would be getting married as soon as they get back in the country but things didn’t work out as planned.


On getting back to Nigeria, Tunde realized his father’s company was in a deep murky water of trouble. His father died a few months before he traveled out. He was supposed to take over his place in the company but his mother wanted him to get his master’s degree before he joined the company. She gave the reign to the company’s management board.


This turned out to be a great mistake because Mrs. Olayemi Abeeb realized quite too late that the company had been run into the ground by the so-called management team.


Tunde also found out to his horror that his mother has invested her capital in the last attempt to save the crumbling company, so he invariably put off his plan to get married and plunged in to save the company before it was too late.



Fatihat studied the picture of Adenike Jacobs closely.  She decided that she was not bad at all.


I’m so sorry, girlfriend; you won’t have him because I didn’t. Both of you are in for the shock of your life, she thought with a malicious grin.



It was Friday. Tunde couldn’t wait to leave the office. He has spent the day in a series of strategic management meeting. He was exhausted.


He was also emotionally drained because he has needed to take some difficult decisions and asked for the resignation of some management staffs whose loyalty was no longer with the company.


He picked up his briefcase immediately after the last meeting and drove home.


‘Good evening, baba. Is Nike around yet?” He paused on his way into their compound and spoke to their gateman.


“No, sir. She is not in yet.” The elderly man answered, holding the gate opened.


“Thank you.” He drove in.


The man closed and locked the gate.



Barely ten minutes later, the gateman heard the sound of the horn of another car and peeped to see a brand new tinted Cherokee jeep just outside the gate.


He came out of the side gate as the window glass on the driver’s side was rolled down. He caught his breath at the startlingly beautiful young lady who smiled at him.


A long thin veil wrapped around her head and neck and a black shade covered half of her face.


“Good evening sir. Please is hajia in the house right now?” She asked in a voice laced heavily with Hausa accent.

“No ma. She is not in but her son is in. will you like to see him?” The man smiled at her, completely charmed by her beauty.


“Thank you, sir” The glass window went up.


She drove in when he opened the gate and went straight to the back of the house where she pulled up. She tried not to be swamped by the memories of her stay in this house.


Barely minutes later, a short plump woman came to join her through the back door. She was the cleaner in the house.  She looked furtively around before sneaking up to her car.


“He is in the shower right now. I am sure she will soon be here. I heard him talking to her on the phone.” She whispered to her.


“Thank you, Mama Ruth. I will take up the rest from here.” She gave her a bulky envelope. The elderly woman nearly fainted at the sight of so much cash.


“Don’t say anything. Just go home, you deserve it.” Fatihat got out of the car in the long silky button-down caftan she wore and locked the Car door.


She gave the woman a peck on the cheek and glided away while the woman stared after her with eyes blurring with tears.



Nike took the staircase two at a time, shouting her fiancée’s name.


“Sweetheart, I’m home. Where are you?” She opened his bedroom door and got the shock of her life.


She stared at the naked woman in her fiancée’s bed who was fast asleep. The lady opened her eyes slowly and then, sat upright with a shocked expression on her face, clutching the blanket to her chest.


Nike was aware of the running shower in the background as she felt her fiery anger building gradually.


“Who are you?” She asked coldly as she advanced slowly towards her.


“I’m fatihat. Who are you?” Fatihat repeated the question as she stared right back.


“Darling, I will be with you in a moment.” Tunde said loudly, thinking he heard the door opened while the two ladies glared at each other.


“Can you hear that?” Fatihat cocked her head to the side and gave her an up-and-down appraisal which annoyed Nike immensely.


“Are you aware of the fact that you are in my fiancée’s bed?” She stood beside the bed and looked down at her.


Fatihat stretched slowly and practically purred.


“I could kill you, do you know that?” Nike sneered as she bent until their faces were a few inches from each other.


“Try it.” Her voice was deadly as she stared right back. Nike felt a shiver of fear ran down her spine.


The shower stopped. Tunde came out a few seconds later. His jaw dropped in shock when he encountered the gazes of the two furious ladies.


“What is going on here?” He whispered, at last, looking at fatihat, noting her naked back and stared back at Nike who was practically glaring at him.


“Well, will you say something?” Nike asked coldly, the anger in her been slowly replaced by a dull pain in her heart region.


“Fatihat, what are you doing in my bed? I thought …………..God!” He sat down on the edge of the bed, realizing with a sick feeling that his instinct was on track.

“So you know her, right? How long has this been going on?” Nike told him accusingly, her eyes filling with tears.


“I’ve never slept with her.” His denial ended weakly when fatihat cocked an eyebrow at him.


“Is that right? You’ve never slept with me?” Her voice was quiet as she sat back against the pillow.


“Please answer that question, Tunde. I want a Yes or No answer. Have you ever slept with her or not?” Nike asked in a trembling voice.


“It is not what you think, Nike. I just spoke to you a few hours ago. Why will I bring a woman in when I know you will be visiting at any time? Please give me a chance to explain myself.” He got to his feet and went towards her with a pleading look.


“Don’t come near me. I want to know what a naked woman is doing in your bed. Just answer my question. A simple Yes or No will do.” She held up her hand and stepped away from him.


“We all have our past, Nike. Dont you have yours?” He tried to bluster his way through.


“You forgot to tell me about this past that is lying naked in your bed right now. Please answer me” She pointed at her.


He dropped his hands in defeat. He stared down coldly at Fatihat for a moment where she was still lying on the bed. She returned the stare with a faint lift of her lips.


“Yes, I have slept with her but it is not the way you are thinking it. Please let me explain.” He pleaded desperately.


“That is all I need to know. Thank you very much, Olatunde Abeebs but you’ve not seen the last of me” She picked up her bag from where she dropped it in shock and turned towards the doorway.

“Nike, please wait. I knew her a long time ago.” He began pleadingly, reaching for her arm.


“How long is that?” she asked sarcastically as she snatched her arm away.


“We even have a baby, Nike. Please don’t waste your time with him because we are going to get married real soon. You can ask his mother if she knows me or not.” Fatihat smiled as she got out of bed and wrapped the blanket around herself.


“She is lying!”Tunde said in hot denial. He looked surprised when Nike gave him a resounding slap on his cheek.


“So your mother knows about this too? God, you are going to pay dearly for this! All of you in your family will pay very dearly. I will use everything in my power to fight you till I breathe my last.” She swore savagely and walked out of the room.



Fatihat looked at Tunde and burst into a hearty laughter. He came towards her with menace. She dropped the blanket, revealing her nude form in only lacy scanty panties. His steps faltered and his fingers knotted into fists.


“I can kill you, fatihat Ali.”He gritted his teeth.


“You know I was considering your proposal after all.”She gave a stretch of her lithe, shapely body.


He realized with horror that his body was actually responding to the sight of her. He turned away abruptly and went to sit on the only sofa in his bedroom with his head in his palm. He felt as if his whole life had just shattered into pieces all around him.


Something else came to his mind as he looked up in time to see her picking up her handbag after buttoning up her caftan.


“Were you serious about that baby stuff or it is all part of your wicked scheme?” He asked with a narrow gaze. She stared at him for a moment and her sultry gaze grew very cold.


“Go and ask your mother.” She moved towards the door but he got to his feet and pulled her back.


“Are you serious?”The hand he laid on her arm was trembling. She shrugged it away.


“The battle line has just been drawn, Olatunde Abeeb, kindly deliver that message to your mother.” She told him and walked out of his room.


Tunde felt like fainting and went to sit down on his bed very slowly.

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twist_of_fate‘He has a visitor, Lizzy. I shouldn’t have come to Lagos. It was a big mistake.’ Rebecca told her sister with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. Her lips trembled to her horror and she turned sharply on her heels, heading out of the office.

‘Becky, wait, please. I didn’t know he has a visitor.’ Elizabeth hurried after her elder sister but she didn’t slow her pace.

‘I will see you later. I can’t talk now.’ Rebecca’s voice cracked with tears, and then she broke into a run.

The pedestrian gate was opened when she approached the company entrance as a staff just walked in. She ran through the gate to the consternation of the security guards on duty and crossed the road without checking for oncoming vehicles in her haste to get away.

The Car screeched to an abrupt stop but not before she was hit with a gentle thud and she went down like a log.

‘No!’ Elizabeth screamed in horror as she ran onto the road.

The car driver put the Car into a reverse and drove away at top speed.


Joseph was a few feet behind Elizabeth and felt as if his heart had come to a sudden stop as he witnessed the accident. He walked back into the company premises to give orders to the security guys on duty before turning around to join Elizabeth where she was holding her sister to her chest, crying in earnest.

‘How bad is it?’ He crouched beside her.

‘Go away. Don’t touch her. This is your fault, you arrogant baboon.’ She screamed at him, batting away his hand away as he tried to touch Rebecca.

‘I am sorry. I am truly sorry. I hope she will be alright?’ His voice trembled as he stared down at the still figure on her lap. She looked too still for his peace of mind.

Blood trickled from a cut on her forehead.

‘If anything happened to her, I will never forgive you.’ She spat distastefully at him.

‘I will never forgive myself.’ He mumbled under his breath as the sound of the company’s siren cut through the air.

The van pulled up beside them and the ever-ready paramedics came down to lift Rebecca’s limp body into the van.

Elizabeth rode with her at the back of the van while Joseph ran back into the compound to get his Car. He followed the siren and was soon driving closely behind the fast-moving van. Jumbled prayers ran through his mind as he speeds dialed, Andrew.

‘I am in trouble, Andy’ He said hoarsely, sticking close to the Van, even as other motorist blared their horns angrily at him.

‘What is the problem? Becky?’ Andrew guessed right.

‘You are right.’ He told him what happened.

‘You messed up, guy. I thought you have discarded the babe long before now.’ Andrew’s disgust was obvious.

‘I thought so too. I swear the woman is like a leech. It is as if she has an informant in the company. She always turned up immediately I stepped my feet on Lagos soil. I am glad she doesn’t know where I stay. I am sure she would have packed her baggage and moved in.’ He complained bitterly.

‘That served you right for everything you put Becky through. I sincerely hope she is alright?’

‘I hope so too. I know I overreacted. I was so angry.’ He sighed resignedly.

‘Do let me know how she is faring when you get to the hospital. I may pop in tomorrow morning.’

‘Thanks. Give my love to Bella and Stanley.’ He put an end to the call as he drove into the hospital premises.


Elizabeth was pacing the waiting room like a caged tiger when he walked in.

‘Where is she? Who is attending to her?’ He asked anxiously.

‘She has been taken to the emergency room for treatment. I can’t remember the name of the Doctor on duty.’ Her voice was hostile.

‘What is Becky doing in Lagos?’ He asked curiously.

‘She has been looking for ways to talk to you in person since you threatened to take her son away from her and then disappeared off the surface of the earth. I informed her when I learned you would be coming to the office today. She arrived yesterday evening and stayed in my house. I regretted giving her that information’ she muttered bitterly.

‘How did you know I will be in the office today?’ The level of his curiosity increased as he turned to stare at her in surprise.

‘Does it matter? I have my sources.’ She mumbled as she walked away from him. He watched her closely. ‘What the hell happened in there?’ She narrowed her eyes at him. He sighed heavily.

‘She met Barbara in my office. I have broken up with the girl but she took that unfortunate time to kiss me goodbye.’ He scrubbed his palm down his face in a weary gesture. She scowled at him.

‘That bitch again?’ Her scowl deepened as she turned to him. ‘Are you trying to hurt my sister just because you thought she deliberately kept your son away from you?’ Her scowl turned into a frown.

‘No. How will I know she will be in my office today of all days? I had every intention of getting back home today to meet her. That was why I was rushing through all my schedules.’ He sat on the edge of the seats in the waiting room, his shoulders hunched forward with his hands dangling between his legs. ‘I was hurt. I was furious that I have missed almost five years of my son’s years on earth.’ He closed his eyes briefly.

‘I thought you love her? If you truly do, you will find it in your heart to forgive her. It was circumstances beyond her control.’

‘I know. I realized that now and I hope I am not too late.’ His voice grew hoarse and he coughed to clear it.

‘I hope so too, especially in her present condition.’ She sighed forlornly.

‘What condition are you talking about?’ His eyes sharpened as he looked at her.

‘I hope my mouth won’t put me in trouble one day.’ She mumbled to herself.

His eyes narrowed at her as he got to his feet.

Fortunately, the doctor came out of the emergency ward at that moment and she breathed a sigh of relief as she moved forward.

‘Good afternoon, Mr. Coker’ He beamed at him as he held out his hand and Joseph gave him a firm handshake.

‘Good afternoon, Doctor. How is your family?’ Joseph smiled at him.

‘We thank God. Do you know the young lady in there?’ He asked curiously.

‘Yes, Doc. She is my fiancée. Is she going to be alright?’ He asked with concern.

‘She is very lucky indeed, especially with her condition. She is well stabilized now and no longer unconscious. She has slipped into normal sleep.’ He assured him.

‘What condition are you talking about?’ He frowned as he looked at Elizabeth who refused to meet his gaze.

‘She is pregnant. Thank God the baby wasn’t hurt.’ The Doctor smiled at him.

‘My God!’ He whispered in awe.

‘Congratulations sir!’ The Doctor pumped his hand enthusiastically, smiling widely.

‘Thank you, sir.’ He said in a dazed voice, feeling dizzy.

‘The Nurses will let you know when to see her. We will prepare the bill and sent it as usual.’ He walked away to attend to other patients.


He moved to sit down as if he was sleep-walking. She nearly died because of my foolishness! I would have lost her and lost my baby as well. The thought went round and round his head.

He closed his eyes and groaned out loud.

‘Are you angry again?’ Elizabeth asked tentatively as she sat beside him.

‘Angry?’ He looked at her. ‘I nearly lose her. I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me.’ His voice was full of despair. She breathed a visible sigh of relieve.

‘You, guys will be fine. I will go and harass those nurses a bit so I can see her.’ Elizabeth walked away to the nurse station.

He continued staring into space for several minutes longer.


Sunlight filtered in through the open blinds and caressed her eyelids. They fluttered open slowly and it took her a few moments to realize where she was.

‘Good morning, Miss Badmus. How are you this morning?’ The slim nurse greeted her with a smile.

She frowned as she tried to sit up and winced slightly when pain radiates down her right leg. She sat back with a whoosh as the nurse put a restraining hand on the shoulder.

‘Take it easy. You have a sprain in your leg and few bruises on your back. You are very lucky indeed.’ She said soothingly as she went about her business of cleaning the wound and putting fresh bandages and ointment.

‘Your breakfast will be here shortly. I will come back to give you your injections and medications after you have eaten.’ The nurse picked up her tray and turned to leave. ‘Good morning Sir. You are welcome.’ The nurse addressed Joseph who was standing just inside the room, with a smile.

‘Good morning, Nurse. Thank you. How is she this morning?’ He returned the smile.

‘She is improving. She just needed to rest more for the wound to heal nicely. She is good as new.’ The nurse smiled at Rebecca to include her in the conversation but her gaze was on Joseph.

‘I am happy to hear that.’ He hides a yawn behind his palm. He looked tired.

‘You should try and get some rest, Mr. Coker. I am sure dozing in a plastic chair is not the best way to spend the night.’ Her smile was full of understanding.

‘It is not. I will get the much-needed rest as soon as Elizabeth comes in this morning. I appreciate your empathy.’ He smiled at her.

‘You are welcome, sir.’ She went out of the room.

Rebecca wasn’t aware tears were running down her face until he sat beside her on the bed.

‘Please don’t cry. I am sorry, Becky. I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ He took her cold palm in his and kissed the back.

‘Who was that woman you were kissing?’ She blurted out.

‘I wasn’t kissing her. She kissed me and it was a goodbye kiss. I dated her briefly before we met again. Please believe me.’  She searched his gaze for several moments before she sighed audibly.

‘How are you feeling now?’ He asked quietly.

‘Dizzy. Lighthearted. I am hungry but I have no appetite.’ She closed her eyes tiredly.

‘Is it because of the baby?’ He asked quietly. Her eyes flew open and she stared at him.

‘How do you know about the baby?’ She frowned at him.

‘The Doctor told me. He is a good friend of the family.’ He smiled at her.

‘You are not angry about it?’ Her voice sounded unsure. He sighed heavily.

‘I have been such an animal that everyone believed the worse of me. Why will I be angry because you are carrying my baby? I love you, Becky. I really do.’ He looked into her eyes tenderly.

‘You were angry when you found out about Michael. I didn’t keep him from you deliberately. I am sorry I hurt you but it was never intentional.’ Her eyes were full of remorse.

‘I know. I realized that when I sat down enough to think it through or better still when Titi talked some sense into my head. I took the next flight back to Nigeria after dropping Michael with Rose. I am sorry, Love.’ He caressed her cheek.

‘Promise me you won’t get angry at me like that again. It was terrifying.’ She rubbed her cheek against his palm.

‘I promise. Will you marry me now? I want to wake up beside you every morning.’ He pulled out a box from his trouser and flipped it open.

‘You are so sure I am going to take you back?’ She teased as she stared down at the glinting ring.

‘No, I bought it on my last trip before I find out about Michael. We have wasted too much time. Destiny has brought us back together and I don’t want to lose this opportunity again. Please marry me and complete my life.’ He pleaded solemnly as he took her hand and put the ring where her wedding rings used to be.

‘I hope I am woman enough to keep my man this time around.’ Her lips trembled as she stared at her ring.

‘I am not going anywhere. You are stuck with me forever if you will have me.’ He told her fiercely.

‘It is simple and beautiful. I love it. I love you.’ She turned her full smile on him.

‘You are so cheap, Becky. You ought to make this man suffer till kingdom come.’ An amused voice said from the doorway. They both turned to see Andrew grinning at them.

‘You are such a bastard, Andy.’ Joseph glared at him as he got to his feet.

‘He was begging for my love. I just took pity on him.’ Rebecca laughed heartily.

‘How are you, sweet? Congratulations.’ Andrew went to hug her.

‘Thank you. I appreciate you for everything.’ She hugged him back.

‘You deserved the best and more, dear.’ He drew back and sat beside her. ‘ Bella and Bobo sent their love.’ He smiled at her.

‘I will get that breakfast, Becky. I am starving.’ Joseph announced as he left the room but they didn’t pay him any heed as they chatted with each other.


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twist_of_fate‘Ola mi, what are you going to do about the issue on the ground? He is locking everyone out. I can’t even penetrate the wall he built around himself. He refused to talk to me.’ Naomi faced her husband at the breakfast table. Olayemi sighed heavily.

‘I am worried, mum. He is not talking to me too. Becky has been here several times but he refused to see her. The poor woman is dying inside.’ Titilola’s voice was worried. She was also angry at her brother.

‘It is partly her fault. Why did she keep his son away from him?’ Olayemi asked angrily. Naomi glared at him and he shut his mouth.

‘Naomi, I can’t even reach him. He has decided to take on the project at Coker group in the U.K and he is out of the country at the moment.’ He gave her an apologetic look.

‘He didn’t even bother to tell me. What is wrong with this boy?’ Naomi’s jaw dropped in shock.

‘He is an adult. He is old enough to take certain decisions on his own. He will sort himself out eventually. I don’t think we should interfere in what is not even our business.’ He muttered to himself and tried not to squirm under the disapproving gaze of the two precious women in his life.

‘Mum, please give me permission to take two weeks off. I promise to find him and talk some sense into his head.’ Titilola turned to Naomi as if her father was spouting rubbish.

‘Thank you, dear. I appreciate you. When do you want to leave?’ Naomi’s smile was full of gratitude.

‘Give me few days to tidy up my desk and I will be out of the country.’ Titilola grinned at her.

Naomi came around the table and hugged her to the bosom. She placed a kiss on her forehead.

‘Don’t sweat it, mum. He is my brother. I am off to the store.’ Titi smiled as she pulled her seat back and took her plate to the kitchen.

‘Ease up, Ife mi. They will be fine.’ Olayemi drew her unto his lap and hugged her tightly. She sighed audibly.

‘I am so worried about him, about her and I just wish I can knock their heads together so they will come to their senses.’ She rubbed her cheek against his as he hugged her close.

‘They will be fine. Trust me.’ He smiled at her.


Elizabeth snatched up her phone on the second ring and flipped the green button with her thumb.

‘Rose, how are you?’ She was smiling.

‘I am in trouble. He has come to take Michael while I was away. What am I going to tell Becky?’ Rose’s distraught voice reached her ear.

‘I take it you mean Joseph right?’ She asked for lack of something to say.

‘Who else am I talking about? He was so hostile, cold and angry when I spoke to him. He promised to return him if the kid is not his.’ Rose wailed into the phone.

Elizabeth sighed heavily, rubbing her forehead wearily.

‘I never knew he was capable of such cold fury. The resemblance is so strong you can’t even arrest him for kidnapping.’

‘That will make matter worst. I don’t even want to go down that lane. Alex is blaming me for everything. He said Becky deserved what he got for denying him the right to his biological son. Men are pigs!’ Her voice was full of disgust.

Elizabeth laughed, despite herself.

‘I will talk to his sister, Titilola. She is a very good friend of mine. Please try not to tell Becky anything for now. She is a shadow of herself. I think she is also expecting another baby but she refused to discuss it with anyone.’

‘Jesus!’ Rose exclaimed. ‘I will start praying hard. I am going to mass this evening.’ She added.

Elizabeth laughed again harder.

‘You are such a clown, Rose. I will talk to you later. My boss is glaring at me already.’ She coughed lightly as she put an end to the call.


Damn, I have forgotten how cold this dreadful country could be. She thought angrily as she pulled the jacket close with her gloved hand and pressed down on the security bell.

‘Good morning miss. How may I help you?’ A thick British accent voice asked gruffly. She knew she was being thoroughly scrutinized by a camera.

‘I came to visit my brother. My name is Titilola Coker. It is a surprise visit, so I don’t want him to know I am here until I am on his doorstep.’ She blew warm air into her gloved hand.

‘You are welcome, Miss Coker.’ The door slides open and she stepped into the warm foyer.

She sighed with relief and the elderly security guard whose name tag was ‘Mark’ smiled at her.

‘Cold morning, huh?’ He grinned at her.

‘I don’t like your country, Mr. Mark. It is too cold for my liking. Come down to Nigeria and experience all year round summer.’ She flashed him an answering smile.

‘I wish to visit your country, even if it is just once in my lifetime.’ He murmured wistfully. ‘Mr. Coker is in  Apartment 10 on the 7th floor.’ He smiled at her.

‘Thank you, Mr. Mark’ She went into the elevator and pressed the 7th-floor button.

‘Who is it?’ A childish voice answered a few moments later when she pressed the bell. She saw his eyes through the peephole before a shriek followed.

‘Aunt Lola!’ Michael flew into her arms immediately he threw the door opened.

‘I miss you, cupcake. How have you been?’ She hugged him tight and kissed his cheek.

‘I miss you too.  How is my mum? I miss her.’ He grinned at her.

‘I am sure your mum misses you too.’ She put him down as she cocked an accusing brow at her brother who stood a few feet away from them with a frown.

‘How did you find me?’ His voice was unwelcoming.

‘I was born and bred in this country, Opemiposi. I know the nooks and cronies of this city and finding you is quite easy. How are you, brother?’ She went to kiss his cheek.

‘Aunt Titi, come and have breakfast. I am having Toast and bacon.’ Michael told her as he went back to his breakfast.

‘I will join you soon. I need to talk to my brother.’ She smiled at him.

‘Michael, take your breakfast to the room. I will join you soon to play a game.’ Joseph smiled at her.

The little boy obeyed without another word.


‘Why are you here?’ His voice wasn’t friendly.

‘Let’s cut the crap, brother. Do two wrongs make a right? Why did you kidnap the little boy? Why did you separate him from his mother?’ She rocked on her heels as she stared frostily at him.

‘This is none of your business. You have no right to interfere. Secondly, he is already away from his mother on vacation, so I didn’t separate him from his mother.’ He told her coldly.

‘He has no business being here with you. He is supposed to be with Rose and Caitlin. You also told his mother she won’t be seeing him if he is yours. Is he?’ She cocked her head to a side.

‘Yes, he is mine. I didn’t make an idle threat. I have a right to the number of years his mother deprived me of his childhood.’ He snapped at her.

‘That means you want to punish the innocent little boy for what his mother did, right? You know he is missing her already. Is that the only way to solve this?’ she asked pointedly.

‘Go away. This is none of your business.’ He glared at her, even as guilty conscience stabbed at him.

‘That woman is suffering, Opemiposi. Please give her a chance to explain and find it in your heart to forgive. She went through hell in her first marriage. Must you put her through this too?’ She appealed to his conscience.

‘Stop talking as if I am the one at fault.’ He stormed away from her and came to a standstill when he saw Michael standing a few feet away from them.

‘Are you my real dad?’ He raised innocent eyes to him.

‘Damn!’ Joseph looked at Titilola for help. She rolled her eyes skyward and covered the distance between them.

‘Yes, cupcake. He is your real dad. Will you like to confirm from your mum?’ She drew him into his embrace but his eyes were on Joseph.

‘I thought my real dad is in jail.’ Oh God! This boy knows too much, she thought forlornly.

‘Let’s talk to your mum instead.’ She sat on the warm rug and pulled him unto her lap as she video called Rebecca.

‘Hi, mummy. I miss you.’ Michael grinned into the camera.

‘I miss you too, darling. How are you? Where are you?’ Rebecca’s voice cracked with tears but she was smiling. Joseph walked away from them, pacing the room restlessly.

‘I am with Uncle Joe. Aunt Titi is here.’

‘Hello, Doctor Williams.’ She smiled into the camera. They have become good friends during her frequent visits to their home to look for Joseph.

‘I will punch you from here, Titi.’ She made a fist into the camera. They all laughed.

‘You look pale, Becky. Are you alright?’

‘I am fine. Thank you for this. I appreciate you.’

‘You are welcome.’

‘Mum, is Uncle Joe my real dad?’ Michael asked quietly.

Rebecca visibly inhaled and breathed out slowly. Titi’s heart went out to her.

‘Yes, love. He is your real dad.’

‘That is so cool.’ He grinned excitedly. ‘But who is my dad in the jail?’ he asked with a frown.

‘It is complicated, love. I used to know Joseph before I got married to the dad in jail. I find out I was pregnant after marriage. By then, I and Joseph didn’t see each other any longer until now.’ She smiled at him.

‘Okay, mum. I don’t like my other dad anyway. Uncle Joe is cool. Bye, mum. I love you’ He scrambled off Titi’s Laps and went to hug Joseph.

‘I love you too, son.’ She murmured.

‘Everything will be alright, Becky.’ Titi smiled at her.

‘I hope so. I don’t know why I am so weepy these days.’ She sniffed as tears filled her eyes.

She covered her mouth as she coughed discreetly.

‘Go away, Titi.’ She went offline. She laughed heartily as she looked up to see her brother standing a few feet away.

‘What is wrong with her?’ He asked with concern.

‘Have you lost her number? Shift,please. I want to eat. I am hungry.’ She walked away to the kitchen.

He stared after her in exasperation.


Joseph got to Nigeria the previous night on British Airways flight and resumed in the Lagos office the following morning. He had every intention of catching Overland last minute flight to Ilorin that evening.

He spent the morning in meeting with the heads of department and started working on his reports for the board at noon.

He was halfway through when his door opened and Barbara walked in.

He groaned inwardly and sat back with a frown.

‘Where is my secretary?’ His voice was harsh but he tried to soften it with a half smile.

‘I guess she went for lunch. I didn’t call because you weren’t picking my calls. What is happening to us, Joseph?’ She asked with a worried frown as she came around the desk to stand in front of him.

He sighed heavily.

‘I have nothing to offer you, Babs. My heart belonged to another woman and I just find out she has a kid for me.’ He flipped his phone and showed her Michael’s picture.

‘He is adorable. He is also your spitting image.’ Her lips curved up sadly as she stared at the image of the grinning boy. A lone tear rolled down her flawless cheek and she flicked it away with a painted nail.

‘I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ He got to his feet and drew her into his embrace.

‘I should have seen it coming. All the signs were there but I didn’t listen to my head.’ She sobbed quietly as she clung to him. ‘I was just a pastime to you, right?’ she murmured.

She was right but he didn’t answer as he patted her back gently, even as he glanced at his wristwatch impatiently behind her back.

‘I wish you the best. I hope you keep in contact?’ It was a question as she drew back to cup his cheek.

‘Sure, I will.’ He lied with a smile.

‘Thank you.’ She kissed him on the mouth with a passion which reminded him of the reason he was attracted to her in the first place.

The door opened. Rebecca walked in and their eyes met across the distance.

‘I am in trouble.’ He whispered as he pulled himself away from the kiss with more force than was necessary.

‘Excuse me. No one was at the front desk. I am sorry for intruding.’ Rebecca inclined her head and withdrew from the room, closing the door behind her.

‘Becky, wait!’ He ran to the door but Barbara pulled him back.

‘Is she the one?’ Her voice was cold.

‘Yes, she is. Get the hell out of my life please.’ He stated sharply as he pulled away and hurried out of the office.


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twist_of_fateAndrew was pacing the waiting room, outside the labor room, murmuring prayers under his breath when Joseph hurried to meet him.

‘How is she?’ He asked anxiously.

‘She has been in there for hours. They won’t even allow me to stay with her.’ He complained bitterly.

‘They won’t allow you to stay with her because you are adding to her anxiety.’ Naomi quipped in an amused voice from where she sat in a corner of the waiting room.

‘Mum!’ Joseph protested laughingly while Andrew glared at her.

‘Joseph, take him out for a drink. Our baby will be waiting before you guys return.’ Ifeoma suggested with a smile. She was sitting beside Naomi with a rosary in her hand.

‘How can I go and drink when my wife is struggling to bring forth our child?’ He turned to glare at his mother in law.

‘Well, pacing a hole in the floor will not ease her pain, will it?’ Naomi cocked a brow at her.

‘Is Becky on duty today?’ Joseph asked his mother.

‘No, she is not on duty. I gave her a call and she came in to assist. She is in the labor room with the rest of the medical team. Take that boy away before I cuffed his ear.’ Naomi told him, solemnly.

Ifeoma laughed as Joseph pulled a resisting Andrew out of the waiting room.


‘Congratulations, New mama!’ Rebecca grinned at the new mother, holding the infant in her arms.

‘Thank you, Doctor Williams. Is that my son?’ Bella looked tired but she was smiling.

‘Yes, Mrs. Ken.’ Naomi helped her sit up in bed by adjusting the pillows around her.

‘He is so beautiful.’ Bella breathed as the sleeping infant was placed in her arms. ‘Please call me Bella. You have been so good to me.’ She grinned up at her.

‘You can call me Becky then. I have to go now. I am resuming back on duty in the evening. I will check up on you then.’ Rebecca ran a finger lightly over the smooth cheek before she straightened up.

‘Thank you, Becky. I appreciate your assistance today.’ Naomi told her as she walked her to the door of the private ward.

‘You are most welcome. Please go home immediately Mrs. Awodele comes back to relieve you. I don’t want you to over-work yourself. You guys have been here for over 24 hours.’ Rebecca warned her in a solemn voice.

‘Okay dear. Take care of yourself. Give my love to Michael.’ Naomi patted her back.

‘I will. Thank you, ma’am.’ Rebecca walked away.

Two hours later, Ifeoma came in with Maria and Aliyah. Naomi left immediately they arrived. The younger girls ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over the infant while the mother dozed off.

A nurse came to take the infant from them and gave them the warning to keep their voices down.

‘Mum, you have been unusually quiet.’ Maria gave her mother a concerned look.

‘I’m fine. I’m just so happy for Bella.’ She paused and met their questioning gaze.

‘Your biological father is dead, Aliyah. He committed suicide in his cell in the jail or it seemed so.’ She told her quietly.

‘That means you are free from his blackmail forever, right?’ Aliyah asked with a sad smile.

‘Yes, I am. I am sorry, dear.’ Ifeoma took her hand in hers as her eyes shone with unshed tears.

‘It is okay, mum. I don’t know him and I felt nothing for him. He hurt you and I am glad he paid for his deed.’ She shrugged with indifference.

‘You are one brave soul, little sister.’ Maria kissed her cheeks and squeezed her shoulders affectionately.

‘Thank you. He probably stepped on some other toes and the owner wasn’t so forgiving.’ She gave another shrug. ‘How are you holding on, mum?’ She was referring to the divorce.

‘I’m pretty good. I am at peace with myself. I miss you, girls, though. The house seemed too big without the lots of you.’ Ifeoma smiled at both of them.

‘How is the new boo?’ Maria winked at her.

‘He is crazy about Olamide. He proposes last night.’ She displayed her engagement finger with a flare.

Maria clamped her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming as she stared at the twinkling gold.

‘Congratulations! I am going to start preparing for another wedding very soon.’ Their mother grinned as she hugged her last daughter.

‘Yes, mum.’ She grinned at her mother and hugged her sister too.

‘I’m deliriously happy for you, baby sis.’ Maria hugged her tightly.

‘Thank you, big sis. How is your bobo?’ She moved back to smile into her eyes.

‘You, guys should chill for now. We are not in a hurry. It is one day at a time. Let’s plan your own wedding first.’ Maria grinned broadly at her with a wink.

‘You make me happy, girls.’ She held their hands in each of her own and smiled with tear-filled eyes.

‘Mum, you know dad has already moved in with the Coker woman. Are you planning to settle down too?’ Maria asked solemnly.

‘I am not in a hurry for anything, girls.’ She shrugged with indifference.

‘I don’t think so. A certain good-looking elderly gentleman came to check on me this afternoon. He knew I was here because he was your friend.’ Bella spoke for the first time since she woke up.

Ifeoma’s eyes lowered as six pairs of curious eyes turned to her. She wrung her heads and bit her lower lips before she spoke in a barely audible voice.

‘He is just my friend. He was a client before he becomes a close friend.’

‘He wants to be more than a friend, Mum. You know it.’ Bella teased as she sat up in bed.

‘I’m just getting close to you, girls. I don’t want to lose that friendship because of a man.’ She raised worried gaze to her eldest daughter.

‘Mum, we will all leave your house eventually. We don’t want you to be lonely. All we wanted is your happiness. If he makes you happy, go for him please.’ Maria hugged her mother from behind.

‘That is right. Do whatever makes you happy and gives you peace of mind. Life is too short to delay for too long.’ Aliyah kissed her cheeks.

‘Thank you, girls. I appreciate you all.’ She beamed at them one after the other.


James Hogg met Rebecca at the hospital as she was leaving one afternoon. She recognized him instantly.

‘Mr. Hogg, Good afternoon. Thanks for coming the other day. Do you have a client here?’ She went to shake his extended hand with a warm smile.

‘No, I came to see you. Please call me James. Are you leaving now?’ He looked at her bag.

‘Yes, James. Please call me Becky. Hope it is not a serious issue?’ She gave him a solemn look.

‘I will drop you off then. Please join me in my car.’ He led her to his tinted dull color BMW and opened the back seat for her.

‘Thank you.’ She murmured as she slides into the cool interior.

He joined her at the back and signaled for the driver to drive. A glass partition gave them some level of privacy.

‘Ramsey William’s case was a foregone one. He has signed your divorce letter and you are a free woman. Congratulations, Becky.’ He smiled at her.

‘Thank you. His father was a judge and he got a very good lawyer for him but nemesis was stronger. I am happy he is out of our life forever. I can’t believe I was married to him.’ She shuddered with horror and revulsion.

‘We all make mistakes. His families are not too happy with you at the moment. That tape nailed him finally.’ He gave her a close look. She sighed.

‘I know what is on that tape because I remember every single word of the conversation we had.’ She looked at him. ‘Yes. Michael is his son.’ She answered his unspoken question.

‘Is he aware? I have already given him a copy of that recording. I don’t want anything to cause a rift between you guys. He is very fond of you.’

‘I will tell him immediately he gets back into the country. He took the kids back to Manchester for the holiday. Thank you for your concern.’ She smiled at him.

‘That gives me a big relief. I hope to attend a wedding soon. We are at your home already.’ He smiled at her.

‘Thank you, James. See you soon.’ She leaned over to kiss his cheek before sliding out of the car.


The confrontation came sooner than she expected.

It was her day off. Elizabeth was on two days leave from work. They were both in the sitting room, watching a seasoned film titled ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ when a sharp knock penetrated their absorption.

‘Are you expecting a visitor?’ Rebecca asked with an irritated frown.

‘No. I will see who it is and send him or her away. I really don’t want to miss any part of this interesting movie.’ She hurried to the door and peeped through. It was Joseph.

‘Guess who it is.’ She grinned as she unlocked the door and flung it open.

Rebecca snorted and pressed the ‘pause’ button on the VCR’s remote control as she looked towards the doorway. Joseph strolled past Elizabeth and came to a stop a few feet from her.

He was not smiling. His dark frown matched his dark chinos trouser and black silk shirt. Her heart lurched in fear.

‘What is it, Joseph?’ She got shakily to her feet.

‘Who is Michael’s biological father?’ He asked quietly. She swallowed hard. She hadn’t envisaged telling him this way.

‘I didn’t do any DNA test to confirm his paternity.’ She began weakly.

‘Stop stalling, Becky. You know the father of your son or that was just to get your husband off your back? Did you lie?’ His voice was frosty. She winced.

‘You are his father.’ She mumbled under her breath. He went absolutely still.

‘Say that again.’

‘Joseph, you heard me the first time. You are his father.’ She raised her voice to him, even as her hands trembled. She put it behind her back.

‘I don’t believe you. We will run a DNA test. If he is mine truly..’ He paused as he glared at her. ‘I will take him away from you and you will never set your eyes on him again. You disgust me.’ He snarled at her. His heart ached and he rubbed at it.

‘You don’t dare do that to me, Joe. It is not fair.’ She stared at him in plain horror.

‘What is not fair is denying me my son for five good years. You are wicked.’ He turned on his heels and strode towards the door. She ran after him. Elizabeth moved out of his way.

‘Don’t do this to me, Joe. I didn’t keep him from you intentionally. Please listen to me.’ She pleaded desperately.

‘Stay away from me, Becky. I will use everything I have to fight for his custody if he is mine. I don’t want to lay my eyes on you again.’ He gave her a frosty look and walked out of their room.

She slid to the floor in a dead faint.


‘Doctor Williams, are you alright?’ The voice seemed to come from far away. Her mind struggled to free her from the deep abyss of darkness she was in and her eyes fluttered open. It was Nurse Amina.

‘Where am I?’ She tried to sit up but she held her down.

‘You are in your room. Your mum called me. Fortunately, I was close by. We were just thinking of taking you to the hospital now.’ Three pairs of eye gazed down worriedly at her.

‘I’m fine. What happened to me?’ She looked puzzled.

‘Joseph was here and you had an argument concerning Michael.’ Elizabeth bit her lips nervously.

‘I remembered.’ She sank back tiredly into the pillow and closed her eyes.

‘I need to talk to you privately.’ Nurse Amina told her quietly.

‘Will she be alright?’ Ruth stared down at her daughter with deep concern. Amina had a feeling she knew what she was about to discuss.

‘I’m fine, mum. I will join you in a moment.’ Rebecca smiled up at her mother.

‘We will be in the sitting room.’ Elizabeth took her mother’s arm and stirred her out of the room.

She waited till they were out of the room and they have closed the door behind them.

‘Doctor Williams, I think you are pregnant.’ Amina sat on the bed beside her.

‘That is not possible. I have been on birth control since I gave birth to Michael.’ Rebecca sat upright in bed, abruptly. Her heart hammered with a painful thud in her chest. Don’t let this happen to me, God. She prayed fervently in her mind.

‘Michael is nearly five years old. Did you check if it is still intact? It does expire you know.’ Amina raised an eyebrow at her.

‘I didn’t have any reason to worry about it until recently.’ She muttered under her breath. Amina smiled in sympathy. ‘It was just once. Damn.’  She hissed in frustration.

‘Once is enough, Doc Williams. We both know that.’ Her smile turned amusing.

‘I will have to abort it. I don’t need another child to complicate my life right now.’ She decided immediately.

‘Do you really want to? You don’t want to talk to the father.’ She gave her a searching look.

‘He won’t talk to me. It is complicated. You can’t understand.’ Rebecca covered her face as she burst into tears. Her shoulder shook with body-wracking sobs.

‘It will be alright.’ She murmured as she hugged and rocked her gently.

‘Thank you. I will be alright.’ She gave her a watery smile.

‘Please cheer up. I have to leave now. I am on duty this evening.’ She glanced at her wrist-watch.

‘Thank you for coming. I appreciate it. Do extend my regards to your family.’ She smiled at her as the other woman left the room.

Rebecca was curled up on the bed, staring at the window when Elizabeth came in with her dinner. She waved her away and the dinner grew cold as she kept her lonely vigil until dawn appeared in the sky.


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twist_of_fateJoseph took the staircase two at a time and noted with dread that Rebecca was already at home.

The door wasn’t locked. He slides into the sitting room and dropped a mini-recorder in her handbag. He dropped the bag on the floor, closed to the kitchen door where he could hear their voices.

It took all his self-control to reign in his anger, not to rushed in and strangled the bastard where he stood, holding a gun to Rebecca.

He slipped out again as he made calls and went back to his car.


‘You don’t look too happy to see me, darling.’ He smiled at her but his eyes were cold and empty. She repressed a shudder.

‘How did you get in by the way? You have just behaved like the criminal that you are.’ She inclined her head regally.

‘I will advise you to watch your tongue, princess.’ His smile grew colder as he brought out a gun from his back pocket. ‘The back staircase was an easy access to your kitchen and working the lock is a child’s play.’  He added with a sinister grin.

How did I ever think this guy is attractive? I have been such a fool. She thought bitterly.

His fingers caressed the smooth sleekness of the deadly weapon he was holding and her eyes were involuntarily drawn to it.  He would use it without a second thought, she knew. She noted during the time they lived together that he was capable of violence. She tried to keep out of his way most of the time and tried not to provoke him unless it was absolutely necessary. She was relieved when he disappeared from their life, even though he left them penniless and homeless.

“This weapon is made of plastic with a silencer and it has a very lightweight. It is a Glock 9 millimeter and I use it only when it is necessary.”He winked at her.

‘You won’t dare kill me, will you?’ She asked with a confidence she was not feeling. Being scared was not going to help her but she would be damned if she would allow this Criminal to end her life before she was ready.

‘I killed your father. Why should your death make a difference to me?’ His smile was malicious. She gaped at him in shock. He actually relished telling her to her face which means he had no intention of letting her go, alive!

‘Well, don’t look so shocked. I am not the only one with a grudge against your father. Emeka Daniels junior never forgave your father for cheating on his father and sending him to an early grave.’ He gave her a malicious smile.

‘My dad never cheated on Mr. Daniels! He actually assisted him financially to boost his business but unfortunately, he was duped by unknown fraudsters. My dad didn’t know how depressed he was until he committed suicide. That was why he employed E.D junior as our family lawyer before he was even out of law school. They were good friends before E.D Senior’s death.’ Rebecca denied hotly, remembering how depressed her father was when he learned of his friend’s death.

‘What a pity! It is too late to explain that to him. He got it twisted and had a burning vengeance for your father. I guess he was also driven by his own selfish interest and greediness. He teamed up with the wrong person to achieve his goal.’ He shrugged as he threw the weapon into the air playfully and caught it again.

“So you killed him too? Why? Why are you behaving this way, Ramsey?”She asked in a hoarse voice.

“Your father is a selfish man, Becky. He deserved what he got.’ Anger whipped through her.

“How can you call my father a selfish man, after all, he did for you? You are the selfish bastard! “She spat at him and held her breath but he only gave her a cold smile.

“Isn’t it obvious? He is so dumb to think I will work my butt off to satisfy all your whims.”His lips twisted cruelly. “You are all so dumb. He wanted his family to stay at home and enjoy yourselves while I slave away to make more money for him.”He glared at her.

‘Ramsey, you know deep in your heart that I wanted to work to earn my living but you supported him when he demanded I stayed at home. Obviously, you have a plan in place.’ She accused bitterly.

‘You have always been smart. You are right. I have no intention of being slaves to a couple of spoilt brats and their spineless mother.’ He gave a harsh laugh.

“So what do you want? Why are you back?”She asked with a narrowed look.

“Those are good questions. I’m here for two reasons.”He paused but she didn’t comment as she thought of how she would come out of this, alive!

“I want my son with me when I leave. That is my first request.’ His eyes narrowed dangerously when she burst into an amused laughter. ‘What is so funny?’ He barked at her.

‘You must certainly be blind to think my son belongs to you. You are not his father. His father is Joseph Coker.’ She wondered if she would live long enough to tell her son who his biological father was.

She watched him frown as he brought Michael’s face into his mind and probably realized she was right.

‘You, slut! Only God knows how many times he slept with you before we got married. Yet, you won’t allow me to see your pant. No wonder you were always on his side.’ He glared at her, his temper rapidly rising.

She refused to comment on the insult and he continued after a while.

‘That is good. I realized the bastard is doing so well for himself that he has the money and time to track me down. Obviously, you have warmed yourself back into his bed. So it shouldn’t be too hard for you to meet my other request.”He didn’t look too distressed at the fact that the son wasn’t his, she noted sadly.

‘What do you want?’ She asked in a resigned voice.

“I want you to call your account officer and ask him to transfer a sum of Ten million naira into my account. You may also call your lover boy to assist you if he values your life. After all, that little amount meant nothing to the Almighty Coker, right?”He jeered at her stated quietly and she stared at him in horror.


Joseph shed his tie into the car, locked it up and raced to the back of the building as he rolled up his shirt-sleeves. He went through the extra door in the building and found himself on the emergency staircase.

The son of a bitch has done his homework well, he thought in anger as he went up the staircase and found himself in complete darkness. He felt around him on the wall until his fingers came in contact with the cold metal of a doorknob and he tried it. The door opened, swinging heavily on its hinges and directly into a storeroom. He climbed in and heard their voices.


“What is that noise?”Ramsey jerked around sharply, feeling quite sure he heard a sound behind him.

“What noise? Where do you want me to get that kind of money?’ She screamed at him. He pointed the gun at the ceiling and pulled the trigger. No sound came out but a hole formed instantly in the ceiling and part of it dropped on the floor in pieces. Her fingers rose to her throat in horror as she gaped at the ceiling.

“Please don’t waste my time.”He held out his cell phone while his second hand pointed the gun at her head.

She had never felt so helpless or desperate in her life because she knew she doesn’t have that kind of money in her bank account but he will never believe her. Joseph, where are you? I need you now, please! She prayed fervently in her shattered mind.


Joseph appeared behind Ramsey with a finger across his lip. It took all her control not to jump up with joy. She blinked as tears filled her eyes and her heart sang a joyful song.

His arm went around Ramsey’s neck in a flash and turned his gun-hand skyward. Several shots went off, scattering the ceiling and the carefully arranged room as the two men struggled with the gun until it dropped on the floor.

Becky kicked it to the far corner of the room and stood guard over it.

Both men disengaged and eyed each other with burning hatred.

“What is your problem, lover boy? She is still my wife and I can do whatever I like with her.”Ramsey spat at him with a cold smile. Becky stared at him with a hatred she never knew she had for him.

“She won’t be your wife for long. Her heart and body have always been mine.”Joseph gave her a playful grin. She returned his smile gratefully.

“Are you sure, you yellow bastard?”Ramsey asked coldly.

“I can prove it to you.”Joseph said with a determined set of his jaw.

“Come on. Let’s see what you got, fucker.” Ramsey inclined his head challengingly.

Joseph came upon him like a prizefighter.

Becky had always suspected Joseph could be ruthless when provoked but she was surprised at the level of ruthlessness he displayed as he rammed continuously into Ramsey with his fist and head.

She heard the sickening thud of knuckles on bones and groans and watched the rippling muscles of the two men in fascination. She knew at the back of her mind she was supposed to find a way to get the police but she was scared to leave them.

They thrashed around, destroying everything they came in contact with and Ramsey disengaged abruptly as blood gushed from his nose.

He touched his nose and stared at the blood on his finger.

“I will kill you, you idiot.”Ramsey threatened darkly as he fished out a shining little knife out of his pocket and watched it with a malicious smile.

“You can’t kill me as easily as you killed your father-in-law or the lawyer. You have to do better than that.”Joseph’s gaze narrowed angrily. He saw surprise coupled with unease flickered briefly on his face. Becky stared at him in amazement.

“What is your business in this anyway? You were just a mere driver and you have nothing to show for your slave years at the Badmus’s house, have you?”Ramsey spat at him.

“I’m glad to be a slave to a gorgeous and beautiful woman like Becky Badmus. Your lose is my gain.”Joseph shared another smile with her and turned back to the gaping man. “Moreover, my wealth can buy you and your family repeatedly, you coward. You have nowhere to run because you are a wanted man. If you step out of this place, I will make sure you step right into jail. You are so dead, Ramsey Williams.”Joseph said with a cold anger that frightened her.

‘I will kill you first before you send me to jail, asshole.”Ramsey charged him furiously, blindly.

He crashed into the opposite wall when Joseph stepped out of his way, then he brought his elbow down on his back and he went flat with a groan.


Becky heard the police siren in the distance and ran out to her balcony in time to see police cars drove into her compound at a top speed. They were led by two unmarked cars. One belonged to Andrew and the second belonged to James Hogg, the head of the foreign intelligence team hired by the Coker.

She looked around in time to see Joseph dragging Ramsey forcefully to the balcony. His arms and legs were tied with Joseph’s torn shirt. He was bare-chested and had a cut on his rib. Ramsey was panting breathlessly, his eyes widened with fear when he realized he was about to be thrown over the iron banister. Joseph’s jaw was set and his eyes were flat with anger.

“What are you doing, Joe?’Becky asked with sheer terror.

“I’m going to throw him over the railings.”He answered furiously as he lifted him bodily into his arms.

“Becky….please ….beg …him” Ramsey pleaded desperately in between gasp.

“Don’t do that, Joe.The police are here already, let them do their job. Don’t turn into a murderer like him, please.”Becky pleaded quietly as she held on to his arm.

He took deep, calming breath and dropped him abruptly before he proceeded to tie him to the railings.


‘Are you alright, Joseph?’ Andrew hurried towards him as he joined them on the balcony.

‘I’m fine. They should just take that bastard away before I killed him.’ Joseph walked into the sitting room to retrieve the recorder from Becky’s bag and gave it to James Hogg as the latter walked in.

The police led Ramsey away in handcuffs after taking their statements.

The security team lingered a bit behind as they asked questions, took pictures and recorded the scene before leaving the house.

‘You are bleeding. I will treat that.’ Rebecca went on shaky feet to retrieve her medical kit.

‘Sit down, Becky. You are trembling.’ Andrew pushed her into a seat. The kit dropped with a thud.

‘He was going to kill me.’ She covered her face with her palm as tears filled her eyes.

‘It is okay. Please cry if it will make you feel better.’ Andrew drew her into his arms. She cried, deep wrenching sobs that tore into Joseph’s heart.

‘I can’t believe I was married to that monster.’ She shook her head in self-pity as she looked at him with swollen red-rimmed eyes.

‘It is alright. The storm is over.’ He patted her back.

‘Is she alright now?’ Ruth’s tentative voice reached her and she looked at her mother to see her sitting beside Joseph.

His arm was around her frail shoulder.

‘I’m fine, mum. How are you? When did you come in?’ She blew her nose on the handkerchief that Andrew gave her.

‘I got here when Andrew was driving in with the police entourage and was asked to stay downstairs. It was the longest moment of my life.’ Ruth shivered slightly.

‘It is okay, mum. He has been taken away. I am sure he won’t be bothering us for a long time now.’ Rebecca went to sit beside her mother and hugged her.

‘We should start going now.’ Joseph got to his feet. Andrew followed suit.

‘I want to look at the bleeding wound on your rib, Joseph.’ Rebecca got to her feet too.

‘It is just a scrape. I have survived worst wound.’ Joseph smiled at her, wishing he could pull her into his arms and kissed her.

‘Sit down. I will look at it.’ She insisted.

Andrew and Joseph left their house a few minutes later.

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twist_of_fateRose was sleeping when her phone rang sharply. She groped for it on the bedside table, cracked open an eyelid to look at the caller ID, wondering if it is someone she could ignore.

‘Hi, Becky. Is everything alright?’ Her voice was husky with sleep.

‘Are you sleeping, Rose?’ Rebecca tried to keep her temper down.

‘It is okay. Is Caitlin alright?’ She sat up in bed, holding the duvet to her chest.

‘Caitlin is alright. I’m sorry to wake you up but I need to confirm something from you. Is Joseph responsible for sponsoring our trip for your wedding?’ She blurted out sharply.

Rose glanced at her husband who was sleeping beside her and snug out of bed, pulling the duvet with her. The momentary silence gave Rebecca all the answer she needed.

‘Rose, are you there?’ Rebecca asked impatiently. Rose shut the bathroom door behind her.

‘Yes, I am here. To answer your question, he is the one who foot the expenses and he is the one who got your husband’s address in Houston. He is also responsible for quite a number of things in your life.’ Rose confirmed in a firm casual voice.

‘I am aware he has been our knight in shining armor rising to my family’s rescue.’ Rebecca’s voice was hurt and bitter. Rose inhaled softly.

‘Well, you can choose to indulge in self pity because a very rich good-looking man decided to step in and assist the woman he was in love with.’

‘Don’t you dare use that patronizing tone with me, Rose. You have no right to keep such information away from me. It is not fair.’ Rebecca snapped at her coldly.

‘We kept it away from you because I know you will act like a child and react precisely the way you are reacting now. Grow up, babe. Count yourself lucky. Your dumbass husband left you high and dry. Do you want to continue rotting in poverty?’ Rose snapped back.

‘That doesn’t justify the fact that you guys were interfering in my life behind my back. I do not appreciate it at all. You won’t if you were in my shoes.’ Her voice had mellowed down considerably.

‘Call me back when you have crawled out of your self-pitying hole, Becky. I love you.’ She put an end to the call before she could respond and put a call to Joseph’s private line afterwards.

She was ending the call when she noted her husband standing on the doorway. She cocked a brow at him.

‘Well done, madam. I knew this would backfire one day. I don’t want to run up against your conniving scheming mind any time soon, dear wife.’ Alex’s voice was full of admiration.

‘Get out of my way.’ She made to sidle past him but he pulled the duvet from her body and pulled her naked body into his arms.

‘You sure handled your friend.’ He grinned down at her upturned face.

‘I just love her. She has a stubborn streak in her.’ Rose sighed worriedly.

‘No wonder you guys are friend.’ He rubbed his lips over hers and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

It was a long morning.


Rebecca dragged herself up the staircase, weary both in mind and body. She was still wondering how she would handle all the information she had learnt today as she opened the door and walked in.

Joseph was in the sitting room with Elizabeth and her mother. She stood still in shock but it was only her mother who glanced her way.

‘You are welcome, dear. How was your day?’ Her smile was strained. Rebecca frowned in concern.

‘I’m fine. Where are the kids?’ She moved to sit opposite them.

‘They are sleeping already. By the way, Caitlin wants to stay in Nigeria permanently.’ Ruth grinned at her.

‘Her sister will have my head.’ Rebecca’s voice was tired. Joseph stared at her.

‘She can stay with you if you and Joseph decided to get married.’ Elizabeth grinned at her. Rebecca glared at her sister while Joseph ducked his head, hiding a grin.

‘That is not funny. I am not even in the mood to talk to you.’ Rebecca’s voice was cold.

‘Shield your claws, kittens. We have more pressing issue on ground. Our family lawyer, Emeka Daniels is dead. He was killed by hired assassin.’ Ruth dropped the information solemnly.

‘May his departed soul rest in peace. How does the information impact our life, mum?’ Rebecca’s voice was brisk. Elizabeth blinked in surprise.

‘Ramsey is back in town, Becky and he is not here for family re-union.’ Joseph told her quietly. Her heart missed a beat.

‘How did you know that?’ He gave her a bland look and she swallowed hard. ‘What is going on?’ She met his gaze.

‘Ramsey and Emeka were both responsible for your father’s death. His sudden death is not a coincidence. Ramsey is a wanted criminal in Houston.’

‘No wonder he was always supporting Ramsey back then. The asshole!’ Rebecca swore coldly.

‘Are the kids safe here? Joseph, I am quite sure he knows you are responsible for tracking him down. He will do anything to get to you or to Rebecca.’ Ruth said worriedly.

‘I can get them over to the Coker’s house. There is maximum security there and I can ask mum to stay with them until it is over. That is if you are okay with it, Becky.’ Joseph looked at her for confirmation. She nodded numbly.

‘I can get them out of the country but I don’t want to leave until he is safely behind the bar.’ He added with barely concealed anger.

‘Thank you, Joseph. God bless you for me.’ Ruth picked up his palm and patted it between her weathered one.

‘I will take my leave now. Lizzy, get your butt back to Lagos tomorrow morning.’ Joseph told her as he got to his feet.

‘Yes sir.’ She winked at him.

‘Please keep your phone close to you at all times, Mrs. Badmus. Try not to be in this house alone at any point in time. Good night.’ He curtseyed briefly, turned on his heels and walked out.


‘Wait, Joseph. I want to talk to you.’ He was half-way down the staircase before Rebecca’s voice stopped him. He paused and turned to face her in the dim yellow light. He watched her come down the staircase until she was a step above him and they were on eye level.

‘I want to thank you for flushing Ramsey out this way.’ She paused and took a deep breath. ‘It must have cost you a fortune for the investigation and for everything.’ Her lips tightened grimly.

‘You would rather slap me for interfering, right?’ He stared into her eyes and she dropped her gaze. ‘Becky, I am not going to apologize for everything I have done. I will do it all over again if it makes life easier for you either you want it or not.’ He told her with a smile.

‘You should have at least let me know.’ Her voice came out sulky, instead of sharply as she had intended. He laughed softly as he cupped her cheek.

‘Ramsey is dangerous. He will come after you, Becky. I can move you and your mum over to Coker’s house. You will be safe there.’ He murmured against her lips. She stiffened and moved back.

‘I won’t live my life that way, Joe. I need to face that idiot on my own ground. He has done enough damage in my life. I won’t give him that kind of power over my life again.’ She said solemnly. He sighed.

‘I know you won’t agree. It is just a suggestion. I will pick the kids from school tomorrow and take them to the Coker house. Mum will stay with them.’

‘Thank you. I appreciate your assistance so much.’

‘You are welcome.’ He pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she forgot about her environment. Her arms went around his neck and she clung to him, moaning deep in her throat.

‘Getting married is not going to be a bad idea, you know?’ He teased in a husky voice.

‘I won’t accept a proposal on a dark staircase please. That reminds me. There is something I need to discuss with you.’ She cleared her voice with a light cough.

‘It is late, Becky. You are tired. Go and in and relax. We will talk later.’ He turned her around and patted her bum, playfully.

‘Go away.’ She batted his hand away but she was smiling as she walked into the house.

‘So are you in the mood to talk to me now?’ Elizabeth teased as she walked in.

‘Mum, please warn your daughter to leave me in peace or else she will get a serious beating this evening.’ Rebecca tried without success to keep from smiling.

‘Hmm. Someone is in a good mood because they just get thoroughly kissed.’ Elizabeth rolled her eyes skyward and followed her into her room, despite her glare.


‘What were you doing in that hotel, Titi? Who was the lady with you?’ Kingsley asked casually as he waited for her to shut down her system for the night. He had made it a habit to wait for her every evening to make sure she went home on time.

‘We went for a swim and to catch up on each other’s lives. She is my friend.’ She lifted her bag and inclined her head, indicating she was ready to leave.

‘I see. I have this weird feeling about the two of you. It is rare to see two women checking out of a hotel room at the same time.’ His voice trailed off as he pulled her door close behind her and looked around casually as they moved through the empty store.

‘What kind of feeling?’ Her voice was challenging as she spared him a cold smile.

‘Titi, are you into women?’ He stopped to face her squarely.

‘What if I am?’ She looked down her nose at him.

‘That will be too bad because I am really into you. I like your person and admire your mind. I would want the chance to know if we can have a committed relationship between us.’ He stepped close to her.

Her jaw dropped in surprise.

‘Ah! I am very weird woman, Kings. I think you should look for another woman to engage in a steady relationship.’ There was real panic in her eyes as she stepped back hastily.

‘Calm down, Titi. I won’t do anything to harm you. Do you like me? Are you comfortable with me as a man?’ He took her hand gently in his and rubbed the cold palm within his own.

‘You are good looking. I like your person but I don’t think I am ready for a relationship.’ She flexed her palm, looking everywhere except his face.

‘We will take it at your pace then. Give me a chance and I promise I am not going to disappoint you.’ He tipped her chin up to meet his gaze.

‘Kings, I am going to disappoint you. I really don’t want to spoil our fragile friendship. I am..was a lesbian and I am still in therapy.’ She looked miserable as she looked into his eyes.

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her closely. She stiffened at first before she gradually relaxed and hugged him back.

‘Give us a chance, Titi. You will be fine.’ He drew back and touched her cheek lightly.

‘Thank you for not judging me.’ She smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

‘I am not a saint. No one is perfect.’ He shrugged as he put his arm casually around her shoulder as they walked out of the store.


Joseph was in the middle of a meeting when his phone beeped a message. He checked the message and his blood seemed to freeze in his vein.

He murmured a hasty ‘Excuse me’ to the room in general and rushed out of the boardroom. Afolake and Olayemi’s worried gazes followed him out of the room but none of them stood up from their seats.

Joseph tried Rebecca’s number as he ran to the elevators but it was switched off. He swore and headed for the staircase. Fear pumped adrenalin into his blood and he got to the ground floor without gasping for breath.

One of the security men ran to open the car door for him but he waved him away.

‘Go and open the damn gate fast.’ He growled at him as he jumped into his car and gunned it into reverse.

‘Yes sir.’ The security guy ran to do as he was ordered. The gate had barely slid open before Joseph shot through it and drove like someone who was pursued by the devil.


Rebecca’s shift ended that afternoon. She had promised Joseph to check on the kids that afternoon but her phone battery was dead. She was tired and famished. She had forgotten it in her handbag.

She decided at the last moment to go home and charge it with generator. She would re-fuel and go visiting towards evening time. She missed the kids desperately.

There was no light at home as she had expected. The curse of this dreadful country we live in, she thought as she dropped her handbag in the sitting room and headed for the kitchen.

She slowed down immediately she walked in. She turned around in a circle as she had a feeling something was not quite right. Nothing was amiss, at least not at a glance.

She was heading for the balcony to put on the generator when she heard a rustle behind her. She swirled around and gasped when her husband straightened up.

‘Hi, Becky.’ He smiled at her as he leaned against her cooker. Her lips tightened with grimness as she noted that he looked good.

Bastard! He has finished spending my father’s money, she fumed inwardly.

‘Hello, Ramsey.’ Her voice was hostile.

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